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Why Do People Hate Jaeden Martell?

Jaeden Martell is an American actor known for his roles as Bill Denbrough in the horror films “It” and “It Chapter Two”, and Vincent Downs in the crime drama series “Defending Jacob”. While he has garnered praise for his acting abilities, some controversy and backlash regarding his behavior and relationships have led some people to dislike him.

Controversial Relationships

One source of controversy stems from Martell’s relationships with older women while he was still a minor.

Relationship with Kaitlin Reagan

In 2019 when Martell was 15 years old, he began a relationship with influencer Kaitlin Reagan who was 26 years old at the time. This large age gap sparked backlash and allegations that their relationship was inappropriate given his age.

Table 1. Jaeden Martell and Kaitlin Reagan’s Ages When They Started Dating

NameAge When Relationship Started
Jaeden Martell15 years old
Kaitlin Reagan26 years old

Many people saw the 11-year age difference as predatory, even if the relationship was legal, and heavily criticized Reagan. This backlash towards his girlfriend likely contributed to some people’s dislike of Martell as well.

Other Older Girlfriends

Since his relationship with Reagan, Martell has been romantically linked to other older women including models Lilia Buckingham, 21, and Jenna Ortega, 20. While these relationships are not as immediately controversial due to the smaller age gaps, they still make some people uneasy.

Allegations of Arrogance

Some dislike for Martell also comes from allegations that he is arrogant or rude. There are a few reported stories of him treating fans or coworkers poorly.

He has been accused of making arrogant and self-aggrandizing social media posts on multiple occasions. For example, commenting that he “runs LA” or that girls are “obsessed with him”.

Whether these reports are true or not, they have cultivated a reputation of arrogance that rubs some people the wrong way.

Response to Backlash

Another source of criticism has been Martell’s responses to those who question his relationships. He has been quick to defend his girlfriends and lash out at “haters”, sometimes aggressively insulting them.

For example, after receiving criticism regarding his relationship with Reagan, he referred to concerned commenters as “sad pathetic losers”. He also told people to “get a life” and stop talking about an “innocent relationship”.

While understandable for a teenager to be upset, his aggressive clapbacks likely only made people dislike him more. Many felt his responses were overly defensive and immature.

Separating the Art from the Artist

Despite some valid reasons people may dislike him, there is also an argument for separating Martell’s acting abilities from his personal life.

As previously mentioned, Martell has received great praise for his compelling and skilled acting performances. So some believe his talent should be judged independently from his controversies.

Widely Praised Performances

  • It and It Chapter Two – Lauded for his emotional range and ability to carry the films as the lead character Bill Denbrough. Critics admired his depiction of trauma and ability to tap into fear.
  • Defending Jacob – Martell earned a nomination for Best Actor in a Streaming Series for his performance. Viewers raved over his realistic portrayal of teenager grappling with his father’s crime.

So there is room for nuanced discussion regarding how to view entertainers whose personal actions contradict their professional talents. Should the art be appreciated even if the artist has flaws?

Age and Maturity Level

Lastly, when considering reasons for disliking Martell it is important to note his young age. He is currently only 18 years old – still a teenager and not fully matured neurologically.

So it is perhaps unfair to cancel or “cancel” someone permanently for mistakes made in their youth. Most adults can relate to feeling “cringe” when looking back on their teen selves.

Maybe with more life experience and growth Martell will cultivate self-awareness and lose some of the arrogance he has been accused of. Though only time will tell.

Why Do People Like Jaeden Martell?

However, despite the controversies discussed, Jaeden Martell still has many loyal fans and supporters. What reasons do people have for continuing to admire him?

Talented Actor

First and foremost, Martell’s acting abilities continue to win him praise and fans. His compelling performances transcend his young age and prove his natural talent.

Both critics and casual viewers have raved over his emotional range, execution of difficult scenes, and ability to carry entire projects as the male lead.

At just 18 years old, Martell’s future in acting appears extremely promising given how skilled he already is. So many people root for his success and get excited to see him take on new roles.

