Why Do People Love Princess Eugenie?

Princess Eugenie, the younger daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York, has become one of the most beloved members of the British royal family in recent years. Though not a “working royal” carrying out official duties, Eugenie has carved out her own path focusing on charitable works and connecting with the public.

Here are some of the key reasons why Princess Eugenie has earned such popularity and affection from royal watchers:

Her Relatable Personality

She Seems Down-To-Earth and Approachable

Unlike some royals who come across as aloof or removed from ordinary people, Eugenie is known for being warm, humble, and down-to-earth in public appearances.

She takes time to chat with fans, seems amused by the attention rather than annoyed, and hasn’t lost the common touch despite her privileged upbringing. This makes her very relatable and endearing to the public.

She Shows Her Real Self on Social Media

Eugenie embraces social media platforms like Instagram to share glimpses of her real self, not just her public persona. Her photos and videos reveal a fun-loving young woman who enjoys parties, silly costumes, sporting events, vacations, and time with family and friends just like anyone else her age. This transparency makes her more accessible.

She Has Ordinary Interests and Habits

Despite royal status, Eugenie enjoys ordinary pursuits like reading, watching Netflix, listening to pop music, and browsing flea markets for bargains. She rides the subway, goes grocery shopping, and waits in lines just like everyday citizens. Her relatable hobbies and habits make Eugenie down-to-earth.

Her Close Family Relationships

She is Extremely Close with Her Sister, Princess Beatrice

Eugenie and her older sister Princess Beatrice have an exceptionally close sisterly bond. The princesses are not competitive and support each other. They attend events together, go on joint vacations, and even lived together into adulthood before Eugenie’s marriage. Their loving relationship provides a model of sisterhood.

She Maintains a Strong Bond with Her Parents

Despite the past scandal and controversy surrounding her parents Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, Eugenie has remained devoted to them. She speaks fondly of learning values from her mother and often brings Fergie as her plus-one to events.

Eugenie also reportedly helped convince her father to step back from royal duties during a scandal. Her steadfast family loyalty is admirable.

She is a Caring Aunt to Her Sister’s Children

Eugenie dotes on Beatrice’s young daughters as a hands-on, caring aunt. She does school pick-ups, takes the girls to parks and puppet shows, and gets down on the floor to play. Seeing Eugenie’s warmth and affection with her niece and nephew makes her seem like the fun aunt everyone would love to have.

Her Sense of Style and Body Positivity

She Has a Unique Sense of Style

Eugenie isn’t afraid to take fashion risks and put together eclectic, eye-catching ensembles. From colorful patterned shift dresses to structured coats paired with whimsical hats, she marches to the beat of her own drum with style. This adventurous fashion sense makes her fascinating to follow for fashionistas.

She Embraces Her Body and Flaunts Her Scoliosis Surgery Scar

As a child, Eugenie underwent spinal surgery for scoliosis that left a prominent scar down her back. Rather than hiding it, she chooses daring backless and off-the-shoulder gowns that proudly reveal her scar. This inspiring body positivity and self-confidence is a lesson to women everywhere.

She Defied Tradition with Her Wedding Dress and Jewelry

For her wedding to Jack Brooksbank in 2018, Eugenie broke with tradition in a backless blush dress designed to display her scoliosis scar, and she wore an emerald tiara rather than borrowing one from the Queen. Her unique choices added modern flair.

Her Charity Work and Social Consciousness

She is Passionately Dedicated to Combating Modern Slavery

Eugenie is an ardent anti-slavery advocate as patron of the Anti-Slavery Collective. She collaborates with police to aid trafficking victims and lobbies organizations to combat slave labor. Her 2018 wedding favors were charity donations to this cause. Her dedication makes an impact.

She Champions Inclusion for People With Disabilities

As patron of the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital where she underwent scoliosis surgery, Eugenie advocates for inclusion and access for those with disabilities. She praises their talents and lives the message through her confident scar-revealing fashion. Eugenie inspires and empowers.

She Uses Her Profile Responsibly for Good Causes

While not a full-time working royal, Eugenie leverages her royal profile responsibly to partner with charities and raise awareness about issues like ocean plastic pollution, wildlife conservation, and more. She conscientiously uses her privilege to do good.

