Why Do People Love Prince Harry?

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex is one of the most beloved members of the British royal family. As the younger son of Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales, Harry has grown up in the public eye and won over millions of fans across the world with his charisma, sense of humor, and dedication to charitable causes. Here is an in-depth look at why Prince Harry is so admired and cherished by people everywhere.

His Relatability and “Normal Guy” Persona

One of the biggest reasons why people love Prince Harry is that he comes across as far more down-to-earth and relatable than most of the other royals. While his brother William is being groomed to be the future King of England, Harry has always been the “spare heir” and therefore has been able to lead a slightly more normal life outside the constraints of strict royal protocols.

Harry is known for being laidback, approachable, and possessing a great sense of humor. He seems like far more of a regular guy than a stuffy royal. He loves sports, especially polo and rugby, and enjoys going out to parties and events. He has a group of loyal longtime friends who treat him like “just Harry.”

People find Harry endearing because he’s never seemed interested in the pomp and pageantry of being a royal. He’s cultivated an image of being an ordinary guy living an extraordinary life.

His Rebellious Streak

Part of Harry’s “normal guy” appeal stems from his reputation of having a bit of a rebellious side. Unlike William, who has always been the perfectly well-behaved heir, Harry gained notoriety in his youth for his drinking and partying. He has publicly admitted to smoking marijuana and frequenting nightclubs in his late teens and early 20s.

While royal traditionalists shook their heads in disapproval, many people appreciated seeing this less restrained, bad-boy side of Harry. It humanized him and made him seem more relatable as someone going through typical growing pains of young adulthood despite growing up in the royal fishbowl.

Harry’s rebellious years also endeared him in a “black sheep” sort of way. People admired his ability to break free from the stuffy confines of royal life and gain experiences and perspectives outside of the palace walls.

His Military Service

Harry has also earned widespread respect and appreciation for his decade of military service. After graduating from Sandhurst Military Academy in 2006, Harry trained and served as an Apache helicopter co-pilot and gunner with the Army Air Corps.

He completed two tours in Afghanistan, making Harry the first member of the royal family to serve in a war zone since his uncle Prince Andrew flew helicopters during the Falklands War.

Rather than use his royal status to avoid danger, Harry insisted on being deployed on the front lines. His commitment to serving Queen and country in active combat significantly boosted his standing. It proved he was willing to fight for his people and nation.

Harry’s experience in the Armed Forces seems to have provided him with discipline, direction, and a greater sense of purpose in life. His military service is a point of pride for Harry supporters who see it as a testament to his character.

His Charm, Humor & Approachability

Another major reason why Prince Harry is so cherished is that he comes across as genuinely charming, funny, and welcoming. While he carries himself with confidence, he doesn’t seem to have an arrogant or superior air about him.

Rapport with the public

Harry has always had a special rapport with the public, dating back to when he walked behind his mother Princess Diana’s casket at her funeral procession as a 12-year old boy. People were touched by how vulnerable and devastated he seemed.

To this day, Harry goes out of his way to be approachable and interact with the crowds that gather to see him at public events. He frequently kneels down to speak with children at their eye level, and comforts those who seem emotional to see him. Harry has noted that Diana instilled in him the importance of connecting personally with people.

Unlike royals who give the impression of viewing the general public as a bothersome nuisance, Harry seems to genuinely empathize and care about the regular people who support the monarchy. They sense this affinity and reciprocate it with their own admiration for the Prince.

Goofy, Fun-Loving Nature

Harry also wins people over by being willing to act silly and not take himself too seriously. He likes to have fun with kids by pulling funny faces and doing playful antics. Some good-natured hijinks Harry is known for include beating boxing legend Anthony Joshua in a mock sparring match, and challenging Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt to a race.

The Prince also displays wit and self-deprecating humor when interacting with the media and delivering speeches. Rather than stiffly sticking to prepared remarks, Harry likes to ad lib jokes and poke fun at his own reputation and status. This humorous, goofy side makes the Prince seem far more down-to-earth.

People appreciate that despite living a life of immense privilege, Harry does not put on airs or take himself too seriously. He comes across as authentic and human.

His Hands-On Charity Work and Philanthropy

Beyond his personality and character, one of the biggest reasons why Prince Harry is so widely admired is for his extensive charity work and humanitarian efforts. He is known for having a huge heart, caring deeply about issues impacting the vulnerable.

Work with disadvantaged youth

A major focus of Harry’s philanthropy has been on bettering the lives of children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Along with Prince William, Harry created The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry in 2009 to support youth-focused charities.

