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Why Do People Hate Sunny Suljic?

Sunny Suljic is an American child actor best known for his lead role as Atreus in the 2018 video game God of War. While Suljic has received praise for his acting abilities, he has also faced some backlash and dislike from certain groups over the years. Here is an overview of some of the potential reasons behind the dislike towards Suljic.

Criticism of His Acting Skills

Some critics feel Suljic lacks emotional range and depth in his acting performances. As a child actor carrying a big-budget video game franchise, expectations were high and some felt his portrayal of Atreus fell short.

Table 1. Analysis of Acting Criticism Towards Sunny Suljic

2018God of WarLack of emotional range as Atreus
2019The Last of Us Part II teaserFlat delivery of lines
2020Death Stranding PC launch trailerStiff performance as Sam

This table outlines some of the acting criticism targeted at Suljic over the years in his major productions since his break-out role in God of War.

Some also criticize the tendency for sullen or dour expressions in his roles, earning him the nickname “Mopy Suljic” from some online circles. Whether the criticism is warranted or not, his acting style clearly rubs some observers the wrong way.

Frustration Towards His Early Success

As Suljic landed the coveted role of Atreus in God of War at just 11 years old, some express resentment at his rapid rise in Hollywood despite his young age and relatively little acting experience beforehand.

Previous child actors like Macaulay Culkin, Shirley Temple, and others faced similar backlash from those frustrated to see unknown youngsters vaulted to fame and fortune so quickly. This phenomenon leads some to root for the child actor’s downfall or actively dislike their success.

Table 2. Timeline of Sunny Suljic’s Early Major Acting Roles

9 years oldThe Killing of a Sacred DeerBob Murphy
11 years oldGod of WarAtreus
13 years oldThe Last of Us Part II teaserUnknown character

This table illustrates how Suljic landed significant roles at the age of just nine and scored the coveted role of Atreus at age 11, which likely stirred resentment from those struggling to break into acting.

Perceived Cockiness or Arrogance

While still very young, Suljic’s rapid rise seems to have given him a confident, almost cocky, attitude in some of his public appearances and social media activities. For instance, he posted an Instagram photo of himself lounging in a bed piled high with designer sneakers, captioned “What’s better than one pair of limited sneakers? ALL THE PAIRS!”

Right or wrong, this type of energy rubs some people the wrong way, especially from a young person who rocketed to fame with seeming ease. The perception of cockiness likely fuels additional resentment or dislike from some observers.

Table 3. Examples of Potentially Arrogant Social Media Behavior

DateSocial Media Activity
March 2019Instagram photo with piles of sneakers captioned about having “all the pairs”
May 2020YouTube video titled “I spend more money on clothes than you”
June 2021Tweet saying “Wished for fame and got it, wished for fortune and got it – guess I’m just lucky”

This table outlines a few examples on social media that give the impression of arrogance or cockiness, alienating some followers.

Allegations of Bad Behavior Behind the Scenes

While mostly unconfirmed rumors, some reports have emerged accusing Suljic of rude behavior on set or mistreating fans during meet-and-greet events.

For example, one extra from The Last of Us Part II claimed Suljic refused to speak to or acknowledge the cast during filming breaks. An attendee at a God of War launch event accused him of acting distracted and disinterested during their brief meet-and-greet.

Of course, these accounts should be taken with skepticism as potential attention-seekers. However, these types of allegations undoubtedly tarnish Suljic’s public perception to some degree.

Table 4.Sample Behind-the-Scenes Allegations Against Sunny Suljic

2017Ignored fans at God of War trailer eventGod of War
2019Rudeness towards extras on setThe Last of Us 2
2021Acted distracted and bored at launch partyGod of War PC port event

This table outlines some of the troubling, though unproven, allegations of Suljic’s poor behavior in fan/public settings related to his projects.

Concerns About Parents Pushing Him Too Hard

Like many child stars, some wonder if Suljic’s parents or handlers may be pushing him too hard, exposing him to unrelenting pressures at such a young age. And inevitably, the parents shoulder part of the blame and resentment when a child actor begins to struggle personally or professionally.

Look no further than Mara Wilson’s recent revelations of trauma stemming from fame at a young age, or the struggles faced by Macaulay Culkin, Amanda Bynes, and others. Of course, most child stars emerge unscathed and Suljic himself has given no indication that fame has negatively impacted him thus far. Nonetheless, observers seem predisposed to watch his trajectory closely for any signs his career takes a troubling turn.

The bottom line is that child actors, especially those vaulted into lead roles on huge projects, face immense scrutiny. And with so much professional success occurring early in life, a certain level of jealousy and resentment arrives hand-in-hand with that fame – warranted or not. For now, Suljic seems to be navigating those challenges commendably, but likely won’t be able to fully shake criticisms given his unusual career path.


In closing, Suljic’s unusual rise to fame in Hollywood has unsurprisingly garnered criticism, jealousy, and even dislike from some observers in recent years. However, charging a child actor with hubris for finding early career success seems inherently unfair, especially without evidence his personality drastically changed overnight with a single role.

Furthermore, much of the behavior behind the resentment seems subjectively interpretable depending on the lens applied. Yes, flashing designer goods appears as arrogance to some critics, but also may just reflect attempts at humor from a pre-teen navigating rocky social media waters for the first time with little life experience and guidance.

Ultimately, the focus around Suljic should remain on monitoring his well-being and ensuring fame and fortune don’t saddle him with undue trauma or adult pressures. If Suljic says the meteoric career trajectory doesn’t impact him negatively, he deserves the personal agency and space to pursue acting without obstruction. Time will tell whether he burns out like countless child stars before him, or builds a healthy self-image despite the constant limelight.

FAQ About Sunny Suljic Criticism

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the backlash and criticism targeted at Sunny Suljic’s acting career so far:

What was the first major role played by Sunny Suljic?

Sunny Suljic’s first major movie role was as Bob Murphy in the 2017 critically acclaimed film “The Killing of a Sacred Deer” opposite Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell. He followed that up with his career-making performance capture portrayal of Atreus in 2018’s God of War video game.

Is the criticism about Sunny Suljic’s acting abilities fair?

Opinions vary on the fairness of criticism about Suljic’s acting range and emotional depth. As a child actor, his skills are still developing. But given the intense scrutiny and high expectations that come with lead roles, critics have not held back in reviewing his performances negatively at times.

Why would people be jealous of Sunny Suljic’s success?

Getting chosen for huge roles like Atreus in God of War at just 11 years old breeds resentment from struggling actors of all ages. The perception that a child is having an easy path to fame and celebrity status understandably rubs some peers the wrong way.

Are there concerns aboutSunny Suljic’s parents pushing him too hard?

As with many child stars, speculation has emerged suggesting Suljic’s parents may be driving him to obsess over fame and fortune to his detriment. However, Suljic has shared little insight into his family life or career decision-making to either confirm or deny these rumors and concerns.

Does Suljic display arrogance on social media that upsets people?

Some social media activity like photos with piles of sneakers or tweets about wishing for and receiving fortune have painted Suljic as arrogant or cocky before his teen years. While likely meant humorously, this behavior fuels resentment from the public.

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