Why Do People Love Giovanni Pernice?

Giovanni Pernice is a professional dancer and choreographer who has captivated audiences across the UK and beyond. He is best known for being a professional dancer on the popular BBC show Strictly Come Dancing.

Giovanni first joined Strictly in 2015 for its thirteenth series and has since become one of the show’s most popular dancers. He has reached the final an impressive five times and won the Glitterball Trophy in 2015 with soap actress Georgia May Foote.

But what is it exactly about Giovanni that makes him so loved by Strictly fans and the general public? Here we explore the dancer’s background, his Strictly achievements, his partnerships over the years, and the qualities and talents that have led to him becoming such a popular celebrity.

Giovanni’s Background

Early Life in Sicily

Giovanni Pernice was born on September 5, 1990 in Sicily, Italy. From a young age, Giovanni had a passion for dance and performed in competitions across Italy.

At 14, he moved to Bologna to pursue dance more seriously, studying both Latin and ballroom styles. Four years later, Giovanni’s talent saw him represent Italy at the World Championships in Ballroom Showdance.

Moving to London

In 2012, Giovanni took the major step of relocating to London to further his dance career. He initially performed in the dance show Burn the Floor.

It was around this time that Giovanni first caught the attention of Strictly producers, who admired his technical skill and performance ability.

Competing Before Strictly

Before joining Strictly Come Dancing, Giovanni competed across the world in professional dance competitions. Among his achievements:

  • Representing Italy at the World Championships in Ballroom Showdance in 2010
  • Reaching the semi-finals of the International Championships in 2012
  • Winning the Italian Championships in 2012 and 2013
  • Reaching the final of the British National Championships in 2013

Giovanni’s talent and dedication saw him gain recognition before ever setting foot in the Strictly ballroom.

Giovanni’s Strictly Story

First Steps on Strictly (2015)

After impressing producers, Giovanni joined Strictly Come Dancing for its 2015 series, paired with soap star Georgia May Foote. Despite it being his debut year, the couple made it all the way to the grand final.

In an incredible achievement, Giovanni and Georgia May were crowned series champions, winning Giovanni the Glitterball Trophy in his first year. He was only the third professional dancer to ever win on their first series.

Further Final Appearances

Following his triumphant debut, Giovanni quickly became a Strictly favourite. He has since gone on to reach an impressive four more grand finals:

  • 2016, with actress Laura Whitmore, finishing as runners-up
  • 2018, with stepsister duo Faye Tozer, finishing as runners-up
  • 2019, with social media star Saffron Barker, finishing as runners-up
  • 2021, with TV presenter Rose Ayling-Ellis, winning the Glitterball Trophy for a second time

In just seven series, Giovanni has established himself as one of Strictly’s top dancers.

Memorable Partnerships

Aside from his two victorious partnerships, Giovanni has forged memorable bonds with other celebrity partners:

  • Debbie McGee (2017): Giovanni guided magician’s assistant Debbie to the final at the age of 59. Their breathtaking “robotic” routine is considered an all-time Strictly highlight.
  • Michelle Visage (2019): Giovanni helped RuPaul’s Drag Race star Michelle find her feminine side through dramatic routines like their Couple’s Choice to Madonna’s “Vogue”.
  • Ranvir Singh (2020): Giovanni brought out a new confidence in TV presenter Ranvir, leading to speculation about their close connection. Their dreamy Viennese Waltz remains a fan favourite.

Though not all Giovanni’s partners have lasted to the final, he always succeeds in bringing out their best.

Why Giovanni is Loved

Looking across Giovanni’s Strictly Come Dancing journey, various qualities and talents help explain his widespread popularity and status as a fan favourite professional dancer.

Dancing Talent

First and foremost, Giovanni is an incredible dancer. His technical skill and versatility across Latin, ballroom, and contemporary styles never fail to impress judges and viewers alike. Fans can always rely on Giovanni to deliver creative, memorable routines.

Supportive Partnerships

Giovanni approaches each partnership with care and dedication. He works hard to bring out the best in each celebrity dancer, building their confidence and helping them find their dancing feet. This supportive approach endears him to both partners and viewers.

Drive and Determination

Beneath his suave exterior, Giovanni is a fiercely determined competitor. From his early days competing for Italy to his five Strictly final appearances, Giovanni’s dedication and drive to succeed have made him a champion. Fans admire this competitive spirit.

