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Why Do People Hate Archie Yates?

Archie Yates is a young British actor who rose to fame for his breakout role as Yorki in the 2019 film Jojo Rabbit. At just 10 years old, Yates gave an acclaimed performance as Jojo’s sweet and loyal friend, earning him critical praise and a nomination for Best Young Actor at the Critics Choice Awards.

Yates was born in 2009 in London. He had no prior acting experience before landing his role in Jojo Rabbit after responding to an open casting call. Director Taika Waititi has said he instantly knew Yates was right for the part as soon as he auditioned.

Since Jojo Rabbit, Yates has gone on to act in smaller films like The Song of Names and Voyagers. He is set to voice the lead character in the upcoming animated fantasy film The Magician’s Elephant.

Why Do Some People Dislike Archie Yates?

While Archie Yates has garnered a lot of fans for his acting talents at a young age, he has also faced some backlash and dislike online for a few different reasons:

Claims of Nepotism

Some people accuse Archie Yates of benefiting from nepotism in the industry due to his family connections. His mother, Emma Yates, is a producer who has worked on films like The King’s Speech and Locke. His father, Matthew Yates, is a camera operator.

Detractors claim that Yates was only able to get his breakout role in Jojo Rabbit because of his parents’ Hollywood connections rather than his own merit as an actor.

Perceived Overexposure

After his success in Jojo Rabbit, some started to feel that Yates was being overexposed in the media and getting too many major acting roles too young. His high-profile lead role in the upcoming The Magician’s Elephant has drawn particular criticism from those who feel a less established child actor should have been given the opportunity instead.

Quality of Performances

While Yates has received praise for his debut in Jojo Rabbit, some critics argue that he has been too overhyped and has yet to prove his acting abilities in more demanding roles. His performances since Jojo Rabbit have been deemed weaker by some who feel he lacks emotional depth and range.

Personality and Likeability

Some viewers simply find Yates’ personality unlikeable or irritating in interviews and talk show appearances. As a young child actor, he can come across as precocious or entitled to some. This may generate a dislike toward him that is not specifically related to his acting.

What Are People Saying About Archie Yates on Social Media?

Archie Yates has faced a mix of positive support and harsh criticism on social media platforms like Twitter. Here are some examples of what people have been saying:

  • “This kid can’t act to save his life. No idea why Hollywood is giving him lead roles.”
  • “Nepotism strikes again. This average kid is only getting jobs because of mommy and daddy.”
  • “Sorry but Archie Yates was very miscast for The Magician’s Elephant. Hollywood needs to stop overhyping every kid with connections.”
  • “Can Archie Yates go away now? He’s so annoying and smug in interviews.”
  • “Archie Yates is a terrific young talent! Loved him in Jojo Rabbit. Excited to see what he does next.”
  • “People attacking a child actor like Archie Yates online seriously need to re-evaluate their life choices…”
  • “The amount of vitriol aimed at a kid like Archie Yates from grown adults is really sad to see. Let him be.”

How Has Archie Yates Responded to His Critics and Detractors?

Thus far, Archie Yates himself has not made any public statements addressing the backlash against him directly. As a young child, he has largely stayed away from engaging with criticism on social media.

In interviews, when asked about how he handles negativity or gossip, Yates has emphasized focusing on positivity:

“I don’t really care about any mean comments. I just care about all the nice people out there.”

He has also mentioned trying not to overthink critiques of his performances:

“If someone doesn’t like something I did, I don’t take it too seriously. I try my best, and that’s what matters.”

Rather than direct confrontation, Yates seems to be facing his critics indirectly by continuing to book major acting jobs and delivering performances to the best of his abilities. Time will tell if he’s able to overcome the “nepotism kid” label and sway some of his doubters.

Do Claims of Nepotism Against Archie Yates Have Merit?

Accusations of nepotism surround many young actors with industry parents, and Archie Yates is no exception. But do these claims have real substance in Yates’ case?

The Argument That Nepotism Played a Role

  • Yates had no previous acting experience before booking a lead role in a major studio film. This is extremely rare for an unknown child actor, giving credence to the idea that connections helped him bypass traditional paths.
  • As the son of a producer and cameraman, Yates undoubtedly had valuable access to insider knowledge about auditioning and the business. Other aspiring child actors don’t have this benefit.
  • Jojo Rabbit director Taika Waititi was already friends with Yates’ parents before casting him. Their relationship likely gave Yates a built-in advantage.
  • Yates was cast through an open call rather than a formal audition process using agents. This is irregular for such a big role.

