Why Do People Hate Kenneth Petty?

Kenneth Petty is a controversial figure who has faced intense public scrutiny and backlash in recent years. He is best known as the husband of famous rapper Nicki Minaj. However, Petty has a very troubled past that includes serving time in prison for attempted rape and manslaughter.

This has led many people to despise Petty and vehemently criticize Minaj for her relationship with him. In this article, we will explore the key reasons why Kenneth Petty is so widely hated and the intense controversy surrounding him.

Background on Kenneth Petty

Kenneth Petty grew up in Queens, New York and had frequent run-ins with the law from a young age. As a 16-year-old in 1994, he was convicted of attempted rape of a 16-year-old girl and served almost 4 years in NY state prison. In 2006, Petty was convicted of first-degree manslaughter for shooting a man named Lamont Robinson and served another 7 years in prison.

So Petty is a convicted sex offender and has spent over a decade behind bars for extremely serious crimes. Many view him as having a violent and highly criminal history that raises massive red flags.

Key Reasons Why People Hate Kenneth Petty

His Disturbing Criminal Past

Petty’s conviction for attempted rape and manslaughter are hugely concerning to most people. The attempted rape conviction stemmed from a horrific incident where Petty used a sharp object to force a teenage girl to have sex with him. This understandably brands Petty a sexual predator and danger to women in the eyes of many. The fact that Petty also took someone’s life and has spent over 10 years incarcerated shocks and disturbs most individuals. They cannot comprehend why Nicki Minaj would associate with someone with such a troubled history.

Relationship with Nicki Minaj

When Nicki Minaj revealed she was dating Petty in 2018 before marrying him in 2019, it created massive backlash. Critics accused Minaj of recklessly associating herself with a convicted sex offender and normalizing his behavior. They felt the famous rapper was sending a terrible message to her fans and young people in general by embracing Petty and defending him. The relationship has persisted for years now, only fueling more ongoing hatred of Petty.

Failure to Register as Sex Offender

In March 2020, Petty was arrested by federal authorities for failure to register as a sex offender in California. This was a mandatory requirement due to his past conviction. Petty’s failure to properly register renewed criticism that he was a continuous danger to society who felt he was above the law. It also showed blatant disregard for his victim back in 1994 who deserved to be notified if Petty was living nearby. This incident made Petty’s critics even more disgusted with his apparent unremorseful nature.

Alleged Intimidation of Rape Victim

In January 2020, Petty was accused of intimidating and attempting to silence his 1994 rape victim. His accuser Jennifer Hough filed a lawsuit alleging Petty and Minaj had tried to coerce her into recanting her rape claims so Petty could avoid registering as a sex offender. These extremely serious charges portray Petty as someone trying to escape accountability for his crimes and re-traumatize his victim. If true, it demonstrates complete lack of remorse and personal responsibility on Petty’s part.

No Public Efforts at Rehabilitation

Beyond his legal troubles, many hate that Petty has done nothing publicly to demonstrate rehabilitation, remorse, or desire to make amends for his past actions. He has avoided interviews and discussing his crimes. Critics feel if he wants public forgiveness and acceptance, he needs to put in the hard work to earn that, not expect it as Nicki Minaj’s husband. His silence and lack of positive action feeds the perception he is an unrepentant and dangerous criminal.

Public Perception of Kenneth Petty

Due to the factors discussed above, Kenneth Petty is widely despised and known for his extremely negative reputation. Some key views that prevail about Petty include:

  • He is an incorrigible sexual predator who present an active danger to women based on his past conviction and alleged intimidation of his victim.
  • He is a violent criminal with complete disregard for human life based on his manslaughter conviction.
  • He feels entitled to escape consequences and accountability for his actions.
  • He has not demonstrated any meaningful efforts to make amends, rehabilitate his image, or prove he has changed.
  • He is recklessly enabling Nicki Minaj’s questionable judgment in associating with him.

Overall, Petty is seen as an unsympathetic, unrepentant figure who has not earned back trust or acceptance after his serious criminal history. The public is very wary of him and alarmed by Nicki Minaj’s ongoing relationship with him.

