Why Do People Hate Kris Jenner?

Kris Jenner is the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner family and manager of her children’s careers. She has garnered significant fame and wealth through the success of her family’s reality shows, businesses, and social media presence.

However, Kris has also faced intense public scrutiny and developed a reputation as a cunning “momager” who capitalizes on her children’s lives. Here’s an in-depth look at some of the main reasons why Kris Jenner has her detractors.

She’s Viewed as Exploitative of Her Children

One of the biggest criticisms against Kris is that she has exploited her children’s lives for fame and fortune. From a young age, Kris guided her children into the spotlight, first through Kim’s friendship with Paris Hilton and infamous sex tape leak. She then pitched the idea for Keeping Up with the Kardashians, allowing cameras into the inner workings of her family.

Many believe Kris has urged her daughters to amp up drama, share intimate details, and even pose nude to boost ratings and public interest. She has negotiated deals, contracts, and sponsored content for her children to build the family’s wealth. However, critics feel she treats her children as money-making opportunities above all else.

She Allegedly Leaked Kim’s Sex Tape

Conspiracy theories abound that Kris herself leaked Kim’s 2002 sex tape with Ray J to jumpstart her fame. While Kris denies these accusations, Kim’s ex-friend Larsa Pippen claimed Kris “100 percent” was behind the tape’s release. Critics see the tape as Kris’s first unethical step in pimping out her family for celebrity status.

She Pushed Her Youngest Daughters into Modeling

Many believe Kris sexualizes and exposes her youngest daughters, Kylie and Kendall, for profit. She started recruiting them for modeling gigs as young teens, though they have said they felt uncomfortable posing in skimpy clothing. Kris also encourages them to flaunt their bodies on social media to gain followers. Detractors feel she prioritizes money and attention over her daughters’ self-esteem and wellbeing.

She Maximizes Money & Publicity from Family Drama

Critics denounce Kris for seemingly manufacturing family conflicts and crises to create entertaining storylines. Sources claim she prompts her children to open up about controversies and relationship issues on camera. She also gives interviews exploiting family problems for increased public attention.

For example, when Kim was robbed in Paris, Kris appeared on Ellen capitalizing on the traumatic event and teasing upcoming episodes covering it. Similarly, when Caitlyn Jenner came out as transgender, Kris gave interviews about her shock and betrayal rather than respecting Caitlyn’s privacy. Her willingness to monetize even painful life events makes her appear cold and calculating.

She Stirs Up Fights Between Her Daughters

Kris is often accused of stirring up petty feuds between her daughters to drive engagement and drama. For years, fans have speculated that Kris plants stories in the media pitting her kids against each other. Some cite her tendency to schedule competing photo shoots for her daughters to create conflict. Her divisive tactics lead to accusations that the family’s bonding and fights are disingenuously produced.

She Publicly Discusses Her Children’s Heartbreaks

Critics condemn Kris for capitalizing on her children’s romantic breakups. When Kim filed for divorce from Kris Humphries in 2011, Kris gave interviews expressing her distress over Kim’s marital failure. She also wrote a memoir detailing private struggles in Khloe’s marriage to Lamar Odom. Fans accused her of exploiting her children’s real heartbreaks just to sell more books and ratings.

She Buys Into Controversial Body Image Standards

As her daughters have become international beauty and body icons, Kris has encouraged them to meet near-impossible standards. She arranges glam teams, personal trainers, plastic surgery consultations, and photoshopping to perfect her daughters’ appearances. Critics say she pushes damaging messages that women must alter their bodies to be considered beautiful.

She Pressures Her Daughters to Be Skinny

Fans have accused Kris of enforcing unhealthy standards about her daughters’ weights. Sources claim she rewards daughters who lose weight by praising them on camera and giving them bigger career opportunities. She also reportedly fat-shames her girls, once calling Khloe the “fat sister.” Her obsession with thinness sets a concerning example for young women.

She Promotes Unattainable Beauty Standards

Kris has overseen her daughters’ plastic surgery procedures, waxing, spray tanning, body slimming, and beauty treatments. Critics believe she promotes unrealistic, inauthentic beauty ideals through excessive Photoshopping of her daughters’ photos and staged paparazzi shoots showing them with impossible curves. She profits from propagating unattainable standards via her daughters’ beauty brands.

She Leverages Kanye West for Ratings & Attention

Many believe Kris has manipulated her daughter Kim’s relationship with Kanye West to maximize media attention. Sources say she pushed for their over-the-top wedding to be televised and exploits Kanye’s mental health issues and controversial statements for show storylines.

She buddied up to Kanye to involve him on Keeping Up with the Kardashians against Kim’s wishes. Fans think she takes advantage of Kanye’s inevitable outbursts and odd behavior, using his likeness and rants to attract more eyeballs. Her eagerness to profit from her son-in-law’s struggles makes her seem opportunistic.

