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Why Do People Hate Paris Berelc?

Paris Berelc is an American actress and model best known for her roles as Skylar Storm in the Disney XD series “Mighty Med” and “Lab Rats: Elite Force.” While many enjoy her acting and think she’s talented, some people dislike her for various reasons.

Acting Style and Roles

Some people find Berelc’s acting style to be over the top. As Skylar Storm, she portrays a superhero with special abilities. This leads her to have an exaggerated, theatrical portrayal at times involving a lot of energy, big expressions, and physical comedy. While this works for a Disney style children’s show, some find it annoying or too much.

Others may dislike that she is most known for acting in children’s shows. As an actress trying to transition into more mature roles, some view her as not being a “serious” actor or think she needs to prove herself in more complex parts.

Perceived Cockiness and Arrogance

In interviews and on social media, Berelc can come across as cocky or full of herself to some people. For example, when she talks about being the star of her shows or posts glamorous photos, some see it as arrogant.

This perception may be exaggerated by jealousy since she lives a relatively privileged life as a rising TV star. But for whatever reason, some simply get a vibe from her that feels egotistical or entitled.

Who She’s Dated

Berelc has been linked romantically to several male celebrities over the years including her Lab Rats: Elite Force co-star Kelli Berglund. When actresses date other famous young stars, it can lead some fans to turn against them out of jealousy or resentment over who “deserves” them more.

There may also be a tendency by some to judge her choices or think badly of her for dating multiple popular actors. Whether warranted or not, who she chooses to date can definitely impact her public reputation.

Backlash Against Disney Stars

As a Disney Channel star during her teenage years, Berelc falls into an archetype that many people instinctively dislike. The combination of rapid fame at a young age plus the manufactured perfection of the Disney brand leads some to resent these child stars.

The media also likes to report on Disney stars “gone wild” once they leave the Disney machine. This can predispose people to feel negatively towards all actors who came from the Disney system.

Perceived Causes of Her Success Besides Talent

Some attribute Berelc’s success primarily to luck in landing the right roles, family connections in the industry, or her attractive appearance – not her acting ability. If people think she didn’t “earn” her acting jobs fairly or doesn’t have real skill, it’s easier for them to dislike her.

Her access to famous photographers, stylists, etc. also elicits accusations of privilege. Coming from Los Angeles and growing up acting from a young age makes some assume she’s just another spoiled industry kid.

In reality, plenty see Berelc’s natural charisma on screen and work ethic make her deserving of success. But some can’t look past surface factors to give her credit.

May Simply Rub Certain People The Wrong Way

At the end of the day, Paris Berelc has a big, colorful personality that is bound to irritate some percentage of people or come across differently than she intends. Like most public figures, she can’t win over everyone.

Whether about her acting roles, public image, dating life, or privilege, people online critique and complain about pretty much any young, female celebrity. And Paris Berelc is no exception to that reality of fame.

What Evidence Exists Against The Most Common Complaints About Paris Berelc?

While no one is universally beloved, some arguments made against Paris Berelc seem less backed by facts than others when examining them more closely.

Acting Ability

Berelc had no professional acting credits prior to being cast on Disney XD’s “Mighty Med” – she earned that initial big break based on raw talent displayed at an open casting call. Since then, she has received praise from directors and co-stars for her acting chops on various shows.

So while her exaggerated Disney character isn’t everyone’s style, evidence suggests talent played a significant role in the start of her career beyond the average nepotism or luck.Copy code

Table 2: Acclaim for Paris Berelc's Acting | Year | Praise Received | |-|-| | 2014 | Casting director sees talent at open call for "Mighty Med" role | | 2016 | Wins "Favorite TV Actress" at Kids' Choice Awards | | 2021 | Director compliments her performance after shooting thriller film |

Cockiness and Arrogance Accusations

Those close to Berelc don’t describe her as egotistical or entitled in real life. She focuses much of her social media presence on broader social issues rather than flaunting an extravagant lifestyle.

And while confident at times, she frequently discusses self-doubt, anxiety, and other mental health issues – markers of someone rather self-critical versus arrogant.

Resentment Over Dating Life

Berelc has been sparing in addressing relationship speculation over the years. She doesn’t flaunt romances publicly apart from vague Instagram posts here and there.

Ultimately, she spends most her time working versus partying or subtly bragging about dating multiple stars. So her dating life seems unlikely to be a key driver of dislike compared to female celebs who embrace taboo relationship topics.

Disney Star Negativity

While going through the Disney star machine contributes to privilege, Paris left the channel to pursue more mature indie films and complex characters.

Having acting as her sole childhood focus also suggests a strong work ethic versus coastal elite laziness as a Disney kid stereotype.

Lastly, she’s avoided major scandals and “gone wild” behavior that plague some Disney alums. So not an obvious embodiment of the negatives associated with that background.

Family Privilege Connections

Paris’ family is middle-class – her mother is a public school teacher. No evidence suggests she comes from generations of Hollywood power brokers or elite California privilege outside of growing up in Los Angeles.

Peoples’ Instinctive Reaction Towards Her Persona

With hundreds of thousands of followers across social platforms, Paris clearly resonates with a large fanbase despite having detractors as well.

Since some dislike stems from her confident personality, it’s likely inevitable regardless of any particular improvement on her part career or image-wise.

Not Actually Be That Disliked By The General Public

Inactive social media users or casual viewers of Disney shows are unlikely to have strong feelings about Berelc. Much animosity comes from online fan communities – a small slice of the population.

So while visible on forums, overall dislike is probably confined to a vocal minority. Most people remain indifferent or neutral towards her overall.


When examining common Paris Berelc complaints more closely, most lack unambiguous supporting evidence or offer an incomplete picture.

Some criticism seems tied to the catch-22 of being a successful young actress unable to pleasing everyone. Other judgments come from subsets like jealous teen fans versus a prevailing public opinion that she is arrogant or untalented.

While nobody can objectively conclude Paris Berelc deserves widespread fame, it’s also unreasonable to posit her career stemming more from luck than her abilities or hard work.

However, in today’s internet age, prominent figures almost inherently receive harsh critiques from somewhere – especially those who rose to fame as teenage performers.

Ultimately Paris Berelc remains early enough in her career that she will likely expand her acting range and public perception further. So while television comedy has brought her dislike, she has opportunities to showcase greater depth that sways more people to appreciate her talent.

FAQs About Paris Berelc and Reasons for Dislike

Why do some fans dislike Paris’ relationship with Kelli Berglund?

As co-stars of Lab Rats: Elite Force, Paris and Kelli were heavily speculated to be dating based on flirty social media activity. Some fans turned against Paris out of jealousy over her close friendship with Kelli or felt she led followers on about the nature of that relationship.

What controversial YouTube star was Paris linked to in the past?

In 2017, Paris reportedly dated vlogger Carter Reynolds – controversial for past videos and the inappropriate treatment of ex-partners. This association caused some fans to think less of Paris despite limited evidence confirming the exact relationship.

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