Why Do People Hate Prince Harry?

Prince Harry, the younger son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, has been a controversial royal figure for years. While many admire his charisma and relate to his struggles, an increasing number of people seem to strongly dislike or even hate the prince. This begs the question – why do some people harbor such animosity towards Prince Harry?

There are several reasons that may explain the growing antipathy that sections of the public feel towards the prince.

Reasons Why People Dislike Prince Harry

He is seen as hypocritical

One of the biggest criticisms leveled against Prince Harry is that he is a hypocrite. Here are some examples of why he is seen as hypocritical:

Preaching environment conservation while using private jets

Prince Harry has spoken passionately about environmental conservation and climate change. However, he and his wife Meghan have used private jets for their travels even while preaching about saving the planet. This hypocrisy of benefiting from a carbon-heavy lifestyle while lecturing others has annoyed many people.

Talking about poverty while living in luxury

Similarly, Harry is seen as hypocritical when he speaks about poverty and hardship even as he enjoys an extravagant royal lifestyle. From lavish weddings to luxury home renovations, his actions do not match his words.

Emphasizing mental health while ignoring family

Furthermore, Harry has emphasized the importance of mental health and therapy. But his refusal to make amends with his brother William or father Charles shows his hypocrisy. He does not seem to practice what he preaches when it comes to family.

He abandoned his royal duties

Another major criticism Harry faces is that he abandoned his responsibilities as a senior royal.

He stepped back from royal duties

In January 2020, Harry and Meghan announced they were quitting as working members of the royal family. This was seen by many as dereliction of duty since Harry had been born into privilege and was expected to serve the Crown.

He moved away to the USA

Not only did Harry resign from royal duties, but he also moved to the USA with Meghan. Living thousands of miles away in California, Harry effectively distanced himself from the royal family in UK. This reinforce the perception that he had abandoned his obligations.

He airs family issues publicly

To make matters worse, Harry has spoken negatively about his family in public. His open criticism of Prince Charles and insensitive comments about Queen Elizabeth II after her death earned him lots of hate.

He is seen as spoiled and ungrateful

Harry has often been accused of being spoiled, ungrateful and resentful, despite the privileges he was born into.

He badmouths the royal family

When Harry makes damaging allegations against his family during interviews, he comes across as unappreciative towards the royal family that raised him.

He seems to play the victim

Harry appears to play the victim card frequently, even though he was born a prince and became wealthy and famous worldwide. This makes him seem entitled and resentful.

He bites the hand that fed him

Criticizing the very institution that made you rich and famous makes Harry seem ungrateful, according to his detractors. Biting the hand that fed you is never a good strategy for winning friends.

He craves attention and fame

Another theory as to why people dislike Prince Harry is that he craves constant media attention and fame.

He cashes in on royal name

Harry and Meghan havesigned multi-million dollar deals with Spotify and Netflix. Harry is accused of profiting from his royal name even after quitting as a working royal.

He courts media selectively

While claiming to hate media scrutiny, Harry seems to court the media via splashy interviews and public statements at opportune moments. This suggests he enjoys the limelight.

Bid for attention backfires

His bid for global fame appears to have backfired, as surveying polling data indicates Harry’s popularity ratings have nosedived worldwide. His quest for attention has made him unpopular.

How People Demonstrate Dislike Towards Prince Harry

People demonstrate their animosity and disapproval towards Prince Harry in various ways:

Negative reactions on social media

  • Viral hashtags like #ShutUpHarry and #NotMyPrinceHarry
  • Memes and jokes mocking the prince proliferate online
  • YouTube comments and tweets attacking Harry

Boycott of projects associated with Harry

  • Call for boycott of Netflix over Harry/Meghan deal
  • Spotify podcast rating down after deal with Harry
  • Low viewership for Oprah interview with Harry

Decline in popularity and approval polls

  • Harry’s popularity plummeted over the years
  • Less than 30% Britons have positive opinion of Harry now
  • Over 70% feel Harry should be stripped of royal title

Media backlash and critical coverage

  • UK tabloids openly disparage and condemn Prince Harry
  • Articles list his flaws and hypocrisies
  • TV shows and panelists take jibes at Harry

Resentment from British public

  • Public resents him for leaving UK and royal duties
  • Millions angry at his lack of respect for Queen
  • British taxpayers feel their money was wasted on him

Pushback from royal family

  • Queen stripped Harry of military patronages, HRH title
  • William and Charles reluctant to reconcile with Harry
  • Royals refuse to tolerate criticism and betrayal

What the Future Holds for Prince Harry

It is difficult to predict what the future has in store for such a controversial royal rebel like Prince Harry. Here are some possibilities:

Royal reputation takes a beating

Harry’s standing within the British royal family has already taken a beating due to his criticism of family members and institutions. This estrangement from the royal family seems difficult to reverse.

Public backlash grows

The British public could become even more vitriolic towards Harry as he continues to cash on his royal status while badmouthing the monarchy. His popularity may plummet further.

Hollywood fame fades

There are signs that the Hollywood hype around Harry is also fading as streaming giants see poor returns on their investment in him. He may lose currency as a celebrity.

Memoir burns bridges

Harry’s upcoming memoir could contain more damaging revelations about the royal family. This bridge-burning expose could make reconciliation impossible.

Life in California continues

Harry may continue to live in California with Meghan and his kids, occasionally issuing attention-seeking statements while living as minor celebrities.

Return to royal duties unlikely

It seems unlikely that Harry will ever return to take up full-fledged royal duties in UK again given the bitterness on both sides.

Image reboot challenging

Rehabilitating Harry’s negative image as a spoiled, resentful royal shirker will require serious work and may prove impossible without an act of humility/contrition.


In conclusion, Prince Harry has managed to alienate a large section of the public through his questionable decisions and perceived hypocrisy. His resentment towards the royal family that raised him, desire for fame and public sympathy, and abandonment of royal duties haveall damaged his reputation.

The prince seems locked on a path of self-sabotage. It remains to be seen whether Harry can rehabilitate his image and earn back people’s respect. But for now, his growing unpopularity seems justified to critics tired of his self-indulgent behavior and disrespect towards Queen and country. The royal rebel prince faces an uphill task winning back the hearts of the public.

FAQs about Public Dislike of Prince Harry

Why is Prince Harry unpopular in the UK?

Prince Harry’s unpopularity in his native Britain stems primarily from his resignation from royal duties, relocation to the USA, public criticism of the royal family, and perceived hypocrisy and sense of entitlement. Many British people see him as an ungrateful shirker who abandoned his country.

What did Harry say about the royal family?

Harry has openly criticized members of the royal family in interviews. He accused an unnamed royal of racism, slammed Prince Charles’ parenting, and suggested Queen Elizabeth II failed to protect Meghan. This airing of dirty laundry has turned many against him.

Will Harry lose his royal title?

There have been calls to strip Prince Harry of his remaining honorary royal titles, but it is unlikely since Prince Charles reportedly does not want such a permanent split with his son. Harry and Meghan’s children are also in line of royal succession.

How much money did Harry inherit from Diana?

Harry inherited around £10 million from his late mother Princess Diana’s estate when he turned 30. There are rumors he got another £14 million from Queen Elizabeth II. He also earns from the Duchy of Cornwall through Prince Charles.

Why do people think Meghan changed Harry?

Many people feel that after marrying Meghan Markle, Harry changed from a likeable, fun-loving prince to an angry rebel attacking his own family. They blame Meghan’s influence for Harry’s rift with the royals. But others argue Harry outgrew his role.

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