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Why Do People Love Nicolas Cantu?

Nicolas Cantu is a young American actor who has rapidly grown in popularity over the past few years. He is best known for his roles as Elton on “The Walking Dead”, Mitch on “100 Things to Do Before High School”, and Gus on “Alexa & Katie”. But what is it exactly that makes Cantu so beloved by fans?

Humble Beginnings

Nicolas Cantu was born in Arizona in 2005. From a young age, he enjoyed making home videos and putting on performances for his family members. However, unlike many child stars, Cantu did not grow up in the Hollywood system. He began acting in local theater productions and slowly working his way up in the industry.

This humble start seems to resonate with fans who love that Cantu is so down-to-earth and genuine.

Early Local Theater Productions

Cantu’s first real acting credit was in a local theater production of James and the Giant Peach in 2013 when he was just 8 years old. He followed that up the next year playing Chip in a regional production of Beauty and the Beast.

While these were small roles, it gave the young Cantu valuable experience on the stage at a young age. Many fans find it inspiring that he worked his way up from community theater.

Booking Smaller Acting Gigs

After gaining stage experience, Cantu began booking some minor film and television roles. In 2015, he appeared in an episode each of “The Haunted Hathaways” and “Chasing Life”.

The next year, he got another one-episode guest appearance in the Netflix show “Girlboss”. These starter gigs set him on his path to bigger roles down the line.

Breakout Role on “100 Things to Do Before High School”

Cantu’s big break came in 2016 when he landed the major role of Mitch on the Nickelodeon show “100 Things to Do Before High School”. This was his first ongoing TV role that introduced him to a wider national audience.

Personality Resonated with Young Viewers

On the show, Cantu played the character of Mitch – who was written as an outgoing, adventurous, and ambitious young teenager. Cantu’s personality shone through the role making him very popular with Nickelodeon’s core audience.

This was one of the first times the public got to see glimpses of Cantu’s humor and charisma on full display.

Lasting Popularity of Sitcom Role

Even though “100 Things to Do Before High School” ended in 2019, Cantu maintains enduring popularity from the show to this day.

The sitcom was beloved by a generation of young viewers – many of whom have grown up alongside Cantu and followed his career ever since. It cemented his status as a teen heartthrob.

Scene-Stealing Role on “The Walking Dead”

Cantu achieved even greater fame when he joined the cast of AMC’s megahit “The Walking Dead” in 2018. As the character Elton, Cantu left a huge impression despite limited screen time.

Funny and Fearless Performance

Elton was introduced in Season 9 as a resident of the apocalyptic settlement known as the Kingdom. Even in the dire world of “The Walking Dead”, Elton’s personality shone through as funny and fearless.

Cantu’s performance was a breath of fresh air that energized the long-running series. With humor and heart, he made Elton extremely memorable.

Hope for the Future


Type of CharacterDescription
ComedicBrought levity to dark situations
RelatablePortrayed realistic child reactions
OptimisticRepresented hope for future generations

In the bleak context of a zombie-ravaged world, Elton embodied hope for carrying on traditions and rebuilding society. He connected with Carl’s legacy on the show of protecting childhood innocence.

Cantu struck an emotional chord despite limited screen time. Many viewers related to Elton and became invested in his future.

Star Turn in “Alexa & Katie”

In the Netflix multi-cam sitcom “Alexa & Katie”, Cantu shone as one of two male leads – the character Gus. As the on-again, off-again boyfriend of Alexa, Cantu got to portray a three-dimensional teenager dealing with relationships and growing up.

Funny, Adorkable Persona

As Gus, Cantu channels a often comically awkward but very earnest persona. Gus always tries his very best – even if his grand romantic gestures don’t always work out how he imagined.

Cantu makes Gus extremely endearing by balancing humor and heartfelt emotion. His charisma jumps off the screen.

Award Recognition

In 2019, Cantu won a Young Artist Award for “Best Performance in a Digital TV Series” for his portrayal of Gus in the second season of “Alexa & Katie”.

This cemented Cantu’s acting ability and popularity. Being recognized with a prestigious industry award at just 14 solidified him as a young talent on the rise.

Unique and Relatable Perspective

A key part of Nicolas Cantu’s appeal is that he offers a unique perspective rarely seen in Hollywood. He often plays characters several years younger than himself.

Cantu utilizes his younger appearance to channel realistic and relatable adolescent characters.

Characters Feel Authentic

When Cantu plays pre-teens such as Elton or Gus, he taps into recent memories of being that age. This lends an air of authenticity and sympathy to his performances that audiences respond to.

Other actors in adolescent roles often feel inauthentic – too mature or too naive. But Cantu strikes the perfect balance.

