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Why Do People Hate Iker Casillas?

Iker Casillas is considered one of the greatest goalkeepers in football history. He captained Spain to their first-ever World Cup triumph in 2010 and led Real Madrid to numerous trophies during his 25-year career at the club.

However, despite his incredible success on the pitch, Casillas has also attracted significant criticism and even hatred from some fans over the years. In this article, we’ll explore the main reasons why certain groups have developed a strong dislike for the legendary shot-stopper.

Why Do Real Madrid Fans Hate Casillas?

One of the main reasons many Real Madrid fans started to turn on Casillas was his high-profile fallout with then manager Jose Mourinho in 2012. Mourinho dropped Casillas from the starting line-up after accusing him of leaking dressing room information to the media.

This created a fracture between Casillas and the manager, dividing the fanbase as well. Those loyal to Mourinho blamed Casillas for the issues and never forgave him.

Perceived Lack of Commitment in His Final Years

Towards the end of his Real Madrid career, some fans felt Casillas lacked the motivation and commitment he once had. After being displaced as number one by Keylor Navas, Casillas was mostly on the bench in his final seasons.

Some interpreted this as him becoming complacent and believing he deserved to start regardless of form. This angered supporters who wanted to see full dedication.

Departure to Porto

When Casillas left Real Madrid in 2015, many saw it as an act of betrayal after 25 years at the club. The fact he chose to join Porto, a Champions League rival, only made matters worse.

Fans felt he should have retired at Madrid or at least not played for direct opponents in Europe. His departure compounded the resentment some already harbored towards him.

Why Do Spanish National Team Fans Hate Him?

Some Spanish national team fans believe Casillas developed an arrogance and sense of entitlement due to the high praise and importance placed on him as captain. His outspoken wife Sara Carbonero also angered fans with comments seen as insulting or critical of teammates and managers. This perceived arrogance rubbed supporters the wrong way.

Blaming Him for Major Tournament Fails

While captaining Spain to the 2010 World Cup and two European Championships, Casillas was also between the sticks for some high-profile failures.

These included the 2014 World Cup group stage exit and defeat to Italy in Euro 2016. Some fans were highly critical and blamed Casillas for these disappointments, especially after costly mistakes.

His Place in the David de Gea vs Casillas Debate

The emergence of David de Gea sparked an intense debate over Spain’s number one keeper. While some argued Casillas’ experience and leadership mattered more, others wanted de Gea’s superior shot-stopping skills. This split the fans and intensified the antipathy of those wanting Casillas displaced by the younger keeper long term.

Why Do Other Football Fans Dislike Him?

Casillas achieved a level of success and longevity at the highest level rarely seen for goalkeepers. He won every major club and international honor during his career. For fans of rival teams, jealousy at Madrid and Spain’s dominance with Casillas understandably bred contempt towards him. They grew tired of seeing him lift trophies year after year.

Perceived Favoritism from Referees

Some opposition fans believed Casillas benefitted from biased refereeing decisions in matches. Things like penalties not given against him or allowed quick free kicks without booking. Whether real or perceived, this sense of favoritism for the star keeper enhanced the dislike of him among rival fans convinced he got special treatment.

His Rivalries with Other Goalkeeping Legends

Casillas had intense rivalries with goalkeepers like Gianluigi Buffon and Petr Cech during his career. Fans of Italian or Chelsea football often sided with their keeper as the world’s best and let their club loyalty breed antagonism toward the Real Madrid legend. These great goalkeeping foes enhanced the vitriol directed at Casillas from certain fanbases.

Does Casillas Deserve the Hate?

For all the criticism and hatred Casillas has faced over the years, he arguably does not deserve such animosity. While no player is perfect, his record, leadership, and importance to Spanish football are virtually unmatched.

The hate likely stems from jealousy, club bias, and the tendency to need a scapegoat when things go wrong. Casillas gave his all during a legendary career and earned the right to be remembered as an all-time great, not the villain some have painted him to be in recent years.


The reasons people hate Iker Casillas vary depending on allegiance but often relate to club bitterness, scapegoating for defeats, and jealousy at his sustained success. Real Madrid fans harbor resentment over issues with Mourinho, his Porto transfer, and perceived laziness in later years.

Spanish supporters disliked his supposed arrogance and blamed his errors for tournament failures. Meanwhile, opposition fans were envious of his trophies and believed he received favorable treatment.

However, despite these grievances that fueled animosity towards the legendary goalie, Casillas’ record and achievements for both club and country deserve great respect. While mistakes came, they were outweighed by his talents, leadership, and devotion to his teams’ cause. The hate is largely unreasonable and stems from biased perspectives against a true Spanish footballing icon.

Frequently Asked Questions about Why People Hate Iker Casillas

Why do many Real Madrid fans dislike Iker Casillas?

Many Real Madrid fans started hating on Casillas due to his rift with Jose Mourinho, perceived lack of commitment in later years, and his departure to rivals Porto which was seen as a betrayal.

What led to Spanish fans turning on their captain Iker Casillas?

Some Spanish supporters disliked Casillas’ supposed arrogance and sense of entitlement as captain. High-profile errors at major tournaments also saw him scapegoated for the team’s failures by sections of fans.

Why did opposition fans grow to despise Iker Casillas?

Rival football fans hated on Casillas due to jealousy at his sustained success with Real Madrid and Spain. Some also believed he received favorable treatment from referees.

Does Iker Casillas deserve the hate he has received in recent years?

No, the hate towards Casillas is largely unreasonable and stems from club rivalry, scapegoating, and envy. His achievements and importance to Spanish football deserve great respect.

What are the main differences between Real Madrid and Spanish fans’ reasons for disliking Casillas?

Real Madrid fan hate relates to his club situation like the Mourinho fallout. Spanish fan hate stems from perceived arrogance, tournament failures, and the De Gea rivalry.

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