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Why Do People Hate Noah Centineo?

Noah Centineo, the young actor who rose to fame after starring in Netflix’s To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and its sequels, has become quite a divisive figure in pop culture.

While he has a huge fanbase of mostly teenage girls, he also has garnered a fair share of critics and haters online. There are several reasons why some people have turned against Centineo.


One of the main reasons people have started hating on Noah Centineo is due to overexposure. After breaking out in the To All The Boys films, he suddenly seemed to be everywhere – starring in a new Netflix film every month, appearing in thirst trap photoshoots, and being interviewed or featured prominently in endless entertainment articles.

Some feel that Centineo has been overhyped by Netflix and the media, shoved in people’s faces constantly as the next big heartthrob. All the coverage has led to a backlash from those who feel he hasn’t quite earned such non-stop attention. They find him annoying or don’t understand all the hype around him when they feel he hasn’t proven himself as a great actor yet outside of teen rom-coms.

Perceived Lack of Talent

Connected to the overexposure issue is the belief by some haters that Noah Centineo is not actually a very talented or compelling actor. As his fame rose exponentially faster than his body of work expanded, many have argued he’s been cast more for his good looks and youthful charm than for his acting skills.

Aside from the To All The Boys series, Centineo has not received great reviews for his performances in other films like Sierra Burgess Is a Loser or The Perfect Date. Critics and film fans who value strong acting are perplexed by his meteoric rise to stardom given what they perceive as mediocre acting talent. They feel he lacks range or depth and relies too much on being generically charming in fluffy teen stories.

Problematic Past Resurfacing

As Noah Centineo has become more famous, some problematic elements from his past have resurfaced online. Old tweets and videos from his early days attempting a career in LA contain offensive language, crude jokes, and controversial statements.

While Centineo has apologized and tried to explain it away as him being an “insensitive, uneducated kid,” the backlash was swift. Many now see him as fake – putting on a polished, Prince Charming image that belies a more careless and ignorant past self. This has fueled hatred from those who feel deceived by his nice guy persona or dislike celebrities getting away with offensive behavior just because they’re famous.

Comes Off As Entitled or Arrogant

Some of Noah Centineo’s critics argue that as his fame has grown massive in a short time, he’s developed an entitled or arrogant attitude. They feel he comes across as smug or ungrateful in interviews, taking his mega-success at a young age for granted.

Incidents like showing up very late for fan events or giving pretentious answers about preferring auteur films have rubbed people the wrong way. The hatred stems from perceiving Centineo as just another cocky young celeb who lucked into more fame than they deserve and let it go to their head.

Romantic Leading Man Backlash

As a handsome emerging rom-com star, Noah Centineo has also faced some backlash just for occupying that movie idol role to begin with. After many bemoaned the lack of romantic comedies and swoon-worthy leads in the 2010s, Centineo arrived on cue to fill the gap.

However, some take issue with his casting representing the return of a certain stereotype – the generically good-looking white male as the idealized dreamboat at the center of every love story.

Critics argue film needs more diversity and inclusion, not just recycling the same type of leading man over and over. Centineo draws hatred as a symbolic step backward in representation.

Dating and Relationship Drama

Noah Centineo’s very public dating life has also contributed to the animosity some feel towards him. His on-off relationship with model Alexis Ren was full of messy drama, including cheating allegations and a poor power dynamic.

The whole thing made Centineo look like an immature jerk stringing along a girlfriend for publicity. Even after their breakup, him being spotted flirting with other women so soon after stoked further backlash. The cat-and-mouse relationship provided plenty of fuel for those eager to cancel the popular actor.

Comes Off As Inauthentic

One of the most common criticisms lobbied at Noah Centineo is that his whole persona comes off as inauthentic and manufactured. From his Captain America-esque social media personality to the perfectly styled Instagram thirst traps to the shallow teen movie roles, he can seem like an industry creation designed by Netflix and social media algorithms.

Many feel Centineo is less authentic artist and more synthetic product – engineered to be the internet’s boyfriend, not a real human being. The phony, try-hard nature of his fame has fueled major hatred from those who prefer substance and originality over manufactured virality.

Why Does Noah Centineo Have So Many Loyal Fans?

Despite the strong hatred from pockets of the internet, Noah Centineo still enjoys a devoted, predominantly female teenage fanbase. So why exactly do these fans remain so loyal and unfazed by the backlash against him? There are a few factors that explain his lasting appeal.

Wholesome Heartthrob Persona

The very image that comes off as inauthentic to critics is precisely what draws many loyal fans to Centineo. He nails the sweet, slightly goofy heartthrob archetype that allows followers to project their fantasies onto him.

Many teens grew up without prominent teen idols and thirst for that wholesome crush object – Centineo arrived right on cue to fulfill those desires.

