Why Do People Hate Savannah Chrisley?

Savannah Chrisley is a controversial reality TV personality who stars in the USA Network show “Chrisley Knows Best.” The show follows Savannah’s extravagant lifestyle alongside her father Todd Chrisley and the rest of their family.

While the Chrisleys showcase wealth and over-the-top antics, Savannah often faces backlash from viewers who find her annoying, entitled, and out of touch. This article will explore the major reasons why Savannah Chrisley draws so much criticism and hatred from fans.

Her Extravagant Lifestyle

One of the main reasons people dislike Savannah is that she flaunts an opulent lifestyle most can’t relate to. She regularly posts photos on Instagram posing with her expensive clothes, luxury cars, and lavish vacations. This excessive lifestyle rubs many fans the wrong way, making Savannah appear spoiled, arrogant, and oblivious to real world problems.

For example, in one episode she nonchalantly spent over $20,000 on designer bags like they were candy bars. Savannah carrying Birkin bags worth more than most people’s cars comes across as bragging to the show’s middle class viewers. Her over the top birthday parties, designer shopping sprees, and exotic getaways displayed on the show further trigger resentment from fans struggling to pay bills.

Savannah’s Luxurious Lifestyle By The Numbers

  • $25,000 – Average cost of Savannah’s designer handbags
  • $100,000 – Price of Savannah’s car, a Mercedes G-Wagon
  • $500,000 – Estimated cost of Savannah’s designer shoe collection
  • $5 million – The value of the Chrisley family mansion in Nashville

This extreme wealth displayed on the show frequently makes Savannah a target of hatred and claims she is an arrogant rich kid.

She Comes Across as Entitled

Another reason Savannah Chrisley invites scorn is she often acts entitled, expecting special treatment and exceptions to rules others follow. She relies heavily on her father’s wealth to get what she wants and manipulation to avoid consequences for her actions.

For instance, in one memorable scene Savannah expected restaurant staff to serve her food after closing time simply because of who she was. When denied service, she threw a tantrum proclaiming, “Don’t they know who I am? I’m a Chrisley!” Her selfish belief that normal rules shouldn’t apply to her because of fame draws criticism and annoyance towards her character.

Savannah also constantly depended on Todd to bail her out of trouble, knowing he had the money and influence to make her problems disappear. Whenever she got in a bind – whether it was maxing out credit cards or wrecking her car – she expected Todd to clean up the mess. This refusal to take real responsibility and seeing herself as beyond the rules makes many viewers consider Savannah the epitome of privilege and entitlement.

Examples of Savannah’s Entitled Behavior

  • Demanding personal assistants wait on her hand and foot
  • Skipping lines and expecting immediate service because she’s “somebody”
  • Throwing fits when she doesn’t get VIP treatment at venues
  • Making staff stay late to serve her after closing time
  • Refusing to take accountability for mistakes and wrongdoings

Her Attitude Towards Others

Perhaps the biggest reason Savannah Chrisley turns people off is her often arrogant, condescending attitude towards others. She frequently looks down on people she considers beneath her social status.

Savannah has shown prejudice towards people not as wealthy or “sophisticated” as she perceives herself. For instance, she called her own cousin “white trash” because she didn’t wear expensive fashions or know high society etiquette. Fans found this insulting a family member over socioeconomic class deeply offensive.

She also loves bragging about her designer clothes and lifestyle to cousins raised in the rural South without those luxuries. Flaunting wealth to relatives and putting them down for having less makes Savannah unlikeable to fans who consider her snobbish and cruel.

In addition, Savannah leverages her father’s money and connections to get ahead in ways not available to average people. Whether it’s using Todd’s influence to get out of trouble or skipping years of work experience to start her high-level fashion business Kittenish, fans accused Savannah of bypassing the rules. Viewers facing their own struggles found her using status and privilege to advance infuriating.

Savannah’s Elitist Attitudes:

  • Insulting cousins for being lower class
  • Bragging about wealth to less fortunate family
  • Looking down on people not as rich and privileged
  • Using family’s status to cut in line and get exceptions
  • Demeaning “average” people and places as not good enough

Her Hypocrisy

Savannah calling out others for behavior she’s guilty of herself also stokes negative reactions from fans. They point to her hypocrisy in having one standard she expects from people and a completely different standard for herself.

For instance, she often judges her boyfriends for minor faults or other girls for dressing provocatively. However, Savannah herself engages in the exact same behavior, wearing revealing outfits and flirting openly with other men while in relationships.

Fans cry foul at Savannah attacking people for the same actions she exhibits regularly. Her “rules for thee but not for me” attitude strike many as holier-than-thou hypocrisy. It causes people to see her as a mean girl who tears women down while believing she’s above criticism herself.

