Why Do People Hate Sharna Burgess?

Sharna Burgess is a professional ballroom dancer who has been a regular pro dancer on Dancing with the Stars since season 16. She has become one of the most popular and successful pros on the show, winning the Mirrorball Trophy with celebrity partner Bobby Bones in season 27.

However, despite her talents and achievements, Sharna has also faced a fair share of backlash and hate from some viewers of the show. In this article, we’ll explore some of the main reasons why Sharna has her detractors and why she rubs some people the wrong way.

Her Teaching Style and Personality

One of the main criticisms leveled at Sharna is that her teaching style and personality rubs some people the wrong way. Sharna is known for being a tough teacher with very high expectations for her celebrity partners. She pushes them hard in training and doesn’t sugarcoat criticisms when their performance is lacking.

Demanding Nature Towards Partners

Some feel that Sharna can be overly harsh and demanding at times towards her celebrity partners. She has made some controversial comments over the years, like saying Nick Carter’s jitterbug wasn’t up to par and critiquing Antonio Brown’s lack of effort in learning the dances. This drill sergeant-like style hasn’t always meshed well with her partners or viewers.

Perceived Arrogance

Additionally, some interpret Sharna’s confidence in her own abilities and candid nature as arrogance or cockiness. She knows she’s a talented pro and isn’t afraid to say so. Her fiery personality and penchant for dramatic eye rolls and facial expressions have rubbed some the wrong way.

Perceived Favoritism on DWTS

Another issue that has sparked criticism of Sharna is the belief among some DWTS fans that she has been shown favoritism as a pro dancer on the show.

Higher Scoring

There is a perception among some viewers that Sharna and her celebrity partners tend to get consistently higher scores from the judges than other pros, even when the quality of dancing is comparable. This has led to accusations of bias.

Preferential Treatment

Some also feel that Sharna gets preferential treatment behind-the-scenes in terms of dance styles, music, rehearsal time, etc. Whether real or imagined, this preferential treatment grates on some viewers.

Prime Partners

Finally, Sharna has been given partners who seem primed for success, whether due to prior dance experience, natural talent, or a large fanbase. Getting partners who can go far if not win it all evokes jealousy among some fans.

Romances and Showmances

Sharna has been linked to several romantic partners during her time on DWTS, both showmances with celebrity partners and relationships with others in the cast. The way she handles these has caused backlash at times.

Quick Showmances

Showmances between pros and partners are common on DWTS, but Sharna has faced criticism for quickly jumping into showmances just to gain votes or attention. Whether real or not, quick showmances can anger loyal DWTS fans.

Bonner Bolton Relationship

Her season 24 showmance with bull rider Bonner Bolton became controversial due to accusations of sexual harassment after an awkward live moment. This situation enflamed detractors.

Pierson Fodé Relationship

Sharna received heavy criticism when she broke up her pro dancer boyfriend Paul Kirkland to date her celebrity partner Pierson Fodé shortly after their season ended. Some saw this as evidence Sharna only uses partners for fame and relationships.

Perceived Inconsistencies & Hypocrisy

Another complaint about Sharna is that her words and actions have been inconsistent or hypocritical at times, angering fans.

Critical of Partners She Dislikes

She has been very critical and hard on partners she clearly dislikes, yet overly complimentary and positive towards partners she likes or is showmancing. This hypocrisy upsets some viewers.

Takes Credit for Partners’ Success

Additionally, she has made comments taking full credit for partners’ success, saying it was “her win”, not theirs. However, when partners struggle, she places the blame solely on them, a double standard.

Inconsistent on Required Dance Experience

Sharna has gone back and forth on partners having prior dance experience. When she likes a partner, she argues experience doesn’t matter, yet when disliking a partner she critiques their lack of experience. This inconsistency strikes some as hypocritical.

Perceived Jealousy of Other Pros

Whether real or not, Sharna has faced accusations of being jealous of or competitive with other pros on the show. This apparent envy has made her unpopular to some viewers.

Threatened by Julianne Hough

When Julianne Hough joined the show as a permanent judge in season 19, rumors swirled about jealousy and cattiness between the two female pros behind the scenes. Both downplayed the alleged catfight, but some fans read between the lines.

Competitive with Lindsay Arnold

Sharna has made side comments about fellow pro Lindsay Arnold on camera that some interpret as a sign of jealousy of the younger pro’s talents and popularity. The two are often pitted against each other.

Negative Comments About Other Pros

Additionally, eagle-eyed fans have noticed subtle digs or negative facial reactions Sharna makes towards other female pros when they are critiqued or score poorly. These subtle signs of competitive envy rub people the wrong way.