Some of the key youth initiatives Harry has championed include WellChild, which provides care for seriously ill children; Full Effect, which assists disadvantaged youth; and the HALO Trust, the world’s largest humanitarian mine clearance organization which strives to make safe places to live and thrive.

Harry is particularly passionate about empowering orphaned children growing up in poverty in Lesotho, South Africa. He co-founded the charity Sentebale in 2006 to provide these vulnerable youth with care and resources. He remains heavily involved with fundraising efforts for the organization.

People around the world have been inspired by Prince Harry’s hands-on approach and longstanding commitment to uplifting disadvantaged young people.

Serving fellow veterans

Another area Prince Harry has had significant impact is with his work supporting fellow military veterans. Along with the Invictus Games athletic event for wounded veterans and servicemembers he created, Harry serves as patron for several organizations assisting veterans transition back to civilian life.

These include Walking with the Wounded, which provides employment and mental health resources to veterans, and Endeavour Fund, which helps veterans use sports to recover and thrive.

Harry’s personal relationships with veterans and devotion to this cause has earned him tremendous respect. His work has raised awareness and funding to successfully reintegrate many veterans back into society.

Advocating for mental health

Additionally, Prince Harry has used his platform to advocate for reducing the stigma around mental health issues. He has spoken candidly about his own struggles after the death of his mother, Diana, and the importance of being able to seek help.

Along with Prince William and Kate Middleton, Harry helped launch the Heads Together initiative to change perceptions around mental health. He continues to promote open discussion and greater support around emotional well-being.

Harry’s leadership and candor on mental health awareness has been applauded worldwide. He has helped mobilize awareness and resources to provide vital counseling and assistance to those silently suffering.

His Fairytale Romance with Meghan Markle

Of course, one cannot discuss why Prince Harry is so beloved without examining his fairytale romance and marriage to American actress Meghan Markle. Harry met Markle on a blind date in 2016 and fell deeply in love.

Whirlwind relationship

Despite coming from completely different worlds, the couple connected immediately and began a whirlwind secret relationship. As an American divorcee actress of mixed race, Markle was far from the type of women British royals traditionally married.

Yet Harry was clearly besotted with her intelligence, confidence, grace and passion for humanitarian causes. He reportedly knew immediately she was “the one” and proposed after quietly dating for 18 months.

Their beautiful, culturally groundbreaking wedding ceremony in 2018 was watched by over 29 million Americans. It cemented the union between Prince Harry, the product of British nobility, and Meghan, an American self-made actress.

Evidence of true love

Most compellingly, Harry’s devotion to make his marriage work and protect his family shows evidence of true love. The couple made the bold decision in 2020 to step back from their official royal duties and relocate part-time to Meghan’s native California along with their two young children.

Though it created tension with the royal family, Harry prioritized doing what he felt was best for his wife and children. He continues to speak about Meghan in interviews with great affection and respect.

Harry’s willingness to make sacrifices and stand by his wife’s side through intense media scrutiny has earned him admiration. After the tragic death of Princess Diana, people are happy to see her son achieve his own happy ending.

His Status as a Father

Recently, another major facet boosting Harry’s likability has been taking on the role of proud, loving dad. Since the birth of his son Archie in May 2019, and daughter Lilibet in June 2021, Harry’s face lights up whenever he speaks about being a father.

Deeply involved dad

It’s clear from Harry’s comments that he is a very hands-on, doting dad. He gushes about changing diapers, doing the drop-offs for school, and taking the kids to activities. Fatherhood seems to give Harry great meaning and contentment.

The image of Prince Harry as a devoted family man cradling his newborn son was powerful. After many years seeming like a “party prince”, Harry’s evolution into a committed husband and father has humanized him further.

Protecting his children’s privacy

Harry is also commended for fiercely protecting his children’s privacy, particularly in light of the tragedy surrounding the media’s treatment of his mother. He refuses to share photos or information about his kids’ lives, insisting they live free from paparazzi intrusion.

Many sympathize with Harry’s understandable paranoia, given Princess Diana’s death in a car crash while being chased by photographers. They respect the lengths he goes to shield his children from similar media harassment.

As a dad, Harry’s priority is ensuring his children can have safe, normal childhoods. People admire the strong bond Harry shares with his son and daughter.

His Continued Popularity Despite Controversies

While Prince Harry remains well-liked by millions, he has certainly faced controversies over the years that have tarnished his standing with some. However, for most of his supporters worldwide, Harry is still cherished.

Occasional lapses in judgment

Certainly the Prince has exercised some lapses in judgment over time that garnered criticism. These include wearing a Nazi costume to a party in 2005, and being photographed nude during a wild Las Vegas party in 2012.

