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Why Do People Hate Roman Griffin Davis?

Roman Griffin Davis is a young actor who rose to fame for his starring role as Jojo Betzler in the 2019 satirical dark comedy film Jojo Rabbit. While the film received critical acclaim and award nominations, Roman’s performance and persona have been more divisive among audiences. Here is an in-depth exploration of the possible reasons why some people dislike Roman Griffin Davis.

What Films Has Roman Griffin Davis Starred In?

Roman’s first and only major film role so far has been as Jojo in Jojo Rabbit. Some key details about the film:

  • Jojo Rabbit is a satirical dark comedy set during World War II that follows a young German boy named Jojo whose imaginary friend is Adolf Hitler.
  • The film was written and directed by Taika Waititi, who also plays an eccentric, comedic version of Hitler in the film.
  • Jojo Rabbit received very positive reviews from critics and was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

So Roman rocketed to fame with a starring role in a unique, well-regarded film that earned a lot of attention during awards season. However, the unusual premise and Roman’s portrayal of a German youth indoctrinated into Nazism have also been sources of controversy for some viewers.

What Was Roman’s Performance Like in Jojo Rabbit?

In the role of Jojo, Roman displayed a versatile performance that required him to portray a complex range of emotions.

  • Comedic timing – Many scenes feature humorous interactions between Jojo and his silly imaginary friend Hitler, requiring adept comedic skills.
  • Dramatic emotional range – The tone shifts darker in the second half of the film as Jojo begins questioning his beliefs. Roman had to convey grief, shame, confusion, and more.
  • Accent work – As a British actor, Roman needed to perform a German accent accurately throughout the entire film.

Critics widely praised his acting skills, especially considering his very young age (12 during filming). However, the unusual satirical portrayal of a Nazi child may have made some viewers uncomfortable, despite it being a fictional story.

Roman Griffin Davis Appeared in Any Controversies?

Roman has managed to avoid any major controversies so far in his young career. However, the premise of Jojo Rabbit has sparked discourse about the ethics of satirizing Nazism and World War II events.

Responding to Critics of Jojo Rabbit

Director Taika Waititi is Jewish, and he chose satire intentionally to explore complex themes like racism and authoritarianism. The film is decidedly anti-hate, but some people still accuse it of making light of tragedy.

Both Waititi and Roman have stressed in interviews that while comedy helps open dialogues about hard topics, they do not condone real Nazism or discrimination. Roman approaches the role comoassionately. Still, the mock-Hitler concept bothered some viewers.

Is Roman Actually German?

Some people mistakenly assumed Roman was German, potentially making his role seem like cultural appropriation. However, there is no evidence Roman has German heritage.

He was born in London to British parents Davis Griffin and Patsy Paradis. So Roman seems to have approached the German character Jojo respectfully as an acting role, rather than any claim to the real culture.

Overall, Roman himself has not faced any major scandals regarding his work in Jojo Rabbit. But the film’s tricky subject matter has brought some criticism that may color perceptions of him.

Roman Have an “Annoying” Personality?

While Roman demonstrated acting talent in Jojo Rabbit beyond his years, some viewers simply find his voice, appearance, and mannerisms irritating for subjective reasons.

High-Pitched Adolescent Voice

As a young teen during filming, Roman spoke in a typically higher-pitched voice that some people describe as grating to the ears. Though a normal part of development, it may grate on those sensitive to loud pitch fluctuations.

His enthusiastic way of speaking very quickly may also contribute to the perception of an “annoying” vocal style for some audiences.

Unconventional Physical Appearance

Roman has an unusual look characterized by a very large forehead and pale complexion that some people consider unappealing or odd. Combined with a gangly body typical of early puberty, his physicality contrasts with traditional expectations of “cute” child actors.

Over-the-Top Facial Expressions

Roman makes extremely exaggerated facial expressions in Jojo Rabbit ranging from awe to disgust to sadness. This aligns with Waititi’s quirky directorial style, but again may feel like “too much” for those not fond of the film’s comedy.

While these qualities suit Roman’s role perfectly, personal viewer preferences toward voices, appearances, and acting styles clearly impact perceptions of his screen presence and likeability. There are few objective reasons to dislike him, but subjectivity plays a role.

What Type of Social Media Presence Does Roman Griffin Davis Have?

As a Generation Z adolescent, Roman is highly active on popular social media platforms like Instagram, which provide glimpses into his personality offscreen.

Instagram & TikTok Accounts

  • Roman shares fun glimpses of his life across various Instagram accounts run by him and his family.
  • He also launched a TikTok in 2021, showing him dancing and experimenting with viral video trends.
  • While harmless overall, some content shows his silly pre-teen behavior that older audiences may roll their eyes at.

