Archie Yates

Why Do People Love Archie Yates?

Archie Yates is a young British actor who rose to fame for his breakthrough role as Yorki in the 2019 film Jojo Rabbit.

Despite his young age, Archie has already developed a loyal fanbase who adore him for his talent, charm, and wholesome personality. Here’s an in-depth look at why people love Archie Yates so much.

What Makes Archie Yates Such a Talented Young Actor?

Archie displays maturity and depth in his acting that is rare for someone his age. Here are some of the things that make him stand out as a talented young actor:

Expressive Acting Style

  • Archie has an extremely expressive style of acting that allows him to vividly convey emotions and personality through his facial expressions, body language, and line delivery.
  • He adeptly uses subtle gestures and reactions to add layers of meaning to his scenes. For example, his skeptical looks and shy smiles as Yorki perfectly encapsulated the character’s cautious curiosity.
  • Archie also has a great sense of comedic timing. His hilarious deadpan reactions and line reads brought levity to Jojo Rabbit’s heavier moments.

Ability to Hold His Own with Veteran Actors

  • Jojo Rabbit featured acclaimed acting talents like Scarlett Johansson, Sam Rockwell, and Rebel Wilson.
  • Despite his inexperience, Archie did not look out of place sharing scenes with these veterans. He was able to match their energy and remain engaging.
  • This demonstrates Archie’s natural on-screen presence and underlying acting chops. Many child actors would be overwhelmed in these situations.

Unexpected Emotional Depth

  • Archie brings surprising emotional depth and vulnerability to his roles for such a young performer.
  • As Yorki, he poignantly conveyed the pain of losing a parent during war through his body language, facial reactions, and line delivery.
  • Moments like Yorki crying and lashing out at Jojo demonstrated Archie’s ability to tap into grief and inner turmoil.
  • This depth and range points to great dramatic potential as Archie matures as an actor.

What Makes Archie So Charming and Endearing?

Beyond his acting talent, Archie Yates has an intrinsically charming and wholesome persona that makes him so beloved. Here are some of the qualities that make him so endearing:

Adorable Shyness and Modesty

  • Archie is remarkably humble and down-to-earth in interviews, often seeming shy and self-deprecating. This makes him even more lovable.
  • Despite his success, he does not have an inflated ego. He seems genuinely surprised and grateful for the attention he receives.
  • Archie comes across as very sincere, polite, and appreciative when speaking about his experience and interacting with fans.

Fun-Loving Goofy Side

  • Archie shows off his playful, goofy kid side frequently. His enthusiastic personality shines through.
  • He delights in making funny faces, doing impressions, and telling rambling stories in interviews.
  • Archie clearly doesn’t take himself too seriously. Fans find his unfiltered, silly antics hilarious and endearing.

Thoughtful, Intelligent Nature

  • Archie is also remarkably thoughtful and introspective for his age, showcasing a wisdom beyond his years.
  • He provides insightful commentary on his creative process and what inspires him as an actor.
  • Fans are impressed by his intelligence and moved by his profound perspectives on life. Archie has an “old soul” quality that makes him special.

Clear Passion for Acting

  • Above all, Archie simply radiates passion and joy for acting. It’s evident in his exuberant expressions and lively manner.
  • His excitement over every part of the filmmaking process is contagious. Fans admire his obvious love for his craft.
  • He represents the thrill of discovery that comes with doing what you love at a young age. His vibrant energy is a big part of his appeal.

Memorable Archie Yates Moments That Won Over Audiences

Archie may just be starting out as an actor, but he’s already gifted audiences with several indelible acting moments that display his talents. Here are some of his most memorable scenes and quotes so far:

Yorki’s First Meeting with Jojo

This scene showcased Archie’s ability to balance humor and heart. Yorki’s shy but silly introduction to Jojo demonstrated his expressive acting and endearing presence. Fans were instantly charmed.

Yorki: “I’ve heard a lot about you…I don’t know whether to punch you or kiss you.”

Yorki’s Grief and Anger at Losing his Dad

Archie stunned audiences with the emotional depth he brought to Yorki’s breakdown over his father’s death. His raw grief and rage were powerful and heartbreaking to witness.

Yorki: sobbing “It’s not fair! I want my daddy back!”

Yorki’s Whispered Words of Comfort to Jojo

This tender moment showed Archie’s ability to convey heartwarming subtlety. Yorki telling Jojo “It’s okay” after Jojo cried was simple yet moving.

Every Yorki and Jojo Scenic Interaction

Archie’s natural rapport and chemistry with Roman Griffin Davis made their friendship completely convincing and fun to watch.

Archie’s Interview Stories and Impressions

Fans have fallen in love with Archie’s charming real-life personality through his delightful interviews. His James Corden impression and rambling acting process stories kill in any talk show format.

