Why Do People Hate Kathy Griffin?

Kathy Griffin is an American comedian and actress who has starred in several comedy specials, TV shows, and films. She is known for her abrasive and controversial style of comedy that involves making fun of celebrities and public figures.

While she has many fans who appreciate her edgy humor, Kathy Griffin also has a significant number of detractors who dislike or even hate her. There are several reasons why the comedian evokes such strong negative reactions from some people.

Main Reasons for Dislike of Kathy Griffin

Provocative Persona and Style of Comedy

One of the main reasons why Kathy Griffin has haters is that her comedy persona and style involves attacking and mocking celebrities in a very abrasive way. She frequently makes incredibly provocative jokes about famous people with the aim of shocking her audience. This includes jokes about:

  • Plastic surgeries or physical attributes of celebrities
  • Drug abuse or addiction issues
  • Controversial or scandalous behavior
  • Sexuality and sex scandals

While some people find Griffin’s no-holds-barred comedy style refreshing, others consider it mean-spirited, inappropriate, or even crossing moral lines. Her harsh roasting of celebrities strikes some as bullying rather than good-natured comedy.

Feud with Donald and Melania Trump

Kathy Griffin attracted enormous backlash in 2017 after posing with a prop of Donald Trump’s bloody severed head for a photoshoot with photographer Tyler Shields. The controversial photo received widespread condemnation from both sides of the political aisle as being inappropriate and going too far.

Griffin was criticized heavily by Trump, his family, and his supporters. Many saw the photo as an implicit threat of violence against the president. The US Secret Service even launched an investigation into the matter.

The photo shoot caused Griffin to lose sponsorships, jobs, and friends. While she later apologized for crossing a line, the incident cemented her reputation with Trump loyalists as a Hollywood liberal who had contempt for the president.

Off-Color Humor and Desire to Shock

Another aspect of Kathy Griffin’s comedy that rubs some people the wrong way is her tendency to make repeated jokes about off-color topics like bodily functions, sex, and drinking with the apparent aim of shocking the audience.

Some appreciate her willingness to “go there” with edgy humor. However, others find her constant attempts to push the boundaries of good taste to be vulgar, unfunny, or inappropriate. This contributes to her reputation with some as an annoying shock comic.

Perception of Attacks on Religion

Griffin has attracted scorn from religious groups over her comedy routines that mock Christianity. She often singles out Jesus Christ and Biblical stories as part of her stand-up acts in a way some find offensive.

For example, her portrayal of Jesus as a whiny celebrity who is obsessed with the Kardashians in her comedy shows rubs many Christians the wrong way. They see her religious commentary as rude, inaccurate, or sacrilegious.

Blunt and Abrasive Personality

Another major factor is that Kathy Griffin’s actual personality as a blunt, abrasive loudmouth rubs a lot of people the wrong way. In interviews and offstage interactions, she comes across as arrogant, foul-mouthed, and rude to some.

Her apparent willingness to insult and say outrageous things with little regard for others makes her unlikable in the eyes of those put off by her brash persona. While some see it as refreshingly unfiltered, others just see nastiness and disrespect.

Perception She Goes Too Far with Jokes

A common criticism of Griffin’s comedy is that she does not know when enough is enough and repeatedly goes too far with offensive or inappropriate jokes. Her critics say she lacks the judgment or restraint to discern tasteful, acceptable comedy from segments that are pointlessly vulgar or malicious.

Even some who appreciate edgy comedy accuse Griffin of simply trying to shock with nasty personal attacks rather than clever biting humor. The perception she always takes jokes a step too far makes her unpopular with those who feel she lacks comedic ethics.

Association with Liberal Hollywood Elites

Finally, Griffin’s reputation as an outspoken liberal and Hollywood insider damages her popularity with conservatives and middle America. She is seen as embodying the values and arrogance of the left-leaning celebrity elite.

From mocking Jesus to posing with the bloody Trump head, Griffin’s comedy stylings and politics represent the excess and contempt for tradition that rubs much of conservative America the wrong way. Her hatred from that segment of society is inevitable given the cultural gulf between her and them.

Understanding the Kathy Griffin Hatred

Kathy Griffin’s brand of shock comedy was always going to be divisive and generate a range of reactions from adoration to disgust. While she does have her defenders, it is clear why she evokes such vitriol from certain segments of society.

Her love of offensive, controversial jokes and desire to push boundaries inevitably alienates those with more traditional sensibilities. And her choice to fiercely mock beloved figures like Jesus Christ and Donald Trump ensure backlash from Christians and conservatives.

Griffin’s comedy ethos is about unfiltered free speech and holding nothing back. But this refusal to self-censor comes at the cost of inflaming social divisions in an increasingly tribal political climate.

Ultimately, Kathy Griffin’s haters cannot stand her abrasive, arrogant personality, incendiary style of comedy, and embodiment of Hollywood liberal values. To them, she represents everything wrong with the cultural elite. Understanding this context makes the animosity towards Griffin more comprehensible, even if one finds her comedy funny.

In the end, Griffin is a veteran entertainer who knows her provocative brand appeals to some and appalls others. The hatred will not dissipate, but it likely won’t slow her down either. Controversy is all part of the Kathy Griffin experience.

Kathy Griffin’s Career Highs and Lows

Highest Moments

  • Winning two Emmy Awards for her reality show “Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List” in 2007 and 2008. This show aired on Bravo from 2005-2010.
  • Releasing several successful comedy albums including 2014’s “Look at My Butt Crack” which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Comedy Albums chart.
  • Appearing on shows like NBC’s “Suddenly Susan” and “ER” and CBS’s “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and “Seinfeld” in the 90s.
  • Being chosen to host CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage annually from 2009 to 2016 alongside Anderson Cooper, helping boost her household name recognition.

