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Why Do People Hate Poppy Delevingne?

Poppy Delevingne is a British model, socialite and actress who has received her fair share of criticism and backlash over the years.

As the younger sister of famous supermodel Cara Delevingne, Poppy has often been accused of using nepotism and riding on her sister’s coattails to find success. Additionally, some of her past behavior and questionable choices have led to public scrutiny and online hate.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the main reasons why Poppy Delevingne is such a controversial and sometimes unliked public figure. We’ll provide an objective overview of the criticisms she has faced and analyze the validity of these criticisms.

Privileged Upbringing

One of the most common critiques of Poppy Delevingne is that she was born into an extremely privileged life. As the daughter of property developer Charles Delevingne and socialite Pandora Delevingne, she grew up wealthy and well-connected.

The Delevingne sisters were raised in lavish homes in London and attended posh private schools. This opulent upbringing strikes some as being undeserved or unattainable for the average person.

When someone is handed so many advantages in life, it can breed resentment from those who had to work hard from the bottom up. Thus, Poppy’s privileged background has led some to view her success as unearned.

Did She Earn Her Own Success?

The counterargument is that while Poppy was born into privilege, she has achieved success through hard work and perseverance like anyone else.

Her career accomplishments, such as walking runways for top designers and landing acting roles, required dedication and effort on her part. She may have had some doors opened due to her family name, but she still had to prove herself.

Perceptions of Nepotism

Regardless, the perception of nepotism persists. Many believe her modelling career took off primarily due to her older sister Cara’s rapid rise to fame in the industry.

Cara opened doors for Poppy and provided her insider access to top fashion brands and modelling opportunities. Without her sister’s connections, Poppy may have faced more obstacles trying to break into modelling.

So while Poppy has certainly worked hard, her privileged background and family ties still strike some as providing an unfair advantage over others trying to succeed in a highly competitive industry.

Questionable Fashion Choices

Another source of criticism towards Poppy Delevingne stems from some of her risqué or questionable fashion choices over the years. Some examples include:

  • Wearing provocative sheer dresses and tops that expose a significant amount of skin
  • Choosing outfits that appear completely impractical or uncomfortable
  • Sporting bizarre accessories, hairstyles or makeup looks

Table of Questionable Outfits

YearEventOutfit Criticsm
2017Fashion AwardsSheer dress exposing underwear
2019Movie PremiereHigh slit dress revealing entire leg
2020Instagram PostBra as a top with baggy pants

While fashion is subjective, some feel that Poppy chooses certain revealing or odd looks primarily for attention or publicity. By wearing something extremely daring or skimpy, she ensures all eyes will be on her.

This thirst for attention through outrageous fashion rubs some people the wrong way. They see it as crossing the line from fashionable to inappropriate or even desperate.

Do Her Outfits Matter?

Poppy has every right to wear what she wants, regardless of others’ opinions. But with fame comes higher public scrutiny of clothing choices.

As an influential model, some argue she should exercise more discretion. Impressionable young women may try to emulate her provocative style.

However, others counter that women should be free to wear what they choose without judgment. Style is a means of self-expression.

So the debate continues on whether Poppy’s fashion crosses the line or if she’s just being trendy and experimental like any model.

Controversial Partying Lifestyle

For years, Poppy Delevingne has been a staple in the Hollywood party scene. She’s constantly photographed at the trendiest nightclubs and events.

While she has dialed back the partying recently after starting a family, Poppy had a reputation for years as something of a party girl.

Table of Notable Clubbing Moments

2012Stumbling drunkenly out of nightclubs
2015Snorting suspicious powder at Coachella
2018Slurring words on red carpets

Photos and reports of her stumbling out of clubs, appearing intoxicated at events, and rumors of drug use painted a picture of someone living dangerously.

While young models partying is nothing new, Poppy seemed to embrace the scene more than most. Some began to see it as unprofessional and questioned if she was spiraling out of control.

Partying vs Privacy

However, others argue her social life is her own business. She’s entitled to have fun and let loose like anyone else in their 20’s.

As a famous face, her every misstep gets captured by paparazzi. But behind closed doors, plenty of other models likely party just as hard.

Still, when constantly in the public eye, her reputation took a hit from her hard-partying ways. Some wrote her off as unstable or unserious about her career.

Plastic Surgery Speculation

Like many celebrities, Poppy Delevingne has been subject to rumors and speculation about possible plastic surgery procedures over the years.

Someclaim her looks have changed drastically, pointing to differences like:

Possible Procedures

  • Nose job to thin and refine the shape of her nose
  • Filler injections to add volume to lips and cheeks
  • Botox to reduce wrinkles and smooth out skin
  • Breast augmentation to increase bust size
  • Liposuction to slim figure

Of course, Poppy has never directly confirmed or denied going under the knife.

Natural Changes or Surgical Enhancements?

Fans argue that any changes in her appearance are subtle and could be from natural aging, makeup or contouring.

But others insist the differences are too dramatic to be anything but surgical tweaks. This fuels accusations that she is being inauthentic and setting unrealistic beauty standards.