Future Projects Generate Hype

Martell has several anticipated projects currently in development that show off his range:

  • The Deepest Breath – Sundance drama focused on a close sibling relationship.
  • Champion – Gritty wrestling film requiring intense physical training.
  • The Fallout – Portraying a teenager struggling with anxiety in the aftermath of a school tragedy.

The diversity of these upcoming films demonstrates Martell’s dedication to honing his craft as an actor across genres.

Relatable Persona

Another source of Martell’s continued popularity is his relatable online persona. Despite some arrogance, he mostly comes across as a fairly normal teenager.

His social media depicts hanging out with friends, playing with his dog, messing around on TikTok, and other interests typical of his age group. This makes him more approachable and “real” feeling despite his fame.

Martell also opens up about struggling with insecurities just like any other teenager. He has shared his battles with acne, feeling self-conscious about his body, and wanting approval from others his age.

Being honest about uncertainties he faces makes fans feel closer to him and more willing to root for Martell to gain confidence.

Table 2. Jaeden Martell’s Relatable Social Media Persona

Type of PostExampleWhy It’s Relatable
Friends/Hanging OutGoofing off dances on TikTok, friends surprising him on his birthdayReminds followers he’s a normal teenager with close friendships
Struggles/InsecuritiesAcne updates, throwing back to awkward early teen photosShows he faces the same self-confidence issues as many other teens
Interests/HobbiesPhotos with his dog, videos playing guitarDepicts typical teenage hobbies making him seem down-to-earth

Owns Up to Mistakes

Finally, supporters argue Martell deserves praise for taking ownership recently when he has slipped up. He admits that he acted immaturely in certain past situations.

In a recent interview Martell stated: “I’m growing every day and learning. I’m just trying to better myself as a person…I acted irrationally and childish, I guess.”

Comments like this, combined with the fact that he stays away from further controversy, indicate Martell is aiming to self-reflect and improve.

Perhaps he is finally maturing into a respectable young adult capable of owning up to his missteps. Many fans respect his accountability and are giving him another chance as he works to change perceptions.


In summary, Jaeden Martell faces a fair share of criticism stemmed from accusations of arrogance and his relationships with older women while underaged. His immature responses to backlash intensified dislike from some.

However, supporters note his proven talents as an actor at just 18 years old along with relatable interests typical of teenagers his age. They also praise his recent growth into taking more accountability for past controversies.

There are good-faith arguments on both sides evaluating the balance between Martell’s professional abilities and personal actions. Distinguishing between the art and the artist introduces nuanced discussion.

As Martell continues honing his acting career while aiming to demonstrate positive growth into adulthood, time will tell how public opinion might shift. Perhaps with age he will cultivate wisdom and humility to overcome past immaturity.

For now it seems the controversy and discussion around why people may dislike Jaeden Martell stems from his unique position of facing worldwide fame and scrutiny at a young age while still developing maturity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jaeden Martell problematic?

There are reasonable concerns about some of Martell’s past behavior, especially relationships with older women while he was a minor. However, he admits to past immaturity and aims to better himself. Supporters argue disliking someone forever over youthful mistakes is unfair. The degree to which someone finds him problematic is complex with arguments on both sides.

What is the age difference between Jaeden Martell and Kaitlin Reagan?

When Martell and Reagan started dating, he was 15 years old and she was 26 years old, an 11 year age gap. This large gap while Martell was underaged is the source of much of the controversy and backlash towards their relationship.

Why don’t some people like Jaeden Martell?

The main reasons some people dislike Martell include accusations of arrogance, his relationships with much older girlfriends while he was a minor, and his aggressive or immature responses to criticism of those relationships.

Should Jaeden Martell’s acting and his personal life be viewed separately?

There are good arguments on both sides. His proven talents and emotional performances make a case for appreciating his abilities independently. But others feel his behavior impacts his integrity as a performer and person. Distinguishing between art and artist introduces complex discussion.

Does Jaeden Martell take accountability for past mistakes?

In recent interviews Martell has admitted to acting irrationally immature in the past. He says he is aiming to better himself and seems to avoid further controversies. Many supporters feel this accountability shows growth and deserve a second chance as he matures.

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