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Why Do People Love Jeremy Ray Taylor?

Jeremy Ray Taylor is an American actor known for his roles in horror films and thrillers. Despite his young age, Taylor has developed a devoted fanbase who love him for his talent, charisma, and down-to-earth personality. In this article, we’ll explore the key reasons why Jeremy Ray Taylor is so admired and appreciated by audiences.

Breakout Role in IT

One of the biggest reasons people fell in love with Jeremy Ray Taylor was his breakout role as Ben Hanscom in the 2017 horror film IT. Based on the Stephen King novel, IT tells the story of a group of kids who are terrorized by an evil clown named Pennywise.

Jeremy’s Performance Stood Out

As the new kid and an outsider being bullied, Ben Hanscom was a fan favorite character. Audiences strongly resonated with Taylor’s emotional and nuanced performance as the young Ben. Despite being surrounded by more established adult actors like Bill Skarsgård and James McAvoy, Taylor’s acting shone through and he was able to make his mark.

Held His Own Against Pennywise

One of the most memorable scenes was when Ben encounters Pennywise in the library. Taylor’s facial expressions and reactions convincingly showed Ben’s terror, while also revealing his courage and wit in the face of evil. Going toe-to-toe acting-wise with a terrifying villain like Skarsgård’s Pennywise at such a young age was impressive.

Critical Praise for His IT Performance

Critics took notice of Taylor’s strong performance in IT as well. He earned high praise from outlets like Variety, Thrillist, and Entertainment Weekly. Many remarked on his ability to capture both the vulnerability and inner strength of Ben Hanscom.

Roles in Other Well-Known Films

While IT may have put Jeremy Ray Taylor on the map, he has gone on to appear in other popular horror and thriller films that have further displayed his talents.

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween

In this family-friendly Halloween film based on R.L. Stine’s book series, Taylor played the lead role of Sam Carter. As the relatable new kid in town, he showed his ability to play a courageous and clever protagonist.

Doctor Sleep

Taylor again proved he could hold his own alongside esteemed actors when he appeared in this sequel to The Shining starring Ewan McGregor. His role as the ghostly baseball boy showed his versatility.


This creepy 2021 horror produced by Guillermo del Toro featured Taylor as a bright student who helps uncover the dark force plaguing his small town. He conveyed a sense of innocence and determination.

By shining in these major scary movies, Taylor has shown his range and that he’s an actor to keep watching.

Charisma and Personality

In addition to his acting abilities, Jeremy Ray Taylor has an innate charisma and personality that makes him extremely likable. Both on-screen and off, he is able to draw people in with his charm and authenticity.

Natural Charisma on Talk Shows

Taylor has appeared on talk shows like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Build Series NYC. In these interviews, his bubbly energy and sense of humor delight audiences. Despite his young age, he comes off as professional, well-spoken, and engaging.

Down-to-Earth and Relatable Social Media Presence

On platforms like Instagram and TikTok, Taylor gives fans a glimpse into his everyday life and personality. He comes across as humble, silly, and relatable – just a regular teen who loves music, hanging with friends, and making videos. His fans feel like they can connect with the real him.

Passionate About Important Causes

Taylor uses his platform to raise awareness about causes close to his heart, like dyslexia advocacy, anti-bullying, and mental health. His genuineness when speaking about these issues makes him even more admirable.

Dedicated Work Ethic at a Young Age

For someone so young, Jeremy Ray Taylor has shown a wise-beyond-his-years work ethic and dedication to his acting craft. This professionalism has earned him respect.

Began Acting Professionally at Age 10

Taylor started landing major acting jobs while most kids his age were still in elementary school. He booked his first role in an episode of Chicago Fire when he was just 10 years old.

Diligently Trained Before Big Break

In the years leading up to IT, Taylor worked hard to hone his skills in acting classes and auditioning. This commitment to his training is evident in the quality of his performances.

Balances School and Work

Even after finding success, Taylor has remained committed to his education. The fact that he balances school with acting jobs demonstrates his discipline and maturity.

At only 18 years old, Taylor has proven what he’s capable of achieving through hard work and dedication. His work ethic is an inspiration.

Rising Diversity in Hollywood

As a young Vietnamese-American actor, Jeremy Ray Taylor also represents the growing diversity in Hollywood. He is an inspirational figure for Asian and minority youths.

Asian Representation On Screen

By playing lead and supporting roles in major studio films, Taylor helps provide greater representation for Asian Americans on screen. He shows that Asian actors can play any type of role.

Breaking Stereotypes

Rather than play stereotypical parts, Taylor often portrays characters who are everyday American kids and teens. This breaks stereotypes and reflects that Asian Americans are part of the cultural fabric.

Inspiring Minority Youths

As an up-and-coming minority actor, Taylor sets an example for young kids who want to follow in his footsteps. He inspires them not to be discouraged and shows them there is space for diverse stories.

Promotes Diversity

When Taylor does interviews and appearances, he often advocates for greater inclusion in entertainment. He wants to be part of the diversity movement.

Jeremy Ray Taylor is still at the start of his career, but has already made strides in expanding representation for Asian American youth. He will continue to be an influential role model.


In summary, Jeremy Ray Taylor has earned such a devoted fanbase because he is incredibly talented for his age, has a relatable and genuine off-screen persona, demonstrates a strong work ethic, and represents greater diversity in Hollywood. By handling leading roles in major horror films with finesse and showcasing his charisma in interviews, Taylor proves he is a star on the rise.

Fans feel connected to Taylor because he comes across as a humble, down-to-earth teen who stays true to himself. He balances school with acting gigs, advocates for important causes, and tries to be a positive influence for minority youths.

Jeremy Ray Taylor is easy to love because his on-screen abilities reflect his real life character. At only 18, he has already had an impressive career. Fans are excited to continue to watch him grow as an actor and role model.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jeremy Ray Taylor

What is Jeremy Ray Taylor most known for?

Jeremy Ray Taylor is most known for his breakout role as the young Ben Hanscom in the blockbuster horror film IT and IT Chapter Two. His emotional performance in the films earned him critical praise and a devoted fanbase.

What was Jeremy Ray Taylor’s first acting role?

Taylor’s first acting role was at age 10 when he appeared in an episode of the TV show Chicago Fire in 2014. This marked the start of his professional acting career.

How old was Jeremy Ray Taylor when he filmed IT?

Jeremy Ray Taylor was only 13 years old during the filming of IT in 2016. His ability to hold his own acting against stars like Bill Skarsgård at such a young age was incredibly impressive.

What upcoming projects does Jeremy Ray Taylor have?

Some of Taylor’s upcoming projects include starring in the indie supernatural thriller The Retaliators and voicing a character in the animated fantasy film The Amazing Maurice. Fans are excited to see him take on these new roles.

What are Jeremy Ray Taylor’s hobbies off-screen?

When he’s not acting, Jeremy Ray Taylor enjoys playing guitar, writing songs, hanging out with friends, playing with his dogs, going to concerts, and making funny videos. He has a lively personality.

Is Jeremy Ray Taylor on social media?

Yes, fans can follow Taylor on platforms like Instagram @jeremyraytaylor, Twitter @JeremyRayTaylor, and TikTok @jeremyraytaylor to see his day-to-day life and personality shine through. He regularly interacts with fans.

What causes does Jeremy Ray Taylor support?

Some causes important to Taylor include dyslexia advocacy, anti-bullying, depression awareness, and equal opportunities for those with disabilities. He uses his platform to support issues close to his heart.

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