Why Do People Hate Ashley Roberts?

Ashley Roberts is a singer, dancer, choreographer, model and television presenter best known for being a member of the girl group The Pussycat Dolls. While she has many fans around the world, there are also some groups of people who dislike or even hate her. In this article, we will explore the possible reasons why Ashley Roberts attracts hate from certain individuals and groups.

Her Time in The Pussycat Dolls

The Pussycat Dolls were a controversial girl group that rose to fame in the early 2000s. While the group was popular among many music fans, some criticised them for being too sexy and objectifying women. Ashley Roberts’ role in the group was seen by some as perpetuating negative stereotypes about women.

Overly Sexualised Image

The Pussycat Dolls were known for their racy outfits and provocative dance moves. Ashley participated fully in the group’s sexy image. Some people felt the group’s overtly sexualised style set a bad example for young girls and objectified women. Ashley’s skimpy outfits and suggestive dancing in the group’s videos and live shows offended more conservative viewers.

Suggestive Song Lyrics

In addition to their sexualised image, many Pussycat Dolls songs contained risque lyrics about sex and relationships. Ashley was featured solo on some of these songs, like “I Don’t Need a Man” and “Buttons”. The overtly sexual content of the lyrics led to accusations that the group promoted loose morals. Ashley’s willingness to perform these songs contributed to the perception she condoned the sexual objectification of women.

Perceived Lack of Talent

Another common criticism of Ashley Roberts is that she lacked talent and mainly relied on her looks during her time in The Pussycat Dolls.

Criticism of Vocals

While Ashley sang backup and some lead vocals in the group, she was not considered one of the top singers. When she did have solo singing parts, some critics panned her vocal ability. Many saw her as an inferior singer compared to group member Nicole Scherzinger. Some felt Ashley got solos over more talented group members solely due to her beauty.

Seen as Just a Dancer

Without the strongest vocals in the group, Ashley was primarily known as a dancer. Some people looked down on her role as mainly a performer. Since she did not produce music or play an instrument, certain critics saw her as lacking real artistic abilities. Her exceptional dancing skills were not enough to gain respect in some circles.

Perception She Used Looks Over Talent

Ashley’s vocal limitations coupled with her sexy image led some to conclude she was coasting on her looks rather than talent. Critics thought she exploited her physical beauty to gain fame instead of relying on artistic abilities. This perception painted her as an inauthentic performer coasting on superficial qualities.

Transition to Television Presenting

After The Pussycat Dolls disbanded, Ashley transitioned into a television presenting career in the U.K. However, her new roles in television also garnered criticism from some.

Perceived Lack of Personality

When she became a presenter on shows like Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, some viewers felt Ashley lacked an engaging television personality. She was accused of being wooden and scripted in her presenting jobs. Critics said she failed to show enough charisma or improvisational skills.

Accused of Using Sexuality

As with her singing career, detractors accused Ashley of flaunting her sexuality instead of presenting talent. Her figure-hugging outfits and flirtatious manner on certain shows led to assumptions she was using sex appeal rather than presenting abilities to maintain fame.

Resentment in the U.K.

Some British viewers resented an American performer like Ashley Roberts coming to the U.K. and immediately getting prime TV gigs when so many British presenters struggled for years to get such opportunities. Her rapid transition from singer to presenter rubbed some U.K. television professionals the wrong way.

Controversies and Scandals

Like many celebrities, Ashley has been involved in occasional controversies and scandals throughout her career that have shaped public perception.

Playboy Photos

In 2003, a few topless photos of a young Ashley leaked out and were published in various magazines and websites. Ashley initially denied the photos were her but later admitted to doing some test shots for Playboy when she was younger that got published without her consent. The leaked topless photos damaged her squeaky clean image.

Melissa Schuman Sexual Assault Allegations

In 2017, Ashley’s former bandmate in The Pussycat Dolls, Melissa Schuman, alleged she was sexually assaulted by the group’s manager back when Schuman was a teenager. Schuman claimed Ashley and the other Dolls did not support her or condemn their manager’s alleged predatory behavior. The accusations painted Ashley in an unsupportive light.

Strictly Come Dancing Voting Controversy

When Ashley was a contestant on the U.K. reality competition Strictly Come Dancing in 2018, some viewers cried foul over her consistently high scores from the judges despite technical flaws cited by professional dancers. Some competitors like Danny John-Jules complained the judges scoring seemed rigged in Ashley’s favor, perhaps because she was already famous.

Her Outspoken Personality and Confidence

One other possible turn off for some people is Ashley’s bold, outspoken personality. Her self-assured attitude can come across as arrogant or disrespectful to certain audiences.

