Why Do People Hate Queen Camilla?


Queen Camilla, the wife of King Charles III, has been a controversial figure in the British royal family for decades. While many people have welcomed her into her new role as Queen Consort, there are still groups who strongly dislike her and oppose her position.

This article will examine some of the key reasons why Queen Camilla faces ongoing animosity and resentment from certain segments of the public.

History with Prince Charles

One of the main sources of animosity towards Camilla stems from her history and affair with King Charles while he was married to the beloved Princess Diana.

Affair During First Marriages

  • Charles and Camilla met in 1970 and reportedly began an affair sometime between 1986 and 1987, while they were both still married to other people.
  • Their extramarital relationship was exposed in 1992 with the publication of intimate phone transcripts between them.
  • Many blamed Camilla for the breakdown of Charles’ first marriage to Diana, seeing her as a negative influence and “homewrecker.”

Diana’s Suspicions and Accusations

  • Princess Diana was aware of the ongoing affair and spoke publicly about there being “three people” in her marriage to Charles.
  • In a famous 1995 interview, Diana stated that she believed Camilla was a factor in the “crowded” marriage from the beginning.
  • These revelations and suspicions contributed to the public view of Camilla as a villain who helped destroy Diana’s marriage.

Camilla and Charles Marry in 2005

  • Just eight years after Diana’s tragic death in 1997, Charles and Camilla finally married in 2005 after a long-term affair.
  • Their relatively quick marriage after Diana’s passing was seen as insensitive and disrespectful to her memory by many people.
  • Some felt that Diana’s role and legacy were being erased or dishonored.

Perceptions That Camilla Is Not Diana

Another major factor is that Camilla has been constantly compared to Princess Diana and inevitably falls short in the eyes of Diana admirers.

Diana’s Widespread Popularity

  • Diana was viewed as a compassionate, charismatic, and relatable royal figure, as well as a loving mother. She was enormously popular globally.
  • The outpouring of grief after her death demonstrated her iconic status and central place in British culture and hearts of the public.

Camilla Considered Less Glamorous and Captivating

  • Camilla has faced criticism throughout her public life for her looks, demeanor, and personality.
  • She is seen by detractors as dull, homely, frumpy, and lacking the charm and charisma that Diana effortlessly exuded.
  • There is ongoing resentment that Camilla does not measure up to Diana’s style, status, and magic.

Camilla Blamed for Diana’s Downfall

  • Rightly or wrongly, Camilla is associated with Diana’s marital troubles, detachment from the royal family, and overall downfall.
  • As the perceived architects of Diana’s woes when she was alive, Camilla is now considered an unworthy replacement by Diana’s remaining loyal followers.

Queen Camilla Seen as Invalid or Inappropriate

There is also ongoing controversy about whether Camilla deserves or is entitled to hold the title and status of Queen at all.

Doubts Over Official Title of Consort

  • There have been debates over whether Camilla can legally and officially hold the title of Queen Consort under circumstances of the marriage.
  • Critics believe Princess Consort would have been more appropriate, as the title Queen should be reserved only for wives of Kings who ascended to the throne rather than consorts of second marriages.

Queen Title Feels Disrespectful to Diana

  • More broadly, bestowing the revered title of Queen upon Camilla feels inappropriate and offensive to those who believe it belongs to Diana.
  • Granting Camilla status, stature, and significance by calling her Queen only adds insult to injury for Diana fans.

Status Feels Unearned and Invalid

  • Camilla is also seen as unworthy of the Queen title since she was not born royal, only married into the family midway through life.
  • Positioning her as Queen feels inauthentic, illegitimate, and unearned to people opposed to her prominence.

Camilla’s Reputation and Behavior

Queen Camilla’s perceived personality flaws and past behaviors also underpin the lack of warmth toward her.

History of Privilege and Snobbery

  • She has been described as having a privileged upbringing, with accusatory tones of being upper-class, elite, and out of touch with ordinary people.
  • Past comments and attitudes branded as snobbish, contemptuous, or dismissive toward others have damaged her reputation.

Rumors of Arrogance and Difficult Behavior

  • There are recurring rumors of the Queen Consort behaving in arrogant, belittling, or demanding ways toward staff and others behind the scenes.
  • True or not, these rumors reinforce public perception that Camilla is not a genuinely kind person worthy of respect.

Associations With Adultery and Infidelity

  • Camilla’s long-term affair with King Charles naturally associates her image with adultery, betrayal, and infidelity in many people’s minds.
  • Some people feel her character is indelibly tarnished by willingly engaging in a relationship with a married man for so many years.

Table summarizing the key reasons why Queen Camilla is disliked:

Affair with CharlesBegan affair while Charles was married to Diana
Compared Negatively to DianaConsidered less captivating, glamorous, and charming
Blamed for Diana’s downfallSeen as architects of Diana’s marital troubles
Title of Queen feels inappropriateStatus unearned, invalid without being born royal
Perceived privileged and snobbishRumored history of arrogance and difficult behavior
Association with adulteryTarnished image due to long affair with married Charles


In summary, Queen Camilla has been a polarizing royal figure for many years, widely disliked for her role in Charles and Diana’s marriage breakdown, her perceived lack of warmth and charisma compared to Diana, and ongoing doubts over her validity and suitability as Queen Consort.

For fans of Diana who saw her as the people’s true princess, Camilla is undeserving of acceptance or forgiveness. While the new Queen Consort will likely continue pursuing a dignified role, she will almost certainly remain a controversial personality due to her historical reputation and background.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people think Camilla was responsible for Charles and Diana’s divorce?

Many people believe Camilla had an affair with Charles during his marriage to Diana and view her as a negative influence who contributed to the marriage breakdown. Diana also publicly accused Camilla of being a factor from the start. Rightly or wrongly, Camilla is associated with causing Diana’s marital troubles.

How does Camilla compare to Princess Diana in the eyes of the public?

Princess Diana was seen as glamorous, compassionate and charismatic, while Camilla is perceived by critics as lacking Diana’s charm and common touch. Diana’s iconic global popularity and legacy outshines Camilla’s status.

Why don’t people think Camilla deserves the title of Queen Consort?

Some feel Camilla is not entitled to the title because she was not born royal and has an adulterous past. Granting her the respected “Queen” title is seen as disrespectful to Diana’s memory and standing.

What rumors exist about Queen Camilla’s personality and behavior?

There are recurring rumors that Camilla has demonstrated arrogant, demanding, or belittling behavior behind the scenes. True or not, these rumors damage her public reputation as a kind and respectful person.

How has Camilla’s adulterous affair with Charles tainted her reputation?

By engaging in a longtime affair with the married Prince Charles, Camilla created an association with betrayal, infidelity and homewrecking in many people’s minds. This has indelibly damaged her character for some segments of the public.

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