Examples of Savannah’s Hypocritical Actions:

  • Chastising girls for posting sexy selfies while she posts them herself
  • Judging boyfriends for texting other women when she openly flirts with men
  • Criticizing people for plastic surgery and enhancements while getting it herself
  • Calling out wasteful spending but going on lavish shopping sprees
  • Accusing others of being entitled and expecting special treatment

Her Superficiality and Vanity

Savannah’s obsession with her appearance also grates on fans. She spends exorbitant amounts of time and money on beauty treatments, designer clothes, and plastic surgery enhancements. Viewers believe this emphasis on physical looks over inner substance makes Savannah seem superficial and vain.

For example, she reportedly gets botox, lip injections, laser facials, hair extensions and other cosmetic procedures on a regular basis. Savannah obsesses over her weight, dieting, and exercising constantly. Fans argue this promotes unhealthy beauty standards, especially when she filters and edits her photos on Instagram to alter her looks.

This apparent vanity and superficiality give off the impression Savannah depends deeply on appearance for self-worth. Supporters of women’s empowerment and self-acceptance take issue with her perpetuation of harmful stereotypes. They feel Savannah’s sole focus on looks and luxury makes her a disappointment as a female role model.

Examples of Savannah’s Superficial Values:

  • Spending thousands monthly on designer clothes, shoes, bags to flaunt
  • Getting extensive cosmetic procedures like lip fillers, botox, laser skin treatments
  • Obsessively dieting and exercising to stay thin; perpetuating unhealthy ideas
  • Spending hours on hair, makeup, filters to perfect selfies
  • Basing nearly all conversations, Instagram posts around fashion and beauty

She Stirs Up Family Drama

Another strike against Savannah is her reputation for stirring up needless drama with her family members. Critics say she exaggerated issues for attention, turning small disputes into televised blow ups.

For example, she feuded with her mother Julie over childish issues like borrowed clothes. She even publicly threatened to quit the show, supposedly because of tensions with her mom. Fans saw this as juvenile and manipulative, trying to hold the show hostage over petty squabbles.

Savannah also enjoys flaunting Todd’s wealth and bragging about expensive gifts in front of her less wealthy cousins and grandparents. This has caused rifts in the family, with relatives feeling hurt and excluded from her lavish lifestyle.

Stirring conflicts and using money to show off gives Savannah the brand of a mean girl sabotaging family relationships for ratings. It makes many viewers resent her throwing loved ones under the bus for fame and agenda setting.

Savannah’s Notable Family Feuds:

  • Petty clashes with her mother Julie over clothing, chores
  • Flaunting wealth to cousins raised with far less
  • Offending grandparents by bragging about expensive gifts from Todd
  • Exaggerating issues with Chase and Todd to create drama for the show
  • Publicly threatening to quit the show over minor disagreements

Her Immaturity and Irresponsibility

Despite acting entitled, Savannah also displays frequent immaturity and irresponsibility that disappoints fans. She seems to lack basic life skills and still depends heavily on her parents into her 20s.

For example, Savannah relied on Todd to manage her finances well into adulthood. On the show he was still paying her bills, doling out allowance money, and policing her spending at age 25. Fans saw this as the behavior of an irresponsible teen, not an independent adult.

Savannah also demonstrates immaturity in her dating life. She flits from boyfriend to boyfriend, often fixating on bad boys she admits treat her poorly. Choosing the same type of men and not learning from past mistakes strikes viewers as childish behavior for a woman nearing 30 years old.

Overall, Savannah’s combination of entitlement but lack of maturity and responsibility angers people. They don’t appreciate her adult privileges without exhibiting adult accountability.

Signs of Savannah’s Immaturity

  • At age 25+ still receiving allowance from dad Todd
  • No control over own finances; dad still pays all her bills
  • Choosing flashy deadbeats and bad boys as boyfriends
  • Constant drama and short relationships showing lack of growth
  • Throwing tantrums, pouting, and name calling when she doesn’t get her way
  • Refusing accountability for mistakes and wrongdoings

Her Controversial Views

Savannah also draws heat for her outspoken, questionable views she shares publicly. She eagerly voices opinions on hot button issues like politics, sexuality, race and more. Fans often consider her views misinformed, inflammatory, or downright offensive.

For example, she mocked gender fluidity and trans identities as weird. She wrongly stated only two genders exist, dismissing those who identify otherwise. These anti-LGBTQ views provoked outrage with supporters calling them transphobic.

Savannah also spouted racial insensitivity, mimicking Asian accents and stereotypes played for laughs. She touted All Lives Matter views many consider dismissive of the Black Lives Matter movement against systemic racism. Fans thought these actions showed prejudice, poor taste, and ignorance.

While free speech allows Savannah’s opinions, many believe public figures should be more informed and sensitive. Her controversial stances on touchy issues strike some as attention-seeking and reward her with backlash.