BAFTAs Speech and Reactions

Archie’s shock and gratitude at winning a BAFTA award encapsulated his humility and passion. His heartfelt speech was touching for highlighting his acting inspirations.

Why Do Critics Adore Archie Yates?

Professional critics were just as enamored with Archie Yates’ performance in Jojo Rabbit as general audiences. Here is some of the critical praise and positive reviews he received:

  • Peter Debruge of Variety said Archie gave “arguably the most compelling performance in the film”
  • Leah Greenblatt of Entertainment Weekly described him as a “revelatory newcomer”
  • David Edelstein of Vulture called him “ Extraordinary. A find.”
  • Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter raved “Archie Yates steals every scene he’s in”
  • Guy Lodge of The Guardian praised his “innate sensitivity and nuance”
  • Kate Erbland of IndieWire lauded his “CHR-level charm and dexterity”
  • Jenelle Riley of Variety highlighted his “astonishing abilities” and depth

Critics were blown away by Archie’s acting maturity, emotional range, endearing personality, and undeniable on-screen charisma. They singled out his performance as one of the best parts of Jojo Rabbit and agreed he has a bright future ahead.

How Did Archie Yates Get Discovered and Cast in Jojo Rabbit?

Archie Yates was a total unknown when he landed the coveted role of Yorki in Jojo Rabbit. So how did this newcomer beat out over 1000 other boys for the part? Here’s a look at how he got discovered:

  • Casting director Des Hamilton saw Archie’s school play at Harrodian School in London and was impressed by his stage presence and acting skills.
  • Hamilton tracked down Archie’s parents and asked if Archie would audition for the role of Yorki. At first, they thought it might be a scam!
  • Archie did a self-tape audition from home and sent it to the casting team. His natural charisma and different portrayal of the character blew them away.
  • Writer/director Taika Waititi was so amazed by Archie’s audition tape that he flew to London just to meet him in person and do a live audition. It was immediately clear Archie had something special.
  • Waititi determined on the spot that Archie should play Yorki and notified him only 10 minutes after the audition. Archie and his family were elated and in shock at how quickly it happened.

Archie’s talent and one-of-a-kind charm evident even from a simple taped audition led to his rapid discovery and casting. His life changed virtually overnight, all thanks to one observant casting director who saw star potential.

What Inspires Archie Yates as an Actor?

As a dedicated young actor on the rise, Archie Yates absorbs inspiration from the talented performers he admires. Here are some of Archie’s biggest acting inspirations that have shaped his approach:

Daniel Radcliffe in the Harry Potter Films

  • Archie grew up watching Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter and was amazed by how Radcliffe matured as an actor throughout the series.
  • Radcliffe’s journey from inexperienced child star to nuanced actor demonstrated to Archie that he could also grow and improve his craft with time.

Tom Hanks’ Versatility

  • Archie looks up to legendary actor Tom Hanks and is blown away by his ability to play diverse roles across genres.
  • Hanks’ skill at pivoting from comedies to dramas


Archie Yates may just be at the start of his acting career, but he has already made an indelible mark through his breakout performance in Jojo Rabbit. Beyond his undeniable talent and charisma on screen, Archie wins over audiences with his humility, thoughtfulness, passion, and humor off screen.

He exhibits a rare maturity and depth for his age that points to a promising future. If Archie’s touching turn as Yorki is any indication, we can expect incredible things from him as he continues developing his craft.

Audiences eagerly anticipate Archie’s next project, knowing they will be delighted by whatever charming, heartfelt, and funny performance he delivers. It’s clear this is only the beginning for Archie Yates as he follows his cinematic dreams and gifts us with many more memorable roles. We’ll be rooting for him every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions about Archie Yates

What else has Archie Yates been in besides Jojo Rabbit?

So far, Jojo Rabbit is Archie Yates’ only major on-screen role. However, he previously had small roles in some short films like Cuckoo and Play. Archie will appear in the upcoming Wonka origin film prequel starring Timothee Chalamet.

How old was Archie during filming of Jojo Rabbit?

Archie Yates was 10 years old during the filming of Jojo Rabbit in 2018. His young age and lack of prior acting experience made his acclaimed performance even more impressive.

Where is Archie Yates from?

Archie Yates was born in London, England in 2009. He had a normal school life before being cast in Jojo Rabbit. Archie still lives in London with his family when he’s not working on projects.

What will Archie do next after Jojo Rabbit?

Archie has a lead role coming up in Wonka, where he will play a young Willy Wonka. He also expressed interest in comedy and says he would love to be in a Wes Anderson film someday. Fans hope Archie will take on a diverse range of roles as his career progresses.

Is Archie on social media?

Archie does not currently have public individual social media accounts of his own. He sometimes makes appearances on the Jojo Rabbit movie’s official Instagram account being managed by Fox Searchlight Studios. Archie focuses most of his energy on acting rather than cultivating an online presence.

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