While royal traditionalists shook their heads, younger generations were quick to forgive Harry’s antics as youthful indiscretions. The general public has been willing to overlook his occasional immature indulgences and not let them fully define his character.

Tension with the royal family

More recently, Harry’s relationship with the British royal family has grown tense due to criticism he and Meghan levied during interviews. They accused unnamed royals of racism, and said the family failed to support Meghan’s mental health.

While more damaging to his standing, many supporters feel Harry had valid grievances and was understandably reacting to unfair treatment of his wife. Harry has reiterated that he continues to have a close bond with Queen Elizabeth herself.

Unfiltered nature ruffling feathers

Additionally, the blunt, emotionally transparent way in which Harry now expresses himself rubs certain people the wrong way. To some, his unfiltered candor comes across as attention-seeking and self-serving.

However, his openness about personal struggles also remains one of Harry’s strengths to his sympathizers. They feel it takes courage to be that honest, and makes him more relatable.

While detractors have grown louder, Harry’s global popularity remains extremely high. To his loyal fans, he embodies many qualities worth celebrating – humor, heart, courage, loyalty, and kindness.

Why Harry’s Appeal Endures

Looking at the full scope of Prince Harry’s life and persona, it’s clear why he holds a special place in the hearts of so many. Although born into extraordinary privilege and status, in many ways he remains profoundly human.

An emotional journey

Harry’s life story is one of profound emotional transformation. He endured intense trauma and grief losing his mother so young. For many years he grappled with quietly managing that pain.

Yet he evolved from a lost young man unsure of his role in life into someone committed to serving his nation, helping others, and being a devoted partner and father. Harry inspires people worldwide with this poignant personal growth and resilience.

A bridge between worlds

While devoted to Britain, as someone now residing part-time in America, Harry also serves as a bridge of understanding between his two countries. He and Meghan represent the bonds that connect the U.S. and U.K. through their bi-cultural family.

Harry also bridges the divide between the royals and the ordinary public. He mixes highborn status with an ability to sincerely empathize and connect with the people on the streets. To many, he represents the monarchy at its best – a sense of service, community, and human kindness.

A heart that connects

At his core, Prince Harry’s heart, humor and approachability are what make people around the globe respond so warmly to him. He comes across as someone who could be a loyal friend in whom you could confide anything.

While yet to be seen what Harry’s future not confined by formal royal duties may hold, his unique charisma and compassion will likely continue inspiring people wherever his path leads. And the world will keep watching with affection to see Harry’s ongoing journey.


Prince Harry is a man who has grown and evolved under constant public scrutiny. Despite experiencing profound childhood trauma and turmoil, he has emerged as someone committed to serving his nation, helping the disadvantaged, and being the best husband and father he can be.

While not perfect, Harry’s honesty, humor and heart connect with millions worldwide. His devotion to his wife and children has become particularly inspirational. Harry’s life story and experiences cutting across different cultures have made him a unifying global figure.

Though his controversial choices have alienated some royalists, Harry remains widely admired for his military service, philanthropy, and ability to related to the people. As he enters the next chapter of his extraordinary life, Prince Harry’s warmth, vulnerability and charisma will likely continue captivating the public imagination.

For all he has overcome and his dedication to making a positive impact, Prince Harry evokes affection and respect from his many loyal devotees across Britain, America and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions About Prince Harry’s Appeal

What are Prince Harry’s most admirable qualities?

Some of Prince Harry’s most admirable qualities include his approachability and relatability, commitment to serving his country and charitable causes, sense of humor, devotion as a husband and father, and candor about mental health issues.

Why do people feel connected to Prince Harry?

People feel connected to Prince Harry because of his ability to come across as a normal, down-to-earth person despite his royal status. He interacts warmly with the public, shares his personal struggles, and has an emotional openness that is often rare for someone of his position.

How has Prince Harry transformed public perceptions of the royal family?

Prince Harry has transformed public perceptions of the royal family through modernizing the monarchy. His charisma and informality as well as marrying an American divorcee have made the royals seem more progressive, inclusive, and in touch with contemporary society.

Why is Prince Harry so popular globally?

Prince Harry is popular globally because he appeals cross-culturally and serves as a living bridge between nations like the U.K. and U.S. He embodies attributes like humor, courage, loyalty and kindness that resonate universally across different countries and backgrounds.

What criticisms do people have of Prince Harry?

Some criticisms of Prince Harry include his past lapses in judgment, tensions with the royal family since stepping back from duties, and coming across as unfiltered or attention-seeking during candid interviews. However, most supporters feel his intentions are good overall.

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