Perceived Cockiness

Ashley speaks openly about her talents and achievements in a very confident manner in interviews. While she likely intends this as self-belief, it can be interpreted as egotistical boasting by critics already inclined to dislike her. Her refusal to be humble or downplay her talents rubs some people the wrong way.

Blunt Honesty

Ashley does not shy away from giving blunt, honest opinions, even if they may insult or offend some people. She has critiqued the performances of other celebrities harshly in interviews before. While likely not intended as malicious, her unfiltered remarks can seem tactless and feed into the perception she is arrogant.

Outspoken Feminism

Ashley embraces feminism and is not afraid to call out sexism in the entertainment industry. She has criticised music labels for objectifying female artists and pushed back against gender double standards in the business. Her unapologetic views on women’s equality may alienate more conservative-leaning individuals.

Her Association with Other Disliked Celebrities

Guilt by association may also contribute to Ashley Roberts acquiring haters over the years. Her ties to other controversial figures have turned some people against her.

Friendship with Amanda Holden

Ashley is good friends with another divisive British celebrity – Amanda Holden. Amanda has frequently been criticized for flaunting her sex appeal. Since Ashley is often spotted clubbing and vacationing with Amanda, some transfer the animosity they feel for Amanda onto Ashley as well.

Connections to Simon Cowell

Music mogul Simon Cowell launched and managed The Pussycat Dolls under his record label. Cowell has faced widespread accusations of unethical business practices and mistreatment of artists over the years. Ashley’s time under Cowell’s management makes some suspect she is complicit in any shady industry behavior.

Romance with Giovanni Pernice

In 2018, Ashley began a romance with professional dancer Giovanni Pernice who was her partner on Strictly Come Dancing. Giovanni had a messy breakup with his prior celebrity dance partner, Georgia May Foote. Ashley receiving favoritism rumors while paired with Giovanni made some think she deliberately stole him away to get ahead on the show.

Her Lifestyle and Social Media Presence

Lastly, how Ashley chooses to portray her lifestyle and image on social media rubs her haters the wrong way. They see her posts as arrogant boasting or flaunting her sexuality for attention.

Flashing Wealthy Lifestyle

Ashley frequently posts photos on Instagram living a life of luxury – posh vacations, red carpet events, designer clothes, and expensive cars. She is perceived as bragging about her wealth and privilege rather than being humble.

Sexy Selfies and Revealing Outfits

Critics accuse Ashley of using sex to draw attention on social media by constantly posting racy selfies flaunting her figure in skimpy outfits. Such photos contribute to the belief she relies on her looks over talent.

Excessive Self-Promotion

Some people think Ashley comes across as narcissistic by constantly promoting herself and her projects on social media. She is seen as arrogant and lacking self-awareness in how much attention she draws to herself.


In summary, Ashley Roberts’ controversial time in The Pussycat Dolls, criticisms over her talent, various scandals, outspoken personality, associations with other divisive celebrities, and social media presence have all contributed to a segment of people strongly disliking her and being vocal about their distaste.

However, she still maintains a devoted fanbase from her Pussycat Dolls days who admire her confidence, sensuality, and determination over the years. Ashley’s provocative public image means she will likely continue having vocal haters, but she has proven not to let the negativity slow down her career.

Frequently Asked Questions about Why People Hate Ashley Roberts

What was controversial about The Pussycat Dolls?

The Pussycat Dolls drew controversy for their overtly sexualised image, with skimpy outfits and provocative dance moves. Their lyrics were also considered too risque by some. Ashley Roberts’ participation in the group led some to believe she condoned the Dolls’ objectification of women.

What criticism has Ashley Roberts faced over her talent?

Critics have accused Ashley Roberts of lacking strong vocal talent and mainly relying on her looks and dancing ability. She’s been labeled as inferior to other members of The Pussycat Dolls as a singer. Her transition to TV presenting brought accusations she lacked broadcasting talent.

How has Ashley Roberts been involved in scandals?

Ashley had topless photos leaked early in her career. She’s also been accused of not supporting abuse allegations made by fellow Doll Melody Schuman. And her high scores on Strictly Come Dancing despite technique issues caused voting controversy.

Why is Ashley Roberts seen as arrogant by some people?

Ashley is often very confident and outspoken in interviews about her talents. She gives blunt opinions. Her feminism also makes bold statements. This cocky attitude strikes some as arrogant and disrespectful, rather than assured.

How has Ashley’s social media presence been criticised?

Ashley frequently flaunts her luxury lifestyle and flirts with the camera in revealing outfits on Instagram. She draws accusations of arrogantly boasting about wealth and using sexuality for attention. Some see her self-promotion as narcissistic.

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