Why Do People Love Princess Beatrice?

Princess Beatrice of York, elder daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York and Sarah, Duchess of York, is one of the most popular members of the British royal family. She has built a reputation as an intelligent, kind-hearted, and stylish princess who admirably balances her royal duties with charity work and a career in business. Here is an in-depth look at why Princess Beatrice has won over the hearts of so many.

Her Noble Background

As the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Beatrice was born into British royalty. She is currently 9th in line to the throne. While her royal status undoubtedly contributes to her fame, it does not fully explain the strong affection people have for Princess Beatrice as an individual. Some key facts about her background:

  • Born August 8, 1988 at The Portland Hospital in London
  • Baptized in the Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace
  • Attended Coworth Park School and St George’s School in Ascot
  • Earned a 2:1 degree in History and the History of Ideas from Goldsmiths, University of London in 2011

Her upbringing exposed her to British history, culture, and royal protocol from a young age. This instilled in her a sense of duty to her country and charities. However, Princess Beatrice has developed interests and qualities outside of her royal heritage that make her relatable.

Her Personality and Interests

While Princess Beatrice takes her royal duties seriously, she also has a fun, youthful spirit. She enjoys partying in London and exotic vacations with friends. Unlike some royals, she is casual and approachable. She is known to chat happily with fans who recognize her in public.

Some of her personal interests and hobbies include:

  • Fashion – She experiments boldly with her style and uses fashion for charity fundraisers.
  • Sports – She enjoys skiing, running, and cycling. She completed the London Marathon for Children in Need.
  • Arts – She is a patron of the English National Ballet and serves as co-chair of the Royal Foundation’s Arts & Culture Initiative.
  • Travel – She loves visiting fashionable destinations like the French Riviera, St. Tropez, and Verbier.

Her varied interests make her intriguing to both royal-watchers and young women drawn to her independent spirit. She balances fun with her noble causes.

Her Charity Work and Philanthropy

While Princess Beatrice could easily live a life of idle luxury, she instead devotes time and effort to numerous charitable causes:

  • Teenage Cancer Trust – She became a patron of this organization in 2003 and has helped raise funds for a specialist cancer unit for teens.
  • Children in Crisis – She has traveled with this charity to Romania, Uganda, and Peru to meet displaced children and support their education programs.
  • HandleBards – She is a patron of this company that provides opportunities for disabled actors.
  • Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity – As a dyslexic herself, she champions reading support programs.
  • Alzheimer’s Society – Her great-grandmother and other relatives suffered from dementia, inspiring her involvement.
  • 100 Women in Finance – She supports this group promoting education and professional opportunities for underprivileged girls.

Her extensive charity work at a young age shows her compassion and dedication to helping young people, the disabled, and the disadvantaged.

Her Successful Career

Unlike past princesses, Beatrice has pursued a full-time business career. She earned an internship at Sony Pictures after graduating university. In 2014, she found a more fulfilling job at Sandbridge Capital, a small New York-based investment firm. She has risen to the role of Vice President there.

Beatrice uses her business skills to aid her philanthropic projects as well. In 2016, she co-founded Big Change with 6 friends, a nonprofit that develops projects for disadvantaged youth. She juggles her professional career with her royal duties seamlessly, setting an example of a modern, hard-working princess.

Her Discretion in the Media Spotlight

Growing up in the media spotlight has not been easy for Princess Beatrice. She was cruelly mocked over her appearance as a teen. However, she has matured into an elegant young woman bearing these challenges with grace.

While she enjoys socializing, she carefully avoids behaving recklessly or getting negative publicity. She maintains a private Instagram account. During Prince Andrew’s scandal over his friendship with Jeffery Epstein, Beatrice tactfully avoided being drawn into the controversy. She focuses on her own causes rather than seeking media attention.

This discretion only adds to her reputation as a respectable, mature role model. She manages to keep a relatively low profile despite intense curiosity about the royals.

Her Close Relationship with the Queen

Part of the fondness people have for Beatrice stems from observing her close bond with her grandmother, the Queen. From an early age, the Queen took special interest in Beatrice’s education, instilling a strong moral character in her.

Beatrice is often called the Queen’s favorite grandchild. The Queen has made Beatrice a Counsellor of State, allowing her to carry out certain monarchical duties. For her wedding in July 2020, the Queen lent Beatrice a vintage dress and tiara that was a meaningful gesture of love.

This closeness to the respected Queen Elizabeth increases the public’s admiration of Princess Beatrice. People see the qualities in her that the Queen prizes in a future heir to the crown.

Her Fairytale Royal Wedding

Princess Beatrice won more hearts when she married Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in July 2020. Despite COVID-19 requiring social distancing and masks, their small, intimate wedding was called the most romantic royal wedding in a decade.

The highlights included:

  • A vintage dress on loan from the Queen, featuring stunning beading and embroidery
  • The Queen Mary diamond fringe tiara from the Queen’s collection
  • A little bouquet tribute to the Queen set in the bouquet
  • Close family in attendance, including the Queen and Prince Philip
  • Secret wedding rings Beatrice helped design herself with a special inscription
  • Buckingham Palace garden reception with fancy picnic food and drinks

In a difficult year, this fairytale royal wedding was a bright spot that reminded people of the magic of the monarchy. Beatrice glowed with happiness as she married her true love.

She Stays True to Herself

What makes Princess Beatrice so admired is that she stays grounded and true to herself despite her royal role. She once said, “I want my life to be filled with laughter and great achievement.” Based on what she has accomplished so far, she is achieving that goal while still devoted to service and duty.

In a world where royals often attract bad publicity, Princess Beatrice shines as a model of discretion, intelligence, style, and compassion. Ultimately, people love her because she has a good heart and lives her life with purpose. She honors the great responsibility she was born with while still sharing enough of her true self to be relatable. That is why Princess Beatrice has become Britain’s darling princess.


In conclusion, Princess Beatrice has become one of the most popular members of the British royal family due to her noble background, her outgoing and compassionate personality, dedication to charity work, successful business career, discretion and grace under pressure, close bond with the Queen, beautiful royal wedding, and commitment to staying grounded and true to herself.

She manages to balance being a modern career woman with a traditional princess role. Ultimately it is her good heart and active life of purpose devoted to helping others that makes people love HRH Princess Beatrice.

FAQs About Why People Love Princess Beatrice

What royal family is Princess Beatrice from?

Princess Beatrice belongs to the British royal family. She is the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. Her parents are Prince Andrew, Duke of York and Sarah, Duchess of York.

What charities does Princess Beatrice support?

Some of Princess Beatrice’s main charities are Teenage Cancer Trust, Children in Crisis, Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity, Alzheimer’s Society, and Big Change, a youth nonprofit she co-founded. She focuses on causes helping disadvantaged youth, healthcare, and education.

What does Princess Beatrice do for a living?

Princess Beatrice works full-time in business. She earned a degree in History and History of Ideas. After internships in finance, she gained experience at boutique wealth management companies. She is currently Vice President at Afiniti, a US technology firm.

Who did Princess Beatrice marry?

In July 2020, Princess Beatrice married Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in a small private wedding at the Royal Chapel of All Saints in Windsor. Edoardo is a wealthy British property developer who also founded the architecture and interior design company Banda. He has a young son from a previous relationship.

What happened at Princess Beatrice’s wedding?

Princess Beatrice’s wedding highlights included borrowing a vintage gown and tiara from the Queen, a special bouquet tribute to the Queen, intimate family attendance, secret personalized wedding rings Beatrice helped design, and a garden reception at Buckingham Palace. It was called the most romantic royal wedding in a decade.

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