Why Do People Hate George Clooney?

George Clooney is one of the most well-known and successful actors in Hollywood. He has starred in many popular films like Ocean’s Eleven, Up in the Air, and Gravity.

Clooney is also known for his charm, good looks, and activism. However, despite his popularity and success, there is a segment of people who strongly dislike Clooney. In this article, we’ll explore some of the main reasons why certain people harbor animosity towards George Clooney.

His Politics and Activism Can Be Polarizing

One of the top reasons why some folks hate George Clooney is his outspoken liberal politics and activism. Clooney is a proud Democrat who has campaigned for candidates like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

He’s also been very vocal about issues like gay marriage, gun control, and foreign policy. This clashes with more conservative parts of America that see Clooney as an out-of-touch Hollywood liberal.

Clooney has also been involved in raising awareness about issues in Sudan, Syria, and Armenia. While many praise his global activism, others see it as pretentious virtue signaling from a multi-millionaire celebrity. His efforts to bring attention to international issues rubs some people the wrong way.

Key Events That Sparked Backlash

  • 2006: Clooney strongly criticizes George W. Bush over the Iraq War at an Oscar acceptance speech. This leads to heavy criticism from Republicans.
  • 2012: Clooney holds a star-studded fundraiser for President Obama’s re-election bid. The extravagant event angers conservative critics.
  • 2015: After the Aurora shooting, Clooney calls out politicians for not doing enough to curb gun violence. Pro-gun advocates push back.
  • 2022: Clooney condemns the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. This adds to ongoing conservative backlash against Hollywood politics.

His Wealth and Fame Comes Across as Elitist

George Clooney has amassed a huge personal fortune from his acting career. His estimated net worth is around $500 million. He owns multiple lavish properties around the world. To many working class people, Clooney epitomizes out-of-touch wealthy elites in America.

From a $12 million Tuscan villa to a lavish mansion in Studio City, CA, Clooney’s real estate portfolio just highlights his vast wealth. He also once gave 14 of his closest friends $1 million each in cash just because he could. His lifestyle of inexhaustible luxury can feel unattainable for average people.

Some also argue Clooney only engages in activism and philanthropy to make himself look good or ease his conscience about his own wealth. They see his efforts as more about image than creating real change. This characterization feeds the perception of Clooney as an arrogant, elite hypocrite.

Examples of Clooney’s Vast Wealth

  • Owns a sprawling 18th-century English manor worth around $12 million.
  • Paid $25 million for a Los Angeles mansion he bought with wife Amal.
  • Has a net worth of $500 million according to Forbes estimates.
  • Reportedly paid $100,000 to fly his personal hair stylist to the London set of a film.
  • Gifted $1 million to each of his 14 closest friends just because he could.

He’s Perceived as Arrogant and Full of Himself

Another reason people dislike George Clooney is the sense that he is arrogant or full of himself. There is a perception that Clooney’s charming, suave persona reflects a man in love with himself and his celebrity status.

From smirking red carpet photos to his perfectly manicured public image, some see Clooney as being intentionally arrogant or flaky. There is a segment of people who find his mannerisms and speech to be grating. Every time he gushes about one of his expensive houses, they see false modesty.

Some also argue that Clooney leverages his celebrity to receive praise and accolades beyond what he deserves as an actor. His two Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor and the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award strike some as examples of the establishment fawning over him. All of this feeds the narrative that George Clooney has an over-inflated ego.

Memorable George Clooney Arrogance

  • Upon receiving the AFI award, Clooney joked: “I’m 52 now so the other day I had to have a doctor put his finger up my backside. But I’ll tell you, I don’t need an award to get my colon checked.”
  • When a reporter asked if he had Starbucks coffee in his hand, Clooney replied: “What, do I look poor? It’s Nespresso.”
  • At the Oscars in 2006 Clooney said: “Oscar and I have a lot in common. We both have stood out here many times before, always hoping for one win. Just one.”

He Plays the Same Character in Every Movie

Some dislike George Clooney because they feel he plays the same smooth, suave character regardless of the film. They see his on-screen persona as a variation of his off-screen self: an ultra-charming, witty charmer. While this works for some roles, critics argue it makes his performances one-note and dull when overused.

Whether he’s jousting in medieval England or flying in outer space, to these critics Clooney’s characters all blend together. There is little transformation across his filmography – the core persona of a handsome, magnetic, hyper-intelligent leading man remains largely the same. It makes Clooney feel more like a movie star than a true chameleon actor.

Compare this to actors like Daniel Day-Lewis who physically and emotionally transform for roles. Clooney seems locked into a singular on-screen identity built around his real-life charisma. The lack of diversity frustrates viewers hoping for more depth.

