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Why Do People Hate Riele Downs?

Riele Downs is an American actress and singer who has starred in various Nickelodeon shows and movies. While she has many fans, especially among younger audiences, some people dislike her as well. There can be various reasons for this.

Signature High-Pitched Voice

One of the most common reasons people cite for disliking Riele Downs is her high-pitched voice, which she uses in many of her acting roles.

For example, in the Nickelodeon show “Henry Danger,” where she plays the role of Charlotte, she speaks with a particularly high register. Some viewers find this grating or annoying over time.

Perception She Gets Favorable Treatment

There is also a perception among some people that Riele Downs gets favorable treatment in getting acting roles due to her connection to Nickelodeon and show creator Dan Schneider.

Whether fair or not, this can cause resentment among those who feel other actors/actresses have more talent but get overlooked.

Typecasting in Similar Roles

Another complaint about Downs is that she has been typecast in very similar roles – often as the smart, nerdy girl and BFF character. So while she plays these parts well, some see her range as an actress as limited.

They want to see if she is capable of playing a wider span of characters.

Too Much Focus on Her Looks/Style

Additionally, Riele Downs markets a lot of products – such as clothing, accessories, beauty items etc – to her fanbase. She also does photoshoots and magazine style videos showcasing fashion.

While again smart from a marketing standpoint, some critics feel there is too much emphasis and attention placed on the superficial. They want the focus to remain on her acting and talent.

What TV/Movie Roles is Riele Downs Known For?

Riele Downs has been acting since a young age and has built her career at Nickelodeon. She has starred in a variety of shows and movies for the children’s network. Her most well-known roles include:

Charlotte in Henry Danger

This is the role Riele Downs is primarily known for. She plays Charlotte, the smart best friend of the title character Henry Hart (played by Jace Norman). Downs starred in all 5 seasons and over 100 episodes of the hit live-action superhero comedy.

Her quirky, high-pitched voice as Charlotte is very recognizable for fans of the show.

Role in The Thundermans

Before landing her breakout role on Henry Danger, Downs played a recurring role on another Nick sitcom – The Thundermans. She played Monica Skye, the BFF and bandmate of character Allison (played by Kira Kosarin).

This helped establish Downs’ credence at Nickelodeon as a go-to friend/sidekick type character.

Madison in Tiny Christmas

One of Riele’s movie roles was playing Madison in the 2020 holiday film Tiny Christmas. This was a voice acting role, with Downs voicing the little sister character Madison opposite stars Nina Dobrev and Adam Lamberg.

While a smaller supporting role, it showed Downs’ range extending to voiceover work.

Heather in The Aubrey & Zooey Show

An upcoming project featuring Riele Downs in a starring role is The Aubrey & Zooey Show. She will play Heather, the best friend of titular characters Aubrey (Jade Pettyjohn) and Zooey (Sophia Ham).

The show is taping pilot episodes in early 2023. It provides another opportunity for Downs in a familiar BFF character type.

Riele Downs Been Involved in Any Controversies?

For a teenage actress, Riele Downs has had a relatively controversy-free career thus far into her young career. As a star and role model for Nickelodeon, the children’s network likely keeps close tabs. However, a couple minor incidents have sparked some temporary backlash:

Social Media Post About Stage Parents

In 2021, Downs shared a video on TikTok making lighthearted fun of “stage parents” who push their kids into the industry. Some viewers took offense, feeling she was mocking serious issues like overbearing parents.

Downs quickly deleted the post and apologized. But it sparked some negative attention.

Old Social Media Comments Resurface

The same year, some old comments Downs made on social media resurfaced – specifically related to fitness/diet culture and body types. While likely meant innocuously years ago, the remarks didn’t age well.

For example, saying she could never have certain body features like “thick thighs.” Again, Downs apologized for insensitivity and took accountability.

Riele Downs’ Endorsements and Sponsorships

Like many stars targeting younger demographics, Riele Downs has leveraged her fame into plenty of endorsement deals and sponsorships. A few major partnerships:

BrandProductsYear StartedEstimated Earnings
Fashion NovaClothing line2020$500K to $1M+
ConairHair & beauty tools2021$250K to $500K
Rock Your HairHair products2019$100K to $250K
idl/IDL SydneyJewelry & accessories2018$50K to $100K

The amounts above are rough estimates only based on typical deals for influencers with similar follower counts. But these deals have likely earned Downs no less than $1 million and counting.