Charisma and Showmanship

With his charm, charisma, and theatrical flair, Giovanni was born to perform. He brings passion and drama to each routine, captivating audiences in the studio and at home. Giovanni knows how to work a crowd and deliver a memorable show.

Humour and Personality

Behind Giovanni’s competitive drive is a playful, cheeky personality which fans find endearing. He brings fun and laughs to Strictly training videos and interviews, showing he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Giovanni’s humour makes him all the more likeable.

Glitterball Glory

Above all else, Giovanni is loved for being a champion. As one of few dancers to have lifted the Glitterball Trophy, Giovanni is Strictly royalty. Fans delight in supporting him series after series as he strives for more victory.

Giovanni’s Strictly Report Card

To appreciate Giovanni’s popularity, it helps to visualize his Strictly achievements over the years:

Series Partner Placement
2015 Georgia May Foote Winners 🏆
2016 Laura Whitmore Runners-up
2017 Debbie McGee Finalists
2018 Faye Tozer Runners-up
2019 Michelle Visage Semi-Finalists
2019 Saffron Barker Runners-up
2020 Ranvir Singh Semi-Finalists
2021 Rose Ayling-Ellis Winners 🏆

In just seven series, Giovanni has reached an impressive five finals and lifted the Glitterball Trophy twice – an outstanding Strictly track record.

The Qualities that Make Giovanni So Loved

Looking more closely at what makes Giovanni such a popular Strictly professional:

His Dancing Skills

  • Impeccable technique in both ballroom and Latin
  • Creative flair and artistry
  • Athleticism, strength, and stamina
  • Ability to master any dance style
  • Strives for technical perfection

His Teaching Abilities

  • Patient and caring with partners
  • Fosters trust and confidence
  • Tailors teaching style to each partner
  • Pushes partners to their potential
  • Celebrates each improvement and milestone

His Performance Skills

  • Committed, passionate performer
  • Electrifying chemistry with partners
  • Acts out stories and emotions
  • Entertaining facials and flair
  • Glides effortlessly across the floor

His Competitive Nature

  • Fiercely determined and driven
  • Hates to make mistakes
  • Always striving to improve
  • Hates to lose!
  • Won’t give up without a fight

His Charisma and Showmanship

  • Lights up the dancefloor
  • Playful and cheeky charisma
  • Loves to play to the crowd
  • Flair for the dramatic and theatrical
  • Entertaining in interviews and videos

These qualities combine to make Giovanni a world-class dancer, teacher, competitor, entertainer and – most importantly – Strictly legend.

FAQs About Giovanni Pernice

Here are answers to 5 frequently asked questions about Giovanni Pernice:

Where is Giovanni Pernice from?

Giovanni Pernice was born in Sicily, Italy in 1990. He relocated to London in 2012 to advance his professional dance career.

Is Giovanni Pernice married?

No, Giovanni is not currently married. He tends to be quite private about his romantic life. Giovanni has been previously linked to several of his Strictly celebrity partners, but nothing has ever been publicly confirmed.

Why did Giovanni join Strictly?

Giovanni was invited to join Strictly in 2015 after impressing producers while performing in dance stage shows. He saw Strictly as a huge opportunity to challenge himself and show off his skills to millions on Britain’s biggest dance stage.

What is Giovanni’s dance background?

Giovanni has been dancing since childhood. He competed across Italy in Latin and ballroom from a young age. He represented Italy at the World Championships in Ballroom Showdance in 2010. Giovanni also performed in dance productions worldwide before joining Strictly.

What dance training does Giovanni do?

As a professional dancer, Giovanni trains intensively to stay in peak physical condition. He does strength and conditioning sessions in the gym, along with regular dance classes to hone his technique. During Strictly seasons, training ramps up to long hours rehearsing with celebrity partners.


In conclusion, Giovanni Pernice has established himself as one of Strictly Come Dancing’s most popular and talented professional dancers. Viewers are drawn to his incredible dance skills, competitive drive, captivating showmanship and charismatic performances.

But most importantly, Giovanni’s caring teaching methods and knack for bringing out the best in celebrity partners makes him a joy to watch each series. His two Glitterball Trophy victories cement his status as a Strictly legend.

With his Italian flair, dashing looks and dedication to the craft, Giovanni Pernice looks set to continue wowing Strictly audiences for years to come. He reminds us all why we love dance – and why we love Strictly!

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