Why Do People Hate Ryan Gosling?

Ryan Gosling is a Canadian actor known for films like The Notebook, La La Land, and Drive. While he has a large fanbase, Gosling also has his fair share of haters. Here are some of the main reasons why people dislike Ryan Gosling:

He’s Overexposed

One of the most common complaints about Ryan Gosling is that he’s overexposed. After breaking out in the 2004 romantic drama The Notebook, Gosling starred in numerous high-profile films throughout the late 2000s and 2010s. Movies like Crazy Stupid Love, The Ides of March, The Big Short, La La Land, and Blade Runner 2049 made him an A-list movie star.

Some argue that Gosling has been in too many big movies in too short of a time. They find him annoyingly ubiquitous and believe the quality of his films suffers from his rapid work rate. According to critics, Gosling risks becoming oversaturated, which could damage his staying power in Hollywood.

He Lacks Emotional Range

Another major criticism of Ryan Gosling is that he lacks emotional range as an actor. Detractors say he essentially plays the same brooding, inexpressive character in every movie.

While Gosling has showcased some variation, including the romantic lead in The Notebook and quirky comedy chops in Crazy Stupid Love, many believe he mostly sticks to a silent, stoic on-screen persona. They find his acting one-note and think he struggles to convey complex emotions. This makes some view Gosling as a dull, limited performer.

He’s Arrogant

Some people dislike Ryan Gosling because they perceive him as arrogant. There are a few reasons for this opinion:

  • He sometimes comes across as self-important in interviews, leading people to believe he has an inflated ego.
  • He has turned down some high-profile movie roles, making detractors think he sees himself as above certain projects.
  • His on-screen persona and choice of roles gives off a vibe of gravitas and seriousness that can be interpreted as arrogance.
  • The subtle humor and wryness he sometimes exhibits feels smug to some audiences.

Whether justified or not, Gosling’s perceived air of arrogance rubs some people the wrong way and contributes to their disdain for him.

His Politics

As an outspoken liberal political activist, Ryan Gosling also draws the ire of conservative audiences. Gosling supported Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns and has been involved in liberal causes like PETA and environmental activism.

Some see Gosling as a typical Hollywood liberal who is out of touch with mainstream America. His political views and activism are enough reason for some on the right to dislike the actor. This political divide contributes to the polarization around Gosling.

He Lacks Machismo

Ryan Gosling’s softer, more vulnerable on-screen persona also elicits criticism from some audiences. Compared to old-school leading men like Humphrey Bogart and John Wayne, Gosling comes across as more emotional, insecure, and non-macho.

For fans of a rugged masculine archetype, Gosling lacks traditional machismo. This shapes a perception that he is less “manly” than other actors, which is a negative quality for some moviegoers. They prefer an actor who seems strong, stoic, and heroic.

His Handsomeness

As strange as it sounds, Ryan Gosling’s good looks are also a source of backlash from some. There are a few aspects to this:

  • Some feel Gosling is overly groomed and pretty. His flawless appearance feels inauthentic.
  • Men who dislike Gosling may do so out of jealousy over his handsomeness.
  • His appearance leads some to resent how often he is objectified for his looks.
  • The obsession over his dreamy image annoys people who feel it overlooks his acting skills.

Essentially, a portion of critics push back against the idolization of Gosling as a heartthrob, wanting him to be viewed as more than just his flawless face.

His Relationship with Eva Mendes

As one of Hollywood’s most private couples, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes rarely make public appearances together and keep their children out of the spotlight. While many find this admirable, some perceive it as standoffish or feel Gosling is trying to separate himself from mainstream celebrity culture.

Some question if the relationship is some kind of PR arrangement for image purposes rather than an authentic romance. The intense privacy fuels conspiracy theories and assumptions that annoy both fans and detractors alike. Ultimately, the secrecy of their partnership contributes to a sense that Gosling is being intentionally difficult or elitist.

He Replaced Ryan Reynolds

A surprising source of resentment towards Ryan Gosling is his role in supplanting fellow Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds as Hollywood’s “Ryan G.”

Reynolds preceded Gosling with early 2000s fame in films like Van Wilder and The Amityville Horror. But as Gosling rose to stardom a few years later, he essentially overtook Reynolds as the more prominent actor named Ryan.

Some fans unfairly hold this against Gosling, feeling he stole the spotlight from Reynolds, who they see as equally or more talented than Gosling. It fuels an ongoing debate comparing the two Ryans.

He Makes Controversial Directorial Choices

As an actor who has also directed films like Lost River and How to Catch a Monster, Ryan Gosling makes bold creative choices that sometimes backfire. For example, critics panned Lost River for being pretentious and lacking substance beyond striking visuals.

When Gosling aims for provocative artistry that misses the mark in the eyes of reviewers and audiences, it leads to resentment over his poorly executed attempts at auteur filmmaking. People dislike when Gosling’s ambition outweighs his directing abilities.

His Meme Status

The internet has embraced Ryan Gosling as a popular meme and subject of parody online. Images with Gosling’s face and cheeky captions poke fun at his dreamy persona.

However, some find the “Hey Girl” and similar memes disrespectful or feel that parodying Gosling is overdone and no longer funny. The constant jokes at Gosling’s expense grate on those who believe he deserves more serious appreciation.

His Role in Damaging The Mickey Mouse Club

Early in his career, Ryan Gosling was a cast member on The Mickey Mouse Club alongside Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera. While the show launched those stars’ careers, some argue the grown-up image of former Mouseketeers harmed the Disney brand.

Conservatives in particular disliked the mature subject matter of films like The Notebook with Gosling. Because the child-friendly Mickey Mouse Club served as the platform for these stars, some hold Gosling and company responsible for sullying the reputation of a beloved Disney program and its iconic corporate mascot.