Savannah’s Most Controversial Moments

  • Mocking gender fluidity and non-binary gender identities
  • Voicing agreement with All Lives Matter criticisms of BLM
  • Racial insensitivity like mimicking Asian accents and stereotypes
  • Victim blaming women in abusive relationships
  • Offensivecomments about LGBTQ people, mental health, race issues
  • Promoting far right wing conspiracies like Pizzagate

Public Perception of Savannah Chrisley Over Time

Savannah’s reputation with audiences has declined over the course of Chrisley Knows Best’s run since 2014. As viewers got to know her longer, more started seeing entitled, out of touch behavior behind the charming facade.

Savannah Chrisley Public Perception Timeline


  • Show Premiers
  • Viewers charmed by her beauty, fashion sense, witty one-liners


  • Starts displaying diva behavior, entitlement, arrogance
  • Flaunting wealth and privilege begins to annoy fans


  • Immaturity, irresponsibility in relationships gains attention
  • Criticized for stirring up drama with her mom Julie


  • Ignorant or offensive views on serious issues like LGBTQ rights, racism provoke anger


  • Legal issues arise around family’s financial crimes
  • Savannah leans into controversy, courts more backlash


  • Disliked by many for hypocrisy, elitism, and superficial values
  • Considered by most fans as entitled and out of touch


  • Scandals damage family’s reputation further
  • Savannah labeled as spoiled mean girl and phony

Why Do People Dislike Savannah Chrisley? In Summary:

  • Flaunting extravagant wealth average people can’t relate to
  • Entitled behavior; demanding exceptions and special treatment
  • Condescending, elitist attitude towards those not as wealthy
  • Hypocrisy in criticizing others for behavior she exhibits
  • Obsession with appearance and superficial values
  • Immaturity and lack of responsibility as an adult
  • Stirring up petty family feuds for drama on the show
  • Voicing controversial, offensive opinions on serious issues
  • Decline into arrogance, meanness, and being out of touch

While she initially charmed fans, over time Savannah Chrisley has provoked growing resentment with her words and actions. Her privilege provided by family money and status increasingly rubs people the wrong way. As she leans harder into outlandish behavior for ratings, Savannah earns more enemies than supporters. For better or worse, playing up the spoiled rich girl act has made Savannah Chrisley a reality TV personality audiences love to hate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Savannah Chrisley’s Haters

Why do people say Savannah Chrisley is spoiled?

People accuse Savannah of being spoiled because she flaunts an extravagant, privileged lifestyle funded by her wealthy father Todd Chrisley. On the show, she regularly receives expensive designer gifts, goes on lavish vacations, drives luxury cars all paid for by Todd. Fans see Savannah as ungrateful and spoiled by this lifestyle most consider far beyond normal.

What does Savannah Chrisley do for a living?

Savannah doesn’t have a clear career beyond appearing on reality shows and social media influencing. She launched the fashion brand Kittenish with Todd’s funding and guidance but is accused of not working much at the company she mainly promotes on Instagram. Critics say she relies entirely on her father’s money and hasn’t made her own career.

Why is Savannah Chrisley famous?

Savannah Chrisley became famous by starring on her family’s reality show Chrisley Knows Best on USA Network. She stands out from her parents and siblings as the glamorous, outspoken daughter who knows how to court attention, both positive and negative. Savannah’s memorable one-liners and over the top antics keep eyes locked on her.

Is Savannah Chrisley married?

As of late 2022, Savannah is not married, although she was previously engaged to hockey player Nic Kerdiles. Before Nic, she also had a broken off engagement to basketball player Luke Kennard. Savannah has a pattern of quickly moving into serious relationships that end up falling apart when faced with actual commitment.

Does Savannah Chrisley have plastic surgery?

While not confirmed, Savannah is widely believed to have had plastic surgery and cosmetic work done. Fans speculate she has gotten lip fillers, Botox, breast implants, skin treatments and more. Savannah has been evasive about going under the knife but photos over time show noticeable enhancement of her lips and breast size.


In the end, Savannah Chrisley elicits such antipathy because she personifies much of what audiences resent – privilege, entitlement, arrogance, and superficiality. Her lifestyle provided by family money and status touches a nerve and strikes many as the epitome of an out of touch, mean rich girl. As she’s grown up on screen, Savannah has leaned further into obnoxious behavior that brings in ratings but alienates everyday viewers.

While she does have some genuine talent for self-promotion and business, Savannah’s hunger for fame and attention at any cost disappoints her initial fans. Her refusal to be accountable and growing ignorance on important social issues rub many the wrong way.

Though still in her 20s with room to mature, the longer Savannah remains trapped in ugly entitlement and dramatics, the less hope many will have for her becoming a well-rounded, likable star.

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