Her Fairytale Royal Romance

She Had a Long-Term Romance Born of Friendship

Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank were close platonic friends for 7 years before sparks flew and they began dating. Their familiarity and friendship formed a strong basis for a romantic relationship that led to marriage. This friendship first foundation is relationship goals.

Her Wedding Was Lavish but Still Down-to-Earth

Eugenie’s royal wedding with its elegant St. George’s Chapel ceremony, celebrity guest list, and carriage procession was certainly lavish but she added personal, egalitarian touches. The world swooned over her fairytale princess moment.

She Seems Happily Devoted to Husband Jack Brooksbank

Now married for several years, Eugenie and Jack remain completely smitten and affectionate with each other in public appearances. They hold hands, sneak kisses, exchange adoring glances, and seem devoted partners. Their lasting happily-ever-after romance is enviable.

She Handles Controversy with Grace

Though her father Prince Andrew was embroiled in scandal over friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, Eugenie has handled the difficult situation maturely. She balances support for her father with understanding the gravity of the accusations. Her poise under pressure has earned admiration.

Tables Comparing Princess Eugenie to Other Young Royals

Princess EugeniePrincess BeatriceZara TindallPrince WilliamPrince Harry
Non-working royalNon-working royalOlympic equestrianSecond in line to throneStepped back from royal duties
Married to Jack BrooksbankMarried to Edoardo Mapelli MozziMarried to Mike TindallMarried to Kate MiddletonMarried to Meghan Markle
1 child (Sienna)2 children3 children3 children2 children
Close with cousins William & HarryClose with cousins William & HarryClose with cousins William & HarryClose with cousins Eugenie & BeatriceClose with cousins Eugenie & Beatrice
Passionate anti-slavery advocatePassionate about mental health awarenessActive sportswomanPassionate about conservation and climate changePassionate about women’s empowerment and social justice
Down-to-earth and relatable on social mediaMore reserved on social mediaVery active on social mediaLess revealing on social mediaMore revealing on social media after stepping back
Princess EugenieMeghan, Duchess of SussexCatherine, Duchess of CambridgeSophie, Countess of Wessex
Married to Jack BrooksbankMarried to Prince HarryMarried to Prince WilliamMarried to Prince Edward
1 child2 children3 children2 children
Regular career at art galleryFormer actressNo regular careerRan PR agency in past
Casual, playful styleCasual California styleTraditional & modest styleClassic feminine style
Embraces bold, eye-catching hatsOften skips hatsFavors elegant structured hatsFavors dramatic wide-brim hats
Close with Harry & MeghanClose with Eugenie & BeatriceSeems distant from Harry & MeghanLow-key royal focused on charity work
Not a working royalStepped back as working royalVery active working royalActive working royal focused on patronages


In conclusion, Princess Eugenie has become deeply beloved for her grounded personality, close family ties, body positivity, unique style, social consciousness, fairy tale romance and grace under fire.

She may not be heir to the throne but remains a role model with royal stardust who successfully carves her own path. Despite privilege, she connects with the public through quintessentially human traits of compassion, loyalty, and resilience. That is why people love Princess Eugenie.

Frequently Asked Questions about Princess Eugenie:

What does Princess Eugenie do for a living?

Princess Eugenie works as a director at the Hauser & Wirth art gallery in London. She studied English literature and art history in university. Though she takes on some royal engagements, she is not a full-time working royal.

What charitable causes is Princess Eugenie involved with?

Some of Eugenie’s main charitable causes are combating modern slavery and human trafficking as patron of the Anti-Slavery Collective, advocating for spinal injury patients through the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital, and promoting environmental causes like plastic pollution reduction.

Who designed Princess Eugenie’s wedding dress?

Eugenie’s wedding dress was designed by British designers Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos of the label Peter Pilotto. It was an elegant off-the-shoulder gown with long sleeves, a full skirt, and a low v-shaped back designed to showcase her scoliosis surgery scar.

What does Princess Eugenie’s name mean?

Princess Eugenie was named after Prince Albert’s mother, Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg. The name Eugenie is a French feminine version of Eugene, which comes from the Greek eugenios meaning “well born”. An apt name for a princess!

Is Princess Eugenie still close to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

Yes, by all accounts Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice have remained quite close with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, despite the couple stepping back from the royal family. Eugenie and Beatrice grew up with Harry and seem to have an authentically warm relationship.

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