The Case Against Nepotism Being a Deciding Factor

  • Nepotism may have gotten Yates in the door, but he won the role through his own audition skills. Waititi has emphasized Yates’ natural talent.
  • Yates still beat out many other children, including professionals, during the audition process. Networking alone doesn’t guarantee success.
  • Yates’ acclaimed performance indicates he was the right choice on merit. If he was miscast due to nepotism, it would have likely shown on screen.
  • While Yates’ parents work in the industry, they are not A-list power players who could force roles for their child.
  • Yates continues auditioning and working to earn jobs rather than resting on his connections.

Overall, it seems fair to say that while Archie Yates’ family ties likely provided some initial advantages and opportunities not available to all aspiring child actors, his breakout role was ultimately won based on his abilities. Nepotism alone does not account for his success. Going forward, he will likely need to continue proving himself to avoid being dismissed as merely a “nepotism kid.”

Is Archie Yates Being Overexposed Too Soon?

Another common criticism leveled at the young actor is that he has been receiving too many major starring roles too quickly at such a young age. Is Archie Yates at risk of being overexposed? There are good arguments on both sides:

The Case That Archie Yates is Overexposed

  • Landing lead roles in big films like The Magician’s Elephant immediately after his debut is very rare for a new child actor.
  • Taking top billing so young prevents Yates from honing his craft and learning the business at a more gradual pace.
  • Constant industry hype and attention could negatively impact his development as an actor and personality.
  • Starring roles could be going to more experienced child actors who have spent years working their way up.
  • If his exposure continues at this pace, there is a risk of audience fatigue and backlash.

The Argument That His Exposure Has Been Reasonable

  • Jojo Rabbit was a breakthrough displaying Yates’ natural talent that justified the opportunities coming his way.
  • His parents and management team likely are preventing him from taking on too much too soon.
  • Leading smaller films lets Yates gain experience while avoiding the risks of major blockbuster pressure.
  • His steady work pace of 2-3 projects per year is manageable for a young actor.
  • Yates has continued voice and acting training to develop his abilities alongside filming.
  • Lack of oversaturation so far indicates his team is regulating his exposure thoughtfully.

In the end, while it’s wise to proceed with caution, Archie Yates does not yet appear to be dangerously overexposed. As long as he focuses on improving his craft and selects roles carefully, the current trajectory of his career seems reasonable for a gifted young actor. Maintaining a balanced childhood will also be crucial.

How Does Archie Yates’ Acting Range and Abilities Measure Up?

Archie Yates earned acclaim for his debut performance in Jojo Rabbit. But questions linger around his acting skills and range outside of that breakout role.

Positive Assessments of Archie Yates’ Acting

  • Conveyed humor, emotional depth and strong character development as Yorki despite no prior acting experience.
  • Maintained credible chemistry with Roman Griffin Davis that brought the Jojo/Yorki friendship to life.
  • Excellent comedic timing and deadpan delivery that seemed natural.


In the few short years since his acting debut, Archie Yates has become a polarizing figure, garnering both ardent fans and vocal critics. While he undoubtedly benefited early on from industry nepotism thanks to his producer and cameraman parents, Yates has proven he has real talent that can’t be attributed to connections alone.

However, as a young actor still honing his craft, he has yet to demonstrate the full range of his abilities.

Yates is in the challenging position of navigating a meteoric rise to fame as a child while facing online backlash. It remains to be seen if he will live up to the hype and develop into a truly great actor.

As he takes on more complex roles, his performances will speak for themselves regardless of his early perceived advantages. For now, Yates appears to be avoiding industry overexposure under the guidance of his team.

How Archie Yates manages this crucial period in his career and growth as a performer and person will determine if he becomes a long-term star or fades into a footnote of child celebrity.

If he continues grounded, hard-working and able to tune out detractors, Yates has the potential to grow into a respected adult actor. But it’s a difficult path as a young artist in the public eye.

FAQs About Archie Yates Backlash

Did Archie Yates’ parents help him get the role in Jojo Rabbit?

It’s likely that Yates’ producer mother Emma Yates and cameraman father Matthew Yates gave him helpful industry access and audition preparation. But Yates still had to earn the role through his own skills at the open call.

Is Archie Yates a bad actor?

Opinions are mixed, but Yates has proven acting talent, especially for comedy. He still needs more experience to showcase his full range.

Why do people think Archie Yates is annoying?

Some find his personality irritating or entitled in interviews as a young child actor. But much of this is subjective personal opinion.

Is Archie Yates in danger of overexposure?

While it’s wise to be cautious, Yates has not taken on too much too soon. As long as he focuses on developing his craft, his exposure level has been reasonable so far.

How can Archie Yates prove himself as more than just a “nepotism kid”?

By continuing to hone his acting skills in more challenging roles, avoid overexposure, and show a strong work ethic regardless of his advantages. Genuine talent and professionalism will shine through.

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