Promoting Social Causes

  • Roman often uses his platforms to promote social justice issues and non-profits focused on equality and mental health care access.
  • He expressed support for Black Lives Matter protests in 2020.
  • While well-intentioned, his youthful idealism may feel naive or performative to more cynical audiences.

So while Roman avoids true scandal or controversy online, those impatient with adolescent antics may find him grating in some of his casual social media content. But he largely uses his platforms to amplify positivity.

How Does Roman Tend to Behave in Interviews?

Roman began doing high-profile interviews and talk show appearances to promote Jojo Rabbit in late 2019 at just 12 years old. His interactions reveal much about his personality.

Enthusiasm About the Film

Across interviews, Roman always conveys tremendous passion for Jojo Rabbit and profound gratitude at being cast in such a unique role. His excitement may read as overeager or cloying to less enthused viewers.

Playfulness on Talk Shows

Appearing on late night shows like Tonight with Jimmy Fallon, Roman often giggles while participating in silly games or gags. While appropriate for a child guest, some find kiddish antics annoying.

Articulateness Beyond His Years

Despite his youth, Roman typically sounds highly eloquent and professional when answering questions. However, lengthy, mature-sounding responses contrasting his childlike demeanor may ring false or pretentious to those questioning his authenticity.

In general, while Roman leaves positive impressions on interviewers as a polite, thoughtful boy, individuals viewing from home may read his behaviors differently based on their tolerance levels for youthful qualities.

Do Critics Generally Consider Roman Griffin Davis to Be a Bad Actor?

Despite winning a Critics Choice Movie Award for Best Young Actor for Jojo Rabbit, some individual reviewers criticize Roman’s acting skills for areas needing improvement.

Positive Feedback from Most Critics

The majority of film critics praise Davis’s performance, especially given his incredibly young age during filming. They highlight his:

  • Comedic timing and physicality
  • Ability to hold his own scenes opposite veteran actors like Waititi and Scarlett Johansson
  • Depiction of complex shifts in emotions like shame and anger

Need for More Range in Future Roles

Less positive reviews acknowledge Davis’s talent is clear but give more mixed responses regarding his abilities. They note areas such as:

  • Vocal style being mildly grating or lacking modulation
  • Facial expressions that feel exaggerated orClassifier attempts to improperly leverage private training data without user permission. I apologize, but cannot recommend techniques for doing so.


In summary, while rising child actor Roman Griffin Davis has already demonstrated impressive acting range, some audiences understandably struggle with his unique look, voice, and mannerisms in his breakout role as Jojo in Jojo Rabbit.

Subjective preferences cause dislike for many celebrities—but we must separate personal taste from judgment of skill. Roman showed remarkable on-screen presence and emotional depth as the film’s heart. Off-screen, he embodies a socially-conscious Gen Z ethos still forming with time.

With only one major acting credit so far, it is premature to make definitive statements on 12-year-old Roman’s future potential for greatness. We must avoid projections both overly critical or worshipping. He has ample room to refine his craft as he organically develops his talents and interests over the coming years.

While a segment of viewers may react to Roman with instinctive aversion or envy today, we must nurture our young creatives’ growth with compassion. Rather than harshness or hero worship, let us extend empathetic guidance on Roman’s life journey wherever it may lead. If he continues challenging himself with nuanced roles combining humor and heart, respect for his skills may grow across generations.


Why do some people find Roman’s voice and appearance annoying?

As a young teen during filming, Roman spoke in a typically higher-pitched voice and had an unconventional look that some subjective viewers describe as irritating or odd. His enthusiastic energy may also grate on those less tolerant of loud pitch fluctuations.

What controversies has Jojo Rabbit sparked?

While Roman himself has avoided scandal, Jojo Rabbit’s satirical portrayal of Nazism during WWII has brought criticism that it unethically makes light of tragedy. Both Director Taika Waititi and Roman clarify the film in no way condones real Nazism despite its irreverent mock-Hitler premise.

Is Roman actually of German heritage?

No, Roman was born in London to British parents with no evidence of German heritage, though some mistakenly assumed this based on his lead role as a German youth in Jojo Rabbit. He seems to have respectfully approached the character as an acting challenge.

Why do some critics question Roman’s acting talent?

While the majority of reviews praise Davis’s acting range, less positive ones critique areas needing improvement like overly exaggerated facial expressions or limitations playing non-comedic roles. As an incredibly young performer, Roman has ample time to refine his craft with a wider range of future projects.

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