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Why Do People Love Paris Berelc?

Paris Berelc is a talented actress and dancer who rose to fame for her acclaimed performances as Skylar Storm in Disney XD’s action comedy series Mighty Med and its spinoff series Lab Rats: Elite Force.

Since her early days with Disney, Berelc has amassed a committed fanbase who adore her combination of comedic energy, sharp dancing abilities, and beaming smile. This article explores the key reasons why many fans passionately love Paris Berelc.

Paris’ Engaging Comedic Energy

One of the primary reasons why Paris has developed a devoted fanbase stems from her outgoing and engaging comedic energy. Berelc has repeatedly stolen scenes across her shows and movies through her beaming smile, animated interactions, and zany antics.

Whether Paris is dishing out silly puns, executing goofy dances, or delivering awkward mannerisms, audiences consistently fall in love with her earnest, quirky comedic energy.

Berelc herself understands her core appeal as a performer, stating: “I take pride in my awkward energy and ability to make people laugh.” Indeed, it’s her committed dedication to amusing audiences through her almost hyperactive comedic antics that make Paris so beloved.

Early Comedy Roles

Paris Berelc’s natural gifts for comedy first shone through during her early performances across Disney shows. Mighty Med provided the perfect vehicle for Paris to tap into her quirky comedic talents through the superpowered character Skylar Storm.

Skylar’s humorous adjustments to life on earth as an alien in exile allowed Paris to flex her comedic chops through many over-the-top line deliveries and silly physical bits.

As Mighty Med producer Bob Koherr noted: “Paris has amazing instincts for comedy and knows how to play each moment to the funniest effect.” Paris further honed her funny skills later on in the spinoff Lab Rats: Elite Force.

Whether engaging in wacky superhero antics, new fish-out-of-water scenarios, or zany interactions with her co-stars like Bradley Steven Perry, Paris consistently brought laughs through her animated line readings and facial expressions.

Movie Comedic Roles

While television allowed Paris to first flaunt her talents for comedy, she has also brought her signature brand of humor to several popular movies. In the 2016 cheerleading comedy We Are Your Friends, Paris lit up the screen as quirky character Shauna. She landed laughs effortlessly with offbeat line deliveries and mannerisms.

Paris continued tickling audiences in the 2018 sci-fi pic Invisible Sister as the kooky sidekick Gaby.

Whether leading her friends through a ridiculous invisible water balloon fight or cracking meta jokes about Disney cliches, Paris’ earnest wackiness leapt off the screen. Each of these film roles allowed Paris to translate her natural humor into memorable supporting turns.

Captivating Dance Talents

In addition to her comedy chops, Paris Berelc has dazzled fans through her incredible talents as a dancer.

With years of dedicated dance training under her belt, Paris boasts tap, hip hop, contemporary, ballroom and acro skills truly impressive for her age. Audiences consistently marvel at her athletic yet graceful dance performances across film and television.

Early Dance Training

Paris Berelc began intensive dance training at just two years old at her mother’s dance studio in New Jersey. As she relayed to Girls’ Life magazine: “My mom put me in classes as a toddler, so I practically grew up in the studio.”

Paris practiced tap, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, and ballet for over 12 hours a week, competing in regional dance contests.

By age 12, Paris’ prodigious dance abilities even landed her a role on Broadway. She performed eight shows a week for nearly a year as a lead dancer in the musical 13. This early immersion in such professional dance training developed the impressive techniques Paris would later showcase on screen.

Dance StyleDescription
TapRhythmic steps and movements performed with metal plates on shoes
JazzStylized dance with fancy footwork and energetic leaps
Hip HopStreet dance with intricate moves and isolations
ContemporaryExpressive style fusing ballet and modern techniques
BallroomPartner dances like tango, waltz, foxtrot and quickstep
AcroGymnastic and tumbling skills like handsprings incorporated into dance

Captivating Performances

Once she started acting on television, Paris frequently incorporated her stellar dance abilities into memorable performances. On Mighty Med, she executed complicated hip hop choreography as her superhero alter ego “Titanio.” In Lab Rats: Elite Force, Paris additionally impressed with slick tap routines.

However, the 2016 musical drama Invisible Sister afforded Paris her biggest opportunity yet to showcase her dancing skills alongside acting. During lavish musical numbers, Paris dazzled with crisp tap breakdowns, smooth jazz pirouettes, and fancy ballroom pivots.

Her years of rigorous dance training were on full display, with reviewers raving how Paris “lit up the screen with her energetic dance performances.” Indeed, Paris’ innate grace and athleticism as a dancer continue leaving fans breathless.

Positive Role Model Worthy of Emulation

On top of her coveted talents for comedy and dance, Paris Berelc has earned devoted fans for the inspiration she provides as a positive role model. Through her kind personality and philanthropy work, Paris stands as someone young fans idolize and emulate.

Uplifting Messages

A big part of Paris’ appeal as a positive public figure stems from the hopeful messages she relays to her fans. The mantra “stay strong and shine bright” underlines much of her fan engagement on social media and in interviews. Paris frequently encourages young people to embrace their full potential regardless of setbacks.