Represents an Ideal Boyfriend Fantasy

Connected to the heartthrob persona, Centineo taps into an idealized fantasy boyfriend for many of his young fans.

The characters he plays give off comforting boyfriend-material vibes – kind, devoted, affectionate without machismo or edge. For fans, he represents an escape into a world where such romantic perfection exists uncomplicated.

Philanthropic Image Softens Critics

While some may see it as a PR tactic, Centineo’s public charity work does enable fans to counter the more negative narratives.

His involvement with children’s hospitals, mental health organizations, and other causes boosts his image as a rare caring celebrity. Fans can cling to his philanthropy as proof he’s not the dismissible jerk some claim.

Mass Appeal Star Power Still Alluring

No matter how much society evolves, the allure of a mass appeal teen idol heartthrob remains powerful. The fact that Centineo drew such visceral reactions, positive and negative, proves his ability to generate attention and get people talking. For fans, being part of the phenomenon feels exciting – especially for younger teens just discovering fandom culture.

Social Media Makes Him Accessible

Unlike past Hollywood heartthrobs, Centineo’s generationally specific mastery of social media allows him a more direct connection to fans.

His Instagram lives, Twitter conversations, and Snapchat stories make him feel intimate, authentic, and accessible compared to untouchable icons of the past. Fans feel they know the “real” him through behind-the-scenes glimpses of his life.

post break-up with Alexis Ren made him more relatable

One of the key moments that strengthened Centineo’s bond with fans was his painful, public breakup with Alexis Ren. By showing his vulnerability and admitting mental health struggles, the facade cracked to reveal a more relatable human underneath.

Fans rallied hard to his defense, sending messages of support and love. Their protective loyalty solidified even more.

Will Noah Centineo’s Star Continue to Rise or Burn Out?

As Noah Centineo approaches his mid-20s, his fate as a rising star remains precarious and uncertain. Will the hatred continue to mount until it engulfs his career? Or does he possess the it factor and support to evolve into an A-lister? The coming years will determine how it all shakes out.

Depends on Proving Acting Abilities

The biggest key to Centineo staying in Hollywood’s good graces will be taking on more challenging, dramatic acting roles. If he can earn critical praise for credible performances, it will force even skeptics to recognize his skills. But more shallow teen movies will only exacerbate the perception he’s coasting on his looks.

Transition Into Adult Roles Crucial

As he ages out of high school heartthrob territory, the offers for those roles will dry up. Whether Centineo can effectively pivot into more mature adult parts will dictate his future.

Does he have the versatility to grow beyond just the cute boy-next-door? The next few years will reveal whether he has true range as an actor.

Overexposure Fatigue Could Sink Him

Centineo got so massively famous so rapidly that public fatigue remains a real danger. He’ll need to be more selective with projects and press opportunities to avoid irritating people with constant overexposure.

Too much too soon without establishing real acting credibility has sunk many young stars before. Avoiding the same fate could mean receding from the spotlight for a while.

Scandals and Controversies Still a Risk

No matter how careful Centineo and his team are, the microscope on him means past controversies can always resurface or a new indiscretion could generate scandal.

While his fans are protective now, their loyalty can only withstand so many strikes against his nice guy reputation before the cult of Centineo collapses. Staying squeaky clean is essential.

Could See Backlash Against Wholesome Image

As culture continues to lean into more grounded, flawed depictions of masculinity, Centineo’s one-dimensional wholesome heartthrob act may grow stale and face backlash. What once seemed sweet could get lambasted as corny or fake if tastes shift. Reinvention and evolution will be critical as he tries to retain relevance.

In the end, while Noah Centineo faces many hurdles, the potential is still there for him to have a long, fruitful career. As past heartthrobs like Zac Efron or Robert Pattinson have proven, balancing substantive acting work with savvy career management allows for image-transformation and longevity. If Centineo follows a similar trajectory, his star could continue rising for years to come.

Who does Noah Centineo date?

Here is a quick look at Noah Centineo’s dating history:

  • Alexis Ren – Model. Dated on/off from 2019-2020. Highly publicized relationship, including cheating rumors. Ended in messy breakup.
  • Angeline Appel – Model. Rumored to have briefly dated in 2021. Never publicly confirmed.
  • Stassie Karanikolaou – Model and social media influencer. Rumored fling in 2021 after his breakup with Alexis Ren.
  • Jordan Alexander – Actress, known for Gossip Girl reboot. Rumored to have dated briefly in early 2022.
  • Nobody serious confirmed as of 2022/2023. Centineo has said he is focusing on himself, healing, and his work. But rumors still swirl about potential flings.

What movies and TV shows has Noah Centineo been in?

