Why Do People Hate Kamal Haasan?

Kamal Haasan is one of the most popular and influential actors in Indian cinema. He has starred in over 200 films in multiple languages and is admired for his acting skills and versatility.

However, despite his success, Kamal Haasan has also attracted significant hate and criticism over the years. In this comprehensive article, we will analyze the major reasons why certain groups dislike Kamal Haasan.

Political Ambitions

One of the main reasons Kamal Haasan generates hatred is his political ambitions and ideologies.

Entry into Politics

In 2017, after decades as an actor, Kamal Haasan announced his entry into politics by starting his own party Makkal Needhi Maiam. This was met with disdain by supporters of established parties who saw him as an outside trying to gain political power.

Perceived Leftist/Liberal Ideology

Kamal Haasan subscribes to liberal, left-leaning ideologies. He is pro-feminist, secular, and supports minorities. This has led to opposition from right-wing and conservative groups who find his principles too Westernized.

Criticism of Right-Wing Politics

Kamal Haasan has been vocal in his criticism of Hindu right-wing politics and leaders. His anti-establishment stance is seen as progressive by some but offensive by others.

Weak Party and Leadership

Despite high initial hype, Kamal Haasan’s party MNM has failed to make a significant impact. His political inexperience and lack of clear policies have disappointed supporters.

Controversial Remarks

Another key factor is the controversial comments Kamal Haasan has made on sensitive issues which have backfired.

Perceived Anti-Hindu Stance

His statements against Hindu right-wing groups and alleged Hindu extremism have been termed Hindu-phobic by critics.

Remarks on Mahabharata

His interpretation of the Mahabharata characters Draupadi and the Kauravas as being conceived from her relationship with multiple men received backlash.

Comments on Nathuram Godse

His statement calling Mahatma Gandhi’s killer Nathuram Godse India’s first Hindu terrorist led to police complaints against him from Hindu outfits.

Personal Life

Kamal Haasan’s personal relationships and views on women have also fueled hatred amongst certain segments.

Relationships with Actresses

Kamal Haasan was in live-in relationships with actresses like Sarika and Gautami which are still considered taboo by many Indians.

Support for Feminism

His vocal support for feminism and women’s rights is labeled as anti-men by misogynistic groups.

Stance Against Marriage

He has spoken against the need for marriage and institutions like arranged marriage. This irks conservatives who value tradition.

Professional Jealousy

Lastly, professional insecurity and jealousy also play a role in the opposition Kamal Haasan faces.

Popularity and Stardom

His huge popularity across India inevitable breeds jealousy and competitiveness from other actors and film personalities.

Monopolizing Opportunities

Some feel he monopolizes opportunities because of his stardom and networks. This prevents other deserving candidates from getting roles.

Outspoken Nature

His outspoken personality and tendency to frankly share his views publically alienates co-actors or directors who prefer restraint.

Box Office Decline

In recent years his films have underperformed at the box office. This had led some to negatively portray him as past his prime.


In conclusion, Kamal Haasan attracts significant hate due to his political ambitions, controversial remarks, unconventional personal life, and professional jealousy he evokes as a highly popular actor.

While he has many admirers, his ideologies and opinions also provoke intense reactions from detractors belonging to certain political, social, and professional spheres. His future moves and statements will continue to garner both praise and criticism alike.

FAQs about Why People Hate Kamal Haasan

What are the main reasons for the hatred towards Kamal Haasan?

The primary reasons are his political entry and liberal ideologies, controversial comments on sensitive topics, his personal relationships and views, as well as professional jealousy due to his huge popularity.

Which political groups mainly oppose Kamal Haasan?

Right-wing Hindu groups and conservative sections are most opposed to his secular and left-leaning political ideology. They also object to his criticism of Hindu right-wing politics.

How have Kamal Haasan’s remarks on Hinduism caused backlash?

His statements calling right-wing Hindu extremism a threat, interpreting Mahabharata in a controversial way, and calling Nathuram Godse a Hindu terrorist have provoked anger amongst Hindu outfits.

Why do some dislike Kamal Haasan’s personal life?

His live-in relationships with actresses, support for feminism, and opposition to marriage traditions are frowned upon by conservatives who expect conformity with traditional norms.

How does professional jealousy arise against Kamal Haasan?

His huge popularity, monopoly over opportunities, outspokenness, declining box office, and senior status breed jealousy among other actors, directors, producers, and film personalities.

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