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Why Do People Love Kit Harington?

Kit Harington has become one of the most beloved actors of his generation thanks to his portrayal of Jon Snow on the hit HBO series Game of Thrones.

Harington’s complex and intense performance made Jon Snow one of the show’s most popular characters. But beyond his acting talent, there are many reasons why Harington himself has earned such a devoted fan following over the years.

What Makes Kit Harington So Appealing to Fans?

Part of what makes Kit so endearing is that he comes across as very down-to-earth and humble, despite his fame.

He always seems gracious and appreciative when interacting with fans. Harington doesn’t behave like a typical celebrity and isn’t afraid to poke fun at himself. His authenticity and lack of pretension are incredibly charming.

Dedication to His Craft

Harington is clearly an actor who takes his work very seriously. He brought an intense commitment and work ethic to his performance as Jon Snow.

Harington was dedicated to honing his skills through training and research. Fans admire how deeply he immersed himself in Jon Snow’s world. It’s evident that Harington has a real passion for acting.

Brooding Intensity

Let’s be real, Kit Harington is certainly nice to look at. He’s become well known for his smoldering good looks and brooding intensity as Jon Snow.

Harington is capable of conveying so much emotion through subtle facial expressions. His soulful eyes and furrowed brows give him a melancholic intensity that many find magnetic.

Close Bond with Fellow Cast Members

It’s clear Kit formed close bonds with his Game of Thrones co-stars while filming the show for nearly a decade. Fans love seeing his off-screen chemistry and genuine affection for actors like Emilia Clarke, John Bradley, Sophie Turner, etc. The Game of Thrones cast feels like a tight-knit family, thanks in part to Harington’s warmth.

Harington’s Early Life and Path to Acting Success

To understand Kit Harington’s widespread appeal, it helps to look at his background and how he rose to fame playing Jon Snow.

Privileged Upbringing

Christopher Catesby Harington was born on December 26, 1986 in London, England. His father was a businessman and his mother was a former playwright. He grew up in Acton, which is a wealthy neighborhood in West London.

Harington’s upbringing was fairly privileged compared to most actors. He attended the Southfield Grammar School and the prestigious Worcester Sixth Form College. But he discovered his passion for acting at an early age and decided to pursue it as a career.

Attending Drama School

Harington ended up studying at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, graduating in 2008. While there, he starred in several stage productions and honed his drama skills. His theater education helped provide him with a strong foundation as an actor.

Early TV Roles

After drama school, Harington began landing small roles in British television shows. In 2008, he appeared in an episode of the BBC Two series Ballet Shoes.

He soon had a supporting part in the TV movie God on Trial. And in 2009, he was cast in the play Posh at the Royal Court Theatre. Through these early TV and theater projects, Harington gained experience and exposure.

Breaking Out on Game of Thrones

Kit’s big break came in 2011 when he was cast as Jon Snow on HBO’s new medieval fantasy series Game of Thrones. The role of the brooding, heroic Jon Snow was Harington’s most substantial part yet.

He was thrust into the spotlight and became instantly famous once Game of Thrones debuted. It became one of TV’s biggest hits and turned the cast into global sensations.

Movie Roles During Game of Thrones

While still filming Game of Thrones seasons, Harington also began transitioning into feature films. Some of his most notable movie roles during this time include:

  • Pompeii (2014)
  • Testament of Youth (2014)
  • Spooks: The Greater Good (2015)
  • Brimstone (2016)

These films showcased Harington’s versatility beyond just Jon Snow and exposed him to wider audiences.

Life after Game of Thrones

When Game of Thrones ended its 8-season run in 2019, it left fans wondering what was next for Kit Harington. He’s continued to act in movies, TV shows, and theater. Some notable projects include:

  • Stage play True West (2018-2019)
  • Animated film How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019)
  • Marvel film Eternals (2021)
  • Modern Love season 2 (2021)

Harington has proven he has a robust acting career ahead of him outside of Thrones. And fans are eager to see how he continues growing and evolving as an actor.

An In-Depth Look at Kit Harington’s Most Endearing Qualities

Now let’s explore the specific traits, quirks, and talents that make Kit so beloved by fans worldwide:

Sense of Humor

Harington can deliver hilarious deadpan one-liners and often mocks the pretentiousness of Hollywood celebrity culture. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and comes across as down-to-earth and incredibly witty during interviews. His funny persona makes him all the more endearing.

Devotion to His Wife Rose Leslie

Kit and his former Game of Thrones co-star Rose Leslie make an adorable pair. Fans love how devoted he is to Leslie. The couple dated for several years before marrying in 2018. Harington speaks about Leslie with such love and adoration. He’s a hopeless romantic at heart.

