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Why Do People Love Auli’i Cravalho?

Auli’i Cravalho is an American actress and singer who rose to prominence for voicing the title character in the 2016 Disney animated film Moana. Born in 2000 in Kohala, Hawaii, Cravalho was only 14 years old when she landed the coveted role of Moana.

Cravalho’s breakout performance in Moana showcased both her vocal talent and ability to bring warmth and depth to the adventurous character. The film and its soundtrack were critically acclaimed, earning Cravalho praise for her acting and singing chops.

Since Moana, Cravalho has gone on to star in other films like All Together Now and lend her voice to shows like Elena of Avalor. She has also pursued a singing career, releasing several singles and performing live.

At just 19 years old, Cravalho has already built an impressive resume and amassed a devoted fanbase. Here’s a closer look at why people love Auli’i Cravalho.

Incredibly Talented Performer

One of the biggest reasons people adore Cravalho is her sheer talent as a performer. She first turned heads with her vocal skills in Moana, flawlessly singing the film’s iconic songs like “How Far I’ll Go.” Critics praised the maturity and control in Cravalho’s singing, especially given her young age at the time.

She’s also proven herself a gifted actress capable of evoking Moana’s daring yet warm spirit. Cravalho brought spunk, humor, and emotional depth to the Disney princess that transcended animation. Her acting instilled Moana with a relatable, three-dimensional quality.

Cravalho has since stretched her acting chops in dramas like All Together Now. She held her own opposite veteran actors like Carol Burnett, showing both comedic and serious acting skills. Whether she’s singing animated ballads or sparring in a live-action family drama, Cravalho’s combination of vocal power and acting range is downright impressive.

Embodies Positivity & Humility

Another endearing quality that draws people to Cravalho is her humility and positivity. When Moana catapulted a teenage Cravalho to fame, she handled the spotlight with grace and gratitude.

Rather than let ego overtake her, Cravalho has remained down-to-earth and focused on honing her craft. She often expresses how blessed she feels to have achieved so much so young. Even as she books major roles and high-profile performances, Cravalho maintains a humble perspective.

Not only is Cravalho humble, but she radiates warmth and optimism. She speaks about leaning on family during challenging times and emphasizes staying true to oneself. Whether discussing her culture or career, Cravalho encourages young fans to believe in themselves.

Her uplifting spirit and humility make her an inspirational role model. People flock to Cravalho not just for her talent but her character.

Unafraid to Be Herself

Another reason Cravalho has built such a connection with fans is her authenticity. The world fell for her when she first auditioned for Moana, singing without any accompaniment or artifice. Cravalho continues to win over audiences by staying true to herself.

Rather than conforming to a cookie-cutter Disney star image, Cravalho embraces her Hawaiian roots. She incorporates Hawaiian language into her music and openly discusses her diverse background.

Cravalho also doesn’t shy away from showing her real personality. She’s bubbly and goofy in interviews, unafraid to show her quirky sense of humor. Whether poking fun at herself or getting serious discussing representation, Cravalho comes across as genuine.

Fans feel like they know the real Auli’i Cravalho, flaws and all. Her willingness to be herself makes her all the more lovable.

Broken Barriers for Representation

Not only has Cravalho forged her own path, but she’s helped break barriers for representation along the way. With Moana, Cravalho showed young girls (especially those of Polynesian descent) that anyone can be a Disney princess.

As Disney’s first Polynesian princess lead, Moana embodied themes of identity and heritage rarely portrayed in major animated films. Cravalho’s portrayal made Moana a powerful role model for embracing one’s culture.

Cravalho herself has been candid about struggling with self-acceptance as a mixed-race performer trying to make it in Hollywood. By thriving as a non-stereotypical leading lady, Cravalho has become an inspirational figure both on and off-screen.

Her pride in her complex background shows underrepresented fans they deserve to see themselves reflected in media. Cravalho’s success as a boundary breaker makes her all the more beloved.

Powerful Voice & Platform

At just 19 years old, Cravalho has already built an impressive platform with millions of followers across social media. She leverages her voice to uplift others, speaking out on issues from girl empowerment to LGBTQ+ rights.

Rather than remain apolitical like many Disney stars, Cravalho uses her status to promote inclusion. She’s advocated for diverse storytelling and called out injustices in the entertainment industry. Fans cheer Cravalho for utilizing her profile for good.

Cravalho has also been candid about personal issues like struggling with body image pressure as a teenage performer. Her openness helps young fans facing similar struggles feel less alone. Whether it’s standing against discrimination or offering words of comfort, Cravalho’s willingness to speak up empowers listeners.

People respond to Cravalho not just as a dazzling performer but as an outspoken role model. Her maturity and conviction draw as much admiration as her talent.

Appeals to All Ages

A final part of Cravalho’s broad appeal is her range to attract fans across generations. Kids fell for Cravalho’s spirited charisma in Moana at a formative age. Yet she’s also built an older millennial and Gen Z following by displaying wisdom beyond her years.

Cravalho’s old soul quality and focus on craft makes her endearing to industry greats and adult audiences. Her throwback jazz vocals and coverage of classics shows musical knowledge spanning eras. Meanwhile, Cravalho’s Gen Z friendly candor on issues like mental health resonates with younger crowds.

Whether she’s goofing on TikTok or dueting with the likes of Alessia Cara, Cravalho’s versatility delights all ages. She manages to be both an insightful mentor and down-to-earth peer that diverse demographics adore. The result is a uniquely broad fanbase celebrating all the things that make Cravalho special.

Cravalho Connects Through Relatability

A common thread in Cravalho’s appeal is her relatability. Despite her meteoric success, she retains a normalcy and openness fans identify with.

Cravalho is beloved not as some unattainable star but as a down-to-earth role model. Her fans have watched her grow up on-screen and social media, bonding with her journey.

Everything from her humor to insight feels real and accessible. By letting her true self shine through, Auli’i Cravalho forges an intimate connection with admirers.

Her genuineness makes fans want to root for and learn from Cravalho. Even as her stardom grows, she stays someone everyday people relate to.

Passion Shines Through

One other trait that endears Cravalho to fans is her obvious passion. When discussing everything from her Hawaiian heritage to her acting craft, Cravalho lights up with joy and enthusiasm.

She pours her heart into performing, conveying infectious energy and dedication. Cravalho clearly loves what she does, whether bonding with young fans or hitting high notes.

That passion translates through the screen, making audiences revel in her joy. It reminds people that success takes doing what you love. Cravalho makes the most of her talents by infusing her work with passion.

Fans can’t help but find her dedication and zest inspiring. Cravalho motivates people to pursue their own passions with as much zeal.

Just Getting Started

As loved as Cravalho already is, the most exciting part is she’s only just beginning. At 19 years old, she shows wisdom and artistry well beyond her years. It’s clear Cravalho has a lifetime of iconic performances ahead of her.

Fans are invested not just in Cravalho’s existing achievements but in all she has yet to accomplish. Her career trajectory feels limitless between her vocals, acting range, and superstar charisma.

People want to follow Cravalho’s journey from rising Disney star to legendary entertainer. She possesses once-in-a-generation talent capable of making a generation-defining impact.

Cravalho herself says this is just the start of living out her dreams. As she continues growing as a performer, her devotees eagerly await all the history she’ll make.

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