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Why Do People Hate Kit Harington?

Kit Harington is an English actor best known for his role as Jon Snow in the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones. Despite his popularity and success from the show, Harington has faced significant backlash and hatred from some fans and critics over the years. There are several reasons why people have come to dislike or even hate the actor.

Criticism of His Acting Skills

One of the most common criticisms of Kit Harington is the belief that he lacks range as an actor. His brooding, heroic portrayal of Jon Snow earned him fame, but some argue that it’s the only character he can convincingly play.

He’s been accused of giving one-note performances and that his acting relies more on his looks than his skill.

Seen as boring or dull

Some find Harington uninteresting and boring as an actor. While Jon Snow is considered a compelling character, Harington’s stoic delivery of the role made him seem one-dimensional and dull in the eyes of certain viewers.

Even outside of Game of Thrones, his serious demeanor and lack of perceived charisma have drawn criticism.

Belief that his looks carried him

Many believe Harington was miscast as Jon Snow and that he largely relies on his striking resemblance to the character’s physical description from the books.

His acting skills are considered lackluster by some fans, who argue his good looks and hair are what earned him such a plum role, not his talent.

Typecasting Due to Jon Snow

After skyrocketing to fame as Jon Snow, Harington has found it difficult to get cast in roles outside of the heroic, brooding leading man. He’s been heavily typecast due to the character’s popularity, making it a challenge for him to get more varied, nuanced roles that demonstrate acting chops.

Developed a broody, tormented persona

The intense, tortured nature of Jon Snow seems to have bled over into Harington’s public persona. He’s developed a dour, brooding reputation that has become an indelible part of his image. As such, it’s even harder for fans to see him as anything but a dark, tormented figure.

Seen as incongruous in lighter fare

Harington’s attempts at lighter roles in romantic comedies and more comic material have often felt jarring to audiences used to him as Jon Snow. It’s hard for some fans to square the man who played the ever-serious Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch with comedic or lighthearted fare.

Perceived Lack of Range Outside Acting

While Jon Snow is a strong, silent type on screen, some criticize Harington for lacking charisma and personality off-screen.

He’s developed a reputation for being stiff, overly serious, and even dull in interviews, which mars his popularity for some fans. They see him as unable to bring levity or humor outside his acting roles.

Not viewed as intellectually dynamic

Part of the appeal of actors like Daniel Day-Lewis is the perception that they’re intensely devoted to their craft and intellectual in their approach.

Harington hasn’t cultivated that persona, instead often coming across as unintellectual or even simple-minded to critics. His lack of perceived dynamism damages his reputation.

Reluctance towards publicity

Stars like Bradley Cooper have balanced being seriously artistic while still being engaging public figures. Harington has seemed reluctant about publicity, avoiding interactions that could boost his appeal. His standoffishness and lack of dynamism in interviews limits his popularity.

Perceived Lack of Talent Compared to GoT Co-Stars

Co-StarPerceived Superior Skills
Emilia ClarkeComedic timing, emotional range
Peter DinklageWit, comic timing, depth
Lena HeadeyComplex villainous roles
Nikolaj Coster-WaldauCharm, comic delivery

Outshone by co-stars

On Game of Thrones, Harington’s co-stars like Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau frequently outshone him. Their acting was often praised as more nuanced, charismatic, comedically timed, and emotionally varied. This exposed Harington’s comparative lack of range.

Less awards recognition

While other Thrones actors won Emmys and Golden Globes, Harington hasn’t been recognized at that level, suggesting his peers see his skills as inferior. Even when the show won Ensemble awards, others were seen as carrying the performances.

Lack of leading man factor

Leading men like George Clooney exude charm and charisma on and off-screen. While the Jon Snow role made him a “leading man,” Harington hasn’t cultivated that aura of old school movie star appeal and talent. This deprives him of fans’ goodwill.

Controversies and Problematic Behavior

Harington angered fans when he spoiled the ending of Game of Thrones by revealing Jon Snow’s fate before the finale aired. His loose-lipped interview was seen as disrespectful to fans who had invested years following the show.

Perceived ingratitude

Some believe Harington has shown ingratitude for the success Game of Thrones brought him, appearing dismissive towards the show and fantasy genre. He’s also complained about the side effects of fame. This rubs fans the wrong way given the career-defining role.

Drunk and disruptive in public

Harington has had some drunken episodes in public that displayed vulgar, disruptive behavior. Being drunk and disorderly rather than using his fame more responsibly angered fans. It also played into a negative narrative about his acting skills relying on looks over talent.

Difficulty Moving On From Jon Snow

Though Game of Thrones ended years ago, Harington continues returning to the role of Jon Snow. His inability to move on and find success elsewhere makes fans grow bored and frustrate them. They want to see more from him beyond just rehashing the past.

Seems desperate rather than discerning

Harington’s willingness to keep returning as Jon Snow and inability to find equally famous roles makes him seem desperate rather than discerning. Fans would respond better if he seemed selective and deliberate about new projects post-Thrones.

Shows lack of career planning

Audiences respect actors like Daniel Day-Lewis who carefully choose roles and disappear completely into parts. Harington’s lack of discernment about post-Thrones projects and reliance on Jon Snow suggest a shallow career plan versus real acting dedication.


In summary, while Jon Snow earned Kit Harington global fame, his acting skills compared to co-stars, perceived lack of charisma, and inability to find equally successful post-Game of Thrones roles have drawn significant criticism and hatred from fans and critics. He is seen by some as boring, one-dimensional, and relying more on looks than actual talent.

However, Harington remains a competent actor with flashes of real depth, as evidenced by his strongest Thrones moments. Much of the backlash stems from the one-note brooding nature of Jon Snow versus Harington’s wider range. His charisma and talent may also simply play better in intimate real-life encounters versus on talk shows.

The hatred also often seems disproportionate, rooted in premature judgment, inability to disassociate actor from divisive character, and unreasonable standards. In truth, Harington’s career is far from over.

With time, range, and stronger post-Thrones projects, he may well evolve into a more versatile, complex actor. But for now, a mix of legitimate artistic shortcomings and unfair snap judgments will likely continue fueling a disproportionate level of dislike.

FAQs About Kit Harington Hatred

Why do people think Kit Harington is a bad actor?

Many believe Harington lacks range, gives one-note performances, and relies more on his looks than actual acting talent. Critics feel he was miscast as Jon Snow and carried by his resemblance to the character, not real acting chops.

Are the criticisms about his acting skills fair?

While he has room for growth, Harington has shown glimpses of deeper talent, like during Jon Snow’s more emotional moments. The one-note criticism may be more a function of the stoic nature of the character versus Harington’s capabilities.

Does Kit Harington have charisma off-screen?

Opinions vary on his charisma, but he’s often been criticized as stiff, overly serious, and reluctant about publicity. However, some feel glimpses of wit and charm do emerge during his less guarded moments in interviews.

Why do people compare him unfavorably to his Game of Thrones co-stars?

Co-stars like Peter Dinklage and Emilia Clarke showed greater emotional range, comedic timing, wit, and charisma. Their award recognition compared to Harington’s lack thereof also fuel impression that they are superior actors.

Have his controversies worsened his reputation?

Yes, spoiling the Game of Thrones ending, public drunkenness, and perceived ingratitude towards the show have made him seem careless and added to fans’ disillusionment. The controversies compound criticism of his acting skills.

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