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Why Do People Hate Lucy Hale?

Lucy Hale is an American actress and singer best known for her role as Aria Montgomery on the Freeform series Pretty Little Liars. Despite her success, Hale has faced criticism and backlash from some people over the years. Here is an in-depth look at some of the reasons why certain groups dislike or “hate” Lucy Hale.

Acting Skills and Characters

Some people feel that Lucy Hale is not a very strong actress. They criticize her acting skills and claim her performances lack depth and nuance. Specifically, detractors say:

  • She delivers her lines flatly without much emotion or conviction
  • Her facial expressions are limited and she doesn’t convey complex feelings well
  • Her characters are one-dimensional and lack complexity

For example, some critics pointed out flaws in Hale’s acting during her time on Pretty Little Liars. They noted that she often delivered Aria’s lines in a stilted or monotonous manner.

Dislike of Her Characters’ Actions

Others do not have an issue with Lucy Hale’s acting skills per se. However, they take issue with some of the actions and behaviors of the characters she has portrayed.

For instance, her character Aria on Pretty Little Liars was involved in a forbidden relationship with her high school English teacher, Ezra Fitz. Some viewers considered this inappropriate and found it hard to root for Aria as a result.

There are also those who feel that Hale’s characters, including Aria, exhibit poor judgment at times and serve as poor role models for young viewers.

Public Persona and Interviews

Another complaint about Lucy Hale is that her public persona seems very manufactured or phony. Some feel that she tries too hard to portray a perfect “girl next door” image in interviews and on social media.

For instance, detractors say her responses in interviews come across as very rehearsed and insincere. They see her persona as seeming inauthentic or contrived.

Dissatisfaction with Her Answers to Personal Questions

Relatedly, some take issue with the way Lucy Hale handles personal questions in interviews. They feel she avoids answering anything too substantive about her dating life, friendships, or other personal details.

Critics characterize her responses to personal questions as vague, superficial, and repetitive. They are frustrated by her unwillingness to open up and be candid.

Music Career

As a singer, Lucy Hale has received mixed reviews from music critics. Some feel that while she can carry a tune, her vocal abilities are just mediocre.

Reviewers have described her tone as thin, her range as limited, and her delivery as lacking nuance and sincerity. Her live singing has also been criticized as pitchy and uneven at times.

Poor Performance on Music Charts

In addition to critiques of her singing, Lucy Hale’s music has generally underperformed on the charts. Her debut album, Road Between, had very low sales despite the visibility from her acting career.

Her singles have also failed to break into the top 100 on Billboard’s charts. She has not achieved great musical success to match her TV and film fame.

Privileged Background

There is also a perception among some that Lucy Hale has had an easy path to fame and success. She was born to wealthy parents in Memphis, Tennessee and pursued acting and singing from a young age.

Some believe she has had opportunities handed to her that others work very hard for. There is a sense that she has not “paid her dues” but rather had connections and finances to pad her way.

Lack of Struggle in Her Backstory

Unlike some actors who overcame immense odds, Lucy Hale does not have a “rags to riches” backstory. She grew up comfortably and her family supported her dreams financially.

Some find this lack of struggle makes it harder to relate to her. The charmed nature of her upbringing causes some people to resent her success.

Endorsements and Commercial Work

As a celebrity spokesperson, Lucy Hale has done commercials and endorsements for over a dozen major brands. These include Maybelline, bH Cosmetics, Casetify, and Marks & Spencer.

While lucrative, this volume of endorsements can cause overexposure leading to resentment. People get tired of seeing a celebrity constantly shilling products. Her ubiquity in ads strikes some as excessive.

Alignment with “Fast Fashion” Brands

Additionally, Lucy Hale has taken heat for certain brand partnerships viewed as unethical. For example, she has done collections with PrettyLittleThing, a fast fashion brand criticized for unsustainable manufacturing and labor practices.

Critics feel she prioritizes money over ethics in selecting these partnerships. This has tarnished her image for some consumers.

Relationships and Dating History

Throughout her twenties, Lucy Hale had several high-profile relationships with actors and musicians. She had on-again, off-again romances with Lawson musician David Henrie, Surf Mesa musician Graham Rogers, and Riverdale actor Skeet Ulrich.

Fans grew frustrated by the constant relationship turmoil Hale aired publicly. The messy, back-and-forth nature of these relationships caused her to lose supporters.

Perception That She Uses Men for Fame

Harsher critics have accused Hale of using her relationships as PR ploys to further her career. They argue she dates famous or influential men in the industry to gain more visibility and opportunities.

Some believe she strategically inserts herself in certain circles for fame rather than genuine romantic interest. For these cynics, her love life seems more like career ladder climbing.

Responses to Controversy Have Fallen Flat

Lucy Hale has faced some controversy during her time in the spotlight. Her responses often fail to satisfy her critics. For example:

  • In 2017, she was heavily photoshopped on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine. When asked about it, she gave a flippant response saying she just does what she’s told.
  • In 2020, she posted a photo wearing a face mask with the Confederate flag on it. She deleted it and apologized after backlash accused her of being racist and ignorant.
  • In 2022 she made a TikTok joke about coming out that angered LGBTQ fans. She apologized but some felt her response was insufficient.

Many felt her apologies were scripted by publicists and she failed to take full accountability. Her tone and responses tend to worsen rather than smooth over controversies.

