Why Do People Love Kris Jenner?

Kris Jenner is one of the most famous momagers and reality TV stars in the world. As the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner family, Kris has built an empire and brand that is admired and envied globally. But beyond her business acumen and fame, Kris is beloved by many for her savvy, humor, glamour, and devotion to her family. Here is an in-depth look at the reasons why Kris Jenner is so adored by her fans.

Her Business Savvy

One of the biggest reasons Kris is so popular is because of her business smarts. She helped turn her family into a billion-dollar brand and empire.

Guiding Her Daughters’ Careers

As a momager, Kris guided her daughters into successful careers in modeling, retail, and television. She negotiated deals, managed their images, and helped them build their brands. Kris supported Kim to rise to fame with her sex tape scandal, guided Kourtney and Khloe’s retail endeavors, and encouraged Kendall’s modeling. Her business acumen was instrumental in their success.

Managing the Family Brand

Beyond her daughters’ individual careers, Kris masterfully built and managed the family’s overall brand. She executive produced their hit reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, allowing fans an inside look into their lives. This cemented their fame and public interest. Kris also negotiated endorsements, sponsorships, and collaborations that kept the Kardashian name relevant and profitable.

Expanding the Empire

Kris ensured the family empire continued to grow over the years. She managed Kim’s mobile game, apps, and emojis which brought in over $100 million. She also pushed the sisters to expand into new areas like kids clothing and beauty. Her urge to constantly grow the family’s ventures is admired by fans and entrepreneurs alike.

Her Wits and Humor

Another big part of Kris’s appeal is her sharp wit and sense of humor. She always has a clever quip or hilarious reaction shot ready.

Funny Confessionals

On KUWTK, Kris’s funny confessional interviews were a major highlight. She gave hilarious commentary and reactions to the drama unfolding with a martini in hand. Her willingness to poke fun at herself and tell it like it is made her incredibly entertaining to watch.

Comedic Persona

Beyond the show, Kris leaned into her comedic persona. She once pranked Kim using a wax figure of herself. Kris also did funny sketches with Ellen DeGeneres and James Corden. Her ability to laugh at herself makes her more relatable.

Quick Wit

Kris also has incredibly quick wit in everyday conversation. On KUWTK and social media, fans love when she fires off a sassy retort or perfect reaction to capture a moment. Her humorous outlook keeps fans laughing with her.

Her Glamour and Style

Kris’s fame also comes from her aspirational glamour and style. She epitomizes opulence and always looks runway-ready.

Over the Top Fashion

Kris embraces an over-the-top high fashion aesthetic perfected by her glam squad. She rocks sparkly gowns, furs, diamonds, Chanel, and more, even for casual events. Her opulent style is fun and fabulous.

Jetsetting Lifestyle

On KUWTK and social media, Kris flaunts an affluent jetsetting lifestyle. Fans see her flying private, lounging poolside in mansions, and taking lavish vacations. She leans into this aspirational glamour which draws public intrigue.

Beauty and Glam

Kris also inspires with her beauty and glam routine. Despite being in her 60s, she looks youthful and fabulous. Fans admire her ageless appearance, especially with her flawless makeup, lip injections, and other tweaks over the years.

Her Devotion to Family

While leading an empire, Kris remains beloved for her family devotion above all. After all, family is her #1 priority.

Supporting Her Children

Kris is always front and center supporting her children at major milestones. From birthdays to launches, she celebrates their successes. Fans also see her encourage her kids through hardships on KUWTK.

Embracing Her Grandkids

As a proud grandma, Kris dotes on her grandkids. She posts about them frequently and is hands-on at their events. Fans admire her commitment to the next generation.

Handling Family Drama

Drama is inevitable in a big family, but Kris handles it with grace. On KUWTK, she guides her kids through fights, relationship issues, and more. She remains the anchor holding the family together.

Why People Connect with Kris

There are many reasons audiences find Kris Jenner personally relatable and connect with her.

Her Hustle and Ambition

Fans, especially women, identify with Kris’s work ethic and ambition. As an entrepreneur who built an empire, she inspires other women to chase their dreams.

Her Strength Through Hardship

Kris also connects through her resilience and strength. On KUWTK, she persevered through her challenging divorce, cancers, and more. Her ability to bounce back is admirable.

Her Multifaceted Life

Women also relate to Kris’s balancing of business, parenting, relationships, and self-care. They see her juggle it all on KUWTK and social media and find her aspirational.

Her Open Personality

Most importantly, Kris feels accessible because of her open personality. Despite her fame, she remains down-to-earth on KUWTK. Her humor and candor allows fans to relate to her.

Continued Relevance in Pop Culture

A key factor in Kris’s sustained popularity is her continued relevance in pop culture. She knows how to maintain buzz.

