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Why Do People Love Sarah Snook?

Sarah Snook has become one of the most beloved actresses in recent years thanks to her standout performances in shows like Succession and movies like Pieces of a Woman. Here’s a deep dive into why so many fans adore Sarah Snook.

Range as an Actress

One of the biggest reasons people love Sarah Snook is her incredible range as an actress. She has proven she can take on any role, from drama to comedy to action, and make it her own.

Comedic Talent

Snook first broke out in the comedy series Sisters, where she played the witty and sarcastic Julia. Her comedic timing and ability to deliver jokes earned her praise.

Even in more dramatic roles like Succession and Pieces of a Woman, Snook still displays sharp comedic skills in her characters. Fans love that she can balance heavy drama with moments of levity.

Dramatic Depth

While skilled at comedy, Snook has proven equally adept at tackling intense, emotional drama. Her turn in Pieces of a Woman as a woman grieving a pregnancy loss earned her nominations for countless Best Actress awards.

As Shiv on Succession, she pivots seamlessly from scheming to vulnerable. Snook connects deeply with dramatic material, which allows fans to feel right along with her.

Action Chop

Snook has also taken on action roles, including the 2021 sci-fi thriller Spheres where she had to train intensely for combat scenes.

Fans love seeing Snook going toe-to-toe in tense action sequences, proving her physicality and commitment to roles. She’s become known as an actress who is willing to get her hands dirty and put in the hard work.


Beyond her acting talent, people love Sarah Snook because she comes across as genuine, relatable, and down-to-earth in interviews and public appearances.

Sense of Humor

Snook has a great sense of humor and doesn’t shy away from making jokes or poking fun at herself. Her willingness to be silly and self-deprecating makes her very approachable and real. Fans love that she doesn’t take herself too seriously.


Snook also opens up honestly about struggles like body image and imposter syndrome. Her candid discussions about issues many people face make her incredibly relatable. Fans feel a connection knowing someone as talented as Snook still has the same vulnerabilities.

Work Ethic

Despite her success, Snook remains committed to honing her craft and not becoming complacent. She speaks often about continuing to train, take classes, and challenge herself. Her strong work ethic is inspiring to fans who also strive for excellence in their own lives.

Advocacy and Activism

In addition to her acting work, Sarah Snook uses her platform to advocate for causes important to her, which earns her a lot of respect from fans.

Promoting Women in Film

Snook consistently uplifts and advocates for women in the entertainment industry. She promotes films made by women and criticizes the lack of female representation. Fans, especially women, appreciate Snook being outspoken about achieving gender equality in Hollywood.

Supporting Female Co-Stars

On set, Snook goes out of her way to support and encourage her female co-stars. She’s spoken about the bonded sisterhood environment she and her Succession co-stars have created. Fans love seeing her promote the empowerment of women.

Backing Causes That Matter

Snook also uses her voice to support global issues that matter to her, like poverty and hunger relief organizations. Fans admire her compassion and dedication to more than just her own career. Her advocacy gives insight into her worldview.

Unique Beauty

In the Hollywood landscape of cookie-cutter beauty standards, Sarah Snook stands out for her unique, unconventional look that fans can’t get enough of.

Short Hair

Snook chopped off her long hair into a pixie cut before auditioning for Succession, and the bold look became her signature style. Fans love her willingness to forgo stereotypical feminine hairstyles in favor of an edgy, eye-catching short cut.

Timeless Style

Snook’s fashion sense is retro, timeless, and striking. On the red carpet and in photo shoots she opts for classic silhouettes, clean makeup, and styles reminiscent of Old Hollywood glamour. Fans adore her for staying true to her own aesthetic.

Natural Beauty

While she looks elegant in red carpet attire, Snook is also praised for her natural beauty and willingness to show her freckled, makeup-free face on social media. Her comfort in her own skin makes her relatable and beloved.

