Why Do People Love Prince Edward?

Prince Edward is one of the most beloved members of the British royal family. As the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, he has grown up in the public eye and earned the affection of many over the years. There are several key reasons why Prince Edward is so popular and cherished by the British public and royal fans worldwide.

His Role as a Loyal Son and Brother

As the youngest child of the Queen and Prince Philip, Prince Edward has embraced his role within the royal family wholeheartedly. He is incredibly close with his parents and respects their sense of duty and service to the nation. Prince Edward has supported them loyally at public engagements and taken on patronages to aid their philanthropic work over the years.

Additionally, Prince Edward is a caring brother to his siblings Charles, Anne, and Andrew. He maintains strong relationships with them built on love and mutual understanding of the pressures of royal life. His steadfast dedication to his family has won over the public.

His Charitable Works and Patronages

Prince Edward serves as patron or president to over 70 charities and organizations. He takes a hands-on approach to supporting causes close to his heart. The Prince has a deep interest in the arts, sports, and education. Some of his most prominent charitable work includes:

  • Duke of Edinburgh Award – Prince Edward took over managing his father’s youth achievement award program in 2015. He frequently meets participants and encourages youth to challenge themselves through the program.
  • UNICEF UK – The Prince became President of the UN Children’s Fund UK branch in 2005. He raises awareness and funds for UNICEF’s vital mission to aid vulnerable children worldwide.
  • Special Olympics GB – As Vice Patron, Prince Edward champions sports opportunities for children with intellectual disabilities. He attends Special Olympic events and celebrates the participants.

Prince Edward’s genuine commitment to making a difference has earned public admiration. His patronages allow him to use his platform for good.

His Military Service

Prince Edward is the only one of the Queen’s sons to not have a regular military career. However, he did complete a shortened stint in the Royal Marines as a young man. This included a challenging commando training course.

Although Edward left the Marines early, he demonstrated a strong work ethic and desire to serve his country despite the difficulties. The Prince’s time in the armed forces increased his popularity and proved he was willing to challenge himself beyond the comforts of royal life.

His Successful Marriage and Fatherhood

In 1999, Prince Edward married Sophie Rhys-Jones, a public relations professional. Their relationship seemed an unlikely match at first but has blossomed into a devoted partnership. The Earl and Countess of Wessex celebrated over 20 years of marriage in 2019.

The couple has two children, Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn. Prince Edward appears to be a very loving and hands-on father. He is often photographed enjoying family outings with his wife and kids, showing a softer side as a family man.

The Prince’s evident love for his wife and joy in parenthood makes him more relatable and admired. His devotion as a husband and father sets a strong example.

His Quieter Royal Role & Dedication to Duty

Compared to his brothers Charles and Andrew, Prince Edward has typically maintained a lower public profile as a working royal. He conducts engagements with his wife Sophie, but usually avoids controversies and scandals that have plagued other royals.

Despite his quieter role, the Prince remains utterly committed to supporting the Queen and representing the Crown. Those close to him laud his steadiness, good humor, and work ethic even without the spotlight.

Prince Edward takes his responsibilities seriously while retaining modesty and professionalism. This has increased the public’s respect and appreciation for his dependable presence as part of the modern royal family.

Key Facts and Information about Prince Edward

To understand Prince Edward’s widespread popularity, it helps to know key details about his life and royal duties over the years. Here are some interesting facts about the Earl of Wessex:

  • Full Name: Prince Edward Antony Richard Louis
  • Birthday: March 10, 1964 (age 59 in 2023)
  • Education: Attended Gordonstoun boarding school in Scotland, later completed a degree at Jesus College, Cambridge.
  • Marriage: Wed Sophie Rhys-Jones on June 19, 1999 at Windsor Castle
  • Children: Lady Louise Windsor (b. 2003) and James, Viscount Severn (b. 2007)
  • Royal Title: His Royal Highness The Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex
  • Official Residence: Bagshot Park estate in Surrey
  • Ranking: Currently 11th in line to the British throne
  • Royal Duties: 130-200+ engagements per year focused on charities, military ties, arts, and youth.
  • Interests: Theater, tennis, skiing, swimming, and music
  • Awards & Honors: Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, Queen’s Golden Jubilee medal, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal, and more.

These key facts provide helpful background on Prince Edward’s life and royal service so far. He has truly dedicated himself to the Crown while raising a family and supporting causes he cares deeply about.

Prince Edward’s Hobbies and Interests

Beyond his royal duties, Prince Edward has some interesting hobbies and pastimes that give him joy. Exploring these personal interests provides more insight into Edward’s character. The Prince is passionate about:

  • Theater – Prince Edward previously worked in theater production. He remains an enthusiastic patron of the London theater community.
  • Sports – The Prince enjoys playing real tennis, racquets, skiing, swimming, and squash in his leisure time.
  • Music – Edward learned to play the piano, trumpet, and cello as a child. He still appreciates classical music.
  • Literature & Languages – An avid reader, Edward studied French and German. He also filmed a documentary about the history of the Royal Variety Performance.
  • Cooking – Prince Edward apparently enjoys cooking family meals on weekends at his country estate.

The Prince’s hobbies reveal a creative, athletic, and intellectual side the public finds appealing and relatable. His interests show he has tastes and passions outside his royal obligations.

Prince Edward’s Focus on Family Life

As mentioned, family is very important to Prince Edward. He strives to provide stability and love for his wife Sophie and their two children Lady Louise and James. Edward is a doting father and husband.