Similar Clooney Characters

  • Danny Ocean in Ocean’s Eleven – Charming criminal mastermind
  • Jack in Up in the Air – Suave corporate downsizer
  • Matt King in The Descendants – Handsome family man/lawyer
  • Everett in O Brother Where Art Thou – Clever escaped convict
  • Frank Walker in Tomorrowland – Confident inventor/genius

His Marriage to Amal Alamuddin Felt Staged or Inauthentic

When George Clooney married human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin in 2014, some people questioned the authenticity of their relationship. The timing and circumstances of their rapid courtship and marriage led some to wonder if it was all staged for PR purposes.

Critics pointed out that Clooney had long sworn off marriage and children, then suddenly did an about-face when he met Amal. After just seven months of dating, they got married in a lavish multimillion dollar Italian wedding. To some this reeked of an image overhaul to make Clooney appear to have a more serious, respectable personal life.

There was also speculation it was a “bearding” arrangement for two celebrities of different orientations to cover for each other. Others posited that Amal was angling to raise her global profile by marrying a movie star. Both theories portrayed the marriage as less about true love and more about PR and business arrangements.

Fishy Facts About Clooney’s Marriage

  • Got married at 52 years old after saying bachelors could have meaningful lives.
  • Dated Amal for just 7 months before proposal. Previous longest relationship was 3 years.
  • Had high-profile relationships end because he wouldn’t commit.
  • Amal went from little-known lawyer to global celebrity after marrying Clooney.
  • Wedding was a 3-day extravaganza at a 17th century British manor with 100+ guests.

He’s Way Too Old for Certain Love Interest Roles

Another criticism of George Clooney is that he continues taking roles playing the handsome lover or paramour to female characters much younger than him. As Clooney ages into his 60s, some viewers argue it strains credulity and feels inappropriate seeing him lust after women 20-30 years his junior on screen.

A significant age gap between an older man and younger woman brings in issues of sexism, objectification, and the different power dynamics at play. When the man is charm personified like Clooney, it starts to feel almost predatory. Many say they would prefer to see love interests closer to his age range.

Problematic Age Gaps in Clooney Movies

  • Up In The Air (2009) – Vera Farmiga is 16 years younger than Clooney in the film.
  • The Descendants (2011) – Clooney plays a husband to a wife who is roughly 20 years younger.
  • Tomorrowland (2015) – Love interest Britt Robertson is 30 years Clooney’s junior in real life.
  • Money Monster (2016) – Julia Roberts is 18 years younger than Clooney though they play co-hosts.


In summary, while George Clooney is beloved by many, he has drawn considerable backlash from certain segments of the public for a myriad of reasons. His prominent liberal politics and activism generates criticism from conservatives.

His immense wealth and lavish lifestyle strikes some as being out of touch and elitist. Perceptions that he is arrogant or his acting style is one-dimensional also fuel animosity for some. Questionable aspects of his love life and relationships with much younger women have also garnered backlash.

However, despite those who dislike Clooney, he remains one of the most popular public figures in the US. Millions adore him for his acclaimed film roles, philanthropy, political stances, and ability to balance serious work with maintain his charm.

But the reasons covered in this article provide insight into why a cohort of the population harbors strongly negative feelings towards George Clooney.

FAQs about Why People Hate George Clooney

Why do conservatives hate George Clooney?

Conservatives dislike Clooney mainly for his outspoken liberal politics. From campaigns for Democratic politicians to advocating for issues like gun control and foreign aid, Clooney’s views clash with right-wing ideology. Some see him as a typical “Hollywood liberal” who is out of touch with real America.

Why was George Clooney’s charity criticized?

Clooney’s involvement in raising money for victims of the Darfur crisis was criticized when financial statements showed more than $100 million raised was still unspent years later. Critics accused him of using the cause to get fawning media coverage but not delivering meaningful impact.

Is George Clooney friends with Obama and other Democrats?

Yes, Clooney is good friends with Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton and other prominent Democrats. He has done fundraising for Obama and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns over multiple election cycles starting in 2008.

What humanitarian work has George Clooney been involved in?

Clooney has advocated for victims of genocide in Darfur, raised awareness about violence in South Sudan, highlighted the plight of Syrian and Karen refugees, and spoken about the Armenian Genocide, among other efforts. He testified in Congress about Darfur and co-founded the Satellite Sentinel Project using satellite imagery to monitor conflicts in Sudan and South Sudan.

Is George Clooney mainly disliked for his politics?

Politics is a big factor, but not the only reason some people dislike Clooney. His wealth and extravagant lifestyle also rubs some people the wrong way who see him as an out-of-touch elite. Others find him arrogant or feel his acting is overrated because he plays the same charming character. Dislike of his marriage and relationships with much younger women also contribute.

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