However, plastic surgery rumours swirl around nearly all famous people, especially women. Unless Poppy confirms it herself, we have no way of knowing what is or isn’t natural.

Controversial Romantic History

Poppy Delevingne hasn’t had the most stable track record when it comes to her love life. She’s been linked to several male celebs over the years and had some drama-filled relationships play out publicly.

Some of the more controversial romantic associations include:

  • James Cook – British socialite accused of being controlling and possessive. Their relationship fueled rumours of engagement before a messy breakup.
  • Prince Harry – Rumored fling with the royal sparked a media frenzy despite lack of solid evidence.
  • Caleb Followill – Brief relationship with the Kings of Leon frontman while he was still married raised ethical concerns.

While every relationship has ups and downs behind closed doors, Poppy’s dating history features enough question marks and scandalous rumors to damage her reputation.

Should Her Dating Life Matter?

On one hand, someone’s personal relationships shouldn’t affect how the public sees them professionally.

But when constantly in the spotlight, who a celebrity dates and how they treat their partners becomes points of analysis and judgment.

Flings with married men or messy breakups conflict with the elegant image she tries to cultivate as a model. So for some, her love life delegitimizes or undermines her success.

Perceived Lack of Talent

Beyond her personal life, even Poppy Delevingne’s professional abilities have faced criticism from some. As primarily a model, she isn’t considered to have remarkable talents.

Modeling largely relies on genetics – being tall, thin, and aesthetically pleasing. It takes hard work but not incredible skill.

So some argue Poppy is just coasting on her natural looks rather than impressive abilities. She benefits from privilege over raw talent.

Multitalented or Just Privileged?

Defenders note she has branched out beyond modeling into design and acting. She launched a successful fashion collection and appeared in movies like Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

But critics argue those endeavors still stem from her fame and connections rather than pure talent. As an actress, reviews of her performances are mediocre at best.

Without the doors opened by nepotism, would she have found any success in these arenas? It’s difficult to say.

So while Poppy is undoubtedly photogenic, her broader skills and talents seem less remarkable to some observers. Her privilege appears to trump ability.

Is the Poppy Hate Warranted?

Looking at all these criticisms of Poppy Delevingne, is the disdain fair or unwarranted? The truth likely lies somewhere in the middle.

Some resentment undoubtedly stems from jealousy over her beauty, wealth, and fame. Criticism is also amplified by the constant spotlight and scrutiny celebrities face.

But Poppy has made real missteps, whether through controversial fashion choices, unwise relationships, or unprofessional behavior.

Still, public figures should be allowed room to grow. Perhaps Poppy has matured and learned from past mistakes. Only time will tell if she can rehabilitate her image moving forward.

So while there are certainly valid critiques of Poppy Delevingne, the degree of hatred she faces online also reflects our tendency to harshly judge celebrities’ every flaw.


In closing, Poppy Delevingne remains a polarizing public figure. While undoubtedly successful in the competitive worlds of fashion and entertainment, she also carries real baggage from a privileged upbringing, relationship drama, and unflattering behavior.

It’s unlikely the hatred and criticism of Poppy will vanish entirely anytime soon. But she also doesn’t deserve unrelenting negativity or scorn. Poppy is human, with all the flaws and missteps that brings.

Perhaps in time she can reshape public perception through professional growth and staying out of the tabloid limelight. But for now, she remains a controversial celebrity who elicits both admiration from fans and disdain from detractors in equal measure.

Her path moving forward will demonstrate whether she can overcome her past and silence the critics. Only Poppy has the power to rewrite her own narrative.

Frequently Asked Questions about Poppy Delevingne

Below are answers to some common questions about why Poppy Delevingne is a controversial public figure.

What is Poppy Delevingne best known for?

Poppy Delevingne is best known for being a British fashion model and socialite. She’s modeled for brands like Burberry and Chanel and is the younger sister of famous model Cara Delevingne.

Why do some people believe Poppy’s success is undeserved?

Critics argue Poppy relies on family connections and nepotism rather than raw talent to earn modelling jobs and acting roles. Her privileged upbringing provided opportunities others work much harder for.

What are the main controversies from Poppy’s dating history?

Poppy has been linked to several male celebrities over the years, including rumored flings with married men like Caleb Followill. Her relationship with James Cook was filled with drama and accusations of controlling behavior.

What leads some to believe Poppy has gotten plastic surgery?

Many claim Poppy’s appearance has changed substantially, whether it’s her nose shape, fuller lips and cheeks, or larger bust. But she has not directly addressed undergoing any cosmetic procedures.

Why did Poppy’s party girl reputation cause backlash?

For years, Poppy was a fixture at Hollywood clubs, often appearing publicly intoxicated. This fueled a narrative of her being unstable or unprofessional rather than a serious model.

Does Poppy have any particular talents besides modelling?

She has branched into design and acting, launching a fashion line and appearing in films like Kingsman 2. But reviews of her talents in these areas are mediocre, leading to claims she lacks real ability.

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