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Why Do People Hate Finn Wolfhard?

Finn Wolfhard is a young Canadian actor and musician who rose to fame playing Mike Wheeler on the Netflix series Stranger Things. Despite his success, Finn has faced some backlash and dislike from certain groups online. Here is an in-depth look at some of the main reasons why some people dislike Finn Wolfhard.

Common Reasons for Disliking Finn Wolfhard

Finn’s career took off incredibly quickly while he was still a teenager. He went straight from obscurity to worldwide fame almost overnight after Stranger Things debuted in 2016. This fast rise at such a young age has led some to believe Finn let fame go to his head and that he didn’t deserve success so quickly.

Perceived Arrogance or Rudeness

Some interpret Finn’s shy, reserved personality in public as arrogance or dismissiveness. There have been a few incidents of Finn seeming annoyed or rude with fans, though these are often taken out of context. Still, this has contributed to a perception among some that Finn is arrogant or ungrateful.

Overexposure Due to Marketing and Media Coverage

As one of the breakout stars of Stranger Things, Finn has been highly sought after for interviews, promotions, and marketing campaigns. Some feel he has been overexposed in advertising and media coverage, especially compared to other cast members of the show. This oversaturation has caused a bit of a backlash.

Relationships with Fans

There have been controversies around some of Finn’s relationships and interactions with fans. For example, he received criticism in 2017 for dating an older fan he met on Instagram. Some felt this inappropriate given their age difference. Fair or not, this led some to view Finn in a more negative light in terms of how he interacts with young female fans.

Perceived Lack of Acting Talent or Range

While Finn has many defenders of his acting skills, some accuse him of relying too much on his youthful charm and lacking real talent or range. As he takes on more varied roles outside of Stranger Things, critics will be evaluating if Finn has true acting chops beyond his breakout role.

“Industry Plant” Accusations

There is a perception among some that Finn’s rise to stardom was carefully planned by industry executives rather than organic. They accuse him of being an “industry plant” who was marketed and promoted to fame. However, there is little evidence for this claim.

Music Career

Finn’s music career as part of the band Calpurnia has received a mixed response. While many fans enjoy his indie rock music, others criticize it as derivative and lacking talent. This has fueled more dislike from those who already view Finn as overexposed or untalented.

Maturing Public Image

As Finn grows up and takes on more mature roles, there has been some discomfort around his transitioning public image. For example, his first R-rated film Good Boys drew some criticism for its sexual humor. As Finn evolves as an actor, his maturing roles may continue to disillusion some fans.

Backlash Toward Child Stars Generally

There is often inherent backlash toward any child star who gains fame and success quickly. The public tends to resent their rapid rise and the privileges it brings. Finn’s story fits into a familiar narrative of a child actor facing jealousy and unfair criticism due to their early success and fame.

Fandom’s Behavior

Like many young stars, Finn has a passionate supporter base online. However, segments of his fandom have exhibited concerning behavior like fighting with other fan groups. This faction of obsessive fans has contributed to some broader dislike toward Finn himself.

Tall Poppy Syndrome

There are those who will dislike Finn simply for being a tall poppy – someone who has found success and risen above the pack. The tall poppy syndrome explains why people feel compelled to “cut down” those like Finn who become too successful too quickly in order to bring them back to earth.

Personality and Values Disconnect

Finn’s shy, self-deprecating personality does not mesh well with everyone. Some may interpret his modesty as false humility. Others want their stars to behave more boldly or colorfully. When a star’s personality and public image contrasts with people’s expectations, it can lead to dislike.

Do Most People Actually Dislike Finn Wolfhard?

Despite the various controversies and criticisms surrounding Finn Wolfhard, he remains highly popular globally. Some dislike may be magnified by the vocal minority online. Most Stranger Things fans and general audiences still have an overall positive perception of Finn, especially given his young age and early career stage.

As his career progresses, gaining some critics and detractors is inevitable. However, there are no signs yet of widespread disillusionment with Finn among the broader public.

Finn’s Acting Skills and Experience

2016-presentStranger ThingsMike Wheeler
2017ItRichie Tozier
2018Dog DaysTyler
2019It Chapter TwoRichie Tozier
2020The TurningMiles Fairchild
2020The GoldfinchYoung Boris

Controversies and Incidents Involving Finn Wolfhard

  • 2016 – Accused of being an “industry plant” and product of nepotism
  • 2017 – Criticized for dating older fan he met on Instagram
  • 2017 – Video showed him ignoring fans wanting autographs at airport
  • 2020 – Finn appeared annoyed at fans crowding him at hotel entrance

Finn Wolfhard’s Other Projects

  • Music – part of indie band Calpurnia from 2017-2019
  • Modeling – brand partnerships with companies like Coach
  • Directing – made directorial debut with short film Night Shifts in 2020


Finn Wolfhard’s rapid rise coupled with the amplified voices on social media have indeed fostered some dissenting opinions and controversies around the young star. However, considering Finn’s early career stage, these seem par for the course for any breakout child actor.

The positives of Finn’s talents and potential still seem to outweigh the negatives. Only time will tell how Finn manages his career and public image going forward as he emerges from the turbulence of childhood fame. For now, most signs point to his star continuing to rise rather than fall.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dislike for Finn Wolfhard

Why do some people think Finn Wolfhard lacks acting talent?

Some believe Finn relies too much on his natural charm and that he lacks range outside of his Stranger Things character. They want to see him take on more diverse roles before calling him talented.

How did Finn Wolfhard get his big break?

Finn was discovered by his talent agency after responding to an open casting call for Stranger Things. He won the pivotal role of Mike Wheeler through the normal audition process.

What evidence is there that Finn is an “industry plant”?

There is little evidence of this widespread claim. Finn came from a normal middle-class family and had no prior connections. His rapid success seems attributable to his genuine acting talent and good fortune.

Why don’t some fans like Finn’s music with Calpurnia?

While many fans enjoy Calpurnia’s music, some critics dismiss the band as unoriginal and relying too much on Finn’s fame versus musical talent. It comes down to personal music preferences.

How does Finn Wolfhard interact with fans today?

Finn is often friendly with fans in public when approached respectfully. However, he seems to value his privacy, which some fans frustrate by trespassing property lines and boundaries while pursuing celebrity photos or autographs.

Why did Finn’s role in Good Boys draw criticism?

The raunchy, R-rated comedy was Finn’s first mature film role involving sexual content. This made some uncomfortable given they still associated Finn with his Stranger Things character.

Is there a rivalry between Finn’s fans and other fandoms?

Some fringe segments of Finn’s fanbase have exhibited hostility online toward fans of other stars like Millie Bobby Brown. However, most fans simply enjoy Finn’s work without engaging in fan wars.

Is Finn Wolfhard’s popularity declining?

There are no signs of Finn’s global popularity diminishing currently. While a vocal minority may dislike him, most fans and critics remain enthusiastic about his future projects.

Why do some people resent Finn for his fame and success?

Child stars often draw undue resentment from the public, who subconsciously want to “cut down” those who rise too far too fast. This tall poppy syndrome fuels excessive backlash.

Does Finn Wolfhard have a big ego?

By all accounts, Finn remains a rather humble, down-to-earth person despite his major success at a young age. He does not exhibit signs of egotism in interviews or public appearances.

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