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Why Do People Hate Sienna Miller?

Sienna Miller is an English-American actress who rose to fame in the early 2000s with roles in films like Alfie and Factory Girl. However, despite her acting talents, Miller has faced significant public backlash and hatred throughout her career. There are a few key reasons why some people have strong negative feelings towards the actress.

Affairs and Cheating Scandals

One of the main reasons Miller faced backlash was for her role in a cheating scandal with actor Jude Law in 2005. Miller and Law were engaged when tabloids published photos of Law cheating on Miller with his children’s nanny.

This scandal dominated headlines and portrayed Miller negatively as Law’s jilted fiancée. Many people saw her as partially responsible for Law’s infidelity and felt she deserved the public humiliation.

Balthazar Getty Scandal

In 2008, Miller again found herself part of a cheating scandal when she had an affair with married actor Balthazar Getty. Getty was married with four children at the time.

This again led to significant public criticism over Miller’s perceived lack of morals and role as a “homewrecker.” As the other woman, she bore the brunt of the blame from the media and Getty’s fans.

Perceived Lack of Talent

Another reason Miller faced hatred was over perceptions that she achieved fame due to her looks and connections rather than genuine acting talent. As a blonde, attractive British actress, some saw her as another stereotypical Hollywood starlet.

Movies like Alfie and Factory Girl relied heavily on Miller’s sex appeal. Some felt she got these high-profile roles before proving herself as a serious dramatic actress.

Quotes like “I’m not really sure if I’m going to become an actress. I’m not sure if I want to” early in her career also made critics see her as a dilettante without real dedication to acting.

Middling Film Roles

After her initial burst of fame in the mid-2000s, Miller starred in a series of mid-level movies that neither catapulted her to stardom nor horribly flopped. Films like G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, Yellow, Just Like a Woman, and American Sniper [received middling reviews and box office]( “Sienna Miller box office figures”).

To her detractors, these films showed her inability to leverage her fame into an A-list career. It reinforced perceptions she was not a strong enough actress to headline major blockbuster movies.

Legal Issues and Lawsuits

Miller faced scandal again over legal troubles, drawing criticism for either illegal behavior or frivolously suing publications.

Phone Hacking Scandal

In 2011, British tabloid News of the World admitted to hacking Miller’s phone along with dozens of celebrities and politicians. This propelled outrage over Rupert Murdoch’s invasive tabloid tactics. It also led some to see Miller as complicit for transactional relationships with tabloids, despite being a victim of illegal hacking.

Year Lawsuit Amount
2011 Settlement from News of the World hacking scandal $160,000
2018 Defamation lawsuit against Daily Star $53,000
2021 Phone hacking lawsuit against Murdoch publications Undisclosed settlement

Other Lawsuits

Miller also faced criticism over other lawsuits against publications:

  • In 2018, she sued the Daily Star over claims she was rude and demanding at a charity gala.
  • In 2021, she again sued Murdoch publications over phone hacking allegations.

While Miller likely had valid complaints, her legal battles reinforced an image of the actress as self-interested and vindictive to detractors.

Perceived Political Views

As an English actress often working in America, some dislike Miller for what they perceive as inauthentic political views or positions. She faced particular criticism regarding:


In 2016, Miller vocally opposed Brexit and supported remaining part of the EU. Since she is English but lives abroad, some saw her commentary as hypocritical or irrelevant. They believe she is out of touch with real British voters.

Black Lives Matter

Similarly, Miller received some pushback for marching at Black Lives Matter protests in 2020. She endured criticism that she was jumping on a bandwagon or making disingenuous political statements.

Miller’s outspoken views on these issues sparked accusations of being a “champagne socialist” or a wealthy celebrity pretending to understand common people’s struggles.


In evaluating why Miller faced animosity and hatred throughout her career, her much-publicized infidelity scandals severely damaged her reputation. The perception rose that she achieved fame without commensurate acting talent. Her various legal spats and vocal political views also provoked criticism in the public eye.

However, in recent years, Miller has taken steps to rebuild her credibility. She apologized for mistakes in her youth. She also pursues grittier character roles expressing more humility about her craft.

As Miller progresses in middle age, hatred towards her diminished as her scandals fade and her acting develops. Though elements of dislike may always follow celebrities of her statue and degree of controversy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Why People Hate Sienna Miller

Has Sienna Miller repaired her image from past backlash?

Miller has gradually redeemed herself after plagued by scandals through much of her early career. She assumed responsibility for poor decisions and relationships that fueled criticism.

The public perception improved after she had a child and settled down in a stable marriage outside hot tabloid glare. Miller focuses now on more serious acting roles rather than blockbuster movies dependent solely on sex appeal.

What unique challenges do British actors face in Hollywood?

British stars like Miller need to navigate tricky relationships with both American audiences and the British press. They risk accusations of abandoning their heritage while being treated as interchangeable Hollywood sex symbols.

Staying beloved in the UK while breaking through these stereotypes across the Atlantic poses difficulties. Miller herself stumbled in this balancing act for years before recently regaining her footing.

Does the media unfairly target actresses more than actors?

Tabloids and the media absolutely police female sexuality more aggressively than men’s in Hollywood’s double standard. Miller’s affairs created far larger scandals than similarly cheating male costars.

Actresses also face more critique about aging, body image, and supposed lack of talent compared to actors at similar career stages. While some criticism followed Miller’s choices, she bore the brunt of a misogynistic celebrity landscape.

How has social media changed public attitudes towards celebrities?

The rise of the 24/7 online news cycle, paparazzi shots, and tabloid culture means today’s celebrities cannot escape the spotlight anywhere. Models, reality stars and social media influencers now also achieve fame without traditional acting or musical talents.

However, these evolving platforms and norms provide stars more ways to shape their own images. Miller herself has used Instagram to promote causes and highlight her professional versatility.

Should Miller be judged today by scandals long in her past?

While the public rightfully criticized Miller during her infidelity dramas over 15 years ago, dredging up those storylines seems excessive when evaluating her present self.

She cannot change the past choices of her early 20s, but getting embroiled in affairs does not mean she lacks morals or talent forevermore. Just as with politics, people evolve. Her more recent acting and advocate work deserves assessment based on its current merit.

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