Advocating for Causes He Cares About

Harington uses his fame to bring attention to causes close to his heart. He’s been an advocate for humanitarian organizations like the United Nations Refugee Agency.

And he’s spoken openly about men’s mental health issues and toxic masculinity. Harington’s social conscience and willingness to be vulnerable resonate with supporters.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of acting, Harington has some interesting hobbies that reveal his various passions. For instance, he’s said to be an excellent painter. He also loves reading fantasy novels, watching hockey, and even gardening. Harington comes across as an old soul who enjoys the simpler things in life.

Close Bond with His Family

While Harington has said his parents initially disapproved of his acting ambitions, he’s still very close with them today. He adores his mother, father, and younger brother. Family is clearly important to him, and fans find that admirable.

Willingness to be Open About Mental Health

In 2017, Harington bravely revealed that he experienced depression and suicidal thoughts while filming Game of Thrones.

He checked into a wellness retreat to recover his mental health. The fact that Harington was so candid about this struggle with depression further humanized him in fans’ eyes. It showed that even celebrities grapple with mental illness.

Growth as an Actor

When fans look back at early seasons of Game of Thrones, it’s incredible to see how much Harington evolved as an actor over the 8 seasons.

He started out a bit stiff and wooden in the first season. But he put in the hard work to become incredibly nuanced and commanding. That dedication impressed fans and critics alike.

Memorable Jon Snow Scenes that Made Him an Iconic Character

A huge part of Kit Harington’s widespread appeal is due to his portrayal of Jon Snow for 8 seasons on Game of Thrones. Jon Snow went on an epic saga, establishing himself as one of the most iconic characters in TV history. Here’s a look back at some of his most memorable scenes that left a mark on pop culture:

Taking the Black and Joining the Night’s Watch

In season 1, Jon Snow leaves behind his family in Winterfell to join the brotherhood of the Night’s Watch. His solemn vows amid the snowy backdrop introduced audiences to the harsh world he’d inhabit.

Fighting Wights Beyond the Wall

This epic season 7 battle pitted Jon Snow and his companions against legions of undead wights. The action-packed struggle to survive beyond the wall was a highlight of the season.

Riding Dragons

Jon Snow got the opportunity to ride Daenerys’ dragon Rhaegal in season 7 in an exhilarating sequence. Harington said the effects and machinery made filming the scene quite complex. But the payoff was intense.

Betraying and Executing Olly

One of the darkest moments for Jon was when his young steward Olly led the mutiny that resulted in Jon being stabbed to death. After Jon was resurrected, he hung the traitorous Olly. It was a gut-wrenching scene.

Being Reunited with Arya Stark

Fans cheered when Jon was finally reunited with his beloved half-sister Arya in season 8. Their warm embrace was a rare glimmer of happiness on the show. Harington and Maisie Williams portrayed the close sibling bond perfectly.

Learning His True Identity

Jon Snow discovers from Samwell Tarly that he is actually Aegon Targaryen, heir to the Iron Throne. This revelation completely upended his character and set the stage for the climactic conflicts in season 8.

Romancing Daenerys

The chemistry between Jon Snow and Daenerys was vital in season 7. Their growing attraction led to a passionate romance, complicating Jon’s loyalties. Harington’s brooding intensity played well off Emilia Clarke.

These iconic Jon Snow scenes cemented Kit Harington’s place in pop culture history. His dedication to the role was evident in every moment.

Harington’s Impact on the Fantasy Genre

Thanks in large part to the global phenomenon that was Game of Thrones, Kit Harington became the face of modern fantasy. Some of the ways he impacted the genre include:

Proving that Fantasy isn’t Just for Nerds

For many years, fantasy was seen as a niche genre with a largely male fanbase. But Harington’s mass appeal proved that fantasy could go mainstream and attract wider audiences beyond stereotypical “nerds.” Game of Thrones enchanted people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds.

Inspiring New Fans to Try Fantasy Novels and Shows

The popularity of Game of Thrones inspired millions of fans who had never given the fantasy genre much of a chance before to try it out. Sales of fantasy books spiked during Thrones’ heyday. And networks greenlit more shows in hopes of emulating its success.

Normalizing Darker and More Complex Fantasy Storytelling

Thrones was praised for its moral ambiguity and willingness to break fantasy tropes. Jon Snow was a flawed, brooding hero – not a typical noble knight in shining armor. Harington’s character helped evolve public perceptions of what a fantasy protagonist could look like.

Launching a Trend of Grimdark Fantasy

Game of Thrones ushered in a boom in “grimdark” fantasy, which features darker, grittier stories set in morally gray worlds. The antihero characters and themes made the genre feel more mature and serious. Fans wanted more fantasy like Thrones.

