Why Do People Love Savannah Chrisley?

Savannah Chrisley is an American reality TV star best known for appearing on the USA Network reality series Chrisley Knows Best. Since debuting on the show in 2014 at age 16, Savannah has gained a large fan following who love her for her witty personality, relatable struggles, and close bond with her eccentric family. Here’s a deep dive into why Savannah Chrisley resonates with so many fans.

Her Funny, Sassy Personality Shines On Camera

One of the main reasons Savannah Chrisley stands out is her funny, sassy personality that pops on screen. While the entire Chrisley clan has big personalities, Savannah’s quick wit and one-liners offer some of the show’s most hilarious moments.

She’s not afraid to poke fun at her family members, from rolling her eyes at her dad Todd’s antics to quipping about her brother Chase’s latest dating drama. Savannah always manages to make viewers laugh whether through intentional jokes or off-the-cuff comments revealing her uncensored thoughts.

Fans love that Savannah feels comfortable showcasing her true, unfiltered self on camera. Her sharp sense of humor paired with her uniquely Southern attitude makes for endlessly entertaining TV.

She’s Relatable in Her Struggles Navigating Young Adulthood

Though Savannah grew up with privilege, she remains relatable by openly sharing the typical struggles of young adulthood. Fans connect with Savannah’s journey navigating relationships, school, family conflict, body image issues, and more.

In particular, Savannah’s on-again off-again relationship with her hockey player ex-boyfriend Nic Kerdiles provided some of the show’s most raw and vulnerable moments. Viewers loved walking through the highs and lows of young love with Savannah as she learned tough relationship lessons.

Now in her mid-20s, Savannah continues letting cameras capture her real-life journey towards independence which fans find inspiring. Despite growing up wealthy with fame, she still contends with universal challenges. Her willingness to live out these ups and downs on screen makes Savannah hugely relatable.

She Prioritizes Family More Than Anything

While many reality stars seek fame and fortune, Savannah’s #1 priority has always been her family. Her immense love and loyalty towards her parents Todd and Julie plus her siblings Chase, Grayson, and Chloe endears her to viewers.

No matter what drama goes down between the Chrisleys, Savannah consistently acts as the peacemaker intent on keeping the family together. She and her dad Todd in particular share an inseparable bond that’s touching to witness. Their daddy-daughter relationship offers some of the show’s most heartwarming moments.

Ultimately, the Chrisley family’s tight-knit dynamic differentiates them from other reality TV clans. Savannah plays a central role in prioritizing family over everything which fans find admirable and sweet.

She’s Outspoken About Important Social Issues

In more recent seasons, Savannah has used her platform to speak out about important social issues like mental health, body positivity, and more. Her outspoken advocacy and honesty regarding once-taboo topics has connected with fans.

Savannah is especially vocal about promoting therapy and reducing stigma around mental illness. She shares her own struggles with anxiety which makes followers feel less alone in their battles. Savannah wants to use her fame to help others know “it’s okay to not be okay.”

She also spreads body positive messages, working to boost her own self-confidence in her skin. Savannah hopes to inspire other young women to love themselves. By tackling these relevant themes head-on, she proves herself as a role model beyond just reality TV fame.

Her Christian Faith Uplifts Fans

As a devout Christian, Savannah’s steadfast faith provides inspiration to many fans. She regularly gives God credit for the blessings in her life while leaning on prayer to get through challenges.

Savannah shares verses on social media, attends church each Sunday, and emphasizes Christian values like kindness and integrity. She strives to be a Godly role model for both her family and followers.

For audiences also anchored by faith, Savannah’s heart for God makes her even more relatable. In a TV landscape where Christianity is sometimes minimized, Savannah unapologetically shares her spiritual side. Her admirable faith helps explain why so many viewers flock to her.

Savannah’s Best Moments Demonstrating Her Appeal

Funny One-LinersHeartfelt Family ScenesCandid StrugglesChristian Faith
“Is a goat your spirit animal?”Comforting her mom during marital troublesDiscussing body image insecuritiesPraying with her grandmother
“My dog has more of a social life than I do”Daddy-daughter dances with ToddCoping with ex-boyfriend heartbreakReading Bible verses on Instagram
“I never know what’s going on in this family”Advice talks with big brother ChaseOpening up about anxietyThanking God for blessings big and small

Conclusion: Savannah’s Rare Blend of Quirks Makes Her Lovable

In the end, Savannah Chrisley just seems genuinely fun to be around. Between her humor, openness, family focus, social consciousness, and Christian values, she offers a rare blend of quirks that make her lovable.

While the Chrisley family as a whole entertains audiences, Savannah’s central role in the show demonstrates why she resonates most. Fans who tune in to laugh with Savannah end up feeling connected to her on a deeper level.

Ultimately, people love Savannah Chrisley because she feels like the little sister, daughter or best friend they wish they had in their own lives.

FAQs About Savannah Chrisley’s Appeal

Why do people think Savannah Chrisley is so funny?

Savannah has an unmatched wit and hilarious southern personality that shines on Chrisley Knows Best. Her sharp one-liners, expert eye rolls, and uncensored commentary provide comic relief during family drama. Fans love that Savannah always speaks her mind.

Why is Savannah relatable to fans despite growing up rich and famous?

Though born into privilege, Savannah goes through the same struggles as everyday viewers navigating relationships, school, work, and mental health. She remains down-to-earth by openly sharing her vulnerabilities without pretense.

How does Savannah prioritize her family above all else?

No matter what craziness goes on, Savannah always puts her family first. She acts as a mediator, repairing rifts between loved ones and prioritizing Chrisley togetherness. Her special relationship with dad Todd melts fans’ hearts.

What important social issues does Savannah Chrisley advocate for?

Savannah uses her platform to reduce stigma around therapy and mental illness while promoting body positivity and self-love. By tackling relevant issues facing young audiences head-on, she sets a admirable example.

How does Savannah Chrisley’s faith inspire fans?

Savannah shares her Christian beliefs on screen and social media, crediting God for blessings and leaning on prayer during trials. For like-minded fans, Savannah’s steadfast faith makes her even more relatable and uplifting.

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