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Why Do People Hate Lonnie Chavis?

Lonnie Chavis is an American child actor known for his role as young Randall Pearson on the hit NBC drama series This Is Us. While many fans adore Lonnie for his acting talents, some people have expressed dislike towards the young star online. This article will explore the potential reasons behind the animosity and backlash.

Rapid Rise to Fame

Lonnie Chavis made his acting debut at age 9 in 2016 when he landed the role of a young Randall Pearson on This Is Us. His emotional performance and strong on-screen presence earned him praise. However, such early fame and success sparked jealously among some.

Perceived Special Treatment

Some believe Lonnie receives special star treatment as a child actor, leading to resentment. However, most child stars have guardians to guide and protect them on set. Nonetheless, the perception exists.

Higher Pay Than Many Adults

As a lead actor on a hit drama, Lonnie likely earns more than many working-age adults. While common for actors, this financial disparity doesn’t sit well with some people.

Personality and Behavior

Lonnie presents a confident and outspoken public persona, wearing stylish clothes and engaging easily with interviewers. This personality rubs some people the wrong way who feel a child should act more humble.

“Adultlike” Interests and Manners

Lonnie’s red carpet interviews and public interactions reveal mature, “adultlike” interests in fashion, activism, and manners. Some people find this overly grown-up behavior pretentious or inappropriate for his age.

Spotlight-Seeking Tendencies

Active on social media and frequently attending Hollywood events, Lonnie ardently embraces the celebrity spotlight. For those already inclined to dislike child stars, this tendency confirms their existing bias.

Friendships with Older Celebs

Lonnie’s publicized friendships with celebrities twice his age like Keith Powers and Logan Browning offer more justification for those skeptical of his fame-seeking motivations.

Online Bullying and Racism

Tragically, child stars like Lonnie often endure cruel bullying, especially racism. As a successful Black actor, hateful comments surrounding his skin color and speech likely fuel more severe and disproportionate backlash.

Platform for Racist Attacks

Lonnie’s fame gives racist online trolls a visible platform to attack a Black child. The public nature invites abusive comments versus holding such deplorable views silently.

Speech Impediment Mocking

Lonnie has a speech impediment which he has bravely spoken about before. Heartbreakingly, cyberbullies mock his impediment across social channels like TikTok and Instagram. This signals a disturbing lack of human decency.

Damage to Self-Image and Esteem

The impacts of racism and personal attacks on a child, especially regarding uncontrollable factors like skin color and disability, can inflict lasting emotional damage to their self-confidence and identity during formative years.

Table 1 summarizes potential reasons behind animosity directed at Lonnie Chavis:

Rapid Rise to FameEarly acting success sparked jealousy/resentment
Perceived Special TreatmentBelief he gets unfair star treatment as a child actor
Higher PayEarns more than many adults with acting role
Confident PersonaComes across as precocious or entitled to some
“Adultlike” Interests/MannersGrown-up interests in fashion, activism, etc. seem inappropriate for age
Spotlight-SeekingActively embraces fame, media attention, red carpet events
Friendships with Older CelebsLarge age gaps in publicized friendships appear fame-seeking
Platform for Racist AttacksFame makes him target for racist online bullying
Speech Impediment MockingCyberbullies mock his disability across social channels

Why Do Fans Adore Lonnie?

Fans recognize Lonnie’s sheer acting talent starting at such a remarkably young age. His emotional depth and captivating screen presence endear him to supportive audiences.

Role Model & Inspiration

Through perseverance and skill, Lonnie achieves groundbreaking acting success as a Black child star. This inspirational success empowers fans to pursue their dreams.

Mature, Intelligent, & Confident

Despite his youth, Lonnie presents himself as mature, eloquent, and self-assured during interviews. Fans appreciate his sharp intelligence and confidence.

Embraces Activism

Lonnie embraces social activism, speaking out against racial injustice. Using his platform for good earns admiration from fans.

Normal Kid Interests

While arguably mature for his age, Lonnie still engages in normal kid activities like learning magic, playing basketball, and spending time with family. Relatability makes him more appealing.

Inspiring Work Ethic

Balancing school, acting, and fame demands incredible dedication. Fans respect Lonnie’s strong work ethic at such a young age.


In closing, Lonnie Chavis faces unjust resentment and criticism from some people due to rapid success, racism, and other factors explored in this article. However, most fans rightfully adore his prodigious acting talent, confident persona, activism, and inspirational achievements as both a child star and role model.

The disgusting bullying Lonnie endures, especially surrounding uncontrollable factors like race and disability, signals an urgent need for greater human compassion. Rather than tear down child stars, we must build them up to reach their full potential while protecting their self-esteem during formative years. Their wellbeing and talent development impacts society’s future.

While fame inevitably invites criticism, directing damaging attacks at a gifted child remains unacceptable. We all benefit by responding to rising young stars like Lonnie Chavis with openness, empathy and support.

Why do some people dislike Lonnie Chavis?

As covered in this article, some potential reasons include:

  • Jealousy over his early acting success and fame starting at age 9
  • Perception he receives unfair star treatment and higher pay than adults
  • Confident persona that can seem precocious or entitled
  • “Adultlike” interests and manners inappropriate for his age
  • Spotlight-seeking behaviors and older celebrity friendships signaling fame-seeking motivations
  • Platform his fame provides for racist bullying and attacks
  • Mocking of his speech impediment across social media

What are some reasons people admire Lonnie Chavis?

As summarized herein, fans admire Lonnie for:

  • His exceptional acting talent and emotional depth
  • Serving as an inspirational role model and achiever
  • Presenting himself as remarkably mature, intelligent and confident for his age
  • Embracing activism and speaking out against racial injustice
  • Relatability as a normal child who enjoys magic, basketball etc.
  • Impressive dedication and work ethic balancing acting with school

Why does racism likely fuel more severe backlash?

As a successful young Black actor, Lonnie earns admiration but also provides a visible platform for racist attackers online. The public nature invites cruel, hateful comments centered on his skin color and speech impediment. This disproportionate bullying stems from deeply concerning racism still requiring addressal in society.

What are potential damages of online attacks?

As described herein, the self-image, confidence and identity of child stars like Lonnie can suffer lasting emotional damage during their formative years from online racism, bullying, and disability mocking. Protecting their wellbeing and healthy development must be society’s priority.


Why did Lonnie’s early success upset some people?

Lonnie’s rapid rise to fame with a starring role at just age 9 stirred resentment and jealousy among some people due to the perception that he achieved major success and stardom too fast. Child actor success tends to garner pushback.

What areas has Lonnie received praise for?

Despite bullying, Lonnie earns significant praise for his obvious acting talent and emotional depth on screen at a very young age. He has also received admiration for presenting himself as an inspirational, mature, intelligent, confident, dedicated, and activist-minded role model.

How does racism play a role in the animosity?

As a young, talented, outspoken Black actor, Lonnie provides a platform for racist online attacks related to his skin color and speech disability. This bullying stems purely from racism which still requires addressing across society to protect child stars.

Why don’t people believe child stars deserve better treatment?

Celebrity child actors face skepticism over perceived special star treatment, higher pay, and fame-seeking tendencies. In reality, appropriate protections, guidance, pay and opportunities enable them to safely achieve their potential while accounting for their age and needs.

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