Why Do People Hate Jamie Foxx?

Jamie Foxx is an American actor, comedian, singer, and producer who has had an extensive career in the entertainment industry. He first rose to fame in the 1990s through his work on the sketch comedy show In Living Color and has since gone on to star in numerous popular films while also releasing several music albums.

Despite his success, Foxx has faced significant criticism and backlash from some people over the years. There are a few key reasons that explain why certain individuals dislike or “hate” the acclaimed entertainer.

Controversial Jokes and Comments

One of the main reasons why Jamie Foxx has detractors is due to several controversial jokes and inappropriate comments he has made over the course of his career.

Kanye West Comment at the 2009 VMAs

One major source of criticism stems from a joke Foxx made about Kanye West at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. That year, West had infamously interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech, proclaiming that Beyonce should have won the award instead. During the ceremonies, Foxx made the off-color remark:

“Kanye West is so arrogant. He needs to get his head out of his ass sometimes. But we love you Kanye…we love you.”

Many viewers found the comment to be in poor taste given West’s recent troubles and condemned Foxx for mocking someone who was clearly having personal issues.

Jokes About Athletes

Additionally, Foxx has also gotten heat for jokes made at the expense of certain athletes.

In one notorious case in 2019, Foxx made fun of NFL player Dak Prescott on Instagram Live shortly after Prescott’s brother Jace committed suicide. Foxx stated that Prescott needed to work on his throwing, saying:

“Dak Prescott’ you need to work on your aim man, aim for the face son!”

The joke was met with instant scorn from fans who blasted Foxx as insensitive.

Foxx also received criticism for past jokes made about basketball player Shaquille O’Neal, specifically mocking O’Neal’s freethrow shooting skills.

Other Controversial Remarks

More broadly, Foxx has made various jokes and comments over the years that some have deemed sexist, homophobic, or otherwise offensive. For instance, some took issue with Foxx’s character Wanda on In Living Color, arguing that she reinforced negative stereotypes about transgender people.

While humor is subjective, for those already critical of Foxx, his more controversial jokes likely further cement their negative perceptions.

Talent and Ego

Another common criticism of Foxx is the perception that he is an egomaniac or has an over-inflated ego regarding his talents and success. Some believe that Foxx comes across as vain and self-important rather than humble.

Music Career Concerns

Specifically, skeptics argue that Foxx seems to consider himself an elite musician when he has no formal training or exceptional ability in that area. Foxx has released several studio albums of R&B and pop music since the 1990s. However, critics claim his singing is mediocre at best and see his determination to be a music star as ego-driven.

Over-Confidence in Acting

Likewise, while Foxx has proven himself as an actor, detractors believe he exhibits a cocky attitude regarding his talents. Following his Academy Award win for Ray in 2005, some thought Foxx acted as though he was now in the ranks of the all-time great actors, an assertion his critics would dispute.

Overall, Foxx’s self-assuredness about pursuits like music and acting rub his naysayers the wrong way, making haters believe he is simply egotistical.

Perceived Lack of Range

A further criticism of Jamie Foxx is the belief that he displays a lack of range in his film roles and performances. Essentially, some argue that Foxx plays similar characters in many of his movies.

Primarily Plays Comedy or Music Roles

Indeed, looking at Foxx’s extensive filmography, he does tend to star in comedy films and biopics about musicians in a large percentage of his major movie roles. Some examples include:

  • Comedy films like Booty Call, Horrible Bosses, Baby Mama, and All-Star Weekend
  • Music biopics like Ray (about Ray Charles), All Eyez on Me (about Tupac Shakur), and Robin Hood (about Robin Hood)

Critics say Foxx leans too hard on these familiar territories and fails to demonstrate his full talents as an actor.

Rarely Takes Dramatic Roles

Additionally, Foxx very rarely accepts serious dramatic roles that involve complex characters dealing with intense emotional situations. Rather, detractors argue he sticks to his safe zones of comedy, action, and musical biopics.

They believe someone of Foxx’s stature should challenge himself by selecting more layered, dramatic lead roles to showcase his capabilities. As it stands now, they see his acting range as limited.

Perceived Lack of Principles

A further common criticism of Foxx relates to a perceived lack of principles and willingness to compromise his beliefs for career advancement. Essentially, some see Foxx as an opportunist who does what benefits himself.

Worked with Singer Accused of Assault

For example, Foxx faced backlash in 2022 when he collaborated on a new song with musician R. Kelly, who had recently been convicted of sex trafficking and racketeering charges relating to sexual abuse of minors.

Many questioned why someone like Foxx would work with Kelly given the horrific crimes the singer had committed. Foxx received accusations of supporting an abuser simply for personal gain.

Relationship with Controversial Figures

Likewise, over the years, Foxx has been friendly with various controversial public figures like Mike Tyson and Donald Trump before they became politically polarized.

