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Why Do People Hate Jacob Elordi?

Jacob Elordi is an Australian actor who rose to fame with his breakout role as Noah Flynn in the Netflix teen drama The Kissing Booth in 2018. While he has amassed a huge fan following, especially among teenagers, Elordi has also been subjected to intense backlash and hate online. Here are some of the main reasons why certain groups of people seem to dislike or hate the young actor.

He is Accused of Being Problematic in Relationships

One of the biggest sources of controversy for Elordi stems from his real-life romance with his The Kissing Booth co-star Joey King which ended in 2018. The two never publicly addressed the breakup but King later referred to it as “painful” while Elordi called it “taxing”.

Many fans sided with King after the split and accused Elordi of being unfaithful or leaving her for his Euphoria co-star Zendaya.

Vague Relationship With Zendaya

Elordi and Zendaya have been romantically linked since 2019 but have remained vague about their relationship status. Some people feel Elordi treats Zendaya poorly or is not fully committed to her.

Lack of Public Remorse Over Past Relationships

More broadly, Elordi has faced backlash for being seemingly indifferent to the hurt or trauma he has caused his famous ex-girlfriends. His lack of public remorse or accountability for his past relationships rubs some people the wrong way.

Perceived as Arrogant

As a tall, handsome, upcoming Hollywood actor, Elordi understands the appeal of his “heartthrob” public image. But some detractors feel he plays into this too much, coming across as vain or arrogant.

Aloofness in Interviews

Elordi is often perceived as aloof, awkward or even rude in interviews. His canned answers and seeming lack of earnestness make him appear arrogant or indifferent to fans and interviewers alike.

Privilege and Entitlement

Coming from a comfortable middle-class upbringing in Australia, critics feel Elordi’s rapid rise to fame has made him buy into a sense of privilege and entitlement commonly associated with young Hollywood actors.

He is Seen as a Bad Role Model for Impressionable Fans

Elordi’s habit of smoking cigarettes – heavily documented on social media and in tabloids – sets a poor example for the legions of young fans who look up to him. Smoking is a deal-breaker for many parents and guardians worried about his influence.

Early School Drop-Out

Dropping out of school at 16 to pursue acting reinforces the stereotype of the cocky, rebellious heartthrob among critics who feel education should always come first.

Propensity To Get Into Trouble With the Law

In June 2022, Elordi was stopped by police in LA for exceeding the speed limit on his motorcycle. His previous record of minor violations like parking tickets also paint him as irresponsible and feeding into Hollywood bad boy culture.

He is Perceived as Having No Personality Besides His Looks

Many assess Elordi’s acting range in Euphoria and The Kissing Booth as flat and one-dimensional, relying more on his good looks than actual skills. This extends to his public persona, which some see as bland and devoid of personality.

Memes Mocking His Lack of Talent

On social media and meme accounts, Elordi is often the subject of jokes highlighting his perceived lack of talent and dependence solely on his physical appeal.

Failure To Showcase Other Talents

Unlike other young breakout stars, Elordi has yet to display any other notable skills or talents through side projects in writing, directing, singing etc. This adds to the perception that he is just another superficial Hollywood actor.

He is Seen as Problematic for His Past Movie Roles

Elordi rose to fame portraying toxic male characters like Noah Flynn – an abusive love interest in The Kissing Booth. Critics argue these roles propagate harmful tropes around relationship violence.

Allegations of Glorifying Statutory Rape

The wide age gap and illegal relationship between Elordi and Joey King’s teenage characters in The Kissing Booth led to widespread claims that the film romanticizes statutory rape.

Role In the Lack of Diversity

As a white, heterosexual male actor, Elordi’s ubiquity in major mainstream roles is also viewed as part of wider problems with representation in Hollywood.

Concerns That He Promotes Unhealthy Relationships

Jacob Elordi’s rise as a heartthrob among teenagers has led to considerable concerns about the impact his onscreen relationships and public image could have on shaping young people’s views of romance and sexuality.

Perpetuating Toxicity as Normal

Through his tumultuous onscreen relationships in The Kissing Booth and Euphoria, some argue Elordi normalizes relationship toxicity, possessiveness and violent behavior as inevitable parts of romance – especially for adolescent viewers.

Promoting Bad Relationship Values

Values depicted in Elordi’s movies like prioritizing passion over trust and respect, justifying boys’ controlling behavior, and framing abuse as proof of ‘true love’ promote deeply unhealthy relationship models.

Validating Badboy Fixation

Elordi’s successful bad boy roles validate the “dangerous crush” trope, encouraging teen girls’ fixation on brooding, troubled boys – which often translates to poor real-life relationship choices.

