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Why Do People Hate Hero Fiennes Tiffin?

Hero Fiennes Tiffin is a young English actor best known for playing the role of Hardin Scott in the After film series based on the novels by Anna Todd. Despite his rising fame, Fiennes Tiffin has faced some backlash and hatred online from certain groups of people. Here are some of the main reasons why Hero Fiennes Tiffin has haters:

Criticism of His Acting Skills

Some people feel that Hero Fiennes Tiffin is not a strong actor and was miscast in the role of Hardin Scott. They believe his acting is wooden and one-dimensional, lacking emotional depth and range. Many critics have panned his performances in the After movies as being too brooding and moody without showcasing real talent.

His haters feel that he was handed the role in After based on his looks rather than actual acting ability. They think he lacks the skills to carry a movie and give a compelling performance. Some have even nicknamed him “Cardboard Cutout” for his stiff, flat acting style.

Allegations of Problematic Behavior

Fiennes Tiffin faced allegations in 2020 from two ex-girlfriends of manipulative and emotionally abusive behavior during their relationships.

One ex, model Stephanie Vittorini, accused him via TikTok videos of gaslighting her, controlling what she wore, who she could talk to, and other toxic behaviors. Another ex, singer Kirby Johnson, made similar claims of possessiveness and manipulation.

While Fiennes Tiffin denied the allegations, many people saw the accusations as confirmation that he is not the sweet, romantic guy he portrays in After but rather has a hidden dark side. The allegations damaged his reputation.

Backlash Against the After Franchise

As the face of the popular but controversial After film series, Hero Fiennes Tiffin has borne the brunt of criticism against the franchise as a whole. After has faced backlash for its portrayal of a toxic, dysfunctional relationship between the characters Hardin and Tessa.

Many viewers and critics have described their relationship as abusive, manipulative, and dangerous. They feel the story glorifies controlling, stalker-like behavior from Hardin and excuses it through the redemption storyline.

Some of this criticism of the problematic relationship dynamics in After has transferred over to hatred and backlash against Hero Fiennes Tiffin as the actor bringing Hardin to life. The films’ haters see him as promoting and romanticizing abuse.

Accusations of Privilege and Nepotism

Some critics point to Hero Fiennes Tiffin coming from a film industry family (his uncle is actor Ralph Fiennes) as a reason why he easily obtained the lead role in After despite his relative inexperience.

They accuse him of benefiting from nepotism and privilege rather than earning the role fairly on his own merits. His haters see him as getting unfair advantages in his career due to family connections rather than talent.

This resentment towards the perception that his fame was handed rather than earned through struggle leads some to dislike the actor and see him as undeserving of his success.

Perceived Arrogance

Certain interviews, photoshoots, and public statements Fiennes Tiffin has made over his career have rubbed some people the wrong way, coming across as vain or cocky.

He has gained a reputation among haters for having an arrogant air of entitlement and seeming overly impressed with himself and his status as a heartthrob.

For instance, a Buzzfeed interview early in his career had people accusing Hero of arrogance when he made comments like “I guess I have quite symmetrical features” and “I’ve gotten more handsome as I’ve gotten older”.

Moments like this have fueled a perception among critics that the young actor has an inflated ego and overblown sense of self, leading them to root for his downfall.

Objectification and Reduced to His Looks

As a handsome young actor, Hero Fiennes Tiffin has faced extensive objectification and focus on his physical appearance over his skills or performances. Some feel he has been reduced to merely a sexualized fantasy “boyfriend” figure rather than a serious dramatic actor.

The constant objectification has led to a sense that the actor is more model than performer. Some believe he has failed to showcase greater depth or challenge himself beyond the brooding heartthrob roles like Hardin.

For those who want to take Fiennes Tiffin seriously as an actor, the focus on his looks over talent leads them to dislike the constant objectification from fans and media. They see it as a barrier to him earning respect for his craft.

Perception He is “Problematic”

All of the controversies and allegations against Hero Fiennes Tiffin, from the nepotism accusations to claims he promotes abusive relationships in After to the manipulative ex-boyfriend stories, have created a generalized perception among some groups that the actor is “problematic.”

This perception, whether fair or not, has gained significant traction on social media. Certain communities online such as YouTube drama channels and Reddit forums dedicate discussion to why Fiennes Tiffin is problematic and deserving of cancellation.

For those who buy into this notion, it has fueled their dislike towards the actor and desire to see him held accountable or taken down a notch rather than continue to succeed and gain fame.


In summary, while Hero Fiennes Tiffin has amassed a passionate fanbase, especially among young viewers, he has also faced intense backlash from some demographics.

Criticisms of his acting skill, allegations of toxic behavior, his association with the controversial After franchise, privilege accusations, a perceived arrogance, over-objectification of his looks, and an overall view he is “problematic” have fueled hatred and disdain from pockets of haters.

However, the actor maintains a loyal following and continues working steadily in film as he aims to take on more diverse roles and prove himself beyond the After movies. Only time will tell if he can sway those who currently dislike Fiennes Tiffin and see him as undeserving of fame and success in Hollywood.

Frequently Asked Questions About Why People Dislike Hero Fiennes Tiffin

Why do people think Hero Fiennes Tiffin is a bad actor?

Some critics believe Hero Fiennes Tiffin lacks emotional range and depth in his acting. They feel he has a stiff, wooden, brooding style that relies more on moodiness than skillfully portraying complex emotions.

What toxic behavior did Hero’s ex-girlfriends accuse him of?

Two of Hero’s ex-girlfriends claimed he exhibited manipulative, controlling behavior during their relationships, like dictating who they could talk to and policing their clothing or social media.

How did After influence hatred toward Fiennes Tiffin?

The After movies faced backlash for romanticizing abusive relationships. As the actor playing Hardin, Hero Fiennes Tiffin bore a lot of criticism from those who disliked After’s toxicity.

Why do some people think Hero Fiennes Tiffin benefited from nepotism?

Fiennes Tiffin comes from a famous acting family, with his uncle Ralph Fiennes a renowned actor. Some believe Hero obtained roles like After unfairly due to family privilege rather than talent alone.

What makes people see Hero as arrogant?

Certain interviews where Hero made comments about his handsome looks or symmetrical features came across as vain to some viewers, fueling a perception that the young actor is arrogant.

How has constant objectification impacted Hero’s reputation?

The extensive focus on Fiennes Tiffin’s looks over his skills has led to a sense he is more model than serious actor. This objectification annoys critics who want him respected for talent.

Why do some online communities cancel or dislike Hero?

Various controversies like alleged abusive behavior, nepotism claims, and promoting toxic relationships through After have created a perception among some that Fiennes Tiffin is highly “problematic.”

Does Hero have any positive fan support?

Yes, Fiennes Tiffin maintains a very loyal, passionate fanbase of supporters, especially among younger female fans who connect with him through the After franchise.

What could Hero do to improve his reputation with haters?

Taking on more diverse, challenging roles and showing greater acting range could help prove he has talent beyond his looks and the After movies. Staying unproblematic may also gradually sway haters.

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