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Why Do People Hate John Travolta?

John Travolta is one of Hollywood’s most well-known faces, having starred in hit films like Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Pulp Fiction and more. However, in recent years, he has faced a significant amount of backlash and criticism from both industry insiders and the public.

A History of Controversies

Travolta has been surrounded by controversies and allegations spanning decades. Some of the main issues that have fueled public disdain towards the actor have included:

Scientology Membership

Travolta has been a long-time member of the Church of Scientology. This religious organization is controversial and has attracted criticism over the years. Travolta’s prominent membership has made him a target for dislike.

Sexual Assault Accusations

The actor has faced multiple accusations of sexual assault and misconduct from male massage therapists over the past 10 years. These accusations have harmed his reputation significantly.

Potential Homophobia

In 2020, Travolta was widely criticized for seemingly giving his former coworker Olivia Newton-John’s daughter’s boyfriend an unsolicited head massage at a party. Many interpreted it as a homophobic gesture.

How Public Perception Has Changed

When Travolta first gained fame in the 1970s, he was seen as a promising young talent and heartthrob. However, views have clearly shifted over time:

1970s-80s: Rising star, Hollywood golden boy

1990s: Established A-lister with continued success

2000s: Controversies emerge, scientology membership controversial

2010s: Sexual assault allegations surface

2020s: Increasing backlash and negative public opinion

As controversies and allegations have accumulated, Travolta’s reputation has taken a nosedive in recent years. Recent accusations seem to have been the last straw for many previous fans.

Common Reasons For Dislike

Based on commentary from critics and former fans, some of the most common reasons that people give for disliking John Travolta now include:

Remains in Scientology

Despite widespread criticism of Scientology’s practices, Travolta has remained a member of his church. Many see this as tacit approval of the organization’s alleged abuses.

Sexual Assault Accusations Persist

The persistence and volume of accusations against the actor has convinced much of the public of likely misconduct.

Homophobia Accusations

Gestures like the 2020 head massage have raised accusations of homophobia that have further damaged his reputation.

Persona No Longer Endearing

Travolta’s easygoing and friendly persona that once made him so appealing to fans has been tarnished by the above issues.

Impact on His Career

The rising negativity surrounding John Travolta in recent years has begun to take a toll on his career. Some examples include:

  • Decline in movie roles offered
  • Films no longer achieving success
  • Criticism and controversy plaguing recent projects
  • Public avoidance and calls for “cancellation”

While not entirely absent from Hollywood currently, Travolta lacks opportunities compared to his peak years in the industry. The persistent distaste that many feel has weakened his career significantly as fans stay away.

Can His Reputation Recover?

Many wonder if John Travolta still has a path back towards restoring his reputation in the eyes of the public. However, several factors make this an uphill battle:

  • Scientology membership remains unchanged
  • Little accountability taken for allegations
  • Existing persona feels irreparably damaged

Without tangible action to address these areas that have fueled so much criticism, overcoming the widely held negative perceptions will be extremely difficult for Travolta. The court of public opinion has long memories.


In review, John Travolta has gone from being one of Hollywood’s most admired talents during the 1970s, culminating with his iconic performance in Grease, to one of the industry’s most widely disliked figures in the 2020s.

The main factors fueling Travolta’s nosediving reputation include his steadfast involvement in the controversial Church of Scientology, accumulating accusations of sexual assault from multiple masseurs spanning years, and questionable PR incidents like his 2020 party interaction displaying potential homophobia.

As a result, Travolta’s once golden boy persona has been indelibly tarnished. Where fans once saw alluring charm, many now only view associations with scandal. His continued career struggles to attract audiences and acclaim reflect this reversal.

Tracing a path towards substantially rehabilitating perceptions seems difficult for Travolta unless changes are made on fronts like addressing allegations more transparently and reevaluating associations. As is, the persisting distaste and avoidance of Travolta among both Hollywood and public circles appears set to remain present moving forward.

The goodwill he once relied on for his acting success has seemingly exhausted for the time being. Rather than warm nostalgia, his presence in modern projects largely generates controversy in the internet age’s unforgiving glare.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Travolta still have diehard fans defending him?

While Travolta undoubtedly has retained some loyal fans willing to defend him against criticism, their numbers have likely dwindled significantly.

Most former fans have found it difficult to justify continued support given the repeating nature of accusations against him alongside his ongoing ties to Scientology.

Has Travolta tried apologizing or addressing allegations?

Throughout the years of allegations and controversies, Travolta himself has released few direct statements addressing criticisms levied his way. In most cases he has either denied accusations outright or opted not to comment substantively towards specific allegations or questioners. This silence has further fueled public frustration.

What was Travolta’s most recent film project?

As of late 2022, Travolta’s most recent film role came with a supporting part in the indie film Get Lost, co-starring Ella Bleu Travolta, the actor’s daughter. The project faced delays due to the pandemic and has no definite release date set yet. Critical reception remains to be seen.

Could revived interest in old Travolta films help his reputation?

Potentially renewed public appreciation for John Travolta’s most acclaimed 1970-80s film projects like Saturday Night Fever, Grease, and Pulp Fiction would do little to counterbalance contemporary disdain tied to ongoing scandals. Without improved current public relations, rediscovered affection for his aged successes is unlikely to reorder prevailing opinions.

Does Travolta have any high-profile defenders left?

In recent years, few high-profile Hollywood figures have stepped forward to notably defend Travolta in the face of unrelenting controversies and allegations against him. While collaborators like Samuel L. Jackson or Olivia Newton-John maintain personal support, public celebrity support has generally dissipated as criticisms have compiled.

Is Scientology a factor limiting Travolta’s career options?

John Travolta’s steadfast ties to the controversial Church of Scientology, known for its aggressive stifling of critics, has almost certainly narrowed prospective film and television opportunities at this stage. Many studios and production companies likely prefer to avoid complex association given Scientology’s notorious reputation.

When did people first start disliking John Travolta?

Dislike towards John Travolta began building in the early 2000s as controversies first emerged surrounding his involvement in Scientology.

However, widespread public backlash intensified more recently around 2020 following repeated accusations of sexual assault and potential instances of homophobia. These recent issues seem to have been the last straw for many former fans.

What movies received backlash for starring Travolta?

Most recently, Travolta has received significant criticism related to starring in the 2019 film The Fanatic. The movie was widely panned by critics and audiences, seen as another misstep in a string of poorly received projects.

Earlier films like Gotti in 2018 also underperformed amidst controversy surrounding Travolta’s personal reputation.

Is Travolta’s career ruined?

While John Travolta’s reputation has cratered in recent years, it remains to be seen if his career is definitively “ruined” per se. He continues to acquire occasional film roles, though often in poorly reviewed productions.

That said, he lacks the A-list status he once held in Hollywood thanks to eroded public opinion. Without an image rehabilitation, his best career years seem decidedly behind him.

Can Travolta make a comeback?

As of now, it appears John Travolta faces long odds for making a substantive professional comeback given the accumulated controversies, allegations, and criticism surrounding him.

Once adored by fans, much of the public now views him quite negatively. Travolta would likely need to make amends across several fronts and commit to transparent behavioral changes before widespread redemption could occur.

Why don’t modern audiences like Travolta?

John Travolta faces disdain from modern audiences primarily due to long-running associations with the controversial Church of Scientology paired with repeated recent accusations of sexual assault and potential instances of homophobia.

After once being admired as a charismatic star, contemporary viewers now largely associate him with these successive scandals and find his existing persona off-putting as a result.

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