Carrying on the Legacy of Tragic Fantasy Heroes

Jon Snow followed in the footsteps of fantasy heroes like Frodo Baggins, who carry heavy burdens and endure great trauma. Harington brought emotional depth and gravitas to scenes showing Jon’s hardest moments, keeping that tradition of tragic fantasy protagonists alive.

Harington’s Influence as a Fashion Icon for Men

Kit Harington isn’t typically thought of as a fashion icon. But his signature Jon Snow look actually established him as an influence in menswear:

Jon Snow’s Signature Look Fashion Influence
Thick fur coats and capes Sparked demand for more practical winter menswear with a medieval flair
Leather armor and straps Promoted leather accents becoming mainstream in men’s outfits
Man buns and top knots Made the casual man bun trend take off in the early 2010s
Rugged layers and oversized silhouettes Inspired comfy, layered menswear with an outdoorsy feel

Jon Snow’s penchant for fur, leather, and protective layers of clothing became a major fashion influence. Brands began marketing coats, cloaks, and details to mimic Harington’s gritty, masculine costume aesthetic. His top knot hairstyle also took off as a trend for men. Overall, Harington as Jon Snow took medieval, warrior-inspired menswear into the mainstream.

Harington’s Charitable Causes and Political Activism

Beyond acting, Harington has dedicated time and resources to causes close to his heart. His charitable work and political stances reveal his values:

Passion for Climate Change Awareness

Harington has been outspoken about the threat of climate change. He’s partnered with organizations like Global Cool to promote reducing carbon emissions. In 2019, he became an ambassador for embodied carbon company C-Crete Technologies.

Advocating for Refugee Assistance

As an ambassador for the United Nations Refugee Agency, Harington has helped raise funds and awareness for refugee relief efforts. He urged more nations to provide asylum and increased support to displaced people.

Promoting Sustainable Travel

Harington enjoys traveling, but aims to do so responsibly. He’s encouraged sustainable tourism practices like carbon-offsetting airplane flights. Harington wants to use his fame to spotlight ethical travel.

Calling Out Toxic Masculinity

After facing mental health struggles, Harington spoke out about how toxic masculine stereotypes harm men. He’s encouraged more open discussion around men and mental illness to break down unhealthy expectations.

Criticizing Lack of Diversity in TV

Harington has criticized the TV industry’s lack of diversity and the discrimination actors still face. He’s pushed for more people of color to be represented in lead roles.

Through these causes, fans see Harington cares about leveraging his platform to do good. He embraces humanitarianism along with being an entertainer.

Fun Facts About Kit Harington

To conclude this profile of why Kit Harington has become so beloved, here are some entertaining facts about his life and career:

  • His full name is Christopher Catesby Harington, named after English playwright Christopher Marlowe.
  • Despite starring on Game of Thrones for 8 seasons, Harington never actually read the books by George R.R. Martin.
  • He met his wife Rose Leslie when she played Jon Snow’s Wildling love interest Ygritte. Their on-screen romance became real.
  • Before acting, Harington considered becoming a journalist or war correspondent.
  • He was nearly killed in a car accident at age 14 but ended up with just a broken nose.
  • Harington’s favorite hobby is the Spanish pool game padel tennis. He plays at every chance he gets.
  • He has a lifelong phobia of spiders and deep water.
  • To unwind, Harington enjoys drawing and sketching portraits. He’s particularly skilled at realistic pencil sketches.
  • His net worth is estimated at around $12 million currently.
  • Harington is ambidextrous and can write equally well with both his left and right hand.

Kit Harington truly encapsulates both talent and charm. Through his moving performance as Jon Snow and down-to-earth personality, Harington has earned a special place in fans’ hearts. Even with Game of Thrones wrapped up, his future in film, TV, and theater looks very bright. There’s no doubt Harington’s widespread appeal and fame will only continue growing in the years ahead.


In summary, Kit Harington has captivated the public through his authenticity, dedication to his craft, broody intensity, and close bonds with fellow cast members. His early stage training and big break as Jon Snow on Game of Thrones put him on the path to stardom. Harington’s most endearing qualities include his humor, devotion to wife Rose Leslie, social activism, and openness about mental health.

Jon Snow’s journey featuring epic battle scenes and deep personal trauma established Harington as an icon of fantasy. He made the genre appealing to wider audiences. Off-screen, Harington strives to use his platform for humanitarian causes like climate change awareness and refugee relief.

While Game of Thrones cemented Kit Harington’s fame, he continues taking on new acting challenges. Upcoming projects like Marvel’s Eternals show he still has dedicated fans eager to support him. Harington’s talents, principles, and sheer likeability make him one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors.

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