Defense of Kenneth Petty

While hated by many, Kenneth Petty does have some defenders who offer counterarguments, including:

  • His criminal convictions are from decades ago when he was a minor. People can change and should be given opportunities for redemption.
  • The facts around the 1994 attempted rape case are disputed. Some claim the encounter was consensual.
  • Petty served his time in prison and should not face eternal condemnation.
  • His relationship with Nicki seems genuinely loving and consensual. She accepts his past and sees the real Kenneth Petty today.
  • As a Black man, the criminal justice system may have treated Petty unfairly. Systemic bias should be considered.
  • The public lacks context about Petty’s whole life story and rehabilitation efforts, so judgement may be premature.

However, these defenses have not managed to shift widespread negative perceptions of Petty thus far. Most public opinion remains highly suspicious and critical regarding his character and past behaviors.

How This Controversy Has Impacted Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has faced heavy backlash ever since going public with Kenneth Petty. Critics have accused her of:

  • Endangering female fans by associating with an accused sexual predator
  • Being complicit in silencing Petty’s victim
  • Damaging her brand and reputation in the music industry
  • Displaying terrible judgment and lack of social awareness

As a result, Minaj has seen increased public scrutiny of her judgments, some boycotts of her music, and pressure to leave Petty. However, she has staunchly defended him and their relationship. But this stance continues to drive many fans and music industry figures further away and foster negativity towards Petty.


Kenneth Petty is a polarizing public figure who invokes intense dislike and criticism from many due to his criminal history and controversial relationship with Nicki Minaj. His attempted rape conviction, manslaughter conviction, failure to register as a sex offender, and alleged intimidation of his victim have cemented his reputation as an unsympathetic and potentially dangerous figure in the eyes of the public.

While some defend Petty and argue for his redemption, dominant public perception remains highly skeptical and hostile. His ongoing association with Nicki Minaj continues to fuel negativity and controversy around Petty. He is considered by many to be reckless and unrepentant about his past crimes. Overall, there are clear factors driving widespread disdain for Kenneth Petty, making him one of the most hated public figures today.

Petty’s Criminal Past

Petty’s serious convictions for attempted rape and manslaughter are the main driver of public hatred towards him. His sexual assault of a teenage girl brands him a predator, while his manslaughter conviction cements his violent, criminal image. These acts disturb and anger people.

Relationship with Nicki Minaj

Minaj being in a romantic relationship with Petty shocks and upsets many people. They feel she is recklessly endangering herself and her fans. It also seems to excuse Petty’s past, which does not sit well with most observers.

Failure to Register as Sex Offender

Petty showed disregard for the law and his past victim when he failed to properly register as a sex offender in California. This fueled perceptions he feels entitled and unaccountable.

Alleged Intimidation of Victim

Trying to coerce his rape victim into recanting her story to help him avoid sex offender requirements cemented Petty as unremorseful and predatory in most people’s minds.

No Public Rehabilitation Efforts

Petty has not made any demonstrable efforts to rehabilitate his image or make amends for his past. This perpetuates public disdain towards him.


Why do people think Kenneth Petty is dangerous?

His convictions for attempted rape and manslaughter, combined with allegations he later intimidated his rape victim all indicate Petty could still be a threat to women. People fear he remains a sexual predator.

What concerns people about his relationship with Nicki Minaj?

Many are concerned Minaj is endangering herself associating with Petty given his past crimes. They also feel she is damaging her reputation and empowering Petty by defending him so staunchly.

Why didn’t Petty register properly as a sex offender?

Petty failed to register as a sex offender when moving to California, as required by law due to his attempted rape conviction. This showed disregard for the law and his obligation to notify communities of his presence.

How has the controversy impacted Nicki Minaj’s career?

Minaj has faced boycotts, criticism, and damage to her reputation since defending Petty. Many fans and music industry peers disapprove of her steadfast support for him despite his history.

What do Kenneth Petty’s defenders say?

Defenders argue Petty deserves a chance at redemption for past crimes he committed as a minor. They also suggest systemic bias may have impacted his convictions and sentencing as a Black man.

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