Lack of Examples of Healthy Relationships

Critics point out the lack of healthy depictions of relationships featuring Elordi on screen that could balance out or positively influence viewers.

Pressure on Young Fans

As a heartthrob, Elordi’s real-life relationship ambiguity and dismissive breakup behavior also allegedly puts undue pressure on impressionable young fans.

People Feel He is Overhyped

A common criticism of Jacob Elordi is that he is disproportionately hyped as an actor and celebrity despite his limited acting range and filmography so far.

Perceived as Less Talented Than Peers

Many feel comparably talented peers like Timothee Chalamet or Tom Holland have had to struggle more for opportunities than Elordi.

Given Preferential Treatment Due To Looks

Critics argue Elordi’s main appeal is his striking good looks which afford him privileges like casting opportunities that more talented or experienced actors are denied.

Overexposure and Saturation

Some cite Elordi’s ubiquitous presence in interviews, spreads and advertisements as giving him excessive exposure that more interesting up-and-coming talents are starved of.

Minimal Praise for Actual Skills

Despite his popularity, Elordi is rarely praised for acting ability, comedic chops, etc. This implies his celebrity is largely predicated on physical appeal rather than talent.

Instant A-list Fame Status

Elordi’s meteoric rise strikes many as unearned. Landing leading man roles and A-list fame immediately out of the gate makes people suspicious of his PR machine.

Symbolizes Hollywood’s Lack of Diversity

Jacob Elordi also faces criticism for being symbolic of Hollywood’s lack of diversity and tendency to privilege certain demographics.

Proliferation of White Male Stories

Starring in Netflix’s biggest original hits perpetuates the platform’s reliance on white, cis-gendered, male-led stories that garner global appeal.

Few Opportunities for Marginalized Stories

Elordi’s ubiquity is seen as coming at the cost of opportunities for women, people of color, LGBTQ+ creatives and other marginalized stories to achieve mainstream success.

Association With Straight-Washing

As a heterosexual actor, Elordi starring as queer drug addict Nate Jacobs on Euphoria ties into the controversial practice of straight actors playing LGBTQ+ roles.

Lack of Advocacy For Diversity

Unlike peers, Elordi does not use his platform to actively advocate for more diversity in casting, stories and representation on screen.

Minimal Career Risks Taken

Some feel Elordi has fallen into major mainstream roles easily without expanding his range or taking risks by pursuing more complex, diverse characters.


In summary, while Jacob Elordi is a rising Hollywood star with a devoted fanbase, he is also highly controversial and provokes intense dislike among certain groups for a variety of reasons.

From problematic dating behavior to mediocre acting skills to perpetuating unhealthy tropes on screen, Elordi epitomizes much of what critics feel is currently wrong with the film industry and celebrity culture.

However, as a young actor still early in his career, Elordi has ample time to take feedback on board, demonstrate growth and use his platform more responsibly. With the right choices, he can potentially restore his reputation and evolve into a more conscientious star in the future.

The extent of criticism towards him also highlights the warped values and standards to which celebrities, especially young ones, are held today.

FAQs About Why People Dislike Jacob Elordi

Has Jacob Elordi responded to backlash against him?

Elordi tends to not directly respond to criticism or backlash against him. In rare comments, he has dismissed online hatred as an inevitable part of being in the public eye.

What do fans and defenders say in support of him?

Fans argue criticism stems from jealousy, call for separating his roles from real persona, and praise his talent and conduct in fan interactions.

Does the hate affect Elordi emotionally or mentally?

While he claims to ignore it, friends say Elordi does get bothered by excessive criticism. But he allegedly processes it privately as he is introverted and guarded publicly.

Does he only appeal to a teen fanbase?

His biggest following is among teenagers but Elordi has gained wider appeal. Many adults acknowledge his talent, and that bad boy roles don’t equate to who he is as a person.

Is Elordi problematic in reality like his characters?

Accounts suggest while Elordi shares traits like arrogance and broodiness with his onscreen roles, he is more socially conscious and less troublesome in real life.

Could backlash negatively impact his career?

It’s unlikely as Elordi has proved bankable. But sustained backlash could make him less employable in family fare. Critically mauled films could also dampen his popularity and opportunities.

Does the hate signify people are just jealous of his success?

While jealousy fuels some backlash, much comes from genuine concern about media influence. But excessive scrutiny is also the price of fame he chose.

Should people judge him based just on his characters?

Most agree actors shouldn’t be equated to their roles. But Elordi’s choices do reflect his own attitudes and public image, which merit constructive criticism.

Is Elordi hated more than comparable young actors?

Elordi does face disproportionate criticism compared to peers. But actors like James Franco indicate Elordi’s path could inspire more severe future backlash.

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