Here are some of Noah Centineo’s most notable acting credits so far:


  • To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018) – Centineo’s breakout role as dreamy love interest Peter Kavinsky. Sequels: Always and Forever, P.S. I Still Love You
  • Sierra Burgess Is a Loser (2018) – Leading role as high school jock Jamey.
  • The Perfect Date (2019) – Lead role as broke teen who creates a dating app and pretends to be different people’s ideal boyfriend.
  • Charlie’s Angels (2019) – Supporting role as Langston, a tech expert who helps the Angels.
  • Swiped (2018) – Supporting role in college romantic comedy. Played Lance, a wealthy and popular student.

TV Shows:

  • The Fosters (2015-2018) – Recurring role as Jesus Adams Foster in 3 seasons.
  • Shake It Up (2010-2011) – Guest role in Disney Channel sitcom.
  • Austin & Ally (2015) – Guest role in one episode as Benjamin.

What are some interesting facts about Noah Centineo?

  • His full name is Noah Gregory Centineo.
  • He was born in May 1996 in Miami, Florida and is of Dutch, Puerto Rican, German, and Irish descent.
  • He got his start in acting doing commercials as a young child before moving to LA at age 15 to pursue acting full time.
  • He is passionate about meditation and shares guided meditations on his Instagram.
  • Philanthropy and activism are important to him. He’s been involved in causes like Black Lives Matter, mental health awareness, and children’s hospitals.
  • He is an animal lover and posts lots of photos with dogs. He’s involved with animal rescue organizations.
  • His hobbies include surfing, hiking, rock climbing, playing guitar, and video games.
  • His celebrity crush is Jennifer Aniston.
  • He loves Disney and says he’s a big kid at heart. His favorite Disney movie is Aladdin.


Noah Centineo is undoubtedly a polarizing Hollywood figure. While he rapidly amassed an enthusiastic fanbase, especially among teenagers, he also faces substantial backlash from those who dislike his acting, persona, overexposure, and questionable behavior.

As his career stands at a crossroads entering his late 20s, the coming years will determine whether he ascends to true stardom or sees his fame wither away. He faces challenges transitioning into more mature roles and showing off greater acting range.

Regardless of whether you love him or hate him, Centineo has clearly tapped into the classic allure of a heartthrob idol. But in an age where authenticity and talent are valued more than ever, it remains to be seen if just charm and social media savvy can sustain a career long-term. His ability to prove himself as a versatile actor will likely determine if the Noah Centineo mania is built to last or destined to fade.

FAQs About Why People Hate Noah Centineo

Why do some people find Noah Centineo annoying?

The most common complaints of those who find Noah Centineo annoying include his overexposure in the media and constant hype as the internet’s boyfriend, a perceived lack of talent and range as an actor, and an inauthentic or manufactured public persona.

What did Noah Centineo do that was problematic?

In the past, old social media posts of Centineo’s have resurfaced showing him using offensive language, making crude jokes, and just generally behaving in an immature manner. He has apologized but some still feel it exposed a different side to him.

How did Noah Centineo get famous so fast?

Centineo shot to fame almost overnight after starring as dreamy love interest Peter Kavinsky in the Netflix hit To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before in 2018. His popularity led to more Netflix teen rom-com roles fueling his meteoric rise.

Why do people think Noah Centineo is a bad actor?

Many critics argue Centineo has been cast more for his good looks and charm than for strong acting abilities. They feel his performances are mediocre or one-note, lacking range and depth. Roles beyond cheesy love interests could change perceptions.

What did Noah Centineo do to make people think he’s arrogant?

Incidents like arriving very late to fan events, pretending not to know who popular actresses are, and giving pretentious interviews about preferring indie films have contributed to a perception by some that Centineo has an arrogant or entitled attitude.

Why did Noah Centineo and Alexis Ren break up?

Centineo and model Alexis Ren dated messy on/off from 2019-2020. The relationship involved cheating rumors and manipulations. Their very public messy breakup portrayed Centineo poorly to many as an immature jerkstringing Ren along.

What charities and social causes is Noah Centineo involved with?

Centineo works with several charities supporting children’s hospitals, mental health awareness, animal rescue, and climate change issues. He’s also been involved in activism for equality causes like Black Lives Matter. His philanthropy is important to him.

What are Noah Centineo’s hobbies when he’s not acting?

Centineo enjoys activities like surfing, hiking, rock climbing, playing guitar, and video games. He also practices meditation regularly and enjoys spending time with rescue dogs. Overall, he leads an active lifestyle but makes time to chill too.

What upcoming projects does Noah Centineo have?

As of 2023, Centineo is attached to the DC superhero film Black Adam alongside Dwayne Johnson. He also has a CIA thriller film in pre-production called The Gray Man. Fans hope these roles will showcase greater acting range.

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