She Orchestrated Kim and Kanye’s Wedding Special

Critics think Kris hijacked Kim’s wedding plans to score a lucrative TV special. The lavish ceremony and pre-wedding festivities conveniently played out during Keeping Up with the Kardashians filming. Many believe she convinced Kim to televise and monetize what could have been a private event just to cash in.

She Uses Kanye’s Mental Illness for Storylines

Kris has faced backlash for allowing Kanye’s bipolar disorder to become a KUWTK plot point. Critics believe she eggs on Kanye’s controversial rants to capture them for the show. She also grants interviewers access to probe her about Kanye’s mental health rather than protecting his privacy. Exploiting her son-in-law’s illness makes Kris seem like she prioritizes money and ratings over family.

She Treats Her Children as Brands, Not Humans

Above all, Kris develops and markets her children like products, not people. She trademarks their names, images, and taglines for maximum profit. She analyzes their marketability and earning potential when grooming them for careers. Detractors feel she denies her children’s agency and humanity by treating them like cash cows from birth.

She Micro-Manages Her Children’s Brand Identities

Critics argue Kris micro-manages every detail of her children’s public personae to optimize monetization. From styling to cosmetic procedures to personality coaching, she shapes every aspect of how her children present themselves. Fans think she forbids her children from freely expressing themselves if it conflicts with their lucrative personal brands. Her obsessive image control strikes many as dehumanizing.

She Uses Her Children to Promote Products

Kris leverages her children’s star power for product promotion. She lands them endorsements, launches their sponsored posts, and ties their names to brands for lucrative kickbacks. Detractors argue she sees her kids as marketing vehicles first and real people second. Her willingness to whore out everything from Kim’s 72-day marriage to Kylie’s pregnancy to sell products strikes many as soulless.

Public Perception of Kris Jenner

Despite her role in orchestrating her family’s success, Kris remains a controversial pop culture figure because of her cunning business tactics and alleged exploitation of her children. While some admire Kris’s branding genius, most critique her for profiting off her family’s personal lives and strife. She is largely vilified as a greedy, cutthroat “momager” who commodifies her children.

However, others argue we don’t see the full picture. Perhaps carefully produced storylines and scandals are her family’s choice. The Kardashian empire as we know it wouldn’t exist without Kris’s vision. Still, her reputation as a mastermind capitalizing on her children taints her public image. So while people tune in, the majority still hate the mastermind behind it all – Kris Jenner.


In summary, Kris Jenner faces heavy criticism and even hatred for her role as a momager exploiting her family for profit and publicity. From Kim’s infamous sex tape to Kylie’s manufactured billionaire status, Kris has orchestrated her children’s entrance into pop culture stardom with shameless determination.

While clearly a marketing genius, her willingness to capitalize on even the most vulnerable moments in her family’s lives leaves many questioning her ethics and integrity. However, the Kardashian empire shows no signs of slowing, which begs the question – is all press good press when it comes to success? Kris Jenner’s legacy will likely depend on who you ask. But she undeniably – for better or worse – masterminded her family’s global domination.

Frequently Asked Questions about Why People Hate Kris Jenner

Why is Kris Jenner considered a “momager”?

Kris Jenner is considered a “momager” because she actively manages all aspects of her children’s careers as reality stars and influencers. She negotiates their deals, arranges publicity, and aggressively promotes projects and endorsements to maximize their earnings.

What started the theory that Kris Jenner leaked Kim’s sex tape?

Suspicions exist that Kris coordinated the release of Kim’s 2002 sex tape with Ray J to boost her public profile. Kris denies leaking the tape, but Kim’s friend Larsa Pippen has indicated Kris was involved. The theory persists because the scandal conveniently made Kim famous months before Keeping Up with the Kardashians premiered.

How has Kris Jenner been accused of exploiting Kanye West?

Critics accuse Kris of exploiting Kanye West’s mental health issues, controversial statements, and larger-than-life persona for KUWTK storylines and publicity. She has allowed his personal struggles to become plot points and given interviews addressing Kanye’s bipolar disorder against Kim’s wishes.

What incident made people criticize Kris Jenner over Khloe Kardashian’s divorce?

When Khloe filed for divorce from Lamar Odom in 2013, Kris gave interviews exploiting Khloe’s heartbreak to sell copies of her memoir. She also approved magazine covers touting Khloe’s “misery” over the divorce. Critics blasted Kris for exposing her daughter’s private pain for publicity and book sales.

Why do people say Kris Jenner uses her children as marketing vehicles?

Kris closely manages her children’s brands by approving their endorsements, sponsored content, appearances, and products. She also trademarks their names and images to fully profit from their marketability. Critics argue she treats her children as commodities to promote rather than humans with agency.

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