Close Relationship with Fans

What really makes people love Sarah Snook is her genuine care for and connection with fans. She prioritizes spending time interacting with them.

Responding to Fans on Social Media

Snook takes time to thoughtfully respond to many fans who reach out to her on Instagram and Twitter. She offers words of encouragement and support that make people feel seen. Her social media presence is a two-way dialogue.

Attending Fan Events

Despite her rising fame, Snook still attends Succession fan events when she can to meet the dedicated viewers who support her work. Videos of her warmly greeting and chatting with fans show her graciousness.

Appreciating Fan Tributes

When fans tribute Snook with artwork, videos, or other gifts, she frequently reposts and praises their creativity. Fans feel valued knowing she appreciates the time they took to make something for her.

People Connect with Her Journey

Finally, fans love Sarah Snook because they find inspiration in her unique journey through the entertainment industry.

Long Path to Fame

Snook worked for many years on small roles before getting her big break with Succession at age 31. Watching her persistence pay off gives hope to others struggling to achieve their dreams.

Choosing Acting Against the Odds

Coming from a small town in Australia, Snook faced many barriers trying to break into Hollywood. Fans root for and relate to her choice to keep chasing acting despite the odds.

Valuing Success Later in Life

After years of hard work, Snook found fame later in life. People appreciate her reminder that success can come at any age. It keeps them motivated.


Sarah Snook has earned such devoted fandom because of the diversity of her roles, her strong work ethic yet relatable nature, her willingness to use her platform for good, her unique beauty and style, her genuine care for fans, and her inspirational underdog story.

Beyond just admiring Snook for her acting gifts, people connect deeply with who she is as a person. Despite becoming hugely successful, she stays grounded and real. That combination of talent and authenticity is why Sarah Snook has become so beloved.

Her fanbase will surely continue to grow as she undertakes new projects and challenges. The surface qualities draw people in, but it’s the person underneath that makes people truly love Sarah Snook.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sarah Snook

How did Sarah Snook get her start as an actress?

Sarah Snook was born and raised in Adelaide, Australia. She got her start acting in local theater productions as a child. She went on to attend the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Australia.

After graduating in 2008, she began booking small TV roles in Australia like Sisters and Rake. Her first major Hollywood role came in 2015 when she was cast as one of the leads in the miniseries The Beautiful Lie.

What was Sarah Snook’s big breakout role?

Sarah Snook’s big breakout role was as Siobhan “Shiv” Roy on the HBO series Succession, which premiered in 2018.

Her performance as the scheming daughter in the wealthy Roy family earned her critical praise. Succession quickly became a hit for HBO and has won multiple Emmy Awards. Snook has received nominations for her role as Shiv.

What are some other notable Sarah Snook roles?

In addition to Succession, Sarah Snook earned acclaim for her dramatic turn in the 2020 film Pieces of a Woman, where she played a woman grieving after a home birth ends in tragedy.

Other major roles include an Australian miniseries called Sisters, the sci-fi thriller Predestination, the BBC miniseries The Beautiful Lie, and the 2021 action film Spheres.

What awards and nominations has Sarah Snook received?

For her role on Succession, Sarah Snook has received nominations for a Primetime Emmy Award, a SAG Award, and a Critics Choice TV Award.

Her performance in Pieces of a Woman earned her nominations for Best Actress awards from the Chicago Film Critics Association, Satellite Awards, and Hollywood Critics Association.

Is Sarah Snook married?

No, as of early 2023 Sarah Snook is not married. She tends to keep her romantic life private. In 2021, she was reported to be dating comedian Dave Lawson, but neither have confirmed the relationship. Previously she dated Joey Rahimi and was briefly engaged to a man named Dave in 2017.

What causes and charities is Sarah Snook involved with?

Sarah Snook uses her platform to promote gender equality, especially for women in the entertainment industry.

She also supports causes that provide for those in need, such as Opportunity International, which combats poverty through microfinance. After national disasters in Australia she has advocated and raised funds.

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