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Why Do People Hate Millie Bobby Brown?

Millie Bobby Brown rose to fame as a child actor starring as Eleven in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. While still a teenager, she has developed a massive global fanbase and has been nominated for multiple awards for her acclaimed performances.

However, Brown has also faced intense public scrutiny and online backlash during her young career. Some key reasons why the actress has haters include:

Jealousy Over Her Early Success and Fame

Millie Bobby Brown was born in Spain in 2004. Her family moved to Orlando, Florida soon after, where she began taking acting classes and securing small roles.

In 2016, at just 12 years old, she was cast as Eleven in Stranger Things after a taped audition. The show became a massive hit and turned Brown into a globally recognized child star seemingly overnight.

Public Resentment of Her Privileged Upbringing

While many child actors come from average backgrounds, Brown grew up in a well-off family. Her parents were able to afford acting classes and agency representation, helping pave the way for her success. This privileged upbringing has led some people to resent Brown’s fame and fortune at such a young age.

Fame at a Young Age Draws Jealousy and Criticism

Millie Bobby Brown’s meteoric rise to fame while still a child or teenager strikes some as unfair or undeserved. The level of stardom she has achieved by her mid-teens surpasses what most achieve in a lifetime. This has fostered jealous attitudes from both the public and even some fellow actors.

Claims of Arrogance and Diva Behavior

As Brown has become uber-famous, some believe she has developed an arrogant or entitled attitude. There have been claims she acts superior to her co-stars, her fans, and staff on sets. Whether true or not, this perception of diva-like behavior has rubbed many the wrong way.

Backlash Against Her Outspoken Nature

Millie Bobby Brown has been outspoken on social causes like bullying and tackling stigmas around menstruation. She has publicly called out media outlets for sexism and objected to homophobic memes. While many applaud this, her forthrightness has also garnered criticism from some who expect girls her age to be more demure.

Accusations of Pretentiousness

Between her glamorous public appearances and unfiltered hot takes, some accuse Brown of coming off as pretentious or phony. They contrast her highly public persona with the gritty, troubled character Eleven she plays on screen. However, this perception may say more about her critics than Brown herself.

YearMillie’s AgeMajor Career Milestones
20117 years oldBegins taking acting lessons and going to auditions
20128 years oldAppears in NCIS, Modern Family, and Grey’s Anatomy
201612 years oldCast as Eleven in Stranger Things
201713 years oldNominated for Emmy Award for Stranger Things
201915 years oldNamed UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador
202218 years oldStars in Enola Holmes 2

Controversies and Public Missteps

Like many celebrities, Brown uses her platform to promote social causes and nonprofits. However, she’s faced allegations of “performative activism” – caring more about publicity than enacting real change. The sincerity of her advocacy has come under scrutiny.

Product Endorsement Backlash

Brown has also gotten backlash for some of the products she has endorsed or collaborated on. For instance, her role as abrand ambassador for Moncler’s luxury line drew outrage over sustainability issues in fast fashion.

Relationship Scrutiny

As a young female starlet, Brown’s relationships are heavily scrutinized in the media and online gossip forums. Her apparent closeness with older men like her Stranger Things co-star Drake has raised eyebrows. Some accuse her of inappropriate behavior.

Is the Millie Bobby Brown Hate Overblown?

Despite the myriad of reasons Brown has detractors, the sheer volume and intensity of the criticism she faces online seems disproportionate. A moral panic around successful young women in entertainment is nothing new. And much of the hate stems from sexism, jealousy, and impossible standards placed on girls.

While fair critiques of Brown can be made, she has accomplished extraordinary things as a teenager under intense pressure. The non-stop hate parade from all corners of the internet is arguably undeserved. At the end of the day, she is still just a kid.


In conclusion, Millie Bobby Brown’s massively successful early career has also brought waves of unreasonable criticism and harassment. Public scrutiny of her conduct, activism, relationships, and more have fostered a culture of excessively hateful memes and comments.

However, when considering the vitriol Brown faces through the lens of sexism, jealousy, and the impossibly high standards set for teenage starlets, much of the criticism seems overblown. While she may deserve some fair critiques, subjecting a young actress to endless cruel attacks online is inappropriate and unwarranted.

At just eighteen years old, Brown should have room to learn and grow without constant character assassination. With time, she will hopefully gain the tools and wisdom to navigate fame more deftly and avoid feeding into negative narratives – if only the public can offer her some grace.

While Brown is far from perfect, the non-stop hate parade seems rooted in regressive double standards around young women more than any real misconduct.

Frequently Asked Questions About Millie Bobby Brown Backlash

Why do people say mean things about Millie Bobby Brown on the internet?

Many factors lead to online hate towards Millie Bobby Brown, including jealousy over her young success, controversy over relationships and endorsements, and perceived arrogance. As a famous teenage girl, she also faces sexist double standards.

What are some specific controversies Millie Bobby Brown has faced?

Critiques of Brown include accusations of pretentiousness, performative activism, inappropriate ties to older men, and endorsement deals with controversial companies. Her outspoken nature and privileged upbringing have also garnered backlash.

Is the criticism against Millie Bobby Brown fair?

While some critiques may have validity, the overwhelming level of spite Brown faces online seems disproportionate. Much of the hate stems from impossible standards set for young female stars. As a teenager, the intense scrutiny seems unfair.

How does Millie Bobby Brown respond to online hate?

Brown periodically addresses the harassment, arguing famous kids deserve privacy. But she mostly ignores or muted the noise, focusing on her work and social causes instead. She refuses to be defined by the unfair attacks.

Should Millie Bobby Brown be more careful about her public image?

Arguably, yes – more caution could help avoid some controversies. But she is still a kid navigating unprecedented fame. She should have room to make mistakes without facing such vicious attacks. More public grace toward Brown would be appropriate.

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