Why Do People Love Sharna Burgess?

Sharna Burgess is a professional ballroom dancer who has gained immense popularity as one of the professional dancers on the hit ABC reality show Dancing with the Stars. Originally from Australia, Sharna moved to London as a teenager to pursue her passion for dance and has gone on to have an incredibly successful career. But what is it exactly that makes Sharna such a beloved figure among DWTS fans and the general public? Here’s a deeper look at some of the qualities and achievements that have contributed to her widespread appeal.

Her Incredible Dance Ability

One of the most obvious reasons Sharna is so popular is her extraordinary talent as a dancer. She has been dancing competitively since the age of 5 and her technical skills in styles like salsa, cha-cha, foxtrot, and tango are truly elite. Despite getting a late start on ballroom compared to most professionals, Sharna quickly rose to the top of the dance world, winning various titles and showcasing jaw-dropping routines.

Her creativity and artistry as a dancer is what sets her apart from many others. Sharna choreographs emotive routines that tell a story and she has an innate ability to pick the perfect music and costumes to bring that story to life. Even without a celebrity partner, Sharna’s solo routines on DWTS are always showstoppers. Her passion for dance is evident whenever she takes the stage.

Her Friendships with Celebrity Partners

Another reason Sharna is so beloved is the close friendships she forms with her celebrity partners each season on DWTS. Unlike some other pros, Sharna takes the time to really get to know each partner, learn about their lives, and form a real human connection.

She supports her partners with compassion, builds up their confidence, and investment in the relationship is obvious through their interactions. Sharna maintains close friendships with partners like James Hinchcliffe, Josh Norman, and Bonner Bolton long after their seasons end. Her caring personality and ability to connect authentically with people shines through each season.

Her Fun, Vivacious Personality

Sharna’s warm, fun-loving personality also attracts people to her. She is constantly smiling, laughing, and cracking jokes in interviews and on social media. DWTS fans love her for her vivacious, positive spirit which lights up a room.

Sharna doesn’t take herself too seriously and is always quick to show her silly side whether she’s doing a hilarious TikTok dance or playing pranks on fellow dancers. She also speaks openly about her life and feelings, coming across as extremely genuine and down-to-earth. Her vibrant persona makes people feel like she’s someone they would love to be friends with in real life.

Her Perseverance and Work Ethic

For many fans, Sharna also serves as an inspirational figure due to her perseverance and incredible work ethic. Early in her DWTS career, she struggled to find success and was often eliminated early in the competition. But she never gave up.

Sharna kept training diligently, determined to come back better each season. All her hard work finally paid off when she and her Season 27 partner Bobby Bones won the coveted Mirrorball Trophy in one of the biggest underdog victories ever on the show. This triumph after years of setbacks proved Sharna’s resilience and earned her many new admirers.

She puts in long, grueling hours rehearsing every week all while touring and performing outside of DWTS. Sharna’s dedication to the craft of dance and commitment to keeping her skills sharp is unmatched. People admire and take inspiration from her determination and perseverance.

Her Glamorous Style

Let’s not forget about Sharna’s show-stopping fashion sense! Part of the fun of DWTS each week is seeing the glamorous costumes the pros will be outfitted in. As one of the top female pros, Sharna’s wardrobe is always incredible.

She rocks everything from long fringed gowns to bedazzled jumpsuits to theatrical costumes with flair and confidence. Sharna clearly has fun dressing up and fully embraces the sparkly DWTS aesthetic. For fans of the show, her dazzling style is just another added element that makes her a delight to watch on screen.

Her Sex Appeal

Sharna has also become known as one of the sexiest pros on DWTS over the years which contributes to her popularity, especially among male viewers. She is undeniably beautiful with a fit, toned physique that she accentuates with sexy cut-out dresses and bathing suit costumes.

Sharna exudes confidence in her body and sensuality in her movements which add to her allure as a performer. While certainly a talented dancer, her sex appeal gives her another dimension that draws viewers in each week. Several of her past celebrity partners have even commented on her being “distractingly sexy” when they first start practicing together.

Her Acting Skills

In recent years, Sharna has also displayed impressive acting abilities in roles outside of DWTS. She showed off her comedic chops by guest starring on shows like ABC’s Speechless and appeared in the Netflix ice skating drama Spinning Out.

Sharna also acted alongside other DWTS pros in the dance drama film Make Your Move. Her charisma and skills translate well on screen which has likely gained her some new fans outside just the DWTS audience. As she continues to pursue acting jobs, this will only further raise her overall fame and popularity.

Her Charity Work

A final reason Sharna has earned such widespread affection is her extensive charity work. She has a long history of partnering with and promoting various charities and causes close to her heart.