To some critics, these associations again demonstrate Foxx’s willingness to ignore principles or troubling behavior simply to further his career. The belief is that he networks with anyone who can help him succeed in the entertainment industry.

In this way, Foxx’s detractors see him as an unprincipled sellout compared to other celebrities who are more selective about their relationships and business partnerships.

Perception He “Stole” Oscar from Jamie Lewis

One other unique reason some hold animosity towards Foxx is the belief that he effectively “stole” the Best Actor Academy Award for Ray in 2005 from fellow nominee Jamie Lewis for his performance in Hotel Rwanda.

Praise for Lewis’ Performance

That year, Lewis generated tremendous acclaim for his role as real-life hero Paul Rusesabagina who sheltered refugees during the Rwandan genocide. Many critics thought Lewis had given the standout male acting performance of the year.

Surprise Foxx Win

Thus, it came as a shock when underdog Foxx wound up winning the Oscar instead. Lewis had been the presumed frontrunner coming into the ceremony.

Critics argued that Foxx won primarily because he imitated popular singer Ray Charles, while Lewis took on a more challenging and nuanced role. To this day, some movie lovers maintain Lewis was robbed and hold it against Foxx.

Perceptions of Arrogance and Cockiness

Tying together several of these criticisms is an overriding perception among detractors that Jamie Foxx comes across as arrogant or cocky in his public persona. Rightly or wrongly, his attitude rubs many observers the wrong way.

Perceived Sense of Entitlement

Specifically, some believe Foxx conveys a sense of entitlement and self-importance in interviews and public appearances as if he expects fame and accolades as his due. This can make him seem aloof or detached from everyday people.

Lack of Modesty About Talents

Relatedly, Foxx doesn’t often exhibit much modesty when discussing his talents, leading to accusations he is boastful or lacks humility. He seems willing to proclaim himself one of the greats without conveying much graciousness.

Brash and Outspoken Attitude

Additionally, Foxx has a very brash, outspoken, shoot-from-hip public persona where he voices his opinions bluntly. This in-your-face swagger rubs some the wrong way who would prefer more discretion and humility from public figures.

Right or wrong, Foxx’s perceived arrogance and cockiness significantly fuel the criticisms against him. For detractors, his ego appears out of balance with reality.


Here are frequently asked questions about why people dislike Jamie Foxx:

What did Jamie Foxx say about Dakota Prescott?

In 2019, Foxx mocked Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott on social media shortly after Prescott’s brother died by suicide. Foxx joked that Prescott needed to “work on his aim” in regards to throwing passes, which many viewed as insensitive during Prescott’s time of grieving.

What controversial remarks has Jamie Foxx made?

Foxx has faced criticism for various jokes and comments over the years that some have deemed sexist, homophobic, or otherwise offensive. For example, some took issue with Foxx’s characterization of Wanda on the sketch comedy show In Living Color, arguing it reinforced negative transgender stereotypes.

Why do some criticize Jamie Foxx’s music career?

While Foxx has found success with music, some critics argue he lacks real talent or training as a musician. They believe his determination to be a singing star stems from ego more than ability. Some see his mediocre singing skills but ongoing pursuit of a music career as emblematic of arrogance.

Did Jamie Foxx deserve his 2005 Best Actor Oscar for Ray?

Some critics argue Foxx did not deserve to win the Best Actor Oscar in 2005 for Ray, believing fellow nominee Jamie Lewis gave a superior performance in Hotel Rwanda and was the frontrunner. To this day, some see Foxx’s surprise win over Lewis as undeserved.

What makes Jamie Foxx seem arrogant to critics?

Rightly or wrongly, Foxx often conveys a brash, cocky public persona that strikes critics as arrogant and self-important. His perceived lack of modesty, sense of entitlement, and willingness to proclaim his greatness all contribute to views of Foxx as egotistical and arrogant. His swagger rubs some observers the wrong way.


In review, Jamie Foxx is a polarizing celebrity with as many detractors as fans in the public sphere. The main sources driving dislike of the acclaimed actor and musician include:

  • Controversial jokes and inappropriate comments he has made over the years
  • A perception that he has an inflated ego and arrogance regarding his talents
  • Criticism that he displays little acting range, relying too much on comedy and music biopic roles
  • Belief that he is willing to compromise principles and associate with controversial figures to advance his career
  • A sense that he beat out a more deserving actor for the 2005 Best Actor Oscar
  • An overriding view that Foxx comes across as cocky, brash, and self-important instead of humble

However, Foxx remains one of the most successful and popular black entertainers of his era. His fans continue to enjoy his movies, music, and standup comedy acts. Though Foxx is not universally beloved, he has undoubtedly left his mark on show business. Striking the right balance between confidence and humility can be difficult for any star under the glaring spotlight of fame. Perhaps Foxx still has an opportunity to reshape public perceptions during the next phase of his prolific career.

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