The Earl and Countess of Wessex have guarded their children’s privacy, though they occasionally share family snapshots. They live at Bagshot Park in Surrey rather than a high-profile London palace. The Prince and his wife want their children to grow up with as normal an upbringing as possible despite their royal status.

By all accounts, Prince Edward is a warm and fun-loving father. He is hands-on with childcare duties. The Prince has been photographed taking his kids to school, enjoying amusement parks, and celebrating special occasions together as a family.

Edward’s focus on his wife and children shows how much he values their love and happiness. His devotion as a family man makes him more relatable and respected.

Prince Edward’s Ongoing Royal Duties

As the youngest child of the Queen and Prince Philip, Prince Edward continues to play an important role in supporting the monarchy today. He conducts engagements independently and alongside his wife to represent the Crown.

Some of Prince Edward’s ongoing royal duties and responsibilities include:

  • Attending state dinners, receptions, ceremonial events, and other engagements on behalf of the Queen
  • Traveling overseas on royal tours – often focused on promoting UK trade and interests
  • Supporting his many charitable and military patronages through visits, fundraising, and publicity campaigns
  • Carrying out investitures to honor people receiving medals, awards, and honors from the Crown
  • Participating in public and private events honoring his parents Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip
  • Representing the monarchy at occasions like Royal Ascot, Trooping the Colour, Remembrance Day events and more

The Prince takes his royal duties seriously. His reliability, professionalism, and commitment to service continue to benefit the monarchy’s work.

Notable Moments in Prince Edward’s Life

Over his many years in the public eye, Prince Edward has had some significant life moments that give insight into his character:

  • Youth & Education – Enjoyed sports and the arts while attending boarding school. Studied at Cambridge, participated in overseas exchange to New Zealand.
  • Military Service – Completed Royal Marines commando training in 1987 but departed active duty in 1988. Remains affiliated with military units.
  • Career Exploration – Worked briefly in theatrical production and founded a TV production company before taking on full-time royal duties.
  • Marriage & Fatherhood – Met future wife Sophie Rhys-Jones at a tennis event in 1993. The couple married in 1999 and now have two teenage children.
  • Royal Duties – Took on the Earl of Wessex title and committed to full-time royal work in 2002. Now a stalwart senior working royal with hundreds of engagements annually.
  • Recent Years – Continues extensive charity work and royal duties. Helped celebrate Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 and Platinum Jubilee in 2022.

These moments and milestones in Prince Edward’s life tell the story of his ongoing personal growth and dedication to the royal family.

Why Prince Edward Is So Well-Liked: Summary

In summary, Prince Edward holds a special place with the British public due to:

  • His steadfast support of the Queen and loyalty to his family
  • Extensive charitable work and championing of social causes
  • Brief but respectable military service showing his work ethic
  • Wholesome family life as a loving husband and father
  • Modest approach to royal duties and avoidance of scandal
  • Relatable interests and hobbies beyond formal royal obligations
  • Reliable presence as part of the modern monarchy for decades

Despite being born into privilege, Prince Edward has earned widespread respect through his conduct and character. His subtle charm, easy-going nature, and commitment to duty have made him a beloved member of the royal family.


In conclusion, Prince Edward holds a beloved place in the hearts of the British public and royal family fans across the globe. His steadfast support of the Queen, extensive charitable works, and devotion to his wife and children have made him hugely respected and admired over the years.

Prince Edward continues to take on royal duties with grace, good humor, and a genuine willingness to serve the monarchy and the public. While he shuns the spotlight, the Prince’s dedication and character still shine brightly, illuminating why he remains a cherished British royal.

Frequently Asked Questions about Prince Edward

Here are answers to some common questions about why Prince Edward is so admired:

Why is Prince Edward the Earl of Wessex?

On his wedding day in 1999, the Queen conferred the title Earl of Wessex to Prince Edward. The title connects him to the region of Wessex in southern England. Royal officials stated that Edward will eventually inherit the title Duke of Edinburgh from his father.

What role might Prince Edward have as King?

As the youngest child, Prince Edward is quite far down the line of succession, so it is very unlikely he would ever become King. But he continues to loyally support King Charles III and the institution of the monarchy.

What was Prince Edward’s military service?

Prince Edward joined the Royal Marines as an officer cadet in 1986. He completed commando training and was a 2nd Lieutenant with the Marines until resigning his commission in 1987. His brief service still required dedication and hard work.

Does Prince Edward have a close bond with the Queen?

Yes, by all accounts Prince Edward had a very close relationship with his mother Queen Elizabeth II. He often supported her at public events and undertook royal duties to assist her. He shares her deep commitment to service.

Is Prince Edward involved in any scandals?

Unlike his brothers Prince Charles and Prince Andrew, Prince Edward has largely avoided being connected to major scandals over the years. He keeps a relatively low profile and remains focused on his royal duties and family.

What will Prince Edward do when King Charles III is King?

Prince Edward will continue carrying out public engagements and supporting charitable causes. He may take on additional responsibilities from King Charles III as a senior working royal. But his constitutional role will remain largely unchanged.

How is Prince Edward preparing Louise and James for royalty?

Prince Edward and Sophie are providing their children with private education and protection of their privacy to allow them to have as normal an upbringing as possible. Louise and James will be expected to attend royal events sometimes but will likely pursue their own careers.

Why did Prince Edward pursue theater as a career?

Prince Edward developed a passion for the arts and theater production during his school days. After university, he pursued this interest professionally for a few years before taking on full-time royal duties.

What charitable causes are most important to Prince Edward?

Some of the Prince’s main charitable interests include supporting young people’s development, empowering those with disabilities, promoting the arts, and honoring military service members. His patronages reflect these passions.

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