Old Soul Sensibility

In interviews and videos, Nicolas Cantu comes across extremely mature and articulate for his age. He seems wise beyond his years while still retaining boyish enthusiasm and humor.

Fans gravitate towards this “old soul” personality. Cantu has both the precociousness to play younger but also the grounded sensibility of someone older.

Social Media Presence

A major component of Nicolas Cantu’s fame is his visibility on social media platforms. He engages widely with fans online across channels like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube.

Connecting Directly With Fans

Unlike many young stars who restrict access, Cantu enthusiastically connects with supporters through liked comments, Twitter replies, Instagram Q&As and even launching his own Discord server.

Fans feel like they have a direct relationship with their favorite rising actor. This genuineness fosters loyalty.

Funny and Talented Videos

Cantu frequently posts entertaining videos of himself on TikTok and YouTube doing comedy sketches, parodies, dancing, impressions and more.

By highlighting his humor and talents, these videos give fans even more reasons to love Nicolas Cantu’s magnetic persona.

Promising Up-and-Comer With Growing Filmography

While already possessing an impressive resume, Nicolas Cantu also generates buzz as a promising young talent on the rise. Despite already achieving fame, his acting journey feels like it’s just beginning.

Diverse Range of New Projects

In 2021 alone, Cantu starred in the sci-fi film “Voyagers”, animated DC films “Batman: The Long Halloween” Parts 1 and 2, and several other independent movie projects.

Rather than getting typecast, Cantu intentionally varies his roles to keep expanding his range. Audiences are excited to see how he’ll continue growing.

Long-Term Potential

Filmmakers already trust Cantu with responsibility beyond his years. He often gets cast as co-lead roles or vital supporting characters that drive central plots.

All signs point towards Cantu transitioning smoothly into more adult roles when the time comes. His talent combined with likable personality gives him longevity rarely seen with many child stars.

Promotion of Positive Values

Lastly, much of Nicolas Cantu’s universal appeal lies in the positive values he promotes on and off-screen. He utilizes his fame to be a genuine role model.

Advocating For Nobility

Rather than tabloid drama or controversy, Cantu garners attention for his moral character and principled stances. His real-life actions reinforce the nobility of characters he portrays on screen.

In a media landscape filled with bad influences, Cantu cuts through as profoundly positive.

Embodiment of Youthful Spirit

As an old soul himself, Nicolas Cantu cherishes the innocence of childhood. He intentionally selects roles representing untarnished optimism, creativity, ambition, and heart.

Especially his Walking Dead character symbolized carrying youthful spirit into future generations. Cantu’s performances remind even adult audiences the beauty of seeing the world through a child’s eyes.


In summary, Nicolas Cantu has captured the hearts of fans across age groups through his uncommon authenticity, maturity, talent, and character. Despite the fickleness of fame, Cantu manages to stay universally appealing through genuineness.

Rather than fitting some temporary fad, Cantu’s stardom feels built to last on more profound qualities like humor, heart, and emotional honesty. As he continues gaining new roles, his filmography expands right alongside his fanbase.

While impossible to predict any actor’s longevity, Cantu gives himself the best chances by emphasizing range over typecasting. No matter the project, he approaches roles using insight beyond his years. Cantu inherits the legacy of child stars who successfully transitioned into adult careers through virtuoso versatility.

Moving forward, Nicolas Cantu’s fortunes feel directly tied to the positive values he choose to promote on and off-screen. By avoiding problematic behaviors plaguing many young stars, Cantu sets himself up as a role model his age group lacks. He could well develop into the profoundly inspiring idol generation Z needs during turbulent, uncertain times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Nicolas Cantu’s very first acting role?

Nicolas Cantu’s first ever acting role came at age 8 when he played James in a local theater production of James and the Giant Peach in 2013. This gave him his first taste of performing that set him on an acting career path.

How has Nicolas Cantu avoided common child star issues?

As a teen actor growing up in the public eye, Nicolas Cantu has admirably dodged most troublesome dramas of young fame.

He credits his parents, friends, and team for sheltering him from toxic Hollywood pressures. Cantu also displays uncommon maturity to intentionally separate work obligations from letting fame negatively impact his core identity & values.

What upcoming projects feature Nicolas Cantu?

Nicolas Cantu remains very active with several high-profile film and streaming TV projects in various stages of production.

These upcoming roles continue showing his dynamic range across genres and mediums. Some announced titles include animated series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, a guest appearance on Doogie Kameāloha MD, starring in the films 65 & The Shelter, and potentially the long-awaited third season of Alexa & Katie on Netflix.

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