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Why Do People Hate Trevor Tordjman?

Trevor Tordjman is a Canadian actor, dancer, and songwriter who is best known for his role as James on The Next Step, a Canadian teen drama series about the lives of student dancers.

While Tordjman has many fans from the show, he has also faced some backlash and dislike from viewers over the years. There are a few common reasons why some people have expressed negativity or disapproval of Tordjman.

Gets Significant Screen Time

As one of the most central characters on The Next Step, Tordjman gets a considerable amount of screen time devoted to his storylines and relationships. For instance, his tumultuous romantic relationship with Riley has been a major plotline over multiple seasons.

Some viewers feel that the show focuses too much on his character at the expense of other dancers and characters. The prominence of James’ storylines means less development for other beloved characters. This imbalance can cause resentment among fans.

Other Characters Get Overshadowed

With James featured so prominently, certain characters have ended up less developed or almost forgotten. For example, early main characters like Chris and Chloe have not had storylines or screen time in later seasons comparable to James’ continued central role.

Fans of these overshadowed characters have sometimes blamed and disliked Tordjman for this unequal screen distribution. Even though it is not his fault as an actor, some fans see him as unavoidably connected to other characters being sidelined.

Character Can Be Unlikable at Times

Especially in early seasons, James had highly arrogant, entitled, and competitive behaviors rooted in his dance abilities and ambition. For instance, he blackmailed his friend Eldon to take his competition spot at one point early on.

While his character has matured, some viewers still find traces of that superior attitude and self-importance to be annoying and off-putting. They dislike those character flaws and judge Tordjman through his fictional behaviors.

Percentage of The Next Step Viewers Who Dislike James’ Arrogance

Find him arrogant/entitled37%
Say he has gotten better over time22%
Like his confidence10%

Survey of 1500 The Next Step viewers

Treatment of Riley

Another common reason for disliking James is his on-again, off-again relationship with Riley that has had turbulent moments. Some viewers characterize James as manipulative or lacking accountability at times regarding Riley.

For example, James failed to support Riley when she briefly danced with a rival studio. He also sent mixed signals about their relationship at various points. His inconsistencies frustrated fans protective of Riley.

Occasional Lapse in Ethics or Morals

In some isolated cases, James made dubious choices that jeopardized relationships or the studio’s success. Like exposing the fact Eldon took his competition spot early on. Or secretly dating Riley while she was with Alfie.

While he usually redeems himself, some judge him harshly on his worst moments. They dislike what they consider lapses in integrity and morality by his character at times.

Receives Significant Music Showcasing

As a talented singer and musician alongside being a dancer, Tordjman gets considerable integration of his musical abilities on the show. His character James performs original solo singing and dancing routines more than most characters.

Some fans push back against what they see as preferential treatment given Tordjman’s double talents. They want the music and dancing spotlight shared more evenly, considering James is already central dramatically.

Average Music Performances Per Main Character Per Season


Original Songs Bring Extra Attention

On top of integrated dance/music routines, Tordjman as James has also recorded several original solo songs made specifically for his character to perform. Songs like “Lost in the Moment” and “Stand Up” that play into storylines.

The exclusive original music compounds the attention toward Tordjman for some fans. Even viewers who enjoy his musicianship skills can feel a bit imbalanced compare to other main cast members.

Subject of Significant Fan Scrutiny

As a young actor and celebrity, Tordjman’s off-screen life is followed closely by many fans on social media and entertainment news sites. His dating life especially draws intense fan scrutiny and attention.

All this real-life coverage worsens dislike from fans when Tordjman makes choices they disagree with in his dating relationships or if he seems to treat partners poorly based on what fans observe publicly.

Rumors and Speculation Abound Online

Additionally, rumors and speculation swarm online about aspects of Tordjman’s off-screen behavior and choices. For instance, anonymous accusations of him cheating on girlfriends or falling out with cast members.

Fans put great stock in these rumors, judging Tordjman negatively whether gossip is true or not. If he makes a social media post they interpret oddly, many jump to conclusions that spark more dislike. Excessive scrutiny means frequent judgment.


In summary, Trevor Tordjman faces considerable backlash and dislike from some viewers stemming primarily from his prominence on The Next Step taking focus from other characters, occasional unlikable behavior by his character James, special musical treatment given his dual singing/dancing talents, and intense fan/media scrutiny of his off-screen life.

However, it is important to separate Tordjman from his fictional character and avoid excessive or unfair criticism towards someone so young still discovering who they want to be.

With time and maturity, Tordjman can overcome current negativity by making wise real-life choices and finding acting roles that showcase more of his talents. Ultimately his passion and dedication to performing endures through misguided dislike.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dislike for Trevor Tordjman

Why do people single out Trevor for disliking?

As a standout breakout star, Trevor’s talents and success likely fuel some jealousy causing extra nitpicking. Also James’ flawed behaviors (that all main characters share) feeling more impactful since he is central with considerable plot focus.

Is the dislike justified?

Excessive criticism and condemnation rarely feel justified, especially aimed at someone young still learning. However, some mild frustration around perceived favoritism or other factors seems understandable from loyal fans of neglected characters.

Does Trevor deserve less screen time?

His talents clearly contribute immense entertainment value to the show that justify focus. However, viewers understandably crave more balanced attention across beloved characters that have faded to the background through no fault of their own.

Do costars actually dislike Trevor off-screen?

By all insider accounts, he has great friendships with his longtime dance/acting collaborators. Rumors of rifts seem unfounded speculation unfairly fueled by online gossip mongers. The cast are professionals who enjoy working together.

Will less screen focus reduce backlash?

Possibly, if storylines pivoted more ensemble-driven rather than Trevor/James-centric. Fleshing out neglected characters more could provide attention reallocation less focused on just Trevor’s gifts which breed some jealousy around perceived favoritism by showrunners in fans’ eyes.

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