And she continues partnering with new brands frequently. So the income from sponsorships continues rising.

Riele Downs’ Other Interests and Hobbies

Beyond acting, Riele Downs has a wide span of interests keeping her active and engaged:


As hinted by starring in The Thundermans band, Riele has a passion for singing. She posts covers of popular songs on YouTube and TikTok. Many fans believe she could have a viable music career if she wanted.


Riele Downs practiced competitive gymnastics for over 10 years. So she maintains incredible agility, flexibility and acrobatics skills. She sometimes shows off via social media, impressing followers.

DIY Crafts

Downs enjoys unleashing her creative side with diverse DIY projects – making custom clothing, jewelry, home goods and more. She sells some of her homemade items under her brand name “rileDIY”.

Combining these interests beyond acting likely makes for a balanced lifestyle. And gives Downs plenty of options later in life is she wants to move in new directions.

What Are People Saying in Riele Downs’ Defense?

Of course Riele Downs has many fans coming to her defense against any criticism. Young viewers, in particular, see her as a role model and relatable figure. Common defenses of Downs from supporters:

She’s Still Growing/Maturing

Many cite Downs’ young age for why people should cut her some slack. She has been in the public eye from a very early age. So she’s still learning/maturing.

As she gets older, Downs will almost certainly evolve in terms of roles she takes on and how she conducts herself.

She’s a Positive Role Model

Especially for those around her age, Riele Downs provides a positive example – staying out of real scandal, advocating good causes etc. She shows that child stars don’t necessarily have to go down negative paths.

She’s Relatable to Teens

Another reason for her appeal is that many teens see pieces of themselves in Downs. They feel she faces the same insecurities, life challenges etc. as average young people her age despite fame.

She’s Talented/Entertaining

Lastly, some feel that whatever faults she has, Downs bottom line delivers as an entertainer. She makes people laugh or captivates them with fun characters. Not easy for someone so young.

So most fans still support Downs unconditionally – even if simply enjoying seeing her grow up before their eyes.

Riele Downs’ Net Worth: How Much is She Worth?

As of early 2023, reputable celebrity net worth estimators peg Riele Downs’ current net worth between $3 million to $4 million. Breaking that down:

  • The vast majority comes from her acting roles, especially 100+ episode run on Henry Danger
  • Lucrative endorsement/sponsorship deals also contribute over $1 million
  • And she earns added income from YouTube ad revenue, merch sales etc.

All impressive for someone so young. And with plenty of big earning years likely still ahead, Downs’ net worth should continue rising steadily.

Reasonable projections estimate her net worth exceeding $10 million by 30. Especially if she transitions well into more mature acting roles.


In summary, while Riele Downs has her share of critics and people who dislike her, she remains a talented, promising young actress with a bright future ahead.

As she transitions into more mature roles, gains life experience, and continues using her platform for good, many rough edges from her early years will smooth out.

Downs has decades of career left if she wants it and seems well-positioned to remain a pop culture fixture. Even those who dislike aspects about her now could come around in the next phase of her fame.

She may never fully shake perceptions like being “over-favored” and typecast. But by diversifying her passions, staying authentic, and focusing most on her own joy, Riele Downs can continue being an iconic role model for generations of youth.

FAQs About Riele Downs

Does Riele Downs sing?

Yes, Riele Downs is also an aspiring singer outside her acting. She shares singing videos of covers and original songs on YouTube and TikTok. Fans believe she has talent worthy of launching a professional music career someday if she wishes.

How old was Riele Downs in Henry Danger?

Riele Downs was 13 years old when she started playing Charlotte on the first season of Henry Danger in 2014. She was nearly 20 by the time the show ended its five season run in 2020.

What’s Riele Downs’ real hair color?

Riele Downs’ natural hair color is blonde. But she began dying it darker as a brunette once she started acting. This was likely to stand out more from common “blonde” stereotypes. She switches between lighter and darker shades.

Where did Riele Downs grow up?

While born in Florida, Riele Downs spent most of her childhood growing up in Atlanta, Georgia. This allowed more opportunities to get into acting and commercials starting at a young age.

Is Riele Downs dating anyone?

As of early 2023, Riele Downs does not appear to be dating anyone seriously or publicly. Understandably, she seems focused on career at this stage of fame. But fans eagerly speculate on possible relationship news.

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