Why Do People Hate Idris Elba?

Idris Elba is one of the most talented and successful British actors of his generation. He has starred in acclaimed films and TV shows, earning numerous awards and nominations.

However, despite his success, Elba has faced backlash and hatred from some people over the years. Here is an in-depth look at why certain groups dislike the actor.

Racist Reactions to His James Bond Speculation

One of the biggest reasons why Idris Elba faces hatred is racism. In 2018, rumors circulated that Elba was being considered to play James Bond after Daniel Craig’s departure.

This sparked intense backlash from racist online trolls and right-wing figures who felt the role should go to a white actor. Elba acknowledged the racist reactions, tweeting: “Isn’t it time for a Black Bond?”

The idea of a Black James Bond led to the trending hashtag #BlackBondsMatter from supporters, but also a flood of racist abuse against Elba. The violent, hateful responses revealed that some are still unwilling to accept a non-white Bond.

Criticism of His Roles as Authority Figures

Another source of hatred towards Elba stems from his frequent casting as characters in positions of authority – police officers, detectives, government officials. Racist viewers feel uncomfortable seeing a Black man portray these powerful roles.

For example, Elba faced criticism from racists for his lead role as a police detective in the BBC series Luther. Some argue that a Black detective goes against the image of a white authority figure that they prefer to see on-screen.

This extends to some of his famous movie roles too, like his portrayals ofkey authority figures in the Thor, Star Trek, and Fast & Furious franchises.

Resentment of His Success and Talent

Quite simply, Idris Elba is a tremendously gifted actor who has achieved huge Hollywood success. However, this creates resentment from those who don’t believe Black actors should find mainstream American success.

Racists feel threatened seeing a Black British actor rise to stardom across acclaimed TV shows like The Wire and movies like Mandela: The Long Walk to Freedom. No matter how talented Elba may be, some harbor hatred due to the color of his skin and desire to keep Black people from succeeding.

Backlash Over Relationship with White Fiancée

When Elba began a relationship with white Canadian model Sabrina Dhowre, it sparked criticism and abuse from racists unhappy about him dating outside his race. Despite being engaged since 2018, the interracial couple has continued facing attacks from hate groups and online trolls.

This backlash ties into the resentment some feel seeing a successful, attractive Black actor with a beautiful white woman. It clashes with the racist image that Black people are undeserving of being with white partners. The harassment reflects how Idris Elba threatens white supremacist views even in his personal life.

Accusations of Being Overly “Political”

Idris Elba frequently discusses political and social issues like racism, diversity, and equality. He has been outspoken about promoting increased opportunity for Black actors. However, this leads to backlash from those accusing him of being too outspoken or “political.”

Some believe Black celebrities should “shut up and act” rather than use their platforms to raise awareness. Elba’s confident handling of race issues and advocacy for Black voices sparks criticism from racists who want to silence him. They attack his activism as him unjustly “playing the race card.”

Perceived Cockiness and Arrogance

Finally, Idris Elba’s self-assured persona strikes some people as cocky or arrogant. For instance, his proud quote “I’m not James Bond, I’m the Black James Bond” riled critics who felt he has an attitude problem. Racists also despise his refusal to bow to pressure over racist abuse.

Misinterpreting his confident personality as arrogance or ego enables attacks against Elba’s character. In reality, he displays the self-belief needed to overcome obstacles as a Black actor succeeding in a white-dominated industry. But this pride in his identity fuels irrational hatred from racists.

Why Do People Feel Threatened by Idris Elba’s Success?

Idris Elba’s talent and success represents a Black man reaching the pinnacle of a mainstream, traditionally white industry.

This threatens racist beliefs that Black people are inferior and don’t deserve such prestigious roles and achievements. Unable to accept this equality, some retaliate with hatred.

Does Idris Elba Face More Racism than Other Black Actors?

While all successful Black actors face racism, Idris Elba provokes exceptionally severe backlash due to the prestige of his roles and outspoken persona. His position as a leading man in huge franchises clashes with racist ideals more intensely than Black actors in less prominent roles.

How Has Idris Elba Responded to Racist Attacks?

Elba has called out racism against him but refused to let it hinder him. He acknowledges that racists feel “threatened” by his success.

Though the hatred takes a toll, Elba keeps moving forward, empowered to represent Black voices through roles and activism. He aims to inspire future diverse actors.

What Needs to Change to Lessen Racism Against Black Actors?

More diversity in writers rooms, studios, and marketing teams would help normalize leading Black actors.

Audiences would grow accustomed to seeing Black actors in major roles. Young Black actors need more mentors and opportunities to reduce barriers to entry in the industry.


Idris Elba has emerged as one of the most versatile Black actors in film and television. However, various racist groups have reacted with hatred to his success for threatening their discriminatory worldview.

Backlash towards Elba’s prestige roles, relationships, outspokenness, and persona reveal the persistence of racism in entertainment. While the phenomenal talent of Idris Elba should be celebrated, the prejudice he faces shows how far society has left to go.

His experience highlights the need for inclusion, equality and anti-racist attitudes. More work is needed to combat the ignorance fueling hatred so stars like Elba are judged only for their performance, not their skin color.

Though facing these challenges, Elba continues boldly on his path, committed to expanding opportunities for marginalized groups. His determination in the face of racism is an inspiring message of perseverance. Idris Elba represents the future of a more progressive, equitable era that diverse talents have the chance to shine in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the racist backlash when Idris Elba was rumored to be the next James Bond?

Many racist social media users and right-wing figures reacted with anger at the idea of a Black actor playing the role of James Bond. They used hateful slurs and argued he could not represent the character despite Elba’s undisputed talents.

Why do some dislike Idris Elba playing authority figure roles?

Some racists feel uncomfortable with a Black man portraying authoritative police, detective, and government roles usually filled by white actors. They see it as going against racial power hierarchies they wish to preserve.

How does Idris Elba’s success create resentment among racists?

Racists believe Black people are inferior and resent seeing a talented Black actor like Idris Elba achieve mainstream Hollywood stardom. His success challenges their discriminatory views so they react with irrational hatred.

What criticism has Idris Elba faced for his relationship with fiancée Sabrina Dhowre?

Idris Elba dating a white woman led to backlash from racists angry about him being in an interracial relationship. They believe he should not be with a white partner due to his race.

Why is Idris Elba accused of being too “political”?

Idris Elba is outspoken about promoting diversity, equality, and Black voices. However, some accuse him of being overly “political” and want to silence him rather than address the racism he highlights.

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