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Why Do People Hate Kevin Spacey?

Kevin Spacey is an Academy Award winning actor known for roles in films like The Usual Suspects, American Beauty, and the Netflix series House of Cards. However, in recent years, Spacey has become very controversial due to allegations of sexual misconduct.

This has led many people to develop a strong dislike or even hatred of the actor. There are several key reasons why Kevin Spacey has become so widely hated.

Sexual Assault Allegations

In October 2017, actor Anthony Rapp accused Kevin Spacey of making sexual advances towards him when Rapp was only 14 years old in 1986. Spacey was 26 at the time. This accusation opened the floodgates for others to come forward with allegations against Spacey.

Over 30 individuals have now claimed Spacey sexually harassed or assaulted them, with some of them being minors at the time. Spacey’s predatory behavior towards young male actors and crew members seems to have been an open secret in Hollywood and the theater world for years.

However, the victims were afraid to speak out due to Spacey’s power and influence in the industry. The allegations against Spacey range from sexual harassment and misconduct to attempted rape.

Impact of the #MeToo Movement

The sexual assault allegations came in the wake of the #MeToo movement where victims of sexual abuse in Hollywood became emboldened to speak out. Spacey became one of the most prominent figures to be outed as part of this cultural reckoning.

The actor’s history of abuse made him a focal point of people’s anger and frustration with sexual misconduct among the rich and powerful.

Hypocrisy as an Actor

There is also a sense of hypocrisy that further fuels hatred of Spacey. He played morally righteous characters in films like American Beauty while allegedly assaulting young men behind the scenes. The disconnect between his on-screen persona and real life actions is jarring and provokes a feeling of distaste.

Spacey’s Response to Allegations

The way in which Spacey has responded to the allegations against him has made the public even angrier. He seemed to minimize the accusations and even deflect blame onto the victims.

Announcement of Being Gay

When Anthony Rapp first accused him, Spacey responded by coming out as gay and claiming he did not remember the encounter but owed Rapp “the sincerest apology” if it was true. Many saw this as an attempt to divert attention away from Rapp’s disturbing underage accusation.

“Kill Them with Kindness” Video

In 2018, Spacey posted a bizarre YouTube video of himself seeming to mimic his House of Cards character while also cryptically telling the audience “I know what you want” and “You wouldn’t believe the worst without evidence, would you?”

He said he would not pay the price for things he did not do, ending the video by saying “Soon enough, you will know the full truth” and “Kill them with kindness.”

The video provoked outrage from the public who saw it as egotistical and insensitive to the victims. It also seemed like a hollow, insincere apology that was more focused on protecting Spacey’s reputation than showing empathy.

Lawsuit Withdrawn After Accuser’s Death

In 2019, an anonymous massage therapist who claimed Spacey tried to assault him died before the lawsuit could proceed.

Spacey immediately withdrew the suit upon the accuser’s death, making it appear like the actor was opportunistically using the man’s passing to evade legal accountability.

Impact on Career

The allegations essentially halted Kevin Spacey’s career, leading studios and producers to sever all ties. He was written out of House of Cards, removed from a completed movie, and recast in other projects. The disgrace ended Spacey’s decades long run as a respected top tier actor in Hollywood.

Firing from House of Cards

Spacey had starred on Netflix’s House of Cards since its launch in 2013 and was a big part of the show’s success. After the allegations broke, Netflix announced Spacey would be fired from the series. His central character Frank Underwood was killed offscreen between seasons.

The show could not feasibly continue with Spacey as the lead given the heinous real life accusations he was facing. Fans were also angry that the actor’s actions essentially led to the downfall of what was once a great show.

Movie Role Recasting

Spacey was set to play billionaire J. Paul Getty in the film All the Money in the World. However, all of his scenes were hurriedly reshot with actor Christopher Plummer replacing him. The extra costs were eaten by the studio just to erase Spacey’s presence and association with the movie.

Similar recasting moves were taken with other projects as Hollywood sought to isolate Spacey completely. These swift punishments show how rapidly the industry moved to denounce his behavior and remove its support.

Comparisons to Cosby and Weinstein

The abrupt downfall of Kevin Spacey has invited comparisons to similar cancelations of Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein after their sexual abuse histories came to light.

Like those two disgraced figures, Spacey has become persona non grata in Hollywood. His offenses are considered too egregious for him to ever work in the industry again.

Has He Changed?

In the years since the accusations surfaced, Kevin Spacey has kept an extremely low profile and not been active in the public sphere. He has not demonstrated any public acts of contrition, apology to victims, attempts at restorative justice, or charitable works to help abuse survivors.

