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Why Do People Love Jacob Elordi?

Jacob Elordi has quickly become one of the most popular and sought-after young actors in Hollywood. Since breaking out in the hit Netflix teen drama The Kissing Booth in 2018, Elordi has garnered a massive and dedicated fan following.

But what is it exactly about Jacob that makes him so adored? Here is an in-depth look at why people can’t get enough of Jacob Elordi.

Jacob’s Charming Personality

One of the biggest reasons people love Jacob so much is because of his charming, down-to-earth personality. While many young rising stars can sometimes come across as arrogant or entitled, Jacob is known for being exceptionally humble and gracious. He always takes time to interact with fans, sign autographs, and take photos at events.

In interviews, Jacob comes across as very genuine and candid. He doesn’t seem to have an pretentious bone in his body. He jokes around with reporters and doesn’t take himself too seriously. This approachability and “normal guy” aura makes Jacob incredibly appealing. Fans feel like they could be friends with him.

Sense of Humor

A big part of Jacob’s charm is his witty, self-deprecating sense of humor. He never holds back from making fun of himself and cracking jokes. This funny, irreverent side only adds to his “real guy” persona.

In The Kissing Booth movies, fans got to see Jacob flex his comedic muscles. His back-and-forth banter and physical comedy made the romantic films that much more enjoyable to watch. Fans now come to expect hilarious moments in interviews and public appearances from Jacob.

Social Media Presence

Jacob also does a great job of showcasing his fun personality through social media. He shares funny behind-the-scenes videos and photos from projects, gives fans a glimpse into his everyday life, and interacts with followers.

Fans feel like social media allows them to know the “real” Jacob. This digital friendship makes them feel more connected and invested in him and his success.

Leading Man Looks

Of course, it certainly doesn’t hurt that Jacob Elordi is very nice to look at! With his tall stature, athletic build, dirty blonde hair, and piercing green eyes, Jacob looks like he walked straight off a Hollywood movie set. He has classic leading man good looks and charm.


At 6’4″, Jacob towers over most people. His height gives him an immediately striking and captivating physical presence. It also allows Jacob to truly inhabit and command leading man roles. He can go toe-to-toe with any on-screen love interest or adversary.

Fit Physique

In addition to being tall, Jacob is incredibly fit. He has showcased a sculpted six pack and muscular arms in several projects. For roles like Noah Flynn in The Kissing Booth films, Jacob got into tip-top shape. Fans certainly took notice and appreciated his dedication. Jacob’s physique definitely contributes to his heartthrob status.

Facial Features

Jacob has a face that the camera absolutely loves. With a chiseled jawline, intense green eyes that pierce the screen, and thick eyebrows, Jacob’s facial features allow him to smolder and brood on demand. When he gazes into a female co-star’s eyes, the chemistry immediately crackles.


Jacob’s also got undeniable style. He looks just as natural in a designer suit on a red carpet as he does in a casual t-shirt and jeans walking down the street. Jacob knows how to pull off any look from preppy to edgy. His fashion sense only elevates his leading man aura.

Range as an Actor

While some may have initially brushed Jacob Elordi off as just another pretty face or teen idol, he has proven over and over that he has the acting chops to back up the leading man looks. Right from the start with The Kissing Booth, Jacob demonstrated he could make the romantic drama and comedy required from his role work.

Since then, Jacob has only continued to showcase impressive range by taking on a diverse array of parts. Here are some of the roles that have proven Jacob’s acting skills:

Nate Jacobs in Euphoria

Moving as far away from his breakout role as possible, Jacob took on the part of villainous, ultra-violent jock Nate Jacobs in HBO’s Euphoria. The dark, gritty teen drama was a major opportunity for Jacob to demonstrate his dramatic range.

He had to tap into a frightening temper and aggression for the part that was the polar opposite of his Kissing Booth character. Jacob nailed the intricacies of playing such a challenging, unlikable character.

Noah Flynn in The Kissing Booth Franchise

While the films received some negative reviews, there is no denying that Jacob’s performances were highlights. As Noah Flynn, he brought romantic lead charisma, comedic timing, and emotional vulnerability. Over the course of the trilogy, Jacob showed Noah’s maturation and growth in a believable, compelling way.

Will in 2 Hearts

This romantic drama allowed Jacob to play a more understated, dramatic role. As Will, Jacob believably portrayed a young man falling in love while also grappling with a fatal heart condition.

The part required Jacob to tap into Will’s strength, passion for life, and quiet melancholy surrounding his health struggles. Jacob held his own against seasoned actress Tiera Skovbye.

Charlie in Chemical Hearts

For this YA romantic drama, Jacob got to flex more indie movie muscles as a teen grappling with loss and first love. As Charlie, Jacob compellingly depicted a shy, awkward young man struggling to gain confidence and find his way in the world. The film may not have made a major splash but it showed Jacob’s continuing development as a leading man.

Dedicated Work Ethic

All of the roles mentioned above, along with others Jacob has taken on, demonstrate an admirable dedication to his craft. He does not appear to just be coasting on his looks and early success. Jacob has stressed in interviews how important it is to him to continue challenging himself as an actor. He works hard to honor the opportunity he has been given.

Jacob’s work ethic also applies to his physical training for roles. He never relies on movie magic to look buff for a part. Jacob puts in the long, grueling hours at the gym. Seeing his effort gives fans even more motivation in their own lives.

This dedication not only makes Jacob’s performances better but also comes through as very respectable. It’s a key part of why he is so beloved.

Cares About Fans

Considering Jacob’s massive success at such a young age, it would be very easy for him to get too self-involved or lose touch with fans. However, Jacob has emphasized over and over again how much his loyal fanbase means to him. He seems to truly appreciate their support.