Perceived Victim Complex & Defensiveness

Sharna frequently pushes back hard against criticism of her on social media and elsewhere. Some feel her reactions reveal a victim complex or overly-defensive attitude that can come across as unprofessional at times.

Fixated on Haters’ Comments

Sharna appears fixated on reading and responding to critical or “hate” comments from fans and haters on social media. Engaging so consistently with haters makes some feel she is playing the victim card.

Overly Defensive of Critiques

When facing critiques of her behavior or dancing on the show, Sharna often gets defensive very quickly, even if the critique is constructive, not personal. This overly-sensitive defensiveness strikes some as immature.

Complains About Lack of Support

Sharna is quick to complain on social media when she feels DWTS doesn’t support her enough or give her preferential treatment. Some see this as a resentful, ungrateful attitude.

Too Much Focus on Her Personal Life

Some critics feel Sharna shares too much of her personal life away from DWTS on social media and in interviews, which takes the focus away from her celebrity partners and comes across as求 attention.

Overshares Personal News

Sharna frequently shares intimate details about her love life, friendships with other pros, plastic surgeries, health issues, etc. While trying to be open, she may overshare private matters some feel are best left private.

Seeks Limelight During DWTS Seasons

Even during ongoing DWTS seasons, followers feel Sharna excessively promotes her own projects, partnerships, and personal activities ー taking the attention off her partners and the show. Some see this as celebrity-chasing.

Attention-Seeking on Social Media

Sharna is very active on social media, often posting risqué personal photos and videos that appear primarily aimed at gaining followers and attention. Some feel this distracts from her professional dancer status.

Dancing and Choreography Critiques

While a talented dancer, some criticize Sharna’s actual dancing and choreography skills, especially her limited range beyond ballroom styles.

Ballroom Dancing Limited

Sharna excels at traditional ballroom styles but has shown weaknesses when choreographing non-ballroom styles like Jazz and Hip Hop. Her limited range frustrates viewers.

Out of Touch Choreography

Additionally, her choreography is sometimes criticized as too old-fashioned or out of touch for a modern show like DWTS. She sticks to standard ballroom elements rather than innovative, outside-the-box choreography.

Weak Improvisation Skills

Sharna has struggled with the improv segments of DWTS, in which pros must spontaneously dance to songs they haven’t rehearsed. Her lack of versatility shows in these segments.

Spotty Technique

When dancing outside her comfort zone in Latin or Ballroom, Sharna sometimes displays spotty technique, especially in hip movements. This subpar technique compared to other female pros is noticed by avid fans.


In summary, Sharna Burgess’s teaching methods, partnerships, relationships, perceived hypocrisy, defensiveness, personal life, and occasional dancing weaknesses have all contributed to her having a faction of detractors among dedicated DWTS viewers. However, she remains a talented pro and popular personality on the show. The controversy she provokes simply spotlights the passion and investment fans have in the show and its dancers. While she has her critics, Sharna also has a legion of loyal fans who support her through all the ups and downs that come with the DWTS territory. In the end, her longevity on the show speaks for itself – controversial or not, Sharna Burgess has undoubtedly left her mark and become part of the DWTS family.

Frequently Asked Questions About Why People Dislike Sharna Burgess

Why do some DWTS fans think Sharna Burgess gets preferential treatment on the show?

Some fans believe Sharna gets better partners, higher scores from judges for lesser dances, prime performance slots, extra rehearsal time, preferential dance styles, and more desirable music selections compared to others pros on the show. Whether real or imagined, this perceived preferential treatment makes her a target of jealousy.

How has Sharna’s dating history caused controversy on DWTS?

Sharna has faced backlash for quickly formed showmances with partners like Bonner Bolton, as well as for dating fellow cast members like Pierson Fodé immediately after their season ended. These real or perceived romances to gain votes, attention, or fame have angered some loyal fans.

What are some examples of Sharna’s teaching methods and personality rubbing people the wrong way?

Sharna’s very direct, drill sergeant methods and harsh critiques of celebrity partners have put some fans off, as have her cocky comments, dramatic facial expressions and eye rolls, perceived arrogance about her talent, and competitive comments about other pros.

Why have some DWTS fans accused Sharna of hypocrisy?

Sharna has been criticized for being overly critical of partners she dislikes while overly praising partners she likes. She also takes full credit for partners’ successes but blames partners directly for failures. Some see these double standards as hypocritical.

How does Sharna often react to criticism from fans and haters?

Sharna frequently responds directly to criticism on social media. Some feel she plays the victim card, overshares her personal life for attention, complains about lack of support, and is overly defensive rather than rising above the negativity.

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