Here is a table summarizing the key reasons behind the hatred for Ryan Gosling:

And here is a table comparing Ryan Gosling to similar leading men:

ActorSimilarity to GoslingKey Differences
Ryan ReynoldsCanadian, funny, handsomeMore muscular, more comedic roles
Bradley CooperCharismatic, versatile, smart picking rolesMore outgoing personality, older
Robert PattinsonHeartthrob status, indie credMore eccentric personality, English
Jake GyllenhaalSerious actor who can also do lighter rolesMore varied filmography, less memed
Leonardo DiCaprioBecame huge star at young ageMore consistent box office draw, greater range
Joseph Gordon-LevittCharming, boyish appeal crossing many genresLess conventional handsome, more quirky manic energy

Why Do Some Still Admire Ryan Gosling Despite the Hate?

While Ryan Gosling certainly has detractors, he still maintains a sizable fanbase and respect from many in the film industry. Here are some of the key reasons why Gosling remains admired and defended by his supporters:

  • He is undeniably talented, with two Oscar nominations and praise for films like Half Nelson, Blue Valentine, Drive, and The Big Short. When given strong material, Gosling delivers.
  • He has an intriguing charisma on screen thanks to his subtle magnetism and wit. Gosling’s persona remains watchable even in lesser films.
  • Fans argue he has more range than given credit for, pointing to his singing and hoofing in La La Land and comedic acting in Crazy Stupid Love as evidence.
  • He makes bold, artistic choices as both an actor and director, which takes ambition even if it falls short at times. His fearlessness to experiment is commendable.
  • Despite his megastar status, he remains dedicated to indie films and offbeat material like Lars and the Real Girl and Blue Valentine.
  • He avoids much of the TMZ/tabloid culture around Hollywood, keeping a low-key lifestyle. This makes him more likable.
  • Physically, he possesses an intriguing contradicting mix of classic Hollywood handsome looks and an off-kilter, asymmetrical face with flaws that give him depth.
  • His partnerships with innovative directors like Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive), Derek Cianfrance (Blue Valentine), and Damien Chazelle (La La Land) elevate the quality of his projects.
  • He has well-regarded directorial efforts like Lost River and strong producing work on films such as Blue Valentine.

So while Ryan Gosling faces plenty of criticism, for loyal fans, his talent, risk-taking, and commitment to quality ultimately outweigh the factors that make detractors dislike him. His admirable qualities on and off-screen keep him respected in the eyes of many cinema lovers.

How Might Ryan Gosling Win Over More of the Public?

If he wants to improve his image and broaden his appeal, here are some steps Ryan Gosling could potentially take:

Show Wider Acting Range

Taking on more transformative, emotionally complex roles that challenge his current persona would display stronger acting chops. Greater diversity in characters would make him less one-note.

Star in a Big Commercial Franchise

Leading an major mainstream action or superhero franchise would make him more relatable to mass audiences. The box office draw would offset claims that he’s overexposed in Oscar bait.

Poke Fun at His Image

Appearing in comedies or self-parodying cameos that poke fun at his heartthrob image could humanize him and show he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Produce Passion Projects of Emerging Filmmakers

Mentoring and producing up-and-coming directors would build goodwill by using his clout to champion new voices instead of his ownego.

Direct a Crowd-Pleaser

Helming a lighthearted crowd-pleasing film with mass appeal could rehabilitate him from pretentious art film backlash and display commercial sensibilities.

Spotlight Activism for Bipartisan Causes

Championing uncontroversial charitable causes (children’s hospitals, food banks, etc.) rather than partisan politics could make him seem less divisive a figure.

Give Candid Interviews

Openly addressing criticisms about arrogance, overexposure, etc. in an unguarded way could humanize him as self-aware and make him appear more down-to-earth.

Laugh off Memes

Embracing and partaking in the viral memes and jokes about him would reduce resentment by proving he’s not self-serious and lacks ego.

By showing some evolution and revealing a more easygoing, flexible side of himself, Ryan Gosling could overcome the flack from naysayers and become a universally beloved superstar.


Ryan Gosling’s rise to fame comes with inevitable critics and detractors. His omnipresence, stoicism, liberal politics, and even dreamy looks make some audiences roll their eyes or actively dislike him.

However, Gosling retains devoted fans thanks to his talent, bold directing, artistic choices, indie dedication, and magnetic charisma. While not everyone loves him, Ryan Gosling remains one of the most fascinating and discussed figures in modern Hollywood.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ryan Gosling Hatred

Why do some men dislike Ryan Gosling?

Some men dislike Ryan Gosling due to jealousy over his good looks, machismo, and female attention. Others find him boring or pretentious, or consider him overrated. Politically conservative men may resent his liberal activism.

Is Ryan Gosling mean or rude to fans?

There are no widespread reports of Ryan Gosling being mean or rude to fans. By all accounts he is gracious with fans, just very private and reserved when not promoting projects. Some mistake his shyness for standoffishness.

What movie made people hate Ryan Gosling?

No specific movie triggered widespread Gosling hate. Some cite films like Only God Forgives where he displayed weaker acting range. Lost River’s poor reception increased perception he was pretentious.

Why do people say Ryan Gosling can’t act?

People who claim Gosling can’t act believe he plays the same brooding character in every movie and lacks emotional range. But supporters argue he shows strong versatility in films like La La Land.

Is Ryan Gosling friends with any other celebrities?

Ryan Gosling is friends with several co-stars including Emma Stone, Michelle Williams, and Ryan Reynolds. He keeps a small inner circle in Hollywood and avoids huge celebrity social circles.

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