Some examples of Jacob showing fans love include:

  • Taking the time to thoughtfully answer their questions at events
  • Posting candid, friendly videos on social media saying hello
  • Attending fan conventions when his schedule allows
  • Giving fans insight into his life and career through magazine profiles

Jacob knows he owes his career to the fans who avidly consume his work and support him online. He never takes their dedication for granted. Jacob’s humility and gratitude only further fuel fans’ affection.

Girls Crush On Him, Guys Want To Be Him

While Jacob Elordi certainly has legions of dedicated female fans who harbor crushes on him, he has also become an inspiration for many male fans as well. This broad appeal only increases Jacob’s popularity.

For female fans, it’s easy to fantasize about dating Jacob or starring as his on-screen love interest. He’s the quintessential crush: handsome, charming, funny, a little dangerous but also sensitive. For women, Jacob represents an ideal romantic lead.

For male fans, Jacob presents someone to look up to and emulate. He’s an incredibly talented actor and modeled how to transition from complete unknown to sought-after A-list star in just a few years. Guys respect Jacob’s work ethic and desire to follow a similar path to success in whatever field they pursue.

Jacob appeals to such a wide swath of people because he represents both the perfect dreamboat boyfriend and aspirational role model.

Staying Grounded

Despite his good looks, blockbuster success, and army of fans, Jacob works very hard to stay truly grounded. As previously mentioned, he does not take his platform and fame for granted. Jacob remains dedicated to his Australian roots and the people who knew him before he got famous.

He continues to live a relatively low-key lifestyle free of headline-grabbing antics or meltdowns. You rarely see Jacob stumbling drunkenly out of clubs or becoming embroiled in messy social media feuds. He does not seek extra publicity or attention when not promoting projects.

Jacob comes across as startlingly normal and down-to-earth for such a huge star. This only makes people root for him more.

Maintains Private Life

While social media allows fans to feel connected to Jacob, he also makes sure to maintain boundaries and keep aspects of his life private. Jacob does not openly discuss intimate relationships or overshare personal problems for the world to see.

He gives fans just enough insight to satisfy their curiosity but also stays true to himself. Jacob’s firm separation between public and private only adds to his grounded aura.

Passionate Advocacy

On top of his admirable work ethic and attitude, Jacob uses his platform to support and advocate for causes he feels passionate about. He wants to use his voice to enact positive change.

For example, Jacob has discussed the importance of mental health awareness, especially for young people. He has also posted about and attended events supporting organizations like the Black Lives Matter movement.

Seeing someone as respected and beloved as Jacob promoting issues that matter makes fans even more devoted to him. It’s inspiring to see him leveraging his fame to give back.


To sum it all up, Jacob Elordi has earned such massive admiration from fans around the globe because he represents the whole package. He’s insanely talented as an actor, yet remarkably down-to-earth in person. Jacob takes the job of being a celebrity role model seriously.

With his off-the-charts charisma and looks combined with clear character and principles, it’s no wonder people can’t get enough of him. Jacob’s unique blend of traits makes him a truly special star.

The sky is truly the limit for what he can accomplish in Hollywood. And you can bet Jacob Elordi’s loyal, loving fans will continue cheering him on every step of the way. The future is bright for this rising superstar.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jacob Elordi

What is Jacob Elordi best known for?

Jacob Elordi is best known for his breakout role as Noah Flynn in the popular Netflix romantic comedy films The Kissing Booth and its sequels. The franchise propelled him to global stardom.

What was Jacob Elordi’s first acting role?

Jacob’s first ever acting role was a small part in the Australian film Swinging Safari in 2017. His first major role came a year later when he was cast as Noah Flynn in The Kissing Booth in 2018.

Where is Jacob Elordi from?

Jacob Elordi was born on June 26, 1997 in Brisbane, Australia. He is Australian.

What other projects has Jacob Elordi been in?

In addition to The Kissing Booth franchise, Jacob has also starred in HBO’s Euphoria, The Mortuary Collection, 2 Hearts, Chemical Hearts, and is set to appear in upcoming films Deep Water and Parallel.

Who has Jacob Elordi dated?

Some of the famous women Jacob has been rumored to date include his Kissing Booth co-star Joey King, model Kaia Gerber, actress Zendaya (his Euphoria co-star), and singer Olivia Jade. He keeps his relationships very private.

Is Jacob Elordi on social media?

Yes, Jacob is on both Instagram (@jacobelordi) where he has over 24 million followers and on Twitter (@JacobElordi) where he has over 800 thousand followers. He often interacts with fans on these platforms.

What are 5 fun facts about Jacob Elordi?

  • He is 6’4″ tall
  • Jacob is an avid surfer and skateboarder
  • He studied at St. Joseph’s Nudgee College in Australia
  • Before becoming an actor, Jacob worked as a lifeguard
  • He says the actors he most admires are Joaquin Phoenix & Heath Ledger

Why do some people criticize Jacob Elordi?

Like many young actors, Jacob has faced some criticism online from people accusing him of only getting acting jobs because of his looks, rather than talent. Critics also felt he only got his role in Euphoria due to dating Zendaya (which he denies).

What does Jacob Elordi do to stay grounded and down-to-earth?

Despite his massive fame, Jacob stays grounded by maintaining his close friendships from home, keeping a low-key lifestyle, staying off social media, and remembering where he came from. He also doesn’t take himself too seriously.

What causes and social issues is Jacob Elordi passionate about?

Jacob uses his platform to advocate for mental health awareness, support organizations like Black Lives Matter, encourage voting, and speak out against toxic masculinity harms. He wants to enact positive change.

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