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Why Do People Hate Richard Madden?

Richard Madden is a Scottish actor who has recently risen to fame for his roles in high profile shows like Game of Thrones and Bodyguard.

While Madden has many fans who enjoy his acting talents, some people have expressed dislike or hatred towards him. There are a few potential reasons why Richard Madden rubs some people the wrong way:

Rapid Rise to Fame

Prior to his breakthrough role as Robb Stark on Game of Thrones in 2011, Richard Madden was a relatively unknown actor. He had small roles in a few TV shows and movies, but was far from being a household name.

Once Game of Thrones became a worldwide phenomenon, Madden’s fame skyrocketed almost overnight. For some, this quick rise to stardom may have seemed unearned or premature.

Madden didn’t have a long resume of acclaimed roles under his belt before being cast on the biggest show in the world. This rapid catapult into the limelight may have sparked some resentment or perceptions that he didn’t “pay his dues” to achieve fame.

Backlash Against His Heartthrob Status

With his handsome looks and charm, it didn’t take long for Richard Madden to become a heartthrob and object of desire for many fans. Some even labeled him the “hottest man on television” during his Game of Thrones days.

However, heartthrob status often brings a wave of backlash from those who don’t want to see an actor become too over-hyped or “trendy.”

Especially among other male fans, there can be a pushback against the over-the-top adulation and obsession directed towards handsome actors. This desire to take the heartthrob down a peg may contribute to dislike.

Perceptions of Wooden or Stiff Acting

While Richard Madden clearly has won over many fans with his acting skills, some critics perceive his performance style as wooden, stiff, or lacking in charisma. Particularly on Game of Thrones, some felt that Madden delivered his lines in a flat or emotionless manner.

Whether fair or not, this perception of Madden as a mediocre actor likely fuels some of the animosity towards him. If people believe an actor has subpar talent but keeps scoring great roles, it understandably breeds resentment.

Personal Life Too Closely Guarded

Unlike many celebrities today, Richard Madden keeps his personal life very private. He rarely posts on social media and has not been publicly linked to any romantic partners.

For some fans, this level of intense privacy can be frustrating. People have come to expect a degree of access into the personal lives of famous actors. Madden’s refusal to open up likely rubs some people the wrong way and makes him come across as aloof or ungrateful for fan support.

Rumors and Controversies

While Madden himself tends to avoid tabloid drama, rumors and controversies still swirl around him. For instance, some Game of Thrones fans spread unproven accusations that he was difficult to work with or disliked by the cast. Other gossip has tried to speculate about his sexuality and relationships.

These kinds of rumors, whether true or totally fabricated, can still taint people’s perceptions of an actor. Madden’s unflappable silence on these issues may inadvertently make some people assume the worst.

He’s Simply Overexposed

It’s possible Richard Madden provokes dislike in some simply because he’s become overexposed in the past few years. He’s gone from obscurity to being plastered across billboards, TV ads, and magazine covers in a short time.

For those already indifferent to Madden, this ubiquitous presence may have reached the point of actively annoying them. When someone is everywhere in pop culture, a certain level of backlash is inevitable. If Madden scaled back his roles or kept a lower profile, he may avoid overstaying his welcome.

Why Do People Like Richard Madden?

Just as Richard Madden has his critics and detractors, he still enjoys a sizable fanbase as well. There are several logical reasons why the Scottish star has charmed so many viewers:

Handsome Looks

On a superficial level, Richard Madden first gained a following thanks to his undeniable good looks. With his chiseled features, soulful eyes, and easy smile, he became a heartthrob for viewers of all genders and orientations.

For some fans, crushing on Madden’s handsome exterior was the initial draw. Even those who appreciate his acting chops have to admit that aesthetically he is gifted with gorgeous physical features.

Acting Range

While some may critique his acting, Richard Madden has demonstrated impressive range over the years. On Game of Thrones he could turn Robb Stark’s innate goodness into a portrayal both believable and endearing. Likewise in Bodyguard, he made the broody, tormented war veteran David Budd three dimensional.

The stellar acting reviews and award nominations speak for themselves. Madden has proven he is much more than just a pretty face.

Scottish Charm

Part of Richard Madden’s appeal lies in his distinctly Scottish charisma. Fans around the world seem enamored by his accent and tendencies towards dry humor and understatement.

By many accounts, Madden is friendly, down-to-earth, and gracious to fans in real life as well. His natural charm shines through on screen and off.


Unlike some handsome actors, Richard Madden gives off an aura of being relatable and “normal.” He seems low key, avoids the party scene, and keeps his private life firmly private.

For many fans, Madden’s guy-next-door demeanor makes him more easy to love than other aloof or eccentric heartthrobs. They can imagine actually being friends with the likable Scotsman.

Dedication to His Craft

Say what you want about his talent, but no one can accuse Richard Madden of not taking his work seriously. He has described acting as “my passion and my job.” And he chooses roles selectively and pours intense commitment into preparing for them.

Fans admire his work ethic and dedication to portraying characters with nuance and realism. Madden’s devotion to honing his craft is obvious.

For these reasons and more, Richard Madden has proven that his career is much more than just a flash in the pan. While sudden fame inevitably brings some detractors, he enjoys many supporters in his growing fanbase. As long as he continues choosing projects that allow him to shine, his star status should remain secure.