Lowest Moments

  • Comedian Steve Martin cutting ties with Griffin as a friend in the aftermath of her Trump photo controversy in 2017.
  • Being fired from co-hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage in 2017 after the fallout from the Trump photoshoot.
  • Having to cancel her comedy tour dates in 2017 after venues dropped her shows due to the Trump head controversy.
  • Facing a federal investigation by the Department of Justice and being interviewed for over an hour by the Secret Service over the Trump photo.
  • Facing backlash in 2005 for making a joke about how Dakota Fanning, then 11 years old, had entered rehab. She had to apologize to Dakota’s family.

Kathy Griffin’s Controversies Over the Years

Kathy Griffin has made a career out of controversial comedy, but she has faced backlash over the years for taking things too far even by her standards. Here are some of her biggest controversies:

Mocking Jesus on Comedy Specials

In stand-up specials like 2005’s “Kathy Griffin Is…Not Nicole Kidman” and 2007’s “Straight to Hell,” Griffin mocked Jesus Christ in ways some Christians found offensive, such as implying Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a sexual relationship.

Lewd Remark about Dakota Fanning

In 2005, Griffin made a joke during the MTV Movie Awards about 11-year-old actress Dakota Fanning entering rehab, intended as commentary on young stars struggling with fame. She later apologized.

Banned from ‘The View’

Griffin was banned in 2007 from appearing again on ABC’s “The View” after using profanity on air and suggesting Jesus was gay during an appearance.

simulate oral sex on Anderson Cooper on live TV during a New Year’s Eve broadcast on CNN.

Severed Trump Head Photo

Griffin faced immense backlash in 2017 after she was photographed holding up a prop of Donald Trump’s bloody, severed head. She apologized but still faced immense fallout.

Punching Comment about Covington Kids

In 2019, Griffin seemed to encourage violence against the Covington Catholic High School students caught in a viral confrontation, tweeting “Name these kids. I want NAMES. Shame them.” She later deleted the tweet.

Mocking Demi Lovato’s Overdose

After Demi Lovato’s 2018 drug overdose, Griffin tweeted a photo mocking her, saying “Babe, are you ok?” She deleted the tweet after criticism that it was insensitive.

Kathy Griffin’s Ongoing Feuds with Donald Trump and Family

Kathy Griffin and Donald Trump have had an intensely antagonistic relationship ever since her controversial severed head photoshoot in 2017. Here are some key aspects of their ongoing feuding:

  • Trump tweeted that Griffin “should be ashamed of herself” for the photoshoot, and claimed his 11-year-old son Barron was “having a hard time with this.”
  • First Lady Melania Trump called the photo “disturbing” and said “all children deserve a chance to grow up in a society free from hatred and violence.”
  • The Trump family continued criticizing Griffin as “sick” and petitioned CNN to fire her from their New Year’s show with Anderson Cooper.
  • Griffin claims she received constant death threats telling her she should be decapitated like ISIS hostages.
  • In 2018, Griffin retracted her apology over the photo shoot, now sells merchandise with the infamous photo, and continues to harshly criticize Trump.
  • Griffin has accused Trump and his family of systematically trying to end her career. She also claims he was “obsessed” with her and tried to get the FBI to arrest her.
  • Trump rarely mentions Griffin now in public but is widely expected to still harbor animosity toward the comedian who caused him and his family much anger.
  • Griffin continues to frequently insult Trump on talk shows and comedy tours, calling him names like “Desperate Cheeto.” She claims the Trumps bullied her unfairly.


In conclusion, Kathy Griffin elicits strong dislike and hatred from segments of the population because of her controversial style of shock comedy, tendency to attack figures like Jesus and Donald Trump in her act, brazen and abrasive personality, and embodiment of Hollywood liberal values.

While she has fans who find her humor entertaining, she also has vocal detractors across religious and political groups who find her comedy offensive and her public persona mean-spirited.

Griffin’s brand of unfiltered provocative comedy, and her refusal to back down from criticism, ensures she will likely remain a divisive figure. The context of today’s highly partisan environment and social media outrage cycles make it inevitable that a comedian like Griffin who deliberately tries to push buttons will generate enormous backlash from those who disapprove.

For better or worse, outrage and antagonism from various groups is now intertwined with Griffin’s comedy legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kathy Griffin Hatred

Why do Christians hate Kathy Griffin?

Christians dislike Griffin because she has repeatedly mocked Jesus Christ and biblical stories in her comedy acts in ways they consider offensive and sacrilegious. Her portrayal of Jesus as obsessed with the Kardashians angered many believers.

Why was she investigated by the Secret Service?

The Secret Service opened an investigation into Griffin in 2017 after her photoshoot posing with a bloody prop of Donald Trump’s decapitated head, which was considered a potential threat against the president.

Did Kathy Griffin actually threaten President Trump?

While the photo was controversial, Griffin insists it was meant as an artistic statement and satirical commentary, not an actual threat. The Secret Service ultimately cleared her of any charges.

What did Kathy Griffin say about the Covington Catholic students?

In 2019 tweets she later deleted, Griffin seemed to call for the Covington Catholic teens to be publicly named, shamed and harmed after their viral confrontation with a Native American elder.

How did Kathy Griffin mock Demi Lovato’s drug overdose?

After Demi Lovato’s 2018 overdose, Griffin tweeted an insensitive photo implying Lovato asked for drugs, saying “Babe, are you ok?” Griffin deleted the tweet after backlas

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