Pop Culture Commentary

Kris frequently comments on pop culture and current events on talk shows and social media. Her takes keep her in the public conversation.

Viral Moments

Kris also spawns viral moments to stay talked about. From “you’re doing amazing sweetie” to dancing with a martini, fans obsess over her quotable scenes.

Media Rounds

She does regular media rounds, appearing on Ellen, James Corden, and more. These fun interviews showcase her personality to new audiences.

Savvy Partnerships

Kris also partners with brands like Fendi and Calvin Klein to stay current. These collaborations introduce her to younger demographics.

Key Takeaways

  • Kris is beloved for her business savvy, having masterfully guided her family into an empire.
  • She connects through her wit, humor, glamour, and opulent lifestyle.
  • Above all, her devotion to her family resonates with audiences.
  • Fans find her personally relatable due to her hustle, resilience, balancing skills, and candid personality.
  • Kris maintains relevance through pop culture commentary, viral moments, media appearances, and partnerships.

Why Is Kris So Polarizing?

While beloved by many, Kris is also a polarizing pop culture figure to some. Here’s a look at some of the critiques about her and the family over the years.

Perceived Thirst for Fame

Some criticize Kris for an unrelenting thirst for fame for herself and her family. Detractors feel she exploits her kids’ lives for money and spotlight.

“Pimping Out” Her Kids

Critics accuse Kris of “pimping out” her kids’ lives for fame. From Kim’s infamous sex tape to Kylie’s lips, Kris capitalized on headlines about her daughters’ bodies and lives. Some feel this crosses ethical lines.

Thirst for Spotlight

Kris is also accused of a personal thirst for the spotlight. Critics say she chases headlines about herself through wardrobe stunts, PDA with Corey Gamble, feuds, and more. Her need for attention is viewed as excessive.

Endless Spinoffs

Additionally, naysayers argue Kris excessively spun off KUWTK into endless new shows. From Life of Kylie to The Kardashians, Kris is criticized for overexposing the family’s lives for profit and fame.

Perceived Inauthenticity

Another major critique is that Kris and her family are inauthentic. Critics argue all their actions seem calculated for exposure.

Brand Promotion 24/7

Detractors point out the Kardashians are constantly promoting brands on social media and their shows. To some, their lives seem like one big sponsored advertisement.

Manufactured Plotlines

Additionally, many accuse their shows of having manufactured plotlines. Scenes are perceived as fake or exaggerated for drama, like Kim’s doomed marriage to Kris Humphries.

Plastic Perfection

Naysayers also critique their pursuit of plastic perfection with surgery, fillers, makeup, and filters. Their curated looks and lives feel phony versus real.

Set Unrealistic Standards

Finally, Kris and family are accused of setting unrealistic standards, especially surrounding beauty and wealth.

Unattainable Beauty Standards

Critics argue their constant photoshopping, cosmetic procedures, and filtered photos promote unhealthy and unattainable beauty standards. This creates anxiety for girls.

Flaunting Wealth

Their opulent lifestyle also receives backlash for flaunting extreme wealth. Critics argue their excessive consumerism sends a bad message during difficult times.

Out of Touch

Ultimately, detractors feel Kris and her family are out of touch – they do not represent the lives of everyday people. Their pursuit of fame and fortune feels hollow rather than aspirational.


While some criticize Kris Jenner for exploiting her family and promoting unattainable standards, her supporters argue she is an admirable entrepreneur guiding her family to success. Her devotion to her kids also resonates with audiences, as does her authenticity and humor on their shows. She remains one of the most famous and polarizing pop culture figures today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kris Jenner

Why is Kris Jenner famous?

Kris Jenner became famous as the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner family, stars of the hit reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She is credited with managing her children’s careers and building their multibillion dollar brand.

What does Kris Jenner do for a living?

Kris Jenner works as a talent manager, producer, businesswoman, and author. She serves as manager for her daughters Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie’s careers. She also executive produces their reality shows and numerous spinoffs.

How much is Kris Jenner worth?

Forbes estimates Kris Jenner’s net worth at $190 million as of 2022. The bulk of her wealth comes from her 10% fees as manager for her children. She also profits from Keeping Up with the Kardashians and related ventures.

How old was Kris when she had Kourtney?

Kris gave birth to daughter Kourtney, her first child with Robert Kardashian, in 1979 when she was 24 years old. She went on to have Kim in 1980, Khloe in 1984, and Rob in 1987.

Is Kris Jenner a good mom?

While opinions vary on her unconventional parenting style, Kris is widely considered a devoted and loving mother. She has nurtured her children’s careers and always supported them through major life moments. Her kids frequently express their admiration for her.

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