What are some of Richard Madden’s most famous roles?

Richard Madden is best known for the following prominent roles:

  • Robb Stark in Game of Thrones – This was Madden’s breakout role as the King in the North. It propelled him to global fame.
  • Prince Charming in Cinderella – Madden played the handsome prince opposite Lily James in this live-action Disney adaptation.
  • David Budd in Bodyguard – Madden’s role as the troubled war vet turned police sergeant earned him a Golden Globe.
  • Ikaris in Eternals – Madden entered the superhero realm as the powerful Ikaris in this Marvel film.
  • Romeo in Romeo and Juliet – Early in his career, Madden starred as Romeo in a UK television adaptation of the Shakespeare classic.

What criticisms have people leveled against Richard Madden?

Some common criticisms that get aimed at Richard Madden include:

  • He’s a mediocre, wooden actor – Some people critique his acting skills and range. They feel he delivers performances in a stiff, emotionless manner.
  • He became too famous too fast – His quick rise to A-list fame through Game of Thrones rubbed some the wrong way who felt it was unearned.
  • He relies too much on being handsome – There’s a perception that his good looks are covering for lack of talent.
  • He’s unlikable in real life – Rumors have portrayed him at times as rude, arrogant, or difficult to work with.
  • He’s too private about his personal life – Fans have criticized him for not opening up more about his dating life, relationships, etc.

What do fans usually like about Richard Madden?

Elements of Richard Madden that typically appeal greatly to his fans include:

  • His sex symbol status and handsome looks – Many became fans initially because of his physical attractiveness and heartthrob charisma.
  • His Scottish accent and charm – Fans melt over his endearing Scottish mannerisms and personality.
  • His acting talent and emotional range – Devoted fans defend his acting chops in the face of criticism.
  • His dedication to portraying roles authentically – He puts meticulous effort into understanding characters and motivations.
  • His shyness and modesty – Fans find his low-key lifestyle and avoidance of fame-seeking endearing.
  • His close relationship with family – How he remains very close to his parents and siblings.

What upcoming projects does Richard Madden have in the works?

Some of Richard Madden’s upcoming roles and projects include:

  • Citadel – An Amazon Prime Video action series from the Russo Brothers where Madden plays a lead role. Filming has been underway in London.
  • Tetris – A film based on the origins of the popular Tetris game. Madden stars as Dutch entrepreneur Henk Rogers who helped bring Tetris to the masses.
  • O2 – A sci-fi thriller movie centering on Madden’s character waking up trapped in an airtight medical cryo unit with no memory.
  • The Formula – A Netflix racing drama also starring Robert De Niro where Madden plays a Formula One racing prodigy.

How has Richard Madden handled the pressures of fame?

By most accounts, Richard Madden has handled his rise to stardom quite gracefully and with a reasonable head on his shoulders. He has said fame was difficult at first but therapy helped him find mechanisms to cope.

Known for being intensely private, Madden sets boundaries with the press and doesn’t overexpose his personal life. He relies on close friends and family for support rather than the celebrity scene. He continues to thoughtfully pick roles based on the strength of the material, not paychecks.

Despite his hunk status, Madden comes across very humble and down-to-earth in interviews. He seems to recognize the privileges he has been given and focuses on using his platform to support causes and charities he cares about. Overall, he seems to have found a healthy balance between Hollywood and normal life.


Richard Madden provokes strong reactions, both positive and negative, among viewers. His meteoric rise to fame has inevitably generated some backlash and criticism. However, he enjoys an equally devoted fanbase charmed by his talent, Scottish allure, and humble attitude. As he continues to build his filmography with high-profile roles, more fans likely get added to the mix every day.

While impossible for any celebrity to be universally beloved, Madden has proven his staying power and talent transcend typical heartthrob status. Audiences can expect great things from him as he branches out into new film projects and characters. For those who appreciate detailed acting and handsome Scotsmen, Madden delivers plenty to admire.

FAQs about Richard Madden

What is Richard Madden’s background?

Richard Madden was born in Elderslie, Scotland in 1986. He comes from a working class family – his father worked as a firefighter, and his mother was a classroom assistant. Madden discovered a love of acting in school plays, then studied at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

How did Madden get his breakout Game of Thrones role?

Madden’s first TV role was in the UK show Hope Springs in 2009. He caught the eye of Game of Thrones casting directors and beat out hundreds of actors for the coveted part of Robb Stark. It catapulted him to global fame when the show premiered in 2011.

Who has Richard Madden dated?

Richard Madden keeps his dating life extremely private. He has never confirmed being in a relationship. Rumors have linked him to actresses like Jenna Coleman and Ellie Bamber, but nothing has been substantiated.

What are Richard Madden’s most acclaimed roles?

In addition to Game of Thrones and Bodyguard, Madden has earned praise for his performances in Medici, Cinderella, Rocketman, 1917, and Eternals. He won a Golden Globe Best Actor award for Bodyguard in 2019.

Is Richard Madden on social media?

Unlike many celebs, Madden has no personal Twitter, Instagram or other social media accounts. He prefers to maintain strict privacy and separation between his personal and professional life.

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