Lack of Vocal Advocacy on Issues

With a massive social media platform and public profile, critics argue Lucy Hale could do much more to support important causes.

Besides the occasional PSAs, she has avoided speaking out on major social, political, or cultural issues. Other celebrities with comparable fame have used their voice to advocate change on matters like racial justice, LGBTQ rights, climate change etc.

Detractors feel Hale wastes an opportunity to influence people for good. Her silence comes across as compliance or cowardice on big issues impacting society.

Perceived Lack of Substance and Intelligence

Connected to this, some believe Lucy Hale lacks political, social, or intellectual substance beyond acting and singing. She does not cultivate a “thinking person” image through her interviews or social media presence.

Unlike celebs known for their wit or wisdom, Hale seems to shy away from weightier topics. Her avoidance of commentary on substantive issues leads some to see her as shallow or unintelligent.

Target Demographic Can Be Polarizing

The primary target demographic for much of Lucy Hale’s acting and music work has been teen and tween girls. With Pretty Little Liars especially, she cultivated a strong following among young female fans.

While this has been the foundation of her fame, it also opens her up to criticism. Some dismiss her as just a “teen idol” without real talent. Others feel she promotes problematic body image and relationship standards to impressionable girls.

Perception That Her Fans Are Obsessive or Toxic

Some arguing Lucy Hale’s fanbase exhibits toxic behavior at times. They say her young fans obsessively idolize her in an unhealthy way. There are also instances of fans bullying others who express negative opinions about Hale.

This fanaticism causes pushback. People feel the refusal to accept any critique of Hale is immature and silly. Some simply find the over-the-top adulation by her young female fans annoying.

Wealth and Privilege Distance Her from Fans

On social media, Lucy Hale sometimes showcases her affluent lifestyle. Critics say she flaunts luxury vacations, clothing/jewelry hauls, and access to elite events or spaces.

While not deliberately malicious, this contributes to a perception that Hale is out-of-touch or privileged. Her glamorous displays strike some fans as boastful or tone deaf.

Lack of Engagement Can Signal Disregard for Fans

Aside from promotional purposes, critics say Lucy Hale does not interact enough with fans on social media. She does not respond to many comments, make sincere connections, or participate in fan Q&As very often.

This creates a feeling that she does not appreciate or respect her supporters. Despite vaulting her to fame, some think Hale takes her fans for granted rather than engaging meaningfully.


In summary, Lucy Hale faces a variety of criticism, both reasonable and unreasonable, stemming from several aspects of her career and public image. Her acting skills, music abilities, relationship history, social media presence, and more have all come under fire from certain groups.

While no celebrity can please everyone, Hale’s privileged upbringing, limited advocacy, and ham-handed PR missteps have exacerbated backlash at times. However, she maintains a loyal fanbase who connect with her through roles like Aria Montgomery. Only time will tell how Hale navigates future controversies and criticisms.

Despite some valid critiques, much of the vitriol also stems from our culture of celebrity worship, misogyny, and cancel culture. Perhaps the reality lies somewhere in the middle – Hale is neither an irredeemable villain nor a flawless idol. In the end, nuanced discourse rather than total condemnation or defense is the healthiest approach for admirers and critics alike.

FAQs About Lucy Hale Criticism

Why do people say Lucy Hale is a bad actress?

Some critics argue Lucy Hale delivers her lines flatly, lacks emotional range, and portrays characters simplistically. They feel she does not fully commit to or immerse herself in roles.

What music has Lucy Hale released?

Lucy Hale has released two studio albums – Road Between (2014) and Hailey (2020). She has also released several EPs and singles, including “You Sound Good To Me,” “Lie A Little,” and “Bitter Part.”

What products has Lucy Hale done endorsements for?

Lucy Hale has been a brand spokesperson or collaborator with companies like Casetify, Pretty Little Thing, Degree, bH Cosmetics, Marks & Spencer, Vitamin Water, and Crabtree & Evelyn.

Who are some famous men Lucy Hale has dated?

Lucy Hale has been romantically linked to actors Graham Rogers, Skeet Ulrich, and Riley Smith, musicians Anthony Kalabretta, Joel Crouse, and David Henrie, and reality star Colton Underwood.

Did Lucy Hale apologize for her Confederate flag mask?

Yes, after posting a photo in 2020 wearing a face mask featuring a Confederate flag, Lucy Hale deleted the image. She later posted an apology stating she did not realize the harmful implications of the symbol.

Why do people consider Lucy Hale’s upbringing privileged?

Lucy Hale grew up in a wealthy family in Memphis, Tennessee. Her parents were able to support her financially as she pursued acting and singing from a young age. She did not have to overcome poverty, hardship, or lack of resources.

What causes do critics want Lucy Hale to support?

Critics feel Lucy Hale should use her platform to advocate for social justice, racial equity, LGBTQ rights, climate change action, public health, and other important issues. They want her to be more vocal on matters impacting society.

What was the reaction to Lucy Hale’s TikTok “coming out” video?

In 2022, Lucy Hale posted a TikTok video with the caption “I guess I’m more similar to Miley Cyrus than I thought” insinuating she was coming out. Many fans felt this trivialized a serious milestone for LGBTQ people. Hale later apologized.

Why do people think Lucy Hale’s fanbase is problematic?

Some argue her young female fans exhibit obsessive, toxic behavior including attacking any critics and refusing to accept anything negative about their idol. They say this irrational protectiveness hinders reasonable discussion.

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