Sharna is an ambassador for The Trevor Project which focuses on suicide prevention among LGBTQ youth. She also supports foundations like PETA and Best Friends Animal Society that protect animals. Most recently, she has been using her platform to speak out about empowering women and has served as an ambassador for Girls Inc. Her caring heart and desire to leverage her fame to do good makes Sharna easy to love.

Most Memorable Dances & Partners

To understand Sharna’s popularity, it helps to look back at some of her most iconic dances and partners over the years on DWTS. Here are some of the standout routines fans still talk about today:

James Hinchcliffe (Season 23)

  • Argentine Tango to “Angelica” by Bond – Considered one of the sexiest dances in DWTS history. The choreography highlighted Sharna’s technique and artistry and wowed the judges.

Josh Norman (Season 22)

  • Paso Doble to “Free Yourself” – A powerful, fiery paso doble that incorporated a chain as a prop. Showcased Sharna’s ability to create impactful storylines through movement.

Charlie White (Season 18)

  • Mary Poppins Quickstep to “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” – A joyful, high-energy routine filled with character that earned Sharna her first perfect score of 40.

Bonner Bolton (Season 24)

  • Rumba to “I Can’t Make You Love Me” – An emotional contemporary rumba that highlighted Sharna and Bonner’s close connection. The judges praised their chemistry and storytelling.

Bobby Bones (Season 27)

  • Freestyle to “The Greatest Show” – The country radio host’s surpriseMirrorball win with Sharna was sealed with this entertaining freestyle featuring trapeze stunts.

These dances represent career highlights that remind fans each season of Sharna’s incredible talent and charm that make her so beloved. Her partnerships have produced some of the most memorable moments in DWTS history.


In conclusion, Sharna Burgess has earned her title as one of the most popular pros ever on Dancing with the Stars due to the perfect combination of extraordinary dance skills, infectious fun personality, glamorous style, work ethic, and sex appeal. Her natural charm, kindness, and ability to forge meaningful connections shine through in every performance and interview.

After over a decade on the show honing her talents, Sharna has truly become a fan favorite pro that viewers look forward to seeing each season. Whether she’s choreographing breathtaking routines, bantering with judges, or offering support to celebrity partners, Sharna lights up the ballroom and brings joy to millions of viewers. As her star continues to rise, it’s easy to see why so many people have come to love the vibrant, vivacious Sharna Burgess.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Sharna such a talented dancer?

Sharna’s technical skills, artistry, musicality and competitive drive make her an incredibly gifted ballroom dancer. She trained intensely from a very young age and has perfected techniques in Latin and ballroom styles. Sharna’s routines are full of passion and creativity that set her apart.

How did Sharna become a pro on DWTS?

Originally from Australia, Sharna moved to London as a teenager to pursue dance. She competed professionally before auditioning for DWTS in 2009 at age 24. Sharna joined as a troupe member in Season 13 and was promoted to pro dancer in Season 16.

Which celebs has Sharna been paired with?

Some of Sharna’s celebrity partners have included: Charlie White, Nick Carter, Antonio Brown, James Hinchcliffe, Bonner Bolton, Josh Norman, Bobby Bones, and Brian Austin Green.

What are Sharna’s biggest DWTS accomplishments?

Sharna made it to the finals several times before finally winning the Mirrorball Trophy with Bobby Bones in Season 27, considered one of the biggest upsets in DWTS history. She has also earned two perfect scores.

What makes Sharna so popular with fans?

Fans love Sharna for her incredible dance ability, close bonds with partners, fun personality, glamorous style, sex appeal, work ethic and her inspirational story of perseverance. She is considered one of the most beloved pros.

Has Sharna done any acting or projects outside DWTS?

Yes, Sharna has guest starred on shows like Speechless and Spinning Out. She also acted in the dance movie Make Your Move. Sharna has done projects with PETA and The Trevor Project and released a workout line called Fit2Flaunt.

Is Sharna dating anyone currently?

As of late 2022, Sharna is dating businessman Tyler Cameron after being previously linked to DWTS celebs Bonner Bolton and Brian Austin Green. She keeps her relationships fairly private.

What dance style is Sharna’s specialty?

Sharna’s specialized dance styles include salsa, foxtrot, contemporary, Charleston, paso doble and Argentine tango. Her ballroom skills are exceptional though she originally focused more on Latin early in her career.

How does Sharna make choreography unique?

Sharna incorporates storytelling elements and intricate details into her routines. She performs technically challenging yet fluid movements and integrates creative props and staging ideas. Her choreography highlights emotion.

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