As a result, the public has not witnessed any convincing evidence that Spacey has positively changed or made amends. It is this lack of observed change that helps fuel ongoing antipathy towards Spacey.

No Admission of Guilt

At no point has Kevin Spacey unequivocally admitted guilt or taken accountability for his alleged actions. Instead, he has been defiant and avoided direct responses to the many accusations against him.

His few public statements have focused on deflecting blame and vowing to prove his innocence. This avoidance of responsibility prevents redemption in the public’s eyes.

Perceived Arrogance

Based on his scant public appearances and statements since 2017, Kevin Spacey seems unrepentant and even arrogant in the face of the allegations that derailed his storied career.

Even his current seclusion from the public eye comes across as self-preservation rather than a man seeking humility and contrition after doing wrong. This perception of unchecked ego further alienates people.

Lack of Apology to Victims

The most glaring omission in Kevin Spacey’s response to the sexual assault accusations is any direct, sincere apology to the victims.

He briefly apologized to Anthony Rapp but otherwise has avoided expressing remorse or empathy for the over 30 individuals who have now come forward. Until a heartfelt apology is made, the public has no reason to forgive.

Will His Career Recover?

Given the severity of the accusations, number of alleged victims, and lack of public redemption efforts, it is unlikely Kevin Spacey’s acting career will ever fully recover.

The crimes he is accused of committing are unforgivable in most people’s eyes. Even if he avoids criminal charges, the court of public opinion has permanently turned against him.

Toxic Association for any Project

Any studios, producers, or directors who consider hiring Kevin Spacey in the future will face backlash for enabling his return.

The brand toxicity around Spacey is so severe that any project involving him would immediately provoke outrage and boycotts. It is a reputation that no business wants to be associated with. Until the cultural winds drastically change, he remains unemployable in Hollywood.

Comeback Seen as Rewarding Bad Behavior

For sexual abusers like Harvey Weinstein, a return to stardom would be perceived as enabling abuse by rewarding predatory behavior.

Spacey is tarred with the same brush where the public feels any career resurgence would essentially say his actions have no consequences. It could also embolden other abusers.

Dependence on Public Goodwill

Unlike some professions, actors depend heavily on the goodwill and favor of the general public. They require people to see their movies and support their career.

Kevin Spacey’s toxicity has eroded all public goodwill, leaving no viable audience willing to back any comeback. This deep breach of trust with the public cannot feasibly be repaired.


In summary, Kevin Spacey faces intense public hatred because of shocking sexual assault allegations, his poor handling of the accusations, the abrupt demolition of his career, his lack of public contrition or redemption efforts, and the unlikelihood he can ever work as an actor again.

The severity of his alleged predatory behavior combined with his seeming indifference to make amends has irreparably damaged his reputation. While fame and success once shielded Spacey from consequences, the #MeToo movement empowered victims to speak out and hold him accountable.

The public’s sympathies unambiguously reside with the survivors in this ongoing saga. Until Spacey apologizes, shows empathy, and demonstrates meaningful change through his words and actions, he will remain a pariah in the public conscience.

FAQ About Kevin Spacey’s Downfall

Here are some frequently asked questions about why Kevin Spacey became so reviled:

What was the first public accusation against Kevin Spacey?

Actor Anthony Rapp accused Spacey in 2017 of making a sexual advance on him in 1986 when Rapp was only 14 years old. This accusation opened the floodgates against Spacey.

How many accusers have come forward against Kevin Spacey?

Over 30 individuals have claimed Kevin Spacey sexually harassed or assaulted them, with some accusers being teenagers at the time. The allegations span decades.

How has Kevin Spacey responded to the sexual assault allegations?

Spacey has largely avoided direct responses to the accusations and not admitted any guilt. He briefly apologized to Anthony Rapp but remained defiant in other statements, vowing to prove his innocence.

Why was Kevin Spacey fired from House of Cards?

His lead role on the Netflix show was deemed untenable after the shocking abuse allegations surfaced against him. The show could not continue with Spacey and he was written out between seasons.

Did Kevin Spacey’s career recover after the accusations?

No. Spacey was essentially blacklisted from Hollywood. He was erased from a finished film, recast in other projects, and remains unemployable due to the toxicity surrounding him.

Has Kevin Spacey changed his behavior publicly?

He has avoided public appearances and not demonstrated any acts of contrition, apologies to victims, or attempts to make amends in the years since the accusations went public.

What prevents Kevin Spacey from making an acting comeback?

The severity of crimes he is accused of, his lack of public redemption, the likely backlash supporting any comeback, and the dependence of actors on audience goodwill makes it improbable he works again.

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