As she often remarks: “Inside each of us lies strengths we might not even realize. Bring those out, stay determined in who you are, and nothing can dim your inner light.” Such motivating words resonate powerfully with impressionable youth who see Paris as an uplifting mentor. Even in the face of bullying in her younger years, Paris stresses focusing energy on “spreading more light through performing and giving back.” Such inspirational themes make Paris a beloved idol.

Philanthropic Causes

Paris has also earned admiration from fans for her extensive charity work supporting various causes over the years. She has been involved with nonprofits like the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help grant wishes to children battling critical ilnesses. Paris also previously spearheaded arts education fundraising through buildOn to construct schools abroad.

Most recently, Paris has focused her philanthropic efforts on the organization Dancers Against Cancer. As a lifelong dancer herself, she holds the group’s mission to provide financial and emotional support for dance community members impacted by cancer close to her heart. Through leading fun dance fitness classes and emotional hospital visits in partnership with Dancers Against Cancer, Paris has touched many lives beyond the screen. Her selfless charity outreach makes her an influential role model.

Future Multitalented Star Powerhouse

While Paris Berelc has already showcased impressive talents across TV, film and philanthropic efforts so far, fans also eagerly anticipate all the star power she’s poised to unleash as her career continues flourishing.

Given her scene-stealing charisma and work ethic through her young adulthood, Paris appears destined for greatness as an actress, dancer and role model fans will love for years.

Upcoming Projects

Looking ahead, Paris already has a number of promising film projects underway that suggest even bigger stardom awaits on the horizon. She has wrapped production on the high school cheerleading comedy “Adopt, Don’t Shop” and lending her voice alongside Sarah Hyland to the animated musical “Spice Girls”. Both roles should allow Paris to play to her comedic and dancing strengths to further win fan support.

Paris also has a thriller called “The Killer” in post-production that will enable her to showcase more dramatic depth.

On top of these film appearances, there are also rumors Paris may reprise her Mighty Med character Skylar Storm in the upcoming Disney+ revival series centering the show’s heroes. Her funny superhero antics entertaining a new generation of viewers would surely earn Paris even more admirers.

Lasting Multi-Hyphenate Talents

Given everything Paris has displayed over her young career, many entertainment journalists have pegged her a rising multi-hyphenate talent to watch in years ahead.

Not only does Paris clearly excel at both comedy and dance, but she boasts the work ethic and professional maturity needed to balance further acting, singing and dancing opportunities sure to arise.

Additionally, Paris’ experience engagement with various philanthropic causes also sets her up potentially to keep championing activism alongside performance like many top stars.

Her broad skillsets and passions could establish Paris as the kind of versatile, civic-minded public figure capable of touching countless lives through art and outreach over the long term. That’s why devoted fans eagerly anticipate all the joy and inspiration still to come from this remarkable star-in-the-making.


In closing, Paris Berelc has clearly resonated with audiences through the perfect combination of infectious charismatic energy, jaw-dropping dance abilities, and empowering inspiration as a role model.

Fans find endless reasons to fall in love with Paris, whether she is stealing scenes with zany comedic delivery, dazzling with slick dance breaks, or encouraging young people embrace their inner potential through positivity.

As her prominent work so far illustrates, Paris boasts undeniable star power poised to win over even more admirers for years to come. With high-profile upcoming projects set to showcase the full range of her acting and dancing skills.

Paris Berelc’s talents remain sure to shine bright enough warming fan’s hearts, bringing joy to lives and making lasting positive impacts. That personalized combination of lovable quirkiness, prodigious skill and uplifting persona cement Paris as a performer so many can’t help adoring now and for future generations.


What shows and movies is Paris Berelc known for?

Paris is best known for starring as Skylar Storm on Disney’s Mighty Med and Lab Rats: Elite Force. She has also appeared in films like Invisible Sister, We Are Your Friends and the upcoming drama The Killer.

How did Paris Berelc get started with dance?

Paris began intensive dance classes at age two at her mom’s studio in New Jersey. She trained up to 12 hours a week in styles like tap, jazz and hip hop, even dancing on Broadway as a lead in 13 The Musical.

What causes does Paris Berelc support as a philanthropist?

Paris has been involved with charities like Make-A-Wish Foundation and buildOn for education. Most recently she has focused efforts on the nonprofit Dancers Against Cancer supporting the dance community impacted by cancer through fundraising and hospital visits.

What acting and dance skills make Paris popular?

Fans love Paris for her quirky comedic energy and skills stealing laugh-out-loud scenes in shows and movies. They also admire her impressive dance talents like taps and hip hop choreography that light up the screen.

Why do fans see Paris as an inspiring role model?

Many young fans look up to Paris for spreading a positive mantra to “stay strong and shine bright” by embracing your inner potential. Her charity efforts with groups